A Sweet Revenge

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“How could you do that?” I yell at him. Anger seems like a kind word to describe how I feel. Furious perhaps.

“How could I do what? Why do you insist on arguing about everything?” He yells back, behind me.

I turn around, my body shaking with all the pent up anger “you have lost your goddamn mind!” I speak up right on his face.

“Do you have any idea how delusional you are?” I want to slap him, I’ve never had an urge to slap anyone before.

“I’m delusional? Great. Just Fu…” as I throw my hands up in the air, rolling my eyes, he pushes me hard against the door and my back hits it with a slight thud.

Before I protest and make him feel sorry for that move, his lips are on mine. Claiming, stalking, possessing.

I place my hands on his shirt, ready to yank him off but instead I pull him towards me, as he deepens the kiss, tongue probing and consuming. I moan at the sudden assault and his hands move from my face to my hips, pulling my body flush against his.

I feel his desire, growing and burning like a fire.

My fingers find way into his hair as I pull at his scalp with a strange mix of anger and lust ruling over me.

“Ah…” he groans into my mouth breaking the kiss as one of his hands grazes over my backside, cupping me. His other hand holds my neck, giving it a slight squeeze and pulls me forward until our lips meet again.

There is nothing delicate about this. About his hold on me, about the way I want to ravage him. It’s never been this way before.

His hand moves lower, lower and he roughly palms my breast through my blouse. I willingly, mindlessly arch into his touch as i feel my need as strong as his.

“Do you know how mad you make me?” he hisses stepping away an inch so that he can look at my face and I, him.

His eyes are so alive, so brazen.

“Show me” I say with my chin high and the next instant I find my front pressed against the door with my hands at my back, held constraint by his.

He pulls me back, giving just enough space for his hand to fit in between the door and me. i revel in anticipation of his touch. But what I don’t anticipate is my blouse being ripped, torn in half in between.

I’m too shocked to even react as he yanks my jeans down next and in the process he lets my hands go. It gives me leverage to push myself against the door and turn around.

“Not so soon” he dismisses me off when I try to do the same. i wriggle helpless against the door as my panties are the next ones to be ripped.

After I’m left standing with only my bra I feel the one thing i missed in the last 30 seconds of undressing me. The warmth of his body behind me. i push up towards him , teasing him. And he spanks me.

Spanks me!’

“Ah…” I breathe out in the strange sensation of pain and desire.

He spanks me again, on the other cheek. He nips at my ear, whispering “do you really want me to show you?”

I thought he already was.

His hands move from my hips towards my front and he yanks down my bra , pooling my breasts into his warm hands. He holds them for a movement, as if weighing them.

i can feel the cold wood against my nipple as it hardens under his inspection. He tugs on my nipple. Once. Twice. Thrice. Until I’m sure i might combust from this feeling alone.

i shut my legs tight as he shifts tugging and squeezing between my breasts. Back and forth.

he wants me to plead and i might if I’m not so wound up against him , if I hadn’t resolved for making myself hold up my end.

He is torturing me on purpose taking his revenge.

i grind back against , letting him know my purpose and the welcome scrap of his jeans against my bare skin feels amazing. He stops his movements as a throaty, utterly masculine and a beautiful groan emancipates from him.

Without kuşadası escort putting much distance between us, his right hand on my hip leaves me and i hear the tell-tale sound of his belt buckle being undone and the heavy drop of his jeans onto the floor.

His left hand stays on my breasts, continuing the assault and his right spreads my legs, finding the sweet spot between my legs that’s pooling with moisture. He groans hard at the contact, grinding his erection at the crease of my backside.

There is no slow touching, no gentle petting as his fingers take up a punishing rhythm at the very first instant, determined to get me there.

i cry out helplessly , my head thrashing back on his shoulder. i feel his eyes on me , all the time . Taking their fill.

And so soon, within a span of a minute or so…I’m on the brink. My body tightens, ready for that last touch to push me off when his fingers stop moving.

i know this game , but that doesn’t mean it makes me any less resilient with it. It only means more frustration and anger.

i open my eyes , still in a trance to see him smirking down at me. That pure masculine, smug smile.

The next second, his fingers retrieve where they left off so abruptly…

“Oh god” I moan biting my lip and holding in my pleasure.

Because I don’t want him to know, I don’t want him to know that he is doing this to me. Although humourlessly it is very apparent.

He stops again, exactly at the same point he left earlier.

“This is your punishment, on the edge and helpless. This is how I feel every time you argue with me”

I breathe heavily into the door, processing his words. So ardent, so raw.

“now, for my reward..” he says , spreading my legs wider with his knee and pulling me back a few inches so that I’m not entirely standing neither am I completely bent over. But just exactly at his mercy.

I hold onto the door, bracing myself.

He pushes in one long, hard thrust, seething himself deep inside me. My grip on the door tightens as some incoherent sounds escapes me.

“Fuck, you’re so wet. Fighting me turns you on baby!” he states, in a low strangled voice.

He pulls back, holding my hips as leverage and surges forward in a nanosecond. He keeps up the pace, the rhythm. Every thrust harder and deeper than the previous leaving a beautiful, unbelievable impact on my body. The door starts to rattle with the brute force of him, as I feel myself floating towards the abyss.

I can hear his sounds, so distinct and pleasurable with his every movement, making me sprint towards the finish line rather than walk.

He places a soft kiss in the middle of my shoulder blades, a start contrast to the brutal rhythm he has set and I cry out as the most intense wave hits me and I surrender to it.

His fingers on my hips dig deep into my skin, leaving marks no doubt. He thrusts two more times be falls onto me heavily. spilling and stilling.

His hand wrapped around my midriff and his nose breathing heavily in my hair as we both try to regain our lost breaths. I have completely lost my grip on the door. His hand on me and the other on the door are the only thing holding me up from slumping onto the floor.

Soft, feather-like kisses turn to possessive ones as I shift around in his embrace, facing him and hooking my arms around his neck. Leaning forward, he bites on my lower lip as he lifts my legs up to wrap around his slim hips. Wordlessly I move against the feel of him and he eyes light up, going from calm and relaxed to passionate and ardent. i smile sheepishly at him , marvelling in the fact that if not a lot , i still hold that little of a control on him.

“You’re going to be the death of me” he states walking forward and with every step he takes, a little of the excitement rubs up on me. Pun completely intended.

Even as I kiss him, not willing to accept that this is the part where we cuddle for a while and sleep, I find myself softly being landed on bed with my man hovering on top of me.

he kisses my forehead , my eyes , my nose , my cheeks , my lips , my chin. But the journey of his lips doesn’t stop there. It goes forward, or rather southward. kissing the exact spot I can feel my pulse ,licking, nipping and sucking on my breasts , dipping his tongue into my navel and swirling it , my pubic bones and upper thighs , my knees , calves , ankles and at last biting on my toe to finish it off.

It sends off a strange spark to all my senses and i writhe against the bed.

Slowly taking my right leg, he places it on his shoulder and looks down at me.

I’ve never been one to be shy or bashful in the bedroom with him because he never made me feel insecure, but when he’s looking down at me so intimately. I can’t help but try to pull my legs together which is impossible with the position I’m in.

He looks into my eyes and the corners of his lips turn up, letting me know what he’s going to do to me, with me. Looking every bit the devil he is, so smooth and sinful. How can I ever resist him?

Bending down he kisses the top of my pubic hair pushing my other leg onto his shoulders too. Spreading me to his desire, his mouth moves a little downwards and he breathes heavily, closing his eyes and i watch his every movement carefully.

“You smell wonderful. Of woman and sex and…” he trails off kissing the spot.

“And..?” I choke out curious for his answer.

“Me” he smiles lifting his head up to meet my eyes.

He spends the next few minutes kissing, slightly grazing the surface, while I become frustrated, lifting my hips up to increase the pressure of his lips on me, digging my heels into his shoulders, letting him know what he must be doing.

He smiles, thrusting the first two fingers of his right hand towards my mouth.

“suck” he simply commands and i oblige, imagining that it’s him that I’m sucking , imagining his taste on my tongue as he holds my chin angling me , pivoting his hips forward and forward using my mouth to come into, coating my throat with his fluid.

He growls as I moan around his fingers and he pulls them away from my mouth despite my protests and he moves his now wet fingers in circles around my nipples and navel, leaving a wet trail behind before reaching their destination.

His wet fingers pull my lips apart, his eyes inspecting me.

“Do you want to see how wet you are?” he asks and before I answer, he pushes both his fingers knuckles deep into me and I feel myself clamp down around him.

He pulls them out draws a line just above. His fingers trace the same path as earlier but backwards, circling my navel, my nipples and then pushing into my mouth.

I taste myself on him, a mixture a salt and sweet with a trace of himself in it. Biting on his fingers I pull them deeper into my mouth holding my hand on his wrist, not letting him pull them back this time.

“Baby, what are you doing?” he growls and I watch him rubbing against the edge of the bed.

Spreading me again, his teeth bite down on me and I cry out. He pulls out his fingers from my mouth and starts cupping my right breast. His tongue comes out probing me open and licking the exact spot in precision. His hand becomes rougher as he squeezes my breast mercilessly and so does his tongue.

With a deadly combination of his fingers, teeth and tongue. I come, arching against the bed and shouting his name.

He climbs up, letting my legs off his shoulder and I see his lips shine with my arousal. He kisses my neck, my mouth and flips me around so that I’m on top of him.

“Now it’s your turn” he smiles.

My turn to ride you? My turn to take my sweet revenge? Whatever it might be, I’m not letting go off this opportunity.

I sit up on him, with my legs bent at his side. I rub up against his ripped abs, testing the waters.

“Sweetheart, maybe you should move a little back”

I smile. Oh, I know what I’m getting if a move a little back.

I twist my neck, thrusting my breasts forward and hold him in my hand. He’s hard and pulsing and I decide to take what I imagined earlier. I move my hands, slowly, as slowly as I can .up. Down. Pulling his skin along with it. Not seizing my movements, I turn to face him. I can see his veins straining. Eyes closed in bliss.

“Faster” he commands but I don’t follow. Turning around completely so that I can concentrate more on my hands of course I slow down even further. Just only mildly touching from the tip to the base.

“I know what you’re doing” he growls out, his hands now on my bottom.


“It’s not going to work”.

“We’ll see about that” I say and plant a kiss at the tip of him, and I nibble along the stretched skin.

I take just his head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around. His sharp intake of breath can’t be ignored even mistakably.

I hold the base of him in my right hand and start placing small kisses on every inch of him. I lick a line with the peak of my tongue from the base to the tip.

I can see him straining, getting bigger and harder by every second.

Yeah, right. It won’t work.

His hands on my behind start going wayward when i take him completely in my mouth and start sucking. Hard.

“Ah, that’s it!” he breathes as I use both my hands and mouth for an efficient job.

I can feel his hips meet moving upward, meeting my mouth for every thrust and I lean back, letting him go with a pop.

He curses, still pushing him hips towards me. I lift myself up, holding him in one hand until his head is just a few inches away from me.

“finally!” he breathes as I sink lower onto him , feeling myself being stretched delightfully and even as it kills me, i stop when he’s only half-way inside me and pull him out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I hear him.

I use the tip of him to rub me on the spot I need so desperately. I moan at the feel of him.

“Turn around. Fuck, I want to watch this” he says as I lift myself up and turn to face him again.

instead of sitting on him , supported my weight on my knees I hold him and he holds my hips , his eyes transfixed on the spot I’m using him to get me off.

i move him forward backward , tapping over and over. My own vibrator to play with.

“Christ, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen” he growls, trying to lean forward. But I push him back into the mattress. Feeling powerful and utterly satisfied at the look on his face.

“About what I said earlier…” he says through clenched teeth.

“Yes?” I say throwing my head back in pleasure.

“It’s working” he admits and without any further ado, I sink onto him completely letting out a ragged breath.

“Oh, yes. Fuck you almost killed me!” he says holding my hips and pivoting into me, sharp, hard strikes.

“You’re a blue-eyed goddess” he holds both my breasts, tweaking my nipple as I clench my eyes shut in exquisite feeling.

A sudden orgasm hits me and i still my movements completely crying out, my entire body feeling like a thread snapped into two. He continues to pound unapologetically and a few moments later, he goes still under me, his nerves and muscles bulging and letting out a primal, animalistic sound. A sight to behold.

I fall onto his chest, that’s covered with droplets of sweat. I kiss it, feeling his heart beat under my ears.

“Now I know why they call it sweet revenge,” he says mirroring my thoughts as I drift off to sleep with him still inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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