A Visit to the Doctor

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A fictional fantasy first conceived when my female general practitioner did cup my balls for a second to check them during a routine exam.


I was waiting nervously in my hospital johnny for the doctor to arrive. The room was a little chilly (aren’t they always!) and I had been waiting for a while. I had a late afternoon appointment to begin with so it was now well after five o’clock and the office was nearly silent. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if I had been forgotten and the staff had left for the day! I was a little nervous because I was concerned I might have a hernia and I didn’t know what to expect from the exam. The nurse had instructed me to strip down to underwear and put the johnny on, which I had done but with some trepidation. That trepidation was due to my doctor being female.

A very curvy, fairly pretty female, in fact. During each of my visits, she had been very pleasant and had put me at ease. She seemed to be a very genuine person and obviously had a lot of confidence. She also had long, beautiful, curly, strawberry-blonde hair and wore tight clothes that really accented her curvaceous body.

So while most of the time I really enjoyed visiting my doctor, today I was feeling quite self conscious. My current state of undress (save for a not too flattering hospital Johnny), combined with the extra weight I had gained since I saw her last was leaving me wondering if this was all worth it? Perhaps it’s not really a hernia at all? Maybe I should just live with it?

Instead of dashing from the room I continued to sit there, nervous and angry at myself for putting on the pounds. I didn’t know if she would end up seeing or feeling my dick during the course of the exam, but that thought caused me even more worry. I was only average in size and doubted that would suffice to impress her!

I fleetingly wondered if I should ask her about options for stimulating penile growth. Wait, who was I kidding? I was nervous just having her see me, let alone asking questions like that! I shook my head in disgust, my dread of her arrival increasing.

Finally I heard a quick rap on the door, followed by her entrance before I could answer. She looked better than ever, in a simple (tight) gray business suit with a low cut white silk shirt under it. She smiled genuinely as she entered.

“Hi” she said. “New outfit?”

I returned the grin. “Yeah,” I replied. “They’re on sale at Walmart this week. You might want to pick some up – I hear they are going fast.”

Her grin widened as she went to my chart. “Must be quite the fashion now then, I guess.”

“Yeah, well, you know,” I shot back. “You just can’t beat one of these for parties and formal dinners.”

Before I knew it, the small talk and joking had set me at ease, in spite of all that initial worry. I wondered if that was her intention – is that something they teach in medical school or was she just naturally good with people?

She ran the routine checks and I was able to covertly sneak some rewarding glances at her body while she did so. Her barrage of standard questions finally ended with the purpose of my visit.

Here we go I thought, my heart instantly picking up a few extra beats per minute. She continued her questions about the pain and was suddenly touching me again. It happened so fast I didn’t really have time to think about it. In hindsight I think that she intended it that way; to prevent the situation from becoming sexual. She had snaked a small hand inside my johnny and pushed gently on the area I had indicated. Her touch was soft, her hands were warm, and her perfume was perfection. As she withdrew her hand, still talking to me as if she had just patted my knee and not slipped a couple of fingers under the waistband of my underwear, she accidentally brushed against my cock. It was a light touch, almost too light to register, but it was definitely there. My mind exploded with thoughts, the foremost being that I wished it would happen again, and for much longer!

As she continued talking without pause, I quickly put it out of my mind and tried to re-focus on her.

“What? Sorry!” I stammered.

She was looking at me quizzically.

“I asked you if I could probe a little further,” she explained, obviously aware that I had not heard her question.

“Um, yeah,” I said sheepishly.

She stood next to me, gently but firmly pushing on my chest to make me lie back on the exam table. She lifted lightly on my leg, indicating to lift them as she extended the tray out of the table to rest them on. She picked up another johnny and laid it across my hips, allowing her to keep my groin covered and yet lift the johnny I was wearing, exposing my belly. She expertly began examining me, pushing, prodding, and questioning me about pain. As none of the areas she touched produced any pain, she slid a little lower, her fingertips barely below the waistband of my underwear now. The lull in conversation and the view of her slightly bent over my waist was beginning to make me dizzy with sexual desire and thoughts of her naked. kuşadası escort I was fighting to clear my head of this, as the distractions were beginning to affect more than my thoughts! I was not hard yet, but could feel the blood beginning to flow and throb.

In a flash, she had snaked her right hand to my balls and said “I’m just going to check for testicular cancer.”

Her hand was back out almost as she finished the sentence, she was so quick at it. I was so in shock that I had barely registered the touch! She started to straighten and I felt a wave of disappointment surge through me. Not that I was foolish enough to think something would come of it, but I had really enjoyed the idea of it!

She lay her hand on my lower abdomen, close to my right hip and just above my underwear. Her hands radiated their heat against my flesh and I was instantly aroused again, and still struggling to remain focused on her words. She was explaining how everything seemed normal and that I needn’t worry. I asked her if we were done, and was not quite able to conceal my disappointment. I immediately flushed with embarrassment, my cheeks hot with it, but she just smiled sweetly.

“Unless you had anything else that required my attention,” she said lightly.

“No,” I answered. “Nothing else has been bothering me.”

She definitely picked up on the tone in my voice this time.

“Are you sure? Seems like there is something you are not telling me.”

“Well, I…” I began, but I couldn’t finish it.

I really wanted to tell her how much I desired her, but I was too scared. The chances of her being interested in me were nil and the risk was huge. She was my wife’s doctor too, for crying out loud!

“Too embarrassing to tell me?” she prompted. “All of the staff has left already, or I’d offer to bring in one of the male nurses to make you more comfortable.”

My mind was racing for something to say. Anything at all – preferably something smooth and funny to help me recapture some tiny bit of my self esteem would be nice! Or maybe some magic words that would make her want to fuck me right there on the exam table. My feelings of embarrassment were making it harder to concentrate, and my traitorous brain did nothing but chide me for being so stupid as to think that anything I said would make her want me. She gazed at me with those bright, beautiful green eyes.

“It’s just that,” I began again. “Well, I was wondering if… if…” I trailed off again, frustrated and embarrassed.

I looked at my feet to avoid her gorgeous eyes. I was acutely aware of her hand now, every muscular twitch, each soft pad of fingertip.

“Go on,” she urged in a low tone.

She moved her hand a bit as she said it, in a half circle, as if to encourage me without breaking her professional demeanor. Oh, how I ached for her to break it!

“Well,” I said. “I was wondering if you knew of anything that can make me bigger” I finished hurriedly.

“Bigger?” She asked innocently.

“Yeah, you know,” I said, blushing deeply again. “Bigger.”

God was I an idiot!! As if things weren’t already bad enough, now I had to come up with this crap! What was wrong with me!?! I would absolutely have to change doctors now and I was doing everything I could not to simply run out of the room, with or without clothes on! My face was so flushed and hot with intense embarrassment that it actually felt like it was glowing. I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if I would have been redder than a tomato at that point!

I dully pointed to my crotch and she immediately understood.

“Oh,” she said, smiling. “There certainly is a bevy of products available on the market for that,” she said, still smiling. “However, I do not recommend any of them.”

Her answer was so surprising to me that I nearly forgot my embarrassment for a second.

“Why? Are they all that bad?”

“Oh no,” she laughed. “Some are reported to actually work. No, I meant I don’t recommend enhancing penis size at all. Unless there is a medical reason, I think you are just messing around with nature for no good reason.”

She continued while withdrawing her hand from my hip, “You see, God gave you what you’ve got and its up to you as to how you use it. Do you and your wife enjoy sex?”

“Well, we don’t have it very often,” I admitted, “but its great when we do.”

“There you go,” she said, “that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?”

“I suppose,” I muttered, completely unconvinced. The ridiculous heat in my cheeks had barely subsided but what had started as a diversion tactic quickly became a genuine question for me.

“Hmmm,” she said, clearly aware that I didn’t believe her. “What would it take to convince you?”

She was still smiling that engaging smile of hers, and she was still standing extremely close. I was able to detect a faint hint of mint on her breath and paused a fraction too long to answer because I was entranced with her pretty lips and that beautiful smile.

“Uh,” I breathed, unhelpfully. “I’m not really sure? I want to believe you but I think that might be why we don’t have sex very often.”

My voice was getting softer as I was speaking, trailing off because again all I wanted to do was run from the room. Why did I suddenly have a case of diarrhea of the mouth!?! Why couldn’t I just make some witty, off-hand comment that would put this all right again? I had zero chance of seducing her from the beginning. Then I completely botched everything and surely she saw me as just an insecure loser now! Her smile faded and now she looked a bit concerned. I kept trying to meet her eyes but couldn’t look into them for long before needing to look away again.

“Is that what you really think?” she asked softly.

Her hand slipped slowly back to its original position, palm against my lower abdomen. The thought once again crossed my muddled brain that her fingers were mere inches from my cock, but it may as well have been a mile.

“Yeah, I guess so” I admitted. “I’m sure she wishes it was bigger and that’s probably why she isn’t very interested in sex.”

Finally something clicked in my head that might just end this awful debacle I had created for myself.

“I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have brought it up,” I said with an apologetic half smile. “I don’t know what has gotten into me.”

She tilted her head, as if trying to read whatever it was that I was not telling her.

“I guess with you being so incredibly attractive and all …” I trailed off again, unable to finish the sentence.

Again, that dull heat was rising, prickly on my neck. Why did that have to come up and make things even worse?!?!

She shifted a little but said nothing, instead waiting for me to look into her eyes again. I tried, but I looked away, unable to hold her gaze. Her hand left my hip to touch me lightly on the cheek, an obvious sign that she wanted me to look at her. I reluctantly did so but she didn’t take that soft hand away.

“Hey,” she continued in that same soft tone. “Don’t think like that. I know there are women who look for big guys but many of us are quite content with whatever you’re packing”

That was all it took. Those simple words of kindness opened up a flood of emotions that I didn’t even realize were there. In the back of my mind I had always thought that my average endowment wasn’t good enough.

Her hand left my cheek and settled back to that comforting but tantalizing space just above my hip. She seemed to be considering something – maybe what I had said? Or what to say next? Just when the silence was about to become awkward, she moved. With the speed she had demonstrated before, she had pushed her hand into my briefs faster than I could imagine, again catching me off guard.

“Right here” she said, her fingers resting on the base of my penis. Her sudden movement and change back to a professional tone nearly made me jump.

“If you went with a surgical procedure, this is where they would do the work, and this is where you would be desensitized.”

Jeez, talk about sudden fluctuations in emotions! I was stunned at the sudden change in her and the unexpected touch, but the fact that she let her fingers remain there was what really threw me. I couldn’t say anything with my frozen tongue, but my cock responded immediately to her, quickly starting to become engorged under her light touch.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, looking up at me but not moving her hand. “Does it always get hard this fast?”

“No,” I choked. “But that feels incredible,” I blurted, saying it hurriedly, before I lost my nerve.

“Hmmm,” she said, now working her fingers around as she had done on my abdomen, but probing my cock instead. She continued to watch my face as she did so, and I was too stunned to do anything but stare into her pretty green eyes. Her voice dropped almost to a whisper and became a little husky. Her eyelids lowered slightly and her whole appearance softened.

“You don’t want to miss out on all those nerve endings, do you?”

“No,” I breathed.

Then I groaned in pleasure – I couldn’t help it – her touch was so warm, so incredibly sexy and feminine. Her hand left my cock and as my eyes flew open I realized that they had shut with the pleasure I was experiencing.

“Don’t worry, cowboy,” she teased. “I’m just re-adjusting.”

She did exactly that, returning the leg rest back inside the exam table and letting my feet drop over the edge. She moved quickly to the door to lock it, and then stood between my legs, unbuttoning her suit jacket and laying it across the nearby chair. I propped myself up on elbows to watch, recovering from my initial shock but still not entirely sure where she was going with this.

Her bountiful breasts filled the small white blouse to bursting point and I could see the small shadow of her nipples now, pressing against their silky captors. I figured this was as good of a sign as I could get that we were thinking the same thing, so I chanced a whispered “wow!”

She smiled appreciatively and then walked over between my legs again. I was frozen, unsure what she wanted me to do.

“Just relax,” she said, stooping over me and gently tugging my underwear down.

With me naked from waist down, she reached up to my hips and gently ran her smooth fingertips across my sensitive flesh. She traced lines of extreme pleasure across my stomach and down to my groin, barely grazing the sides of my stiff cock. She teased this way for a few moments, continually getting closer and closer to my hard shaft, bumping it more and more frequently and then finally picking it up with both hands and stroking it ever so gently.

I kept trying to watch, as the sight of this gorgeous woman between my legs was unbelievable and beyond sexy. I was afraid that watching her would make me cum too fast so I lay back again, feeling her caress my dick, running her fingernails ever so lightly from head to base, then cupping my balls and squeezing them lightly. I could feel her hot breath on the head of my cock and opened my eyes just in time to see her lower her lips to it, running the mushroom head back and forth a few times across her wet lips. The pretty red shade of her lipstick formed a stunning complement to the soft pink flesh of my cock. I gasped as her tongue touched my skin and she began licking all around the swollen head. Her hands held my dick in place and she used her thumbs on the underside of my rock hard shaft to massage it in small circles as she lowered her mouth onto my cock.

The incredible scene, her hot wet mouth, and the unexpected turn of events were threatening to overpower me and I was afraid of losing control with this amazing woman. My hips wanted to buck and push deeper into her mouth, and my hands wanted to fly to the back of her head to pull her against me but I didn’t dare for fear she would stop. Not only was she obviously exceptionally orally talented, but she seemed acutely aware of her effect on me. She slowly lowered herself onto my throbbing cock, looking up at me as she did so, her eyes full of lust and twinkling with the knowledge of the impact on me.

Again I groaned loudly with the unbelievable pleasure as she worked her mouth on my cock, both hands continuing to touch, caress, massage and play with me as she did so. She watched me squirm and writhe as she ever so slowly drove her head up and down my dick, continually lashing it and encircling it with her tongue as she did so.

My senses were on complete overload and my legs ached with how tight the muscles were locked with pleasure. Her beautiful curly hair was blocking my view of her face now, but felt wonderful against my groin as she bounced her mouth the length of my cock, driving me mad with pleasure.

“God that’s incredible!” I nearly shouted.

She lifted her head from my aching cock with a sexy wet popping sound and smiled devilishly.

“I’ve waited for a long time for this treat” she explained. “I’ve lusted after you since the first time I saw you.”

She kissed the head of my dick as her delicate hands continued to stroke me, going so slow now that I swear she was trying to see how much she could tease and torment me.

“Besides, I just love to suck cock.”

That combination of words spoken in a sultry voice by a pretty woman was definitely the most sensual moment of my life. The fact that she said it while stroking my manhood, which was now very slick from just being inside her mouth made me want to cum that very instant!

I’m sure she knew it too because she parted those pretty lips and hungrily pulled me back in. Her hands picked up pace and she began milking my dick, head bobbing and hands following her red lips up and down, twisting a little as she went. She continued this rhythm and then switched, still pulling me deep into her mouth but now cupping my balls and pulling gently down on them. She moaned deep in her throat again, making it sound as though she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Finally I could hold off no longer and I arched my back and growled a long, low moan of indescribable pleasure as I released my sperm into her waiting mouth. She swallowed audibly several times and then slowly pulled away, licking her lips as my cock slipped free of her mouth.

“Ohhh, that was fantastic,” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe how fast she had made me cum!

“Thank you,” she said as she flashed me her sexy smile.

She turned as though she might reach for her suit jacket again, so I quickly shot out an arm and caught her.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said, feeling especially emboldened now. “I’m not through with you yet!”

“Oh, really,” she replied, her tone challenging.

But she still wore that sexy smile so I didn’t hesitate. I slipped off the exam table to stand before her, where I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth. I could taste her lipstick, her sweet breath, and my own cum. We kissed deeply and I pulled her tightly into my arms, running my hands up and down her silk covered back, then grabbing her ass with both hands and grinding her hips against my own. I reached up with my right hand and took a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and moving my lips to her neck, sucking and biting lightly at the soft flesh there.

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