A Long Night After Work

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So I come in from a long day at work and you approach me at the door. And you say, “hey beautiful, how was your day?”

“oh baby I’m so stressed and over-worked” I reply. You hug me, and kiss me on the forehead,

“Awww, I’m sorry baby. How can I help you relax?”

Well I can think of a few ways baby, but I need a hot shower first off.” I head in to our bathroom and began to strip down. You then peak your head in and say,

“what about a hot bubble bath for two? I can rub your shoulders.”

“That sounds wonderful baby! They are quite sore”. You come in and start to strip down and I notice you have half a boner because of your nudeness.

“Oh honey, are you excited to see me?” my pussy instant starts to get wet from seeing your cock.

“Yes I am sweety” cock getting harder as you assist me in the tub and you sit down and wait for me to sit. As I seat myself in front of you, I can feel your raging cock against my backside. You begin to rub my shoulders just the way I like you to and say, “how is this baby?”

“That’s great baby. Could you move over towards my collarbone though?”

“Sure baby” you kiss my neck and kadıköy escort do as I’ve ask. You looked down my chest and see that my nipples are hard and pink.

Is someone getting excited?” you say as you start to play with them. My breathe hitches as you pinch them and I let out a soft moan. I feel one hand slide down to my clit while the other continues to play with my breast.

“oh god daddy” I began writhing beneath your hands as your expert fingers work their magic.

“Just relax baby”. You go in circles going harder and softer, and run your fingers between my lips going over the opening.

“oh please fuck my pussy with your fingers daddy!” at this point I’m panting and pushing my pussy into your hand. You tease by barely going in several times.

please daddy! I need it so bad!” I’m pulled closer to you and you shove your fingers, as far as they can go, into my pussy and play with my G-spot like a toy. I began to shake uncontrollably and squirt my cum in the water. You play with my pussy and I rub against your dick with my body making it harder. “oh üsküdar escort my god it feels amazing baby” I push against your cock and then slide my legs underneath me and grab your hard, thick cock and start jerking it.

Freeze because I do it so well and in short breath sigh “oh my god yes”. All the sudden you feel my mouth wrap around the head as I Continue to jerk your dick. Your legs jerking from the strokes, and the feel of my mouth on your head and then your dick starts to pulse because it feels so damn good.

“Please cum in my mouth daddy!” I moan between sucking your pulsing head.

“Make me baby”. Then I began you suck and jerk you off as hard and fast as I can. “Come on baby. Don’t you want daddy to cum in your mouth?”

“mhmmmm!” my mouth too full to speak. You get closer and I can feel it pulse harder and you begin to moan. I go even harder because I am desperately thirsty for my daddy’s cum. Getting closer and closer and closer and finally it can’t be held in any longer and…You shot your cum deep in my throat and I moan and begin sucking harder as you began you twitch uncontrollably under tuzla escort me. Twitching uncontrollably under me pushing my head farther down on it. Making me gag on your cock which is getting my pussy soaking wet.

“Do you want my cock in your pussy baby?” I come up gasping for air.

Please daddy!

“”How do you want it baby?”

“Can your baby girl be on top?”

“Yes she can” I climb on top of you and begin riding your cock like a horse. You thrust deeper inside as I ride you.

“Oh god daddy! You’re stretching my pussy!” you start humping me while I’m riding that amazing cock. And I start moaning so loud and crying out your name while my hands claw at you shoulders. Abusing my clit with your fingers and pushing against my walls. At this point I’m riding you so hard that you balls are slapping against my ass. You push up with your pelvis and jerk down and come back and smack your balls against me as I fall on your dick and you continue to do that over and over again. I continue to rake your chest with my nails. “oh god daddy cum inside my pussy please!”.

You sit me up and lay me on my side and start pounding me as hard as you can. “OH MY GOD YES!! Fuck my pussy!! Give me all your cum!” you start getting closer and start to pulse. “Oh god I’m about to cum!” and my body begins to seizure. And it’s just the perfect timing with a couple of final thrusts you shove it as deep as it can go and explode all inside of my pussy. I suddenly collapse, panting and pleasured.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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