A Mother’s Milk Ch. 02

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My son told me how much you all enjoyed the story of how we started our incestuous relationship. Although it is incest, it really is much, much more. So here is what lead up to that really amazing event.

My son, over the years has been very promiscuous. His last two girlfriends had gotten pregnant and he ended up marrying his second girlfriend, the first had given the child up for adoption, even though he wanted to do the right thing, she decided otherwise. This hurt him deeply, but truth be known I don’t think he would have been able to support a family at the time.

Well after a time, he met a nice young girl and soon they were having sex. As you can imagine she ends up pregnant too. Well he did marry this girl and they were a family for four years before she dumped him for another lifestyle.

Again this forlorn young man came home to mommie, having no where else to go, I consoled him and we had long talks. Eventually he started going out again and one day I came home and caught him upstairs with one of the neighbor girls that he had been fucking before he met his ex wife. I was against him seeing this redhead the first time, and damn sure didn’t want her in my house a second time. I told him not to bring her here anymore and to quit fucking her cause she was just looking for a husband and he didn’t need to get another one pregnant.

I should have just told him then that if he needed to fuck someone, that he could just fuck me. Kinda wished I had, but the thought had not crossed my mind at that time.

Well he did continue to fuck her, but he used a condom when he did, well at least he half listened. I know he was because he would leave the evidence on the bed spreads, boy that gal must have had one juicy pussy, you should have seen the white spots they left on top of the bed, I would find his used condoms in the trashcan in his room so is couldn’t have been his sperm, so I guess maybe she was a squirter. I guess she couldn’t help it ,as I would find out, he was a good lover, he could make my pussy gush.

I decided to have sex with my son for several reasons, I am after all a woman, I have wants, desires and needs too. I knew he was quite a potent young man and one blast from his cock could probably make an infertile woman conceive, and as his mother I had to tend to all of his needs even if it meant that I had to fuck him to keep him from catting around, so I might as well have fun doing it.

And so it came to pass that I began to plan something to get him to settle down and stop running around, spreading his seed all over town. I already know that he had been fantasizing about me as I had heard him more than once in his bedroom masturbating and calling out to me, you bakırköy escort know things like “Fuck me Mommie” and “Suck my dick Mommie.” I had noticed how he looked at me since his return to my nest, after seeing me naked or in some sort of reviling clothing I often noticed he would get hard. I already know he is one very horny man, from the time he was first dating, I always had to warn him to keep his dick in his pants, but he just didn’t listen.

As I am an open minded woman, I have never held anything back from him, he has seen my in so many different states of undress, I have used my naked body as an illustration so he could learn just what and where everything was and where all the pieces fit, maybe by being so open, it may have led him to be so naughty, but I can assure you from the time he started dating he knew how to please a woman in every way. I wanted him to be a good lover and never have to be embarrassed about what to do when it came down to the nitty gritty . Well maybe I trained him to well, as he sure is a horny guy. Oh well, so much the better for me.

It was with this thought in mind that I decided that I would do what ever I had to do to keep him satisfied and off the streets. I love my son as much as the next Mother, but as you now know, I also love him in a different way. So I hatched a plan to get him into my bed and make him my lover.

I had always had been able to get a little milk from my titties for as long as I can remember, not much but some all the same. He didn’t know that, as I didn’t advertize it. So I decided to use it to my advantage. I am the Mother of five so I knew that with a little manipulation and increased expression I could increase the flow of my milk somewhat.

Why the milk angle? Well I know that he is still a titty baby. I know this because his ex-wife told me. She said he would suck her milk when she was breast feeding his son’s. She said he really loved it and it would always make him hard. So since I could still do it, I was going to use it to my advantage. I knew that if I could show him some milk coming from my titties and offered him a chance to suck on them I would have him hook, line and sinker.

Once I had made up my mind to do it, I had to make sure that we would have the privacy and the time to consummate out incestuous relationship, I started by planning it for the next weekend, so I called all of my children that live nearby to make sure they would not be coming by next weekend, as there are only my two youngest daughters close enough I concentrated on them, and just in case I called the other two to see if they were planning to come over. Well I got a hold of all but one. She is the one that beşiktaş escort likes to come over and stay the weekend quite often.

She is the one I am most worried about, when ever she is around my son follows her around like a lost puppy, and she knows it. She is everything he wants, she is a very pretty brunette, large full breast a slim waist, genitally flowing hips and shapely legs. She keeps her pussy shaved with just a neatly trimmed patch above her rather large lips which she keeps bare I have seen her many times nude so I know what she looks like. I pretty sure they have a big crush on each other. At first I tried to discourage it, but now who am I to try to stop it, wasn’t I going do just what I know they want to do? I don’t think they have done anything yet, but as horny as he is right now, I feel it won’t be long in coming.

Most of the time when she stays the weekend she runs around bra-less in a short white sleeveless tee shirt, you know the ones that have thin straps, low cut neck line and baggy side, and come down to midriff level. It’s one she has had for a long time and has worn thin over the years. The same goes for the panties she wears, hip huger style they are getting old and thin. She might as well be naked because they don’t leave much to the imagination they are nearly transparent. No wonder he goes ga ga when she is around.

Well I wasn’t going to let her spoil my up coming seduction of my son. I made up a list of things I needed to be fixed in the house and I decided to put on some clothes just in case she dropped in. However I dressed similarly to the way she would have and followed him around as he took care of my repair list.

It’s amazing how with just a bit of provocative clothing, your imagination fills in the rest of what is covered up.

I too was bra-less, and I wasn’t wearing panties under my shorts, and by the way as the legs were baggy, depending how I was sitting or if you could look up while I was standing, you could see my bare (not shaved, just not covered by panties) pussy, with that in mind, when he was on the ladder, I would hold it steady for him. He would look down my top, I know from his vantage point he could see my breast, as I would catch his smile when he looked down. I could see he was semi hard when he looked down at me.

I saved the plumbing chore for last. He had to lay on his back to work on the drain, which was plugged. As he was working I stood near him just close enough that he could see up my shorts, but not enough to see my pussy.

After he had the drain cleaned out and the pipes buttoned up he asked me to turn on the water to check out the drainage and for any leaks. I straddled beylikdüzü escort his chest with my legs and turned on the water, I glanced down and saw his eyes were glued to my crotch, I knew he could easily see my pussy from his vantage point. And from mine I could see he was hard and tenting his pants. When I saw that, my pussy started to tingle, and if I stayed there long enough I probably would have started dripping on him. Any way he declared the job done and asked if I could help him up.

I reached down with my hands and took his in mine and helped him to stand up. I took advantage of the situation and put my hands around his neck, stood on my tiptoes, pushed my crotch into his and gave him a nice kiss on the lips and thanked him for the work he had done for me today, I think we held each other much longer than usual, but then I released him and told him to go take a shower so I could make him a sandwich.

When he came out of the shower he was dressed in cut off jeans shorts and nothing else. I must say he looked like a fine specimen of a man. I told him to go sit on the couch, watch some TV and eat his sandwich that I had to go to the bathroom. I left him and went into the bathroom and stripped off my shorts and cleaned up my dripping pussy. I put my shorts back on and pulled up my top and gave my nipples a little squeeze to get a little milk out so when I put my tee shirt back down it would make wet spots where my nipples were.

I looked in the mirror applied some black eye liner and fixed my hair a bit. I looked at my refection, and said to myself, “It’s now or never!”

I rushed out of the bathroom and stood in front of my son and said, “Look!” He looked up at my face and smiled, but I pointed to my face and said, “Not up here, down here,”as I pointed to my tee shirt covering my breast.

And you know the rest of the story.

Some of you are may still wondering why I would ever, even consider having sex with my son. Well think about how you feel when you are courting your significant other, the excitement of the embrace, the tender then hungry kisses, the touching of your most sensitive parts, getting naked with each other for the first time, exploring each others body with your hands, fingers, with your mouth, and tongue. Then the final sensory overload when you join together in the most tender way.

All this excitement builds to a point that you don’t care about consequences, what others may think, right-wrong or taboo, all you care about is building up the feelings until you have that explosive orgasm. Now take that same feeling and multiply it by a hundred or maybe even a thousand, because this is incest you are going to fuck your son, father, mother, sister or brother, maybe even a close relative. There is nothing I have ever felt like this, even my first time.

Sure these feelings will diminish over time, but that naughty aspect will always be there, and once you have tasted and accepted it in my opinion, there is no better sex than what I have with my son.

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