A Timely Encounter

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Big Dicks

My name is Edward, a retired lawyer. While I was still a law student, I spent afternoons working in a law office as a clerk to gain experience.

One of my various duties included delivering legal documents to clients, which brought about experiences I vividly remember to this day. One afternoon I had to deliver some documents to an upscale client which called for a signature. As I crossed the street approaching the apartment building, I noticed two women coming from the opposite direction. One of them was carrying a box of items.

Just before reaching the corner the woman with the box stumbled and dropped the box she was carrying, spilling its contents of food items. Being a gentleman, I stopped and began picking up the items, offering assistance to them and exchanging pleasantries. It so happened that they were headed to the same building I was, so I picked up the box and we headed towards the doorman.

The younger of the women was in her, I presume, mid twenties with a slim body, red hair and green eyes, wearing a black dress that buttoned up the front and black boots. The other appeared to be in her late forties and looked very sensual in a brown skirt and matching sweater with breasts jutting out and reeking of sex. She also was slim, with long blond hair and blue eyes. She explained that she was the mother-in-law of the younger woman. Her name was Maggie and the younger one was Gwen.

As we entered the building, being laden with a box of groceries, the doorman said I would have to use the service elevator. He was very rude in his attitude, and both of the women let their feelings be known regarding such. The doorman muttered something and walked away. Maggie and Gwen offered to take the service elevator with me as a stand against the doorman’s attitude. As we approached the service elevator, Maggie said “He couldn’t get a whore to fuck him, let alone an attractive woman.”

That statement piqued my interest and a mild jolt aroused my cock.

The service elevator operator wasn’t around, and after waiting a couple almanbahis of minutes Gwen suggested we do our own thing.

After Gwen hit our floor button the elevator started up, but stopped dead in its tracks about halfway to our floor. When we couldn’t get it moving again, Maggie used the elevator phone to inform the building manager of our situation. When she said, “I don’t believe this,” I knew it was trouble.

She told us we’d be stuck for at least an hour.

I set the box of groceries down and, as a joke, said “Shall we play truth or dare to pass the time?”, causing both women to laugh.

Maggie winked at Gwen, who looked me up and down and asked “Are you clean?”

I shot back, “Do I smell?”, thinking I was being insulted.

Gwen replied “Don’t get uptight, we just want to have some fun until the elevator is fixed.”

“What kind of fun?”, I pursued.

“This kind of fun,” Maggie replied as she reached out and grabbed my crotch.

I backed up against the elevator wall, and she didn’t let go until she felt my cock come to attention. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my fly and extracted my manhood.

“I don’t believe this.” I said.

Maggie smiled up at me and said “Leave it that way; we’ll have some fun and no one will know.”

Gwen then began kissing my ear and whispered, “If you’ve never met sex-crazed women before, today is your lucky day.”

Maggie’s hot tongue circled the head of my cock, sending shockwaves to my brain and causing my cock to get even harder. She began sucking, my cock hitting the back of her throat several times before she let it fall from her mouth. Looking up to Gwen as she caught her breath she said ” Keep his attention while I prepare myself.”

Gwen knelt down and took me in her mouth.

Maggie undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, revealing her bare ass and pussy. She then lifted Gwen’s dress up over her thighs, exposing a bare pussy! Maggie extended her fingers and slowly began finger fucking Gwen. When she withdrew them they were covered almanbahis yeni giriş with Gwen’s sex juices. She stuck the fingers in her mouth. After cleaning them with her tongue, she grabbed my head and began kissing me!

As we kissed and Gwen continued to suck my cock. Gwen’s hand slid up Maggie’s thigh. Gwen’s mouth left my cock when Maggie grabbed the railing on the elevator wall, leaned over and said to Gwen “Lubricate my asshole so our young friend can fuck it.”

I about lost it when I saw Gwen part Maggie’s ass cheeks and stick her tongue inside the puckered hole. The more Gwen licked it, it was quite obvious that Maggie loved getting her asshole reamed. Maggie began moaning and groaning as Gwen’s tongue continued it’s attack, ravaging her asshole until Maggie unleashed a wail from her throat and fell to floor. Breathing heavily, Maggie looked up at me and said “Get down here and fuck the shit out of my asshole.”

Gwen took hold of my cock, spit on it a few times to provide more lubrication, and then guided me to my knees and lined it up to enter Maggie’s asshole.

As I began to thrust my hips to enter, Maggie reached back and held her cheeks apart. When the head of my cock passed through her sphincter muscle, it felt like I was in heaven. I held up, trying to stay calm and not cum, taking deep breathes. Maggie brought me back to reality, repeatedly saying “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

To spur me on, Gwen whispered in my ear “Fuck her ass good and hard. Cum in her ass so I can suck it out of her. Then I’ll lick you cock clean.”

Her words sent me over the edge.

I began thrusting my cock in Maggie, not bothering to be gentle. After several strokes I felt my orgasm approaching, and my thrusts went up a notch. I exploded, sending spurt after spurt of cum up Maggie’s asshole. Maggie shook and moaned, “so good, so good, so good…” as I moaned and continued thrusting until my cock stopped spurting.

I fell over Maggie’s back as my cock softened and slipped out of the bliss Maggie’s ass almanbahis giriş had provided me. I leaned back against the side wall and with my eyes closed.

I suddenly felt warmth surrounding my cock. It was Gwen’s mouth, obediently sucking the remnants of my climax away.

When finished, Gwen turned to Maggie, who was still leaning on the floor and breathing heavily. She was clenching her ass cheeks to prevent my cum from escaping. Gwen crawled up behind Maggie, spanked her on each ass cheek and said, “Get ready for number three.”

She then spread Maggie’s ass cheeks and her tongue began an assault on Maggie’s asshole. Maggie sank further to the floor, her back arched and her ass up in the air swaying back and forth in semi-circles as Gwen’s tongue ravaged her asshole like a pig digging for truffles. Maggie’s body began quivering and shaking. “Don’t you dare stop reaming me.” she yelled, as another orgasm roared through her body.

I was hard again!

The ringing of the elevator phone jerked us all back to reality. I answered it and was informed the elevator would be running in about 5 minutes. Looking at my watch, I realized that we’d only been “trapped” for 30 minutes.

Gwen noticed my hard cock as we gathered ourselves. She put her hand on my cock and said “If you want to continue having ‘fun’ with this, keep your mouth shut.”

Of course, I immediately agreed. Maggie then whispered in my ear “If you think it was great fucking my ass, wait until Gwen’s ass gets a hold of your cock.”

We quickly “gathered” ourselves.

Ten minutes later the elevator was on the ground floor. We were told to exit and use the tenants’ elevator to our floor. After exiting the elevator, I followed Gwen and Maggie to their apartment. I carried the box to the kitchen area and placed it on the table. Maggie then handed me a note. It stated 10-4, with a telephone number.

I looked at her and she said “Call us only between those hours.”

They both kissed me, forcing their tongues into my mouth at the same time, patted me on the ass and told me I had to leave.

I retrieved the documents from the box and headed for the elevator, dropping it off at the front desk.

I had a hard cock and a smile on my face the rest of the day.

To be continued…

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