A Night With The Nurse

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I just had my 22nd birthday when I started working as a nurse at the local Comfort Care Community for Gentlemen for almost two weeks now. Thats where I met him. His name was Michael. He was in his early 50’s. I thought he was very distinguished and handsome with the little silver showing in his short black hair. I would like to stroke my fingers through it if I had the chance. And his body was still in good shape. About average height and slightly overweight. I really didn’t know why he was here.

I just started the night shift shortly after I started. And its one night I will always remember. It was Friday night and almost quiet except for another patient Mr. Jones snoring in the room next to nurses station where I was sitting. It was a little nerve wrecking, but he soon quieted down after several minutes. Thank goodness too. It was then I then decided to make my room check on everyone.

As I passed Michaels room, I heard him. “Oh No! Fuck, not again!” I could hear his tears from behind his door. Being concerned, I knocked before I entered. The light from the hall lit up his bed. He had the blankets pulled back and I seen that he had wet the bed. But thats not what shocked me. He was sitting there naked on his bed. I remember their was a dress code for the patients to wear at least pajama bottoms when they slept. But hell, I wasn’t complaining. I liked what I seen, but felt upset for him at the same time.

“Let me help you Michael,” I asked. I told him to go clean himself up in the shower while I changed the bedding. I flipped on the light and closed the door. As I approached the bed I watched him as he went to the bathroom. I got a good look at his nice rounded ass and just for a second I peeked at his cock. It was about five inches soft and I wondered how big it got when it was hard. My pants were starting to tent up after seeing it. But I quickly went back to what I was doing, changing his bed sheets for new ones. I couldn’t help myself when I removed the soiled sheets. I bring it up to my nose and took a little lick. My cock got even harder. I tried not to think about it.

He was still in the shower when I finished his bed. I went to his bathroom door and when I knocked, it opened up a crack. I guess he couldn’t hear me and my curiosity peeked again. I could see him barely through the curtain. All I could think about was that I wanted to slip out of my clothes and join him. But again I contained myself for at least a little while.

“Could you hand adıyaman escort me a towel?” he said snapping me back to reality as he pulled back the curtain and exposing his beautiful body to me again. I was really surprised. Did he really notice me staring at him for that short time.

“Sure.” I walked in grabbing the towel off the shelf and handed it to him. “I’m sorry for standing there watching” Is all I could manage to say as my face turned beet red.

He started drying himself off and said, “Its OK. Did you like what you seen?” My cock twitched when he heard that. “I can see part of you did.” He said while looking down at my crotch with a devilish grin on his face.

I was almost speechless. “Do you want to see it?” I said smiling back at him.

“Of course I do silly” And then I noticed his cock. It was already hard and at least 7 inches long and nicely thick. I licked my lips looking at it.

I started to get out of my nurses uniform when I heard him ask, “Please let me help you with that.” He quickly helped me out of my clothes and dropped them onto the floor. “You are such a cutie.” I blushed again standing there in front of him naked as he was. I haven’t been with too many men that would have given me such a pretty compliment like that before.

He caressed my chest and pinched my nipples. They got erect immediately. I could feel his breath just inches from my face. And on my lips. My sweet lips wanting to be kissed by him. Our lips touched and then he pulled away. He did it again and I opened my mouth inviting him in to taste. Our tongues danced and tasted so sweet that I wanted more.

At that very second he broke away again and asked, “follow me?” And grabbed my hand to lead me back to his bedroom.

We laid down on his bed facing each other and resumed our kiss with explosive passion. Our hands exploring each others bodies. I moved one of my hands down his smooth rounded stomach. I loved big stomachs on men. Feeling them and kissing them. I could cuddle with this guy all night and use his belly as my pillow.

That thought got me to start kissing my way down his neck straight passed his nipples to his belly button. He moved over on his back to give me better access where I licked and sucked on his inner belly button. He tasted clean from the shower he took earlier. I heard him moan feeling my tongue trying to dig deeper into it. I could feel his cock touching my chest smearing his pre-cum on escort adıyaman me.

“Oh, that feels so good, but lets trade places? I want to please you too.” I smiled up at him and moved over on my back in the middle of the bed. He began kissing me from my lips down to my belly. He stopped just for a second to lick at my outer belly button like I did him. And then he moved down to my cock. With his hand he started to jerk me off and squeezed the first gobs of my pre-cum and licked it off. He then engulfed the head of my shaft and moved slowly up and down it until the entire thing was down his throat.

“Oh my GOD,” I moaned out loud and reached down with my hand on his head, stroking my fingers through his hair. I’ve never been sucked off like this. I didn’t want this to ever stop I thought. It felt like an eternity until I finally couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and squirted my cum down his throat. He swallowed most of it and licked me clean of the rest.

He rested his head on my stomach and waited a few minutes for me to catch my breath. “That was fantastic,” I managed to tell him.

He smiled up at me. “I thought you would like that.” And then moved up to kiss me again. I could taste myself on his sweet lips. I fought his tongue for the rest of my cum in his mouth.

“Its my turn,” I told him. But he had other plans. But I wasn’t going to complain.

“I want to fuck you?”

“Yes . . . Oh Yes, I want you to fuck me too. I haven’t been fucked in a long time, so be gentle, please.” He asked me to get on all fours. My favorite position. And then he went to bathroom to get a bottle of baby oil.

“I will be very gentle with you cutie. You have such a sweet looking ass.” And thats when he bent down behind me. I could feel his tongue run up my crack a few times. I opened my ass cheeks as far as they would go exposing my puckered little hole to him. I heard him suck on one of his fingers and then rub the outside rim of my hole before slowly poking it in and fingering me. “That feels good,” I moaned. I let out another, but disappointing moan when he pulled it out. But it was soon replaced by his tongue licking my insides. I loved this even more. I was totally relaxed and I wanted his cock very badly.

“Please fuck me,” I begged him.

My wish was about to come true when he removed his tongue and I felt the baby oil being applied to my asshole. He fingered it in deep and lubricated his beautiful adıyaman escort bayan cock. I felt the tip touch my hole and slowly pushed into me. It slipped in with ease and he was soon balls deep in me. I have always been very anal. I loved being fucked. And he was being very gentle like he promised. Sliding in and out slowly. My moans got louder. I hope the other patients didn’t hear me. But maybe they will get excited by it and come in and want to fuck me too.

I could feel Michaels thrusts get faster and harder and knew he was going to cum soon. “Faster, faster . . . Fuck me faster hon!” I yelled at him. And he got faster until he shoved one last time, with his cock spasming and I felt his cum filling my ass. We collapsed forward on the bed exhausted with his softening cock still in my ass.

“That was great Michael. I haven’t been fucked that good in a very long time.” I smiled back at him.

“You were great too. By the way, I didn’t get your name earlier.You are pretty new here. I haven’t seen you on the night shift before.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Its Chris Mason.”

“And I’m Michael Brent. But of course you knew that.”

We both laughed at the late introductions.

“Oh No.”

“Whats wrong Michael?”

And then I felt it. He started peeing in my ass. As strange as it was I liked it very much. When he finally stopped he said, “I’m sorry. It was just an accident. I have a very weak bladder.” He started to sob again.

“Its OK Hon. You didn’t hurt me. And you want to know what else?”

“What?” he asked as he tried to wipe his eyes with his fingers.

“I actually loved it. And wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.” I said with a big grin on my face.

He dropped his head into my shoulders and wrapped his arms around me. “Thank you Chris.” And then it got quiet between us.

“Hey, like I said its OK. You don’t have to cry. Now, how about helping me go to the bathroom to relieve myself of your pee and cum enema you gave me. We don’t want to make another mess in your bed.” I grinned back at him again.

“OK. How are we going to do this?”

“I could use a towel or something.”

“What about a pillow case?” He grabbed the pillow and removed it off. And then he slowly pulled his cock out of me. He quickly put the pillow case over my asshole and I held it close to me as I got up and moved as quickly as I could to the bathroom. I relieved myself in the shower while turning the water on to clean up. I was soon joined by Michael again. We kissed and washed each other. And then retired to his bed to rest for awhile before I had to get up when my shift ended.

“See you tonight Chris.” He smiled.

“Yes, tonight.” I winked at him.

And that was my first night with Michael. And their was plenty more after that too.

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