A Small Revenge

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For a couple of years I had been teasing my sister about her looks.

Actually she was fabulous, every detail perfect. She was and still is a real beauty. I don’t really know why I criticized her looks. Perhaps it was to help her remain modest in spite of her extraordinary person. In that I think I succeeded.

Today she is a very nice personality.

She often told me, that one of these days she would punish me for what I had said to her.

This she did with a smile though, we were actually quite good friends.

By the time she left for university I moved to my single apartment.

Leaving she once more reminded me, that she hadn’t forgot about her revenge.

She was eighteen years old by that time, I was twenty.

We met a couple of times at our parents during the next year.

Each time she said, “You just wait.”

One evening she called.

“Hi Charles, I’m coming home with a couple of friends for the week-end.

The grannies are visiting our parents, as you know, so my question is whether we could stay over with you? We wouldn’t disturb you too much I hope.”

“Sure, no problem. Hope your friends look better than you.”

“That you may decide for yourself. It’s kind of you to take us. We are coming on Friday evening around seven. See you then. We are bringing foodstuff with us, so don’t bother about that.”

“OK, that’s fine. Don’t you bother about drinks, my cabinet is bursting.”

We finished the conversation.

I would have three days of time to clean the house. Four rooms plus a kitchen is quite an area to keep in shape.

I put on something nice to wear, you never knew if the friends would be something to get serious about, at least one of them.

At a quarter past seven they arrived.

“Hi darling, here we are Sue said showing up her three friends.”

They looked gorgeous all of them though none of them would beat Sue.

“Hi you all, please come in. I’m Charles,” I offered.

They presented themselves as Cindy, Brigitte and Sandy.

“Let’s start with some drinks on the terrace,” I suggested.

“We all prefer white wine if you have some. Why don’t you serve while we put our gear in the two spare rooms,” Sue proposed.

A few minutes later we were all sitting on the terrace. I took a beer.

I received the compulsory report from their university. I reciprocated.

They really looked fantastic. My thoughts were running. How could I get to know one of them “better”?

“Time for food,” Sue volunteered.

She, Cindy and Brigitte got up and entered the house.

“Sue didn’t exaggerate, you are very nice,” Sandy said as soon as they others had gone.

“Thanks, I didn’t think she would say anything positive about me. I have been the bad big brother to her for ages. But I must say that she has very nice friends” I retorted.

“Ah, she told us about your teasing. She actually liked it. She is nuts about you,” Sandy told me.

“That’s a relief, it has been bothering me. I actually never wanted to hurt her.”

“No, she is not stupid. She knows exactly why you did it.”

We chatted on, actually not saying too much. She seemed a bit preoccupied.

Half an hour later we were asked to join for dinner. The main course was pasta, the desert was ice cream with fudge. I like that.

There I was sitting at the end of the table with the four beauties.

“Can this develop into something or am I going to be disappointed?” I thought.

After the dishwasher had been filled we strolled back to the patio.

We filled our glasses.

“We had a long day today, so we thought we’d better turn in early and have the actual party tomorrow. Is that OK with you?” Sue asked.

Ok, I was disappointed. “That’s OK,” I said lamely.

“OK, we’ll go and make ourselves ready for bed. We’ll come out to wish you a good night, before we go to bed,” Sue said and stood up.

There I sat alone, feeling really alone.

Half an hour later they all came out on the terrace. They were all wearing very look-through nightdresses. I gulped. I had not seen Sue “naked” for ages.

It was like reading Playboy.

Sue smiled. “My turn to tease you,” she said with a smile. They all smiled.

“We all wish you a very good night,” Sandy said.

I tried to smile. “Good night to you too,” I said. “I think I will turn in as well. Have to gather some strength for tomorrow with all of you around,” I said.

They left. I emptied my glass and followed in a sad state of mind.

I showered and went to bed. It was quite clear, I had to masturbate.

Why? – My enormous poker had been rock hard for some time, even through the shower, but I prefer to do it lying on the bed.

I was lying naked on the bed stoking the member thinking about the girls in the room near by.

Suddenly the door burst open and all the girls came running in. I was stunned.

I didn’t have time to react at all. kadıköy escort My only reaction was that my face went as red as my rocklike rod.

They all aimed at their own corners of my bed and simultaneously grabbed hold of one of my arms or legs each. The all put a cord around my four members and pulling them to the posters in each corner.

There I was strapped in a spread-eagle position. The only of my members free was my tool pointing at my face.

“Hey, what’s this?” I tried.

“Time for my revenge,” Sue explained, “it’s a matter of teasing.”

They all removed their very transparent nightgowns and started to dance around the bed in a dreamlike slow way. With no music at hand it seemed awkward to me as I lay there on display.

Sue went to my stereo and put it on. The music was ‘Strangers in the night’, that must have been planned beforehand as obviously all of this.

They commenced dancing, now with a better rhythm.

Simultaneously they started touch their beautiful breasts taking their nipples between their fingers. I thought I was about to come any moment. I felt a hard throbbing in my swollen penis. I felt a tremendous need to grab my tool and thus get an instantaneous release. I couldn’t. I felt tears coming to my eyes.

Cindy came towards me, fingering her cunt she climbed on the bed beside me, not touching me. She bent down, her mouth coming close to my nearly exploding hammer. “Will she suck it?” I though in a feverish wish.

No, she only blew some warm air on it. She never touched it.

Sandy joined Cindy on the bed. She stood up on the bed, moved up to place her feet on both sides of my head. She lowered herself so that her beautiful vagina was only an inch from my face, just above my mouth. I raised my head, trying to get a lick, but she lifted herself up so I couldn’t reach her love box.

Brigitte started to blow at my feet and toes. This time even that felt erotic.

Suddenly they all got off the bed and stood beside it, two on each side.

They all started to fondle with their clits, one hand on their breasts.

I looked at Sue. I could see a trace of exalted embarrassment on her face.

She turned her sight away from my eyes.

This continued for some minutes.

First came Cindy, soon followed by Sandy. Brigitte was next. They all then turned to look at Sue, who obviously had problems with her coming.

Was it the embarrassment? Finally she came with a “Uuuh”.

After a silent minute they grabbed their picked up their nightgowns. Sue went out of the room and soon returned with a pile of napkins, which she started to place around my prick, on my abdomen and between my legs.

“Just in case you need to pee or something,” she said with a smile.

“You can’t leave me like this” I tried.

“Oh yes? Otherwise it wouldn’t be a revenge, would it?” she said.

She bent down and gave my prick among the napkins a fast kiss.

It almost did it but, alas not quite.

Then she took a sheet that she placed over me.

“Have a good nights sleep an sweet dreams” she said and joined her friends.

“Good night, you are nice” they said and left the room, putting out the lights.

There I lay, my tool still as hard as ever.

What could I do?


I tried to get an ejaculation through mental masturbation. No result.

I tried to fall asleep. No result.

I heard some giggles from the neighboring rooms.

I took about an hour before the all the time throbbing member relaxed.

Finally I fell asleep. It must have been around one in the morning.

In the morning Cindy came into room. She was clad in Sue’s teddy morning gown. She had a big-mouthed bottle with her.

“Time to empty some beer, if you haven’t already” she said.

Luckily I hadn’t. This was embarrassing, but the other case would have been even more so.

“I’m a nurse, so don’t be embarrassed,” she said with a smile.

“Can’t you release me now? I have had more than I can stand already,” I said after having woken up more properly.

“Not in accordance with the plans, I’m afraid,” she replied.

She removed the sheet and put the bottle on my big but now loosely hanging prick. I released myself. I actually had an urgent need to pee.

“Hold it, I have to go and empty the bottle before you can continue,” she said.

As the pressure had decreased I managed to brake the flow. She went to the bathroom and soon returned.

“Charge number two, please” she said replacing the bottle around my prick.

The peeing commenced. After I was finished she asked,

“Any other needs?”

“No, luckily not. That would have been too much,” I mumbled.

Cindy took the bottle and went to empty it.

She soon returned with a wet towel, removed the napkins and started to clean my now semi-hard cock.

She noticed the üsküdar escort hardening and shook her head.

“Save that for later. Now we have to have something to eat,” she said.

She went out of the room.

Ten minutes later they all came in, stark naked. Sue was having a tray with coffee and some sandwiches.

She sat down on the bed. She had absolutely gorgeous tits.

“Our hero must be hungry by now,” she said and started to feed me.

With some difficulties a got down the coffee and the sandwiches.

Sue dried my face with a damp napkin.

In spite of my predicament my rod was rock hard again.

Brigitte took the tray and brought it out to the kitchen.

The girls were by now sitting on the bed, all of them staring at my deep purple

Colored member. Brigitte returned and took her place on the bed.

“Now the revenge phase is over. That was for teasing me for either having to big or too small breasts, for having either too large a nose or a too small one.

We revenged you for finding my hips to small or too large. You never could decide which way they were at fault. This of course helped me to realize that you actually didn’t mean what you were saying. I understood that you tried to mould me into a modest and decent personality. The phase two that we are now going into is what one might call the thanksgiving phase. In spite of your teasing you were in fact an extremely nice brother. I love you for that.”

She bent down and kissed me warmly on my mouth. Our tongues met.

Someone took hold of my enormous prick. Our kiss continued. I was about to shoot. The hand disappeared. The throbbing didn’t stop. Sue withdrew. Cindy climbed over me and lowered her very wet pussy on my rod. She once lifted herself up and came down again. I exploded into her.

“That was high pressure,” Cindy giggled and bent down showing her right breast in my mouth. My prick still hard in her cunt, I sucked on her nipple.

Cindy sat up, and her breast was replaced by Sandy’s also very wet cunt.

I licked it with delight while someone was cleaning my hot rod with a wet towel.

I could not see the others, but obviously they all started to lick and kiss my body all over. Someone took my tool in her mouth and started a wonderful sucking.

I again exploded. “Now the erection must disappear,” I thought.

To my amazement it didn’t. Sandy came shooting her come in my mouth.

I was delirious.

Someone sat down on my still rock hard cock. I could sense how she rode me.

Still I could see only Sandy’s lovely breasts and face looking down at me.

I again started to approach an ejaculation. The riding increased as the one doing the riding obviously got a hard orgasm. For the third time my cum shot into someone. After a pause of a minute or so they all climbed off me.

They all stood at the bed. To my amazement my tool was as hard as before – how is it possible?

“Time for a rest,” Sue said.

The three friends of her went out of the room. They closed the door.

“They don’t know whether to participate in incest or not,” Sue declared, “do you mind?”

“Not the least. I have fancied about that with you for years,” I answered.

She kissed me on my mouth, climbed on me in the 69-position and started to suck my again close to bursting tool.

I sucked and kissed Sue’s most delightful cunt. Her clit was hard as a pebble.

“Sue, love, I’m going to cum in a few sec’s,” I managed to warn her between the sucks.

She came first. What a lovely taste she had. I felt like my prick was about to burst in every direction. It only exploded in one direction, which was in Sue’s mouth.

She turned around, lying down on me. My prick was now showing some signs of softening. Sue kissed me warmly, put her hand down between her legs reaching my cock which she stroke a few times. I couldn’t believe it, but it started to get harder again. At least it was hard enough for Sue to be able to show it into her warm and wet love-hole.

“We have to go all they way at once, otherwise we might start hesitating. Incest is incest after all. I have loved you for many years. After this week-end during I have to share you with the others, I want to have you for myself,” she explained.

Now my heart was about to burst. “Can this be true,” I thought.

“That would be absolutely wonderful,” I said.

Sue was massaging my again very hard prick with her very tight vagina.

“You are gorgeous, and so very tight,” I said kissing her all over her face.

“Yours is the first cock ever in me,” she said, “It has been waiting for you for so long.”

To my utmost astonishment I shot into her. She soon came as well.

We lay together for a while, panting from exhaust.

After some minutes Sue started to withdraw.

“Time for a meeting between the girls,” she explained.

“Can’t you let me loose now?” I tuzla escort wagered.

“Not yet, that’s the item of the meeting,” she said and went to the door.

She left.

My tool was still pointing at the roof. I started to get worried. I had heard stories about so called stone-cocks. The prick never goes soft. Said to be very painful.

After a while the girls returned.

“The decision is that we are going to release you now, but you are not allowed to put on any garments this week-end,” Sandy explained. “Agreed?”

“What else can I do?” I replied.

They all took their corners and undid the cores. I WAS FREE.

With my rod standing in the air, I hurried to the toilet.

Then I took a shower. To my great relief my prick went soft. But as it showed that was only for a short while.

As I had dried myself I went in search of the ladies. They were waiting on the terrace with lunch laid out on the table. What intrigued me was the thick blanket placed under the table. They asked me to sit down, as did they as well.

We had some bites before Brigitte lowered herself under the table.

Soon she was sucking my again hardening cock. Eating became more difficult by the minute. We were all eating, Brigitte my throbbing tool, the others a wonderful lunch. In a while I came. It wasn’t a very big load.

“I’m not going to be satisfied whit this little portion,” Brigitte said after swallowing the cum. “I have to replenish with the omelet,” she said getting up on her chair.

We were all laughing. This felt better than laying spread on the bed.

Soon we were finished with the lunch, I thought.

The dishes were removed and I was about to leave the table.

“Not yet,” Sandy said. “You must have some desert first.”

And so she climbed on the table in front of me, lay down with her legs spread on both side of me. My desert lay in front of me. I began sucking and licking.

As the aroma is half of the dish, this desert showed to be a very good one.

My prick was only semi-hard. So there were some limits to what I can manage after all. Sandy came with convulsions and I took in the final part of my desert.

“I think we must let Charles rest for a while now,” Sue said. “Why don’t you lay down in a sun chair?” she added looking at me.

So I did. Actually I felt quite exhausted. It wasn’t a surprise as such. I had managed well under the circumstances I thought.

It was afternoon. The girls spread some blankets on the terrace floor and lay down. Instead of only enjoying the sun, they started to fondle with each other.

Soon they were all in 69-positions helping one another to further orgasms.

I tried to relax but it was hard. Soon my little friend was rigid again and not so little anymore. Looking down at it I actually thought that it was larger than ever before. My eyes moved between the wonderful sight the girls exposed and my now again throbbing member. I didn’t wager to touch it.

“Don’t look so proud about your little prick,” Cindy said looking at me. “I have seen a bigger one once on video.”

Quite a statement. My prick went even harder and larger I felt. This of course wasn’t possible. It already was deep colored and very hard. I could feel the blood running through it with high-pressure.

“They said I may,” Sue said coming up to me. She moved one leg over me and slowly lowered herself on my prick. It felt like heaven.

“Don’t move,” I said “or I will come at once.” I reached her breasts and slowly caressed them. She bent down to kiss me. I reciprocated. Slowly she started to rotate her abdomen and the pressure on my toll increased. It was entirely fabulous.

We kept going. I felt happier than ever before in my life. This wasn’t so much because of the situation but caused by Sue’s promise of a future romance between the two of us.

After about ten minutes in this fabulous position Sue got up, stepped aside and went down on her knees between my legs and started to suck my enormous pole. I soon came. She swallowed all of my seamen. Not a drop escaped her.

The sun had moved and soon the terrace was in a shadow.

“Now let’s see if your shower can take five simultaneously,” Sue suggested.

“Two is the record so far,” I said. “Let’s try it out.”

We all went to the bathroom.

There was just sufficient space. There we stood the six of us. My prick was again in good condition. I didn’t have to wash myself. The girls took care of that.

Cindy managed to get down on her knees.

“It’s not good for a penis to get soap on it. You just wash Charles. I will protect his prick,” she said inserting my cock in her mouth.

By now I was so exhausted that hadn’t I have been able to lean against some of the girls, I would have fallen. By the time the washing was finished my aching tool burst into Cindy’s mouth. I was finished and so was my prick.

“Now we have to go and see our parents and our grannies. I think we have to stay there for a couple of hours. You are all invited. And also Charles is allowed to put something on for a while. As we get back here we’ll have a party,” Sue explained.

We went to our parents.

My mothers comment was: “Charles, you look exhausted.”

Back at my house the party started…(coming soon)

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