A Story For Her

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We are standing in a meadow; looking soulfully upon one another…eyes conveying unspoken thoughts. Reaching out for my arms; you feel the muscles tense at your touch. Like steel wire pulsing with an electric need I reach out to you…but your instructions are clear, I am not to move until allowed to.

Standing in close, your hands glide up my arms, barely touching flesh. You can feel my trembling desire…my chest tightens as your breasts press lightly against it. Your fingers seek the edge of my shirt and pull up, feeling the heat radiate against the palms of your hands as you remove it.

Unable to resist, you explore further. Sliding upwards, running your fingers thru the course hair, gently teasing my nipples. You can feel a rumble in my lungs as my breath bathes your face in a shuddering exhale. Pulling the shirt higher, your lips replace your fingers and move to take in a nipple, sucking gently, rolling your tongue around it…

I pull the shirt free tossing it to the ground. Your moist kisses covering my chest, my neck. Your pulse quickens, and you feel the familiar tingle of desire soak your panties. Your face rises to mine, and you begin kissing my mouth; tongues probing and searching. Your hand is on my chest with the other combing rigid fingers thru my hair, pulling my face closer to yours.

Eventually breaking the kiss you look into my eyes, where you see them pleading to reach out to you. Shaking your head and smiling devilishly…I see the twinkle in your eyes as you move to kneel before me….

Bulging jeans betray my desire and you intentionally brush your hand across it… fingers expertly working the buttons. My knees buckle as you reach in to take hold of my aching penis, freeing me.

Watching as your face turns up to mine…your tongue flicks out barely touching the head of my cock. The lustful look in your eyes coupled with the feel of your hot tongue licking my manhood almost causes me to lose it right then. But your fingers ring its base and gently apply pressure, giggling as it’s not anywhere near time for that.

I can watch no longer and throw my head back as you begin to take my rod deeper into your mouth, slowly moving your lips past the bayrampaşa escort glistening head, an inch at a time. My hips move, methodically pumping my cock down your throat. You reach under to tease my sack and slide your fingers to my ass, probing my anus.

Pressing harder against me you urge me to pick up the pace…the head of my cock loudly popping in and out of your sucking mouth. Gasping, I say that I can’t take much more of this, so you push your finger in deeper and suck harder on my bloated cock.

Fucking your face wildly, my orgasm draws closer and closer. And at the last moment, you pull your head back so your lips just cover the tip of my throbbing dick…your tongue swirling around it. I explode…spewing hot cum in and about your mouth.

With my seed drenching your face, you stand and look into my eyes, making an erotic show of licking it from your lips. You unbutton your blouse to loose your breasts…reaching out to guide my hand and together we fondle the fleshy orbs. Our lips meet and tongues dance as you draw me closer to you…sharing with me my salty gift.

Reaching up I tug the blouse from your shoulders, caressing your arms as I pull the garment off. My lips move to your ear, where I teasingly lick the inner crevasses and gently nibble along the outer edges. In a deep husky voice I say that it’s my turn now.

With a firm hold on your hips I urgently press you to the ground…climbing on top of you – a strong hand pinning your arms above your head. Cupping your breast with the other, my mouth drops covering your soft flesh…swirling my tongue around the hard nipple.

Slowly, my lips roam to your neck and shoulders, licking and nibbling your sweet skin, wanting to taste every inch of you. Little kisses along your arm to the hand, where I gently suck a finger into my mouth. You can feel the pressure of my hardening cock as it brushes against your stomach. I whisper to your ear that I want to make love to you; I want to feel your warm pussy devour me as your sucking mouth had. Nodding your approval and unable to speak…your heart pounds in your chest.

Moving lower I undo your jeans, slowly beşiktaş escort pulling them down over your hips, sliding them past your shapely thighs. Coaxing them off I kneel beside you. Lifting your leg…bringing your foot to my lips…kissing the tender underside…and sucking a toe into my mouth.

You fondle your breasts; pinching the nipples between your fingers. The sight of you touching yourself excites me immeasurably. Releasing your foot, I kiss your calf…licking the backside of your knee. My hands proceed my lips, kneading your firm flesh…moving ever closer to your sex. Your thighs slick with my saliva, I can smell your musky scent; can see your pussy glisten in anticipation.

Spreading your thighs I lie between them. Lowering my head to hover just above your stomach…dripping spittle from my mouth filling your belly button with the warm fluid. My tongue dives in then licks circles about it as I caress the outsides of your hips…working my hands beneath your buttocks, lifting gently to raise your body to my lips.

I drag the tip of my hot wet tongue along the crease where your thigh meets your hip…up one side and slowly down the other. With each pass I draw closer to your pussy, and can see your clit swelling within its soft folds, quivering, awaiting my touch.

Your hands move from your breasts to the back of my head and shove my face into your aching pussy. My rigid tongue presses against your pouting lips, worming its way in as you apply the pressure. Hips grind in rhythm to my probing tongue…I hunger for the sweet taste of your cunt, your juices covering my face as I devour you.

Feverishly lapping pussy, I slide a finger under you seeking your dark tight hole. Finding it soaked with your lube, I gently press my finger against its resistance…and a new wave of pleasure rushes over you as I tease and penetrate your ass…

Deep moans escape your throat as you beg me to fuck you…my cock hard in anticipation of granting that request. Kneeling I lift your legs to my shoulders, raising your pussy to meet my throbbing shaft. I push the bulbous head against your wet slit and it pops right in. beylikdüzü escort Slowly…I drive my cock into you full length, spearing you with my hardened lust. I pump my hips, fast then slow – pulling all the way out to the tip, then back in deep. You scream in pleasure, fingers moving back to frantically pull at your nipples.

Sweat rolls off my brow, cascading down my chest dripping onto you – evaporating as it contacts your burning flesh. I hold your feet in a vice like grasp, realigning your cunt to receive my pounding manhood. As we work to hold on and climax together, our desire overwhelms us. Arching my back as the white light finds me; I thrust my cock harder and deeper into you. You scream as wave after wave of orgasm washes over you; and once again I empty my balls into your body.

Rolling over, I pull you on top of me…our sex still connected in a sensual dance. You slowly grind your hips down onto me, our fluids lubricating your every move. I reach up to hold your sensitive breasts, softly caressing them as we wind down from our erotic high. Sweaty hot faces flushed red with satisfaction…

You lean forward, our mouths lock in a devouring kiss…breathing hard into one another. Our bodies move slowly, still so very much aroused. My cock, although somewhat less engorged, sends shivers through you as it slides around in your slick pussy. You sit up…folding your arms behind your head…lifting your luscious brown hair to frame your dark face. I gaze upon this vision of beauty…so in tune with my desires.

Our bodies undulate with the need to bond to one another. Two souls mingle, reaching the deepest inner places of the other. Desire grows as the minutes pass, my shaking hands slide up to your breasts, kneading and tweaking the nipples back to life. Our breathing quickens bodies slide and grind. We work together as passion turns to frenzy, desperate once again reach the ultimate high.

My hands fall to your thighs…caressing them…feeling the muscles flex beneath my sensitive fingers. Guiding you to rise and fall…spearing your sex with my now very hard cock. Tossing your head back in throws of erotic passion…looking so sexy…your deeply tanned skin shimmering in the fading light.

Your body moves in rhythm with mine. Hearts beating so hard they could burst free of our chests. And with one voice we loose the sounds of ecstasy, achieving an orgasm together once more. You collapse into my waiting arms, folding you into me, becoming one. We drift off, finding a deep and satisfying slumber.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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