A Tale of Two Honeymoons

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Note to readers. We met online and decided to write this story together. We alternated writing sections so in places it might not flow as well as it could. But we hope you like it. Dawn & Linda


Dear John,

It’s over. I’m writing because I own you an explanation as to why.

I’m sure you remember when we checked into our fantasy Honeymoon suite in the Poconos. I’m also sure you recall there were two beautiful women checking into the Honeymoon suite next to ours at the same time (you always did stare at women in my presence!).

They were slightly ahead of us and had chosen the same fantasy theme we had chosen. Remember how you wanted the Tarzan and Jane fantasy costumes because the Tarzan costume would show off your bulging muscles? The muscles you’ve spent endless hours in the gym developing. If only you’d spent all of your time at the gym exercising instead of picking up girls… as you know, your cheating at the gym almost made me call off the wedding. Three times! Including once a week before our wedding! I was so stupid. But I digress.

I remember being shocked when the clerk smiled at the two women and said, “Here are your Jane costumes” and then turned to us and said, “Here are your Tarzan and Jane costumes.”

I was frankly insulted that we were in effect be equated with two lesbians. I was appalled that our new sacred marriage was treated the same as… well, perversion. Two women on their “honeymoon” – how unnatural and disgusting, I thought at the time.

And then I thought, “I’ll show them. My 6′ 4″ barrel chested Tarzan could easily lift both women with one of his powerful arms. Throw each over a huge shoulder with no effort. When my Tarzan fucks me – pounds away inside of me – with his large cock I’ll scream with pleasure and let the lezzies know what real sexual ecstasy is all about. They’ll see how lucky I am to have found a man. Then they’ll be jealous of me and wish they were straight. The two pervs will be envious and realize that women should be fucked by a man. Preferably a big, strong, manly man like I’ve got, with a big dick. And maybe they’ll go out and find a man like they should!”

As you recall, John, you then lifted me up in front of everyone and said out loud that you were going to carry me to the room and fuck me. I smugly waived at the two women and the hotel clerk, happy because to show off that I had a man, a powerful man who could do something no woman could do.

But on the way out I heard you whisper to the women, “What you girls really need is a dick. After I fuck my wife I’ll fuck both of you. Come around later tonight.” The women rolled their eyes, shook their heads, and then walked away.

As you recall, after we went into our fantasy suite we changed in separate rooms. I noticed the walls were thin and our bed and theirs were only separated by a wall! In between the two rooms was a double door, and ours has not been shut. So we could pretty much hear what was going on in the other room, and vice-versa! I decided to make a point to the lezzies next door. I decided to shout extra loud when you did anything to me, in foreplay or when I came, for the benefit of the lezzies. I wanted them to know the pleasure that can only Anadolu Yakası Escort come from being fucked by a big dick.

I then tried my best to forget how you’d cheated on me right before we got married. I had wanted to call off the wedding, but my parents said that everything was paid for and non-refundable. I asked, “Would you rather I call off the wedding, or that we get married and then get divorced really soon?” They were shocked, but both said I should get married, so I did.

When you offered to have sex with the two lesbians, and I knew our marriage was as good as over.

I tried instead to focus on myself, on my pleasure, while you did your usual 2 minutes of foreplay. A few kisses and sucks and then you were in me. Even though I felt nothing, I shouted to the heavens for the benefit of the two women next door. In less than a minute you came.

Even though I had screamed my head off, I didn’t come. Or enjoy it. So after you finished I asked you to go down on me – telling you it was the least you could do for me on my honeymoon.

Remember what you said? “No way. Your cunt is always kind of yucky, and after I come in you, you’re beyond gross.” So I asked you to rub on me – which as you know is the only way I have ever gotten off with you. And you responded, “Do it yourself, babe. I’m going to sleep.”

You’ve told me that many times, but I protested again that this was my honeymoon! In a few minutes you were fast asleep, as usual.

As I lay there I could hear the two women in the room next door. As you know, I have excellent hearing. The women were still doing foreplay. They were not having sex – they were engaged in lovemaking. I could hear their romantic endearments – the “I love you” exchanges and the “you are my soulmate, you complete me”, and on and on. Over and over. Just like lovers should say on their honeymoon!

I began to think that maybe their love wasn’t unnatural or wrong – it was just different from man-woman love. And maybe it was even more intimate than our love? Maybe two women can be closer than a woman can be to a man? It reminded me that I almost never hear mushy romantic words from you. In fact, I think that sometimes you only say you love me so you can get into my panties. By contrast, those two were so much in love I couldn’t believe it! I began to feel jealous of them.

Then came other sounds … over and over and over. They were really going at it sexually. Both were crying out in passion and in love, coming endlessly, again and again, seemingly effortlessly. Each orgasm was more passionate than I ever had with you or with any other man.

So I looked over at you, John, to see if you could make love again. First I saw your huge muscles. And marveled at your arms, shoulders, and abs. I thought to myself that surely you were stronger than both of those women combined. Maybe you could lift as much as ten women combined! But then I saw your dick. Did it have any life left in it? I tried my best to revive it for another round, but I knew that it was limp. Useless. Useless and pathetic. I looked at you and saw the results of endless hours at the gym – an ocean of muscles. But also a spent, useless dick. Worse, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan you had no desire to please me by using your tongue or fingers. I became even more jealous of the two women.

I took a quick shower and, since some time had passed, I decided to rub on your dick. Finally it stirred. And then you stirred somewhat. You pushed me down onto you and I got you hard. You were half asleep and mumbled, “I knew you lezzies wanted my dick. Enjoy yourself!” I was shocked because you thought one of the lesbians was blowing you. I was shocked that you thought you were cheating on me on our honeymoon. Before I could react you came. In shock, I let you go back to sleep.

As I lay there listening to the two women still playing at being Janes, still making love, I decided to play along with them. I listened as each ate the other until they came, again and again. At that point I gladly would have traded all your muscles for one of their tongues. I would have gladly traded your muscular, hairy chest for their breasts – listening to them I wished more than anything that I could suck on a woman’s nipples! It seemed so wonderful! Such tenderness, so much gentleness and softness. Again I felt jealous. Then they started to suck each others’ nipples at the same time – and I came like crazy! Maybe because it was something I could never do with a man! Or maybe because it proved that girl/girl lovemaking was superior!

Then they rubbed on each other – believe me, each had no desire to stop just because they had come one time. Unlike you and your pathetic dick. I found myself wondering how many times a woman could possibly come? And finally… finally… they tribbed. Listening to them trib I went crazy – I couldn’t help myself. My hands went onto my panties and I jilled myself. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life! Pussy to pussy action was something I had never even thought about, probably because I could never experience it with a man! But with a woman… You could rub on me and maybe if I begged you enough you’d go down on me. But pussy to pussy… oh my God did I come!

Then one woman called the other her “wife” and told her how much she loved her. It was the most erotic thing ever – the idea that one woman could love another woman and be another woman’s “wife”. I pretended she was talking to me, pretending she loved me and that she was making love to me. I pretended I had married a woman and that my wife was grinding her pussy into mine!

In my mind I alternated, visualizing both of the beautiful “Janes” we had seen in the lobby. Both sexy rears, both sets of breasts, both lovely faces. The soft skim, the gentleness, the tenderness. One after the other, rubbing into me, grinding their pussy into mine, fucking me. Then one woman cried out, “fuck me, wife” and I came! Not just once, but with come after come, each of which was oceans better than any come I’d ever had with you. Which you didn’t even notice because you were sleeping so soundly.

Finally, after countless endearments, after more lovemaking than you and I do in a month, the two women stopped. After a few minutes I heard one say she was going to go out into the hallway to get Escort Anadolu Yakası some ice from the ice machine. I realized that I had to meet her. I didn’t know why, but I had to see her.

So I quickly threw on my robe and grabbed our ice bucket and went into the hall. I saw a vision of loveliness. The beauty’s name was Dawn. Earlier, as the front desk of the hotel, I had viewed her as unnatural, a pervert. How I could I ever have thought such terrible thoughts? I felt ashamed of myself. Now she was just a beautiful young woman in love and on her honeymoon.

We said “hi” in the hallway and commented on how nice the place was for a honeymoon and how lovely each others’ wedding ring looked. We talked as equals even though she was married to a woman and I was married to a man. Dawn was so much in love that whenever she said the name of her wife, Rebecca, her face glowed. It made me feel ashamed that I had settled for you. We continued to talk as we went to the ice machine. We continued talking while we looked through a window at the snow coming down outside. Then I asked Dawn, “What do men and this snowstorm have in common? They both are 8 useless inches.”

Dawn laughed and then asked me what was wrong. I guess it was obvious, so I told her. “You poor thing – you should be having a much more memorable time on your honeymoon. Don’t you know there’s only one path to true happiness for a woman? You poor darling brainwashed thing.”

She went back to her room and soon emerged holding hands with her new wife. It was so clear they were in love. I felt so envious – I so wanted to be one of them. They approached and each took one of my hands with their other hand. Dawn whispered, “Linda – we’re going to make you into a real woman. By giving you the pleasure that only women can give each other. We just called our Maid of Honor, Sue, and she’ll be here soon.”

Then they took me back to their room and told me to take a bath and to prepare myself mentally for what they said would be the greatest pleasure of my life. Their love and friendship overpowered me, and I had to trust them. I did as they suggested. When I emerged from the bath they gave me a makeover and my choice of sexy bridal lingerie. They spoiled me, powered me, and told me how I was in for the best night of my life.

Soon Sue arrived. Dawn and Rebecca pointed us towards their spare bedroom and said: “Linda – you’re going to enter that room a brainwashed woman married to a real dick – in both meanings of the word. But you’ll emerge a new woman. With a clear mind. Free to be the real you. Free to be a true, complete woman.”

And the rest – ohhh mmmyyy ggggooooddd – is history. As the old saying goes, once you’ve made love with a woman, you’ll never go back to men. Sexually, nothing you and I did came close to the pleasure Sue and I gave each other. You’re only a pathetic man with a silly cock. You simply don’t have the right equipment to pleasure a woman. Not the right body.

Or the right desire, mind or mindset. Emotionally Sue and I really hit it off. We’re so right for each other. Sue’s definitely the one for me – our love is more intimate and deeper than it ever was with you or any other man. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I’ve already proposed. We’ll be married after you and I divorce. Sue wants to wait six months to be sure I’m not on the rebound from you. But I’m sure now.

So you see, John, I’m not angry at you for cheating on me and for being such a dick. You actually did me a favor.

Sincerely yours,

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