A Story For Carol

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(or for what might have been)

After weeks, then months of hard work I finally get you to agree to met me for a little face to face conversation and possibly more.

We meet at a small cafe in the Atlanta area, one that is cozy and intimate, while being public enough to insure your safety. You still aren’t convinced that I’m not a stalker or sex fiend.

I am a sex fiend in a good way. I love the intimacy of the body to body contact, along with the physical act of sex. The meeting of two souls who long for physical and mental release.

We talk. Seem like hours. We discuss everything under the sun. We find we agree on some but not others.

After a light lunch, I assume that this was as far as this meeting was going to go. But it was still worth the trip. An enjoyable afternoon spent with a beautiful blue eyed blonde with a wonderful smile would never be a disappointment.

We get up to leave. After paying our tab we walk to the parking lot hand in hand. I give you a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and tell you how much I enjoyed our time together and how I wished it wasn’t about to end.

Suprising me, you reach up and put your arms around my neck and kiss me firmly on the lips. The feel of your soft lips on mine makes a jolt run through my body like an electric shock. 440 volts.

Looking at me with those beautiful baby blues, you ask, “Who said it has to end?”

I am somewhat startled. You had given no sign that you wanted anything further. Guess my lack of self-esteem is showing. For all my hale and hearty appearance I am somewhat shy around women I don’t know well.

I say, “I have a hotel room at the Hilton around the corner. If you want to go?”

You just smile and lead me to your car and get a small bag out of the trunk. “this almanbahis adres is my necessary bag.”

We walk to the Hilton. Across the lobby to the elevator still holding hands. Once inside I pull you into my arms and place soft kisses on your face and neck. Lightly pulling on the small studs in your ears with my teeth, then lightly running my tongue over the curve at the top.

I whisper, “I just love ears. There such a good place to start.” I feel a light shudder run through your body.

The elevator finally reached our floor. We step out and walk down the hallway to 917. Using the electronic room card, I unlock the door and we step into our temporary love nest. A king size bed dominates the room. I’ve already closed the drapes and cut on one of the bedside lamps.

You melt into my arms. We exchange long soul kisses, exploring each others oral caverns. You taste of the wine, spices and the tomato sauce from your lunch. We explore each others mouth and tongues till we need to come up for air.

I slowly start to unbutton your blouse. The soft silk increasing the feeling of erotic pleasure as it passes over your velvety skin. Soon I have access to the soft skin covering your neck and shoulders. Running the tip of my tongue over the pulse points that I can feel pounding, I taste the essence of Carol. Sweet but spicy. A fragrance all of her own. Like no woman I’ve ever been with before.

I run my tongue up and down your throat in small short strokes, stopping every know and then to nibble on the soft silk of your skin. I move to your ears, softly tickling them with light kisses and gentle pressure. Then down to the hallows at the sides of your neck and behind your ears.

Then down the neck to your shoulders. Slowly making my way from side to side. Not almanbahis adresi missing any spots. At the same time unhooking your bra, exposing your breasts.

You try to remove me from my clothes. Unbuttoning my shirt you run your soft hands over my chest. Squeezing my nipples lightly. I let you have your way with me, as I continue my journey, exploring your beautiful body.

Your breasts are art. Firm but not large with small tight aureole with long nipples. I am surprised by the small gold bars through each nipple with a small ruby on each end and what looks like spacers made from gold coins, that make your nipples protrude.

I ravish them with great gusto. I love breasts with piercings. I think it’s ultra sexy. Yeah for body jewelry. I lick and suck on them, lightly pulling the nipples. Enjoying a sensuous treat.

You look at me and ask,” You like?”

“NO. I love. You are so sexy, Woman,” I answer.

You laugh as you continue to remove my clothes as I remove yours. Soon we are naked except for your silk G string.

We soon move to the bed, laying side by side, each enjoying the feel of each other, hands slowly caressing skin. Just enjoying the sensual feel. I slid down and resume my worship of your wonderfully decorated breasts. Spending long minutes paying tribute to these works of art. I could spend days on them but there were other treasures that I want to explore.

I continue downward to your belly button which also has a bar through it that matches the ones in your nipples. I take a few minutes to explore this area.

I look up and ask, “I didn’t notice this in your photos.”

You smile and say, “It’s fairly new. So are the nipple rings. I decided to redecorate.” You laugh

I continue my journey and notice the beginning almanbahis adres of a tattoo right above your G string. I soon make short work of it and see a dragon breathing fire that runs down to the top of your clean shaven slit.

“Damn Carol, you know how to push all my buttons. You have all the little extra things that drive me insane with lust.” I exclaim

“Glad you like my decorations. I told you I liked jewelry.” You say

I continue my exploration, tracing the dragon with my tongue. I’m looking for the treasure that awaits lower.

While I explore, you do some work of your own . you try to switch ends but I hold you steady. “No. Let me please you for awhile. I’ve been dreaming of this since I saw your picture. Just relax and enjoy.” I say

As I run my tongue down that slit that holds your essence, I find the center of your pleasure. I run my tongue slowly over your clit then lightly begin to suck and nibble on that nerve filled nubbin. Slowly sucking, lightly nipping on it with my teeth and blowing warm breath across it I feel your body start to tense. I speed up my action and I hear you start to moan softly with pleasure as your first climax approaches.

I feel your body start to tremble, and the nectar from your center start to flow in increasing amounts. Finally with a loud cry, Yes, you fall over the edge of passion.

I don’t even slow my assault as you have several linked orgasms in a row. Finally you are able to push my head away. “”Enough.” You say

I remove my face from your now dripping slit, your juice glistening on my face. I ask, “Was that okay?”

You open your eyes and look at me with a ‘You got to be kidding look’. Finally, your breathing almost normal, you say “It was okay for starters, I guess.”

That is the beginning of a long afternoon and night we spend together.

Lucky that you changed your mind, wasn’t it?


I got to thinking about you the other day and this story came to mind. It’s just for your enjoyment. That’s all.


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