A Mysterious Colleague

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He loved his colleague but how to further the relationship is a problem.

This is entirely a work of fiction.

Jennie was an enigma. Most of her colleagues were content not to pry (they had their own problems) although in some cases, mostly female, they resented her svelte appearance. Generally however the staff respected Jennie’s obvious desire for privacy and rarely questioned the young lady. She was not unpleasant in any way, it was more an unwillingness on her behalf to discuss either herself or her background.

Everyone knew that she had qualified as a Chartered Architect before joining the firm but even the simple matter of where she lived was known only to the practice secretary.

However Martin did not share this general apathy. Far from it. In fact he was growing ever more deeply in love with Jenny and had been attracted to the young woman from their first meeting but despite having worked closely with his colleague for more than three years he still knew little more about his colleague than he had known in the first week.

They had started together as newly qualified graduates, but from different universities, and despite occupying adjacent work stations he still felt completely excluded from her life.

She had been friendly enough right from their earliest meeting but there it had stopped. There were none of those occasional admissions of frailty nor of growing trust which marked an emergent work relationship and no references were ever made to either her home or family life. In marked contrast Martin occasionally found himself running on about various problems outside of the office but not Jennie. All her conversation was limited strictly to work related matters.

He knew that she lived somewhere central because she obviously walked to work, and that she had a posh sounding mother up North (there were very occasional incoming telephone calls which were always cut short by Jennie) but other than that he knew nothing.

Did she have a boy friend? She never alluded to one even in passing and other than those personal calls from her mother she received none, at least not in the office. She took her full complement of holiday allowance but unlike others never gave any clue as to where she spent the breaks.

All in all she had become a mystery woman.

Jennie wore sensible but expensive clothes to work, usually tailored trousers and a matching jacket over a buttoned up shirt or severe blouse, work wear suitable for a woman who as part of her job needed to visit building sites and clamber about on scaffolding. She wore a minimum of makeup, a mere smear of lipstick and eye shadow although her hair was fashionably and professionally cut.

That was until the staff Christmas party.

This was the first formal event to take place since Jennie and Martin had joined the firm and like all those already assembled in the bar his mouth had dropped open when she eventually made her entrance. In an electric blue designer dress with a boned top and knee length skirt, with shining black hair cut severely in a head hugging helmet and five inch heels she was drop dead gorgeous as conveyed by the sudden silence which greeted her arrival.

Since then his curiosity had grown ever stronger. In his sexual fantasies he clung to the memory of that first revelation of the sensual woman normally hidden by pin stripe suiting and presented with the minimum of makeup. He began to look forward to her dazzling appearances at those black tie events when the practice entertained clients and his admiration grew steadily. So much so that he would sometimes find himself mentally undressing this source of all his desires until a pointed look from Jennie would force him into surreptitiously adjusting his clothing and making a bid to concentrate on work related matters.

What’s more he went home most nights feeling despondent at the attentions she received daily from almost every other red blooded male in the firm, from partner down to print boy. Perhaps it was one of those simpering idiots who got to fuck her? Did she put out for one of those prats who regularly sauntered up to their adjacent work stations merely to hit on Jennie?

However there was one thing at least which cheered him and gave him limited solace for she never, ever, gave any sign of being partial to even a single one of those would be admirers. So he would eventually drift off to sleep often to partially wake in the early hours humping the mattress convinced that Jennie was there beneath him and urging him on to greater efforts.


Three years into their careers they were now working jointly on the design for a large distribution depot. Early on this involved a trip out to the Midlands and an overnight stop in an hotel. The day had gone well with the client’s representative making all the right noises so when they eventually booked in he suggested that they met later for a meal.


She agreed but he could detect no particular warmth in the reply.

“What kuşadası escort sort of food do you like?”

He persisted unwilling to merely opt for the hotel dining room but in this he was disappointed.

“Oh anything. Let’s just book a table here.”

Later he was in his room and feeling dismayed at Jennie’s lack of willingness to be adventurous. Surely she might have relaxed her uptight manner given where they were and how long they had worked together?

He stripped off his clothes and fiddled with the shower controls before eventually getting the temperature to his liking.

But how gorgeous had she looked when she eventually reappeared? In the half hour before they met in the restaurant she had applied full make up and changed into a dress which emphasised her shapely body without appearing in any way tarty. He was in love, there was no denying his emotions, but would it ever be reciprocated? There seemed little chance. However by the time he was soaping his body a semi erection had hardened fully as if to emphasise his sense of loss.

Almost against his will he began to run his fist up and down the swollen flesh, sucking in air as the friction induced waves of pleasure which made him even stiffer. Did Jennie like sex, did she even enjoy fucking? Did she masturbate? Was she frigging herself now? Well one thing was sure, he would never know.

“Oh god,” he whispered to himself as the thought of her naked body made his balls tighten before, in an abject feeling of loneliness, he jerked out arcs of sperm which joined the rivulets of soapy water on the shower curtain.


Then came that eventful day when everything in his life changed. He did not know it at the time but so besotted was he with this puzzling and distant woman that he would have latched onto anything which might conceivably get him closer to Jennie.

It all began after the lunch break on one unremarkable Friday.

They had spent the afternoon assembling tender documents for the Distribution Centre which were to go by courier that very evening. Finally the sets were ready, Bills of Quantities, Building and Services Specifications, and drawings neatly folded to A4 size all assembled in labelled boxes and laid out on the meeting room table. They paused for an overdue coffee break and Martin was recalling that Jennie had been unusually indecisive over the previous week or more when she suddenly turned to him and with one simple request changed their relationship for ever.

“Martin I need your help, I’ve got no one else I can turn to.”

She reached out and put her hand over his. This first and totally out of character moment of contact caused an instant electrical charge to shoot directly into his groin.

“But first you must promise not to repeat anything that I tell you, and I mean not to anyone?”

“You have my word.”

Although astonished by the sudden turn of events he had no hesitation in committing himself fully. That this so secretive woman would seek his help, and his alone, was a real turn up for the book. However she still seemed to be having an internal battle with herself so he was made to wait before Jennie eventually came to a decision and finally spoke.

“Will you pretend to be my boy friend?”

In the event this didn’t seem such a difficult request. He had feared something far more onerous but as things turned out how wrong could anyone ultimately be?

“Of course but why?”

“I need your help to get rid of a stalker.”

“Why don’t you just call the police?”

“Well you see it isn’t as easy as that because for a number of reasons I can’t risk involving anyone else.”

Martin was now becoming very confused but by clinging to the simple upsurge of pleasure that he had initially felt but also the possibility of getting closer to Jennie he had no difficulty in saying yes.

“Of course I’ll go along with whatever you want me to do, even be your boyfriend.”

In this way he tried to inject some humour into the situation but was quickly disabused.

“Pretend boyfriend.” She was quick to correct him before abruptly rising to her feet clearly having recovered at least some of her normal decisiveness.

“Look, let’s get this stuff over to the post room then get out of here. I’ll buy you a drink and tell you the whole sorry story.”

They ended up at a smart city pub which was far enough from the office to avoid chance acquaintances. Once installed in a booth with a bottle of wine she began her explanation. At first she was hesitant but slowly grew more fluent.

“I met this older bloke recently…I hadn’t seen him for six or seven years and he wanted a date but I wasn’t keen…anyway to cut a long story short he threatened to expose something from my past which I don’t want to become public knowledge so I finally agreed to go out with him…not surprisingly the whole evening turned out to be a disaster and ended with him coming on far too strong so I left in a hurry, but he has been following me ever since.”

“So when was this err…date?”

“Ten days ago.”

“Is he here?” Martin was already looking around curious as to whether they were being watched.

“No, at least not yet, but I never know for sure if or where he will turn up.”

Martin sat back his brain whirring but then leant forward.

“So how do you want to play this?”

“Well for a start I thought that we could go out for a meal tonight. Friday night is when he’s almost bound to follow me and then with a bit of luck he’ll see us together.”

“Okay, that suits me. I haven’t got anything on.”

He showered and excited at the prospect of getting closer to the woman he worshipped began reviewing their conversation in the bar.

What was her previous relationship with this “bloke” that was following her and, more importantly, what was he threatening to expose? Having previously considered Jennie as being rather a conventional person, although a goddess in his eyes, he was having to rapidly rethink everything he had earlier assumed. Still, it might all be merely a foolish worry on her part and his presence on the scene would likely frighten the stalker off.

Martin arrived first. He was given a table towards the rear from where he saw Jennie enter a few minutes later and his heart leapt in anticipation as she waved and made her way over. Her hair was shining with health and she was wearing a crisp white blouse unbuttoned enough to show a tantalising cleavage teamed with a flared skirt which did not quite cover her delicious knees.

He stood to greet Jennie only to be surprised when she flamboyantly pulled him close and kissed him full on the lips. Time stood still as he savoured the unexpected intimacy of the contact. With her breasts pressed against his chest and their thighs in contact he was blissfully happy until he realised rather belatedly that this embrace was all for the benefit of the possible watcher.

“Is he already here?” Martin spoke while restraining the urge to look over her shoulder.

“He followed me from home so he’s probably outside peering through the window.”

“Then that’s the only reason you kissed me?”

“Why, did it offend you?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“No, I didn’t…In fact I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

“You have, bloody hell. And?”

“It was nice.”

“Only nice! Perhaps if we practice I’ll get better?”

“Stop it Martin, behave yourself.”

Jennie then kept up an almost continuous stream of inconsequential chatter interspersed by occasionally and ostentatiously taking his hand in hers to point up the reason for the ‘date’. Despite his knowing it was all merely make believe Martin was soon a fair way to being transported to paradise and by the time they had finished the main course he had completely forgotten the stalker. That was until she stood and he was hauled swiftly back to reality.

“I’m off to the Ladies. Don’t look now but he’s the bald bloke sitting at the bar.”

She went off and Martin decided it was safe to let his gaze casually roam about the tables before eventually settling on the bar area. Thankfully the man in question had his back turned but he judged the drinker to be in his fifties or maybe a bit older and expensively dressed although clearly ill at ease. When Jennie reappeared he saw the man get up to leave and jerked his head towards the door in an effort to signal the departure. Jennie merely nodded knowing he had left.

“Will we see him again?” Martin was curious as to whether there was a pattern to this stalking.

“Who knows?” She shuddered expressively and passed up the pudding in favour of offering Martin coffee back at her place. Wow thought Martin as he paid with his credit card. I’ll actually get to find out where she lives.

When they emerged onto the street a Taxi appeared by magic as soon as she raised her arm.

“That’s a very useful skill to have.” His laugh which accompanied this admiring observation was genuine and her almond eyes lit up with shared amusement although she was at the same time taking a surreptitious look around.

“It’s a gift I have. I just happen to believe that one will appear and then of course it does.” They settled back in the seat for the short drive.

“Did you see him outside the restaurant?” He asked.

“No. Maybe he’s got the message.” But she seemed to be more hopeful than truly convinced.

The black cab dropped them at the entrance to an apartment block which had clearly been converted from a dock side warehouse. The refurbished goods lift took them up to the top floor and she opened the door to the penthouse suite. Martin”s jaw dropped as they entered a space which he remembered well having seen it illustrated in all the trade journals and even the Sunday Newspapers. His amazement was clear enough to impinge on Jennie who was still worried at encountering the stalker.

“All thanks to my father.” She encompassed the space with a negligent sweep of her hand. “Sit down anywhere you like and I’ll get the coffee.” Jennie turned back to him as she was making her way to the open plan kitchen, “Would you like a brandy to be going on with?”

He nodded yes but spoke on a different matter. “Who is he, I mean that bloke in the restaurant bar?” She took her time before answering.

“It’s a long story but you deserve to know more.” She poured two hefty slugs of Armanac before continuing. “When I was a teenager I was a wild child, particularly after my parents had their final argument, which was when I became a prostitute.”

With that bombshell she heaped coffee into a cafettiere leaving him winded and bereft of words.

“Not on the streets you understand,” she then continued in a matter of fact voice, “At seventeen I became a high class tart with a pad of my own and the clients all came through an agency. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the punter that you saw tonight was one of my regulars before I eventually saw the light and got out of the game. That incidentally was when I went off to Edinburgh to study Architecture.”

Martin was now reduced to a stunned silence. She laughed at the bewildered expression on his face as she came over with a tray.

“You thought all along that I was secretive, didn’t you? Now you know why.”

She sat down facing him but with a low table between. It was now clear to him why her clients must have kept coming back. After all hadn’t he lusted after just the plain workaday Jennie but looking at her now, all dressed up, she was definitely dynamite. With an effort he pulled himself back to the present

“So how did he find you again?”

“Oh it was one of those freak accident’s…but then when I wouldn’t resume sexual relations with him he threatened to write to the partners at the office…and may still do so for all I know.”

“What a bloody mess.”

“Isn’t it just, and I’m reluctant to get my father involved because his solution would inevitably result in the bloke being harmed, or worse.”

“Jesus H. Christ, Jennie! I can’t get my head around a man who can afford this place and who can deal violently with a stalker.”

“Oh he wouldn’t do it himself. It would all be delegated.”

“So who is your father that he can wield such clout?”

“He is Sheik Harrifa Ouaza, a member of the Arabian royal family, an international oil baron and a big wheel in OPEC.”

“Oh fucking hell,” was all Martin could manage following this revelation. His mind was now in serious danger of melt down what with one amazing disclosure after another. In fact he knew precisely who the Sheik was for his photo regularly appeared in all the papers, seen with his horses in the winners enclosure, with royalty at various functions, and on his yacht in the Med.


“We have to make a plan.” She was now appealing directly to Martin not only verbally but also with expressive eyes.

“What do you mean we?”

“You said that you would help me or are you having second thoughts?”

“I did didn’t I and no, I’m not about to desert you.”

He fell back against the expensive leather and covered his eyes thinking that the original request merely to be a ‘pretend’ boyfriend had escalated alarmingly. But he accepted that he was in this for the long run and would continue to help whatever transpired. So it was a fully committed Martin who broke the pregnant silence.

“Perhaps I need to have a quiet word with your stalker and convince him of the potential trouble his actions might cause.”

“Thank you Martin. That seems to be the first step, and it will come better from you,” she was now all of a sudden looking hopeful, “he might believe you when he would just think that I was trying yet another way to be rid of him.”

“Is he outside right now?”

She went through to the front of the apartment and after a minute or so came back.

“He’s at his usual place across the road, half hidden in a doorway.”

“Well I’ll go down and confront him. There’s no time like the present.”

It proved to be brave talk and in fact he was close to chickening out before tentatively approaching the man a few minutes later.

“Don’t go, I mean you no harm.”

The man had looked about to flee and the fear on his face when suddenly faced by a younger and obviously stronger male did much to restore Martin’s confidence.

“You must leave Jennie alone.”

“Jennie? Is that what she calls herself now?”

Martin suddenly realised that the stalker must know his colleague by another name.

“What do you call her?”


He filed that away for later consideration then got on with the purpose of this confrontation.

“You’ve got to stop hounding her.”

“How can I? I love Yasmina.”

“But she’s going to marry me.”

“I don’t think so. Not when you find out about her past.”

He was now getting increasingly cocky which in turn caused Martin to suddenly lose his cool. Grabbing the man by the collar he drew back his arm to strike but then stayed his fist in mid air. After all he had himself worshipped the same woman for years without hope of any recognition. He spoke honestly.

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