A View to a Thrill

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Jimmy Morris listened to his friend and neighbor Greg Norton blabber on enthusiastically while finding it impossible to believe a word he was saying. Greg was known to tell some whoppers from time to time, but what he was saying now was way beyond anything he’d claimed before.

“It’s true I’m telling ya,” Greg squeaked.

“Yeah right, whatever dude,” Jimmy shot back while fixing Greg with a look that clearly showed he thought he was full of shit.

“You’ll see. Just make sure you’re looking out your window at nine tonight, I’ll leave the blinds up enough for you to see I’m telling the truth.”

The houses in this development were built in such a way that every other house was situated with one side extremely close to the one next to it. The two eighteen year olds bedrooms faced each other’s and couldn’t have been more than twenty feet apart. On the other side of the houses the distance increased considerably.

“Jimmy, dinners ready,” Carol Morris yelled from the back door leading into the spacious kitchen. She had to holler twice before she got a reaction from her son.

She heard him say he’d be right there before he leaned in and whispered something into Greg’s ear. Turning back and heading inside she couldn’t help but wonder what the two boys were up to. It seemed that lately they had been more secretive than in the past. Probably talking about girls she told herself.

Dinner was eaten with the whole family sitting at the dinning table. Conversation flowed between Jimmy’s dad Charles and his older sister Penny with an occasional input from his mom but he was oblivious to what they were talking about. All he could think about was what Greg had told him. Time seemed to crawl. After helping clean up he went into the family room and tried to wile away the time watching television but couldn’t even concentrate on that. While waiting he received a text message on his cell phone from Greg asking if he was going to be watching. For some reason he didn’t answer, he just placed his cell on the coffee table and ignored it.

Carol noticed her son hadn’t replied to his message and when she asked about it he told her it was nothing. She found that odd since he practically lived on his phone twenty-four hours a day. He was constantly receiving and sending texts, just like his sister. She chuckled to herself as she thought about how much time her kids spent on their phones. Hell, back in her day when she was their age you had to actually press buttons and hold the phone up to your ear then speak into it if you wanted to have a conversation with someone. The fact that she was even thinking thoughts like ‘back in her day’ made her chuckle out loud.

“Something funny dear,” her husband asked.

“No, not really, just thought of something silly is all,” she replied.

“Okay,” her husband replied then went back to concentrating on reading the book he was engrossed in.

Carol glanced over at her husband of twenty-three years and couldn’t help but notice how much he’d changed over the course of their marriage. At fifty years old he was ten years her senior. Gone were the days when he wore his black hair slightly long and his stomach was washboard flat. Now his head showed a lot of scalp and his waistline was as big as his chest. Sitting at a desk for over twenty years had taken a toll on him. As for her she knew she wasn’t the same either. Her shoulder length brown hair had lost some of its luster and she knew that her figure had gotten softer too. But on the plus side she still looked a lot like her old self. Her green eyes sparkled with life and her button nose looked just like her daughters. Another thing she was proud of was the fact that her lips were still pouty and full and her tits weren’t drooping toward her navel like so many other moms in the neighborhood. Hers sat firm and proud on her chest even when they weren’t encased in a bra. Sure, there were signs of age creeping up on her. More lines in the face around the eyes and more roundness to her almost flat abdomen, but nothing drastic. At five-seven she was still slim and very attractive in her own right. Shaking her head to clear away the thoughts she settled back on the couch and stared at the television, a small smile forming on her lips.

Lost in his own thoughts Jimmy forgot to keep an eye on the clock. When he realized it was five after nine he jumped up and ran up the stairs two at a time. Reaching his room he forgot to shut the door. His bed sat parallel to the wall with the window so he went around and sat down then stared over at his friend’s window. Greg’s bed was situated where the foot of it faced the window. Just as Greg had promised the blinds were pulled up enough to see everything going on in his bed. Jimmy was repulsed a little when he saw his friend lying there naked stroking his cock.

“Yeah, just as I thought you lying shithead,” he whispered to himself.

Carol heard the cell phone sitting on the coffee table chime. Reaching lordbahis güvenilirmi down she picked it up and looked at the screen. There was a text message from the kid next door. It read: Are you watching? She wasn’t sure what it meant but figured it might be important so she stood up and carried the phone with her as she slowly made her way up the carpeted stairs. When she reached the top she noticed that her son’s door was open but there wasn’t any light coming from his room. Maybe he’s in the bathroom she thought, so she figured she’d just sit the phone in his room and he could get the message when he returned. As she rounded the door she saw her son sitting on the far side of the bed staring out the window with his back to her. She was about to ask what he was doing when movement across the way caught her attention. Glancing over at the neighbor’s window her heart skipped a beat and her pulse quickened. There was her son’s friend lying on the bed stroking one of the hardest cocks she’d seen in a long time. Mesmerized she slowly made her way around the bed and stood near where her son sat. Try as she might she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the scene playing out across from them. It had been so long since she’d seen someone’s cock so hard and youthful looking. A tingle rippled through her pussy just as the thought that her son was gay raced through her mind.

Jimmy had been so caught up in staring across at Greg’s room waiting for what had been promised to happen that he was totally unaware that his mother had come into the room. He sat there with his sweats down around his ankles while his hand idly massage his cock through his boxers. He almost shit himself when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jerking his eyes upward he saw his mom standing there gazing down at him. She had a strange look on her face and his cell phone in her hand.

“Mom!” he stammered completely forgetting that he was sitting there in just his boxers and t-shirt.

“It’s okay baby, I understand,” Carol whispered soothingly as she stepped in front of him placing the palm of her free hand gently against the side of his face.

“I…I…I’m sorry Mom,” Jimmy stuttered frozen in place.

“It’s okay sweetheart, nothing to be ashamed of,” Carol said softly as she squatted down in front of him, placed his cell phone on the floor then cupped his face with both hands.

“I’m so embarrassed,” he groaned unable to look his mother in the eyes.

“Jimmy, look at me.” She waited till his eyes met hers before continuing. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay if you’re gay.”

He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. A strained laugh erupted from his mouth causing Carol to lower her hands and stare at her son as if he’d gone insane. As she stared at him Jimmy noticed movement over in Greg’s room. Someone else had entered.

“You think I’m gay Mom?”

“Why else would you be watching a guy play with himself?” she asked puzzled.

Jimmy stared over the top of his mother’s head at the activity taking place in the other bedroom. He felt a stirring in his crotch as his cock began to slowly swell.

“I was waiting for that, take a look Mom,” he said pointing toward the window.

Carol stood and turned to face the other way a sharp gasp pouring out of her mouth as her eyes fell onto the bed across from them. The boy wasn’t alone anymore. A woman had entered and was slowly crawling up the boy’s legs her wide ass and hairy pussy on full display. Carol watched stunned as the woman straddled the young man, held his stiff cock up and slowly sank her hairy pussy down on the shaft until it was completely engulfed. The woman had her back to them making it impossible to tell who she was but Carol could tell by the way the woman moved it wasn’t some young girl. No, this was a woman who was at least middle-aged, someone closer to her own age. A pang of envy coursed through Carol as she watched the woman begin to rapidly bounce up and down on the rock hard shaft that was becoming shiny from their juices.

Jimmy’s cock strained against his boxers as he leaned over to see past his mom and watched the woman riding his friend. With each downward thrust her ass cheeks jiggled and clenched at the same time. He lost all thought of his mom being in the room as he reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out through the front slit. Slowly he began to stroke himself as the pair across from him picked up the pace.

Carol was completely lost, unable to look away even if she had wanted to. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her upper lip and brow, and the unmistakable feel of her cunt getting wet told her all she needed to know. She was turned on. The sight of that lovely hard cock had her wetter than she’d been in a long time. God it had been ages since she felt this horny. Her sex life with Charles was almost non-existent anymore, unless of course you considered once or twice a month a sex life at all. She didn’t think that three or lordbahis yeni giriş four minutes of the old in and out was much to brag about. As she watched she couldn’t help but think there was something familiar about the woman, she just couldn’t put a handle on what. The answer came when the woman stopped riding and stood up on the bed then turned around and squatted back down taking the young man’s cock back into her pussy.

“Oh my God! That’s…” Carol was too shocked to finish.

Jimmy had no problems finishing for her.

“Yep, that’s Greg’s Mom. I guess he wasn’t lying after all,” he gleefully chirped.

“How could she?” Carol stammered, as her knees grew weak then gave out all together.

Jimmy had just enough time to grab his mother by the hips and guide her safely down on top of his lap. If he hadn’t done that she might have ended up on the floor hurting herself in the process. Once her ass was in his lap he realized he had another problem; she was sitting squarely on his cock trapping its length directly under her crotch.

The fact that her son’s cock was pressing up against her cunt didn’t immediately register on her brain. Nor did the fact that the thin cotton housedress she was wearing did nothing to dampen the heat radiating off her pussy causing Jimmy’s already excited manhood to swell even more. All she could do was sit and stare across the way and watch as a mother fucked her own son.

“How can she do that with her own son?” Carol asked expecting no answer.

“Because she loves him Mom. And also he told me that since his dad split she’s been pretty lonely,” Jimmy answered anyway.

“I guess loneliness can be a powerful motivator, plus that is a pretty nice penis,” Carol absently stated then became instantly embarrassed.

Turning slightly so she could look behind her at her son she blurted, “God baby I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that.”

A stab of jealousy trickled through him causing him to blurt out, “Mines bigger.”

Suddenly Carol was aware of what had been poking her. Until he’d said something she hadn’t even been aware that she was sitting in his lap, much less that his cock was pressed snuggly up against her own pussy. Now she was acutely aware of the heat and hardness pressing into her. Jumping to her feet she took one last look out the window. Greg’s mom was now laying backwards on her son, his cock smaller than before but still lodged inside her. Rivulets of white creamy cum flowed down his shaft and dribbled over his deflated ball sack. Carol’s eyes grew wide as she glanced back down at her son and noticed his exposed cock all thick and hard stretched out between his thighs. She was unable to stifle the gasp that escaped her lips as a spasm shot through her cunt. Two more rippled through her as she ran from her son’s room, the image of his magnificent cock burned into the recesses of her mind.

Jimmy wasn’t a fool; he knew what had just happened. His mom had just had an orgasm while looking at his dick. Pride swelled up inside him as he looked across the way and furiously whacked his meat, the memory of how soft and warm his mother’s ass and crotch were fresh in his mind. Less than a minute later there were several large pools of cum soaking into the carpet of his bedroom. The chime of his phone brought him back to earth. Glancing around he found it on the floor almost in a puddle of his spooge where his mom must have dropped it.

It had one text message that read: Told you so.

When Carol got downstairs her husband asked if she were okay.

“Yeah, why?” she asked, fear stabbing at her heart.

“No reason really. You just look kind of flush is all,” Charles stated then went back to reading.

“Where’s Penny?” she asked if for no other reason than to change the subject.

“She went back to her dorm, said she had to cram for finals,” he told her without looking up.

Their daughter lived at the dorms of her collage only coming around to get a free meal and do a load of clothes once in a while.

“Okay. Well I think I’m gonna turn in honey,” Carol said then gave him a peck on his balding head and headed to their downstairs master suite.

She heard him say he’d be in shortly, meaning that she’d be sound asleep before he showed up. Shutting the door she stripped out of her clothes and went to take a shower. She felt dirty for some reason. Once under the spray of the warm water her mind drifted off to what she had witnessed. How could a mother have sex with her own son, it was so wrong she told herself. Sure, being lonely could prompt someone to make irrational decisions. But to actually commit incest? As she was pondering this the image of Jimmy’s cock sprang to the front of her consciousness. He was right about it being bigger than the neighbor boy’s, much bigger. A shiver ran down her spine as her fingers found her aroused clit and began to work it back and forth. Leaning back against the shower lordbahis giriş wall she pushed her fingers lower until they slipped into the fur-lined crevice of her slick slit. Gently she pushed one then another finger all the way in and began to slowly finger fuck herself. Just like her son it took only a short time before she came. Sexually relieved she melted slowly down the shower wall to sit there stunned that she’d masturbated with thoughts of her son’s cock running wildly through her head. She was even more stunned when later that night she woke up with an overpowering urge to creep up to her son’s room just to get another glimpse of his gorgeous prick. She settled for her fingers instead then fell into a troubled sleep.

Jimmy’s sleep wasn’t much better than his mother’s. Only instead of wondering about how someone could fuck their own kid his thoughts were about what his mom might do. Would she confront Mrs. Norton? Would she say something to dad? Worse yet, would she report it to the police? When he woke the next morning his eyes were puffy and bloodshot from lack of sleep. A shower and fresh clothes didn’t brighten his outlook of facing his mom either.

Carol sat at the dinning table sipping her coffee when her son came down. She had trouble looking him in the eyes and was quite relieved when he appeared to have the same problem. When he sat down across from her with his own cup the silence that grew between them started to become awkward.

“Listen, Jimmy I…” She really wasn’t sure what to say. Jimmy fixed that problem.

“Mom I’m so sorry. You weren’t suppose to see that, I know it was a shock,” he blurted out.

“Well I did, and to say I was shocked is an understatement.”

Jimmy’s voice relayed his fear. “So now what?”

“What do you mean?” Carol asked fixing him with her gaze.

“I mean you’re not going to do something crazy, like call the cops or something, are you?”

“Why would you think I’d do something like that?”

“I don’t know,” answered Jimmy, the distinct ring of uncertainty in his voice.

She knew why he was skeptical about what she’d do; she had heard the gossip floating around the neighborhood. Most of the people that lived near them considered her the June Cleaver of the block. A real goody-two-shoes. Just because she was nice to people and loved to bake and act like a housewife caused them to get the wrong impression of her. A smirk appeared on her face as she wondered what they would think if they knew some of the thoughts that ran through her head during the course of a day were. They’d change their opinion of her faster than shit.

“Well you don’t have to worry sweetie. If Nancy Norton wants to fuck her son who am I to tell her she shouldn’t. Actually I’m happy that she’s getting some, wish I could say the same.” She hadn’t meant to say that, but since it was out there she didn’t really care if her son knew or not.

Jimmy was at a loss for words. He’d never heard his mom use the “F” word before, let alone say something about her sex life. He was starting to see a whole new side of his mother and he found himself liking it. It felt like a door had been opened and he planned on exploring what was on the other side. Sitting back he fixed his eyes on her before talking.

“I really am sorry you saw that Mom. I’ll tell Greg to keep his blinds pulled from now on.” He thought he saw her face cloud over briefly. It was there for only a split second but it was definitely there.

“Don’t do that honey. He’ll know something’s wrong if you do. Besides they probably won’t do it again anyway,” Carol hastily said.

“I don’t know Mom. Greg is a horn-dog. If his mom is anything like him then I can’t promise you won’t see them again. Maybe if I had him let me know beforehand, then I could warn you not to come up to my room.” Jimmy felt like he’d just set out some bait and wondered if his mom would bite.

“Does that mean you plan on watching them again…if you get the chance that is?” Carol felt her pulse quicken as she waited for her son to answer.

“Well yeah, unless you don’t want me too.”

“You’re too old for me to tell you what to do, besides, I don’t think you would listen anyway. I saw the effect it had on you.” She couldn’t keep the smile from spreading on her full lips when she thought about how hard his cock had gotten while watching.

“Come on Mom, you have to admit it was pretty awesome, way better than watching porn flicks.”

“Wellllll…” Carol said, the smile on her face widening.

“Well what?” Jimmy persisted.

“Okay, okay, you got me. I will admit that I did get a kinda perverse thrill out of it. But that doesn’t mean it was right to be spying on them.”

“Does that mean if they do it again you want to watch too?” His voice was filled with hope.

“Let me think about it,” she answered, her mind struggling with the idea of allowing herself to be caught up in something so naughty and dangerous.

Standing Jimmy glanced down at her and smiled. He was almost sure she was hooked.

“I better get ready for school. I’ll let you know what’s going on.” Walking over to her he bent down and gave her a kiss on the top of her head before bounding out of the room and up the stairs.

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