A Loving Couple And Friends

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This story contains heavy elements of Cukold, incest, and dominating women. It also contains less heavy but still prominent elements of homosexuality and very occasional scat.

My name is Eric. I am 5’11, I have blonde hair, and I am a stereotypical white male. When I was in school, I was constantly ridiculed and made fun of. I had a tough time in classes and I had a tough time retaining the material learned. I didn’t have any friends it was not a pleasant time for me. However, junior year I met the kindest girl I had known up to that time. Her name was Anna. She had huge, e-cup breasts, an extremely slender and sporty ass, and a warm motherly body and face. She was a brunette, but constantly (and still does) dye her hair bright red, blue, or green depending on what she feels like. She was in some of my classes, and she was one of the most intelligent people at our High School. I constantly maintained Cs and Bs in on-level classes whereas she earned Bs and As in almost all honors or AP courses. She occasionally spoke to me in classes, but I really got to know her one day when kids were teasing me and she forced them to stop. She was and still is a very forceful and strong woman.

This happened a few more times, slowly we became friends. She let me hang out with her group of friends. They were all girls, but they were all extremely nice to me. I found that I had a lot of common interests with Anna; we both enjoyed Japanese video games, anime, and children’s cartoons a lot. She was absolutely the nicest girl I had ever met. She was funny, she was fun to talk to, and I felt great whenever I was around her. We began dating later that year, and we fell in love. I worked hard Senior Year to be able to go to the same four year university she was going to, and with help from Anna I was successful. However, whereas Anna prospered during her years at university, I struggled. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life (at first I thought I was going to major in Computer Science, but then switched to English second year), and I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the classes. I attended one-on-one sessions with the professors and even got a tutor, but ultimately I was not successful in either major. At the end of sophomore year I dropped out of college.

However, Anna let me stay with her in her apartment. I got a job at the local grocery store, and I would work there while Anna was out at classes or studying. Both mine and Anna’s family were rather well off; Anna’s family was paying for her apartment bills, classes, and cost of living. My family was no longer financing my expenses after I dropped out, but the money Anna’s family was sending to her was more than enough for both of us to live. Because of this I mainly worked the grocery store job to have something to do during the day, and to not be completely unemployed.

When Anna came home, she usually studied for a bit, but then we fucked like mad. We tried every position in the book. My cock is rather small, but Anna didn’t seem to mind at the time. Anna’s pussy, ass, and mouth we thoroughly fucked by my dick day in and day out. She was often dominating; Anna was almost always on top, and she usually swore to me during sex. Outside of sex we were both extremely clean; neither of us ever swore, smoke, drank, or did drugs, but during sex Anna would frequently call me her “personal whore,” or “bitch,” or “retard”. After sex she would always remind me she didn’t mean a word she said during sex, and she would ask me if I was comfortable with her continuing doing that. I always said canlı bahis yes. She also frequently ordered me to give her rimjobs. Anna’s ass was not clean in the least; she was not thorough with wiping after using the toilet, nor was she good about cleaning in general. However, I still loved giving her rimjobs almost every day.

Anna graduated college with a degree in Biochemistry with flying colors. She was lined up for a local job straight out of college. She started work just a month after college. However, just a month later she found that she was pregnant. Apparently one of the condoms that I had used broke. However, this was not an issue; we both wanted children, and we were at a point in our lives where we could support a child. Anna’s job paid a fair amount and allowed for decent living. Nine months later, Anna gave birth to Charlie, and 12 months later, we were married.

After having the baby, both of us took off work for a few months. Lately, Anna had seemed frustrated. While her life was going great, it was a lot to handle at the age of 23. Before resuming her job, she called me into her room to make a deal with me. She told me it was a bit of an odd deal before saying what it was, and told me that if I didn’t approve we could find something else, but this was something that she was very interested in. She told me that my job at the grocery store would not bring in a significant amount of money, but that her job provided more than enough money to support us. I had not gotten a raise or a promotion at my time at the grocery store, and there was not much reason for me to work there anymore. We were going to hire a nanny for the child until he was old enough to start school, but she told me it would still be nice to have someone at home during the day. So she told me she wanted me to quit my job. Since we had a nanny for Charlie, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted during the day; watch movies, play video games, watch anime, etc. While this seemed like a good deal for me, Anna told me the other half of the deal. This was where things got weird. Anna told me she believed in “plural love”. She believed that one person’s love and sex life should not be between just two people. She told me that I should quit my job as long as I allowed Anna “Singles Privileges,” she was allowed to date and fuck whoever she wanted. Anna was bisexual, so this would mean any man or woman. However, she would not allow me to had “Singles Privileges;” she said that she desired total control of my love and sex life.

At first I was about to object, but just the thought of it turned me on. I asked her to let me think it over, and by the following day I was absolutely sure that I was fine with Anna having “Singles Privileges”.

And for many years, my life became an absolute dream. This worked out better than I could have imagined. I woke up at 8 AM every day to take Charlie to his nanny, or later, school. For the rest of the day I could do whatever I pleased. I felt free. Later every night I took Charlie home and spend the night hanging out with my son and bonding with him. He went to bed early, around 7 or 8. Around the time Anna came home, giving her just enough time to talk to her son and tuck him into bed. Even as he grew older he enjoyed going to bed early.

After putting Charlie to bed, a lot of the time Anna would come back out and bring in a guy. I would meet, and we talked for a bit. Anna brought home all kinds of different men. She would tell me that some guys were just here to fuck her for the night, some were short term fuck buddies, bahis siteleri some were long term fuck buddies, some were short term boyfriends, and others were long term boyfriends. She would meet these guys on online meet up sites, or in local bars or clubs. Sometimes she would even bring home guys she met at work or at a store. Almost all of them were nice; Anna had a knack for befriending people that were generally nice people. They were all very different; they all came from different backgrounds, different races, were different ages. I saw penises of all different shapes and sizes. Most of the men she brought home were down to fuck her with me. Usually most men were more vanilla than Anna and I; they weren’t into roleplaying and usually wanted to bang just her pussy. This was alright with me, as I loved Anna’s ass; it seemed to age like fine wine. Occasionally Anna would even bring back women, and she’d let me fuck them as well. Some of them were absolutely stunning; none were as downright pretty as Anna, but some of them were just insanely gorgeous, with sexy thighs and big, round asses. However, Anna would never let me maintain an emotional connection with these women, and she would always control what I would do with them.

As for her boyfriends, she would go out with them and maintain a relationship with them. Sometimes on weekends the three of us would go on dates together, other times she’d go with just him (and obviously, we still dated in a way that married couples do). One of her long-term boyfriends even moved in with us for a year until they broke up. He was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. While none of her boyfriends seemed to be the kind of people I’d normally hang out with or have common interests with, they were all very polite and kind to me. He worked at the same place my wife worked at, so they’d come home together. It was really cute.

As for my wife and I’s relationship, it continued being very healthy. My wife slowly became more dominating as time passed on; she began to refer to me as “her bitch,” occasionally outside of sex. She would make me wear embarrassing and even sometimes girly clothes while she was away. She became more of a slob; when we first met, I was actually a fairly big slob and Anna was fairly neat. When she left me at home for the day, I learned to become more neat and organized. However, Anna became more and messier, until I was convinced she was just being a slob so I would have to clean up her mess every day! She would leave random objects lying around the house, she would never throw anything away, and she would even stop using the bathroom and just piss and shit on the floor occasionally! I never said anything to her though, because I loved cleaning up her mess. The sloppiest thing Anna did, however, was a tradition she had every time around the Holiday season in December. She usually wasn’t in a relationship around that time and didn’t have to work, so she stopped showering. We told Charlie it was for her religion. She smelled absolutely fowl. I loved it. Whenever she wasn’t in a relationship, she got even kinkier. We would frequently roleplay. She occasionally used a strap-on with me, which I surprisingly enjoyed, though it was rare that she used it.

As Charlie grew up, he grew to become a great kid. Eventually he found out that his mother dated other men, which he was able to somehow keep a secret from his friends. Somehow we were able to keep our sex life a secret from him for a long time. He was great kid. He was always helpful and nice to kids. He wasn’t the brightest boy; bahis şirketleri he started a year late, and he had to repeat the eighth grade. But teachers loved him and he had a fair amount of friends. At the age of 14, Charlie came out to me as bisexual. I was very approving of this, and told him that his mother was bisexual too. For the next few years he was in a couple relationships, but nothing too major.

When he was 18, Charlie was in a relationship with a man named Alejandro. Charlie was still a sophomore in High School at this point (as he started school a year late and had to repeat the eighth grade). Alejandro was a man he met who worked at 7-11. Charlie’s friend worked at 7-11, and he introduced Charlie to Alejandro, a 27-year-old bisexual Hispanic man. I was approving of Charlie’s relationship, and occasionally I caught the two fucking each other. I never said anything, but silently approved.

One day, at night, Charlie, Alejandro, and Anna were all home. Anna was not currently in a relationship other than the one she is in with me. We were hanging out on the couch, and I told them I was going to the store to get ice cream. When I came back, I could not believe the sight that greeted me. Alejandro and Charlie were fucking Anna. Alejandro was fucking her from behind, and Charlie was pounding her pussy. They both had gigantic cocks; Alejandro’s looked to be about nine inches, while Charlie’s looked to be about 11 inches, which was amazing compared to my four and a half. Neither of them was using a condom (all of the men Anna had dated used condoms, including me).

“Eric! Want to join? Your son and his boyfriend are fucking me! Can you believe it?” asked Anna, on all fours, staring straight at me. I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. I decided to unzip my pants. My wife started giving me a blowjob, but I didn’t last very long. “Oh fuck, mommy, your pussy is so loose! It must be from all those hot guys you fucked! FUUUCK! I’m gonna cum!” Charlie pounded harder and harder, as did Alejandro. Their cocks seemed to be in sync. “Oh god, this ass man, so tight,” moaned Alejandro. Eventually, warm, white, gooey sperm came flowing out of both of the young men’s’ cocks and into Anna’s body. Charlie and Alejandro then got up, and stared directly at me.

“Dad,” Charlie said, “I want to fuck you”. At this point I wasn’t surprised, but I wasn’t sure how to answer. I was a straight man. Always had been. But for some reason, somehow, the thought of my 18-year-old son and his boyfriend fucking me turned me on like nothing else. So I nodded my head. Charlie got the lube and applied it liberally to my ass. He began to inch his huge cock in, slowly, inch by inch. “Don’t worry dad, you can take it. Let your little boy take your anal, gay virginity.” The cock hurt at first, my god, it did. The feeling of it going it was not a pleasant one. But then, all 11 inches were in. Charlie waited a minute, got comfortable, and then began sliding in and out. And, while I still maintain that I am a straight man, this felt like absolute heaven. The feeling of being made into a total bitch by your own son just felt right. Alejandro slammed his cock into my mouth, and I began sliding my mouth up and down his shaft. The three of us got faster and faster with our movements, until we reached climax in unison and spunk came pouring out of all of our dicks. Anna was masturbating and sighing heavily to the sight of this.

“Fuck. That was so. Good.”

A month later, Alejandro broke up with Charlie. None of them seemed to be too bent up about it. A week later, Anna turned out to be pregnant. We figured it was Charlie’s, since he didn’t use a condom and he fucked her pussy. We were completely fine with this. Nine months later, Zachary was born to Charlie, Eric, and Anna.

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