A Panty Story

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I held what I thought were the sexiest pair of panties Leann owned. They were dark green satin with tiny little bows sewn in at the point on either side where the string of elastic joined the front panel. Those panties were not fancy beyond that. No shimmering pattern or exotic prints on the fabric at all. Just very smooth and shiny and little. Size 5, the tag in back read. Incredibly sexy and feminine.

I was in the mood to masturbate with them and shoot a load. I decided I didn’t yet want to cum directly on these panties since that would ruin them as they were… still smelling of her perfume and her private scent. If I got my cum on them, I’d need to wash them and her special odor would then be gone forever. No, I thought, I’ll get close to cumming from rubbing my hardon against them, but when I get so close I can’t stop, I’ll use this other pair of her pretty panties to cum on and that will do fine…

I took the green undies and stretched them over the end of a firm pillow so it looked like the pillow was actually wearing the panties. Then I placed the pillow right on the edge of my bed so the crotch of the panties was hanging just slightly over. I’d been masturbating since I was 10 or 12 and I had come up with many ingenious ways to make it new and exciting. When I included panties in this act, I had my very best orgasms and this new method, incorporating the “hands-free” use of the pillow/panties, was proving extremely satisfying.

I slid my shorts down to my ankles and got on my knees. My hardon was already throbbing just from looking at and touching and sniffing Leann’s gorgeous little panties. I moved up close, being careful not to touch the panties with my cock too soon… that first initial contact always put me in a dreamlike state if only for a short time.

I leaned over and gently kissed the crotch of the panties being careful not to wet them with my saliva, then I inhaled once more very deeply. The smell of pussy still very strong inside the cotton inner lining of the panties. I let out a whimpery kind of moan, longing for that first touch. I straightened up again.

Moving closer still, I very, very lightly brushed the underside on my throbbing hardon against the silky crotch just below the head… my most sensitive spot. At that first contact, I rolled my eyes shut and put my head back, lotusbet güvenilirmi my mouth wide open. That feeling! Very slowly I began an easy, steady thrusting motion with my hips. Up and down, up and down my cock still just barely touching the panties. I could feel my hardon become even firmer and my balls tighten up toward my body. It wouldn’t take long before I was spurting a fine load. That’s when I heard her voice…

“David…” she said. The sound came to me as if in a dream. I merely opened my eyes and for a second or two continued with my fun, then reality crashed upon me. I jerked my head to my left and saw her standing there in my wide open doorway! Panic engulfed my senses. I scrambled to my right, grabbing the pillow in front of me and yanking it to my nakedness, trying to cover up madly. “What are you doing!!?!?” I screamed, “Get out of here!!” I clammered onto the floor desperately attempting to hide her pilfered underwear and hide my embarassing act.

“David, calm down…” she said very quietly.

“Why don’t you knock instead of just barging into someone’s room!!” I yelled. I could feel my face in a complete blush now. I was caught and I knew it. “Git outta here!!”

“Calm down David, I’m not mad at you…” she said. I sat there on the floor, the folded pillow in my lap, at the verge of tears as she took one more step into the room. I had ten million different thoughts at this point, all of them terrifying and embarrassing. I was sure she would rat me out to her friends, my friends… anyone she could! But she only stood there with a very slight grin and asked me why I had to steal her panties. I could have asked her for them instead.

Something in her voice was much different than I had heard before. My breathing and my heartbeat slowed as she began asking me several questions about why I was doing what she had caught me doing. I actually began to feel more at ease sitting there in this compromising position with my step-sister. She moved into the room further and sat on the bed, looking down at me and hanging on my every word as I tried to explain in a stammering voice that panties were so pretty to look at… so tiny and sexy. Panties are something so very private and feminine that girls tried to hide them from boys at all costs and when I would have that rare lotusbet yeni giriş opportunity to see them, well… my heart raced and my mind whirled just at the sight of them alone! She listened closely and seemed to accept my explanation when she said with a wide smile, “I guess everybody has some little weird quirk..!”

Then she asked me if I had ever done ‘my thing’ while a girl was still in the panties. I told her that the opportunity had never really presented itself… that I had only really ever gotten to second base with a girl but that if I had the chance, I’d sure love to try it. She sat silently staring at the pillow in my lap for five seconds or so then said something that caused all the blood to rush out of my face, “Wanna try it with me… right now?”

I sat with my mouth open for a few seconds. I didn’t think I’d heard her right. “What..?” I said. She repeated her question.

“Yeah right..!” I said, not believing her or perhaps maybe not able to believe her at first. “You’re so full of shit, Leann..!”

“I’m serious…” she replied, “If you want to try it with me, I don’t mind…” With that and as if to prove her point, she stood up in front of me and began unbuttoning her jeans. She wiggled them past her shapely hips, down her thighs and past her knees, then stepped out of them and stood with her feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, hands turned toward me and asked, “Will these panties work..? Or would you like me to change into those?” She nodded to the pillow still in my lap.

I was speechless. She then sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. She was wearing a slightly faded pair of light blue nylon bikini panties with a small daisy pattern printed on them. I saw that her ample bush was bulging on the front panel and that several pubes were peeking from under the leg openings. Not messy or unattractive, just in need of a slight trimming. My hardon began to grow despite myself.

“Is this a good position?” she asked. I sat there still completely astonished. It was obvious to me that she was attempting to get into a position such I had had the pillow I now had in my lap. “Com’on David..!” she urged again, “I really want you to try it..!”

I moved up onto my knees holding the pillow in front of my groin. “Gimme that…” she said taking lotusbet giriş it from me and dropping it on the floor. Then she leaned back on her elbows and opened her legs wider yet, smiling and scooting forward a bit more, all the while staring at my now hard cock. “Just do what you were doing before… I don’t mind! I bet I might even like it..!” Her breathing was deeper now. My hardon was at full attention, staring at her lovely panty crotch. Thru her tank top, I could see her nipples pointing up, fully erect. My mind was beyond whirling. I moved in closer and very gently placed my cock against her.

A thousand sensations went through me then. I started to pump my hips, sliding my hardon up and down along her smooth panties. This was all so new and different to me… so warm and firm with a real girl inside! I placed one hand on each of her hips and sped my thrusting, the friction sending me higher and higher. Soon I inhaled the scent of wet pussy and felt my hardon dampen. Looking down at her crotch, I saw that her wetness had soaked the panties through. This served to turn me on further and I quickened my pace a bit more.

Suddenly Leann bolted upright and with each of her hands grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me tighter against her. She began to wildly grind her wet panties against my hardon with her mouth open against my left shoulder. She let out three high pitched grunts then pulled me even tighter to her and groaned in a impassioned howl. Her hips slowed but the pressure and urgency she’d applied were still there. She moaned long and deep in her throat, humping hard against my squashed pole four times while her orgasm rocked thru her lower region. That set me off. When she let me loose, I thrust upward one last time and my first blast of cum shot up between us and splatted down on her belly. Four more deep spasms followed as the rest of my wad pumped out onto the already wet panties she was wearing. So very hot and nasty, this all seemed to me!

I fell forward and wrapped my arms around her, panting, sweating and spent. I lay there moaning on top of her for perhaps ten minutes while my breathing came to normal. During this entire time, Leann stroked my back and shoulders purring “ohhhhhhh…. ohhhhh…. ohhhhhh…” very soft and low.

After that first incredible dry-hump, Leann and I did our “panty thing” many, many times. We added variations and tried different positions but our favorite and most satisfying was always her on the edge of the bed, me on my knees on the floor and both of us very happy in this nasty and delightful kid-stuff playtime.

We ruined more panties that way!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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