A Weekend Away with Cat

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“I hope you’re hungry. Then again, after what we’ve just been through, how could you not be?”

I laid the food out on the patio table, an Italian feast I’d been taught how to cook by a friend at university which had quickly become my own personal speciality and go-to dish for entertaining.

“That smells amazing!” Cat called out as she came into the kitchen and walked through the back door. “And it looks better than it smells.”

With a grin and a “Thank you” I ushered her to the table and pulled the chair out for her to sit down.

“You’re being awfully gentlemanly today; I can’t help feeling you’re after something.”

“I try to be chivalrous from time to time. And if that was all I wanted I’d just ply you with alcohol. Wine?”

“Yes please. And just what are you trying to suggest, that I’m easy when I’m drunk?”

“Considering our history together…”

“Yeah, fair enough. So what’s for dinner?”

“Smoked salmon and prawn pasta in a creamy sauce with homemade garlic bread on the side. I hope you enjoy.”

As we ate we slipped into one of our comfortable conversations and, even though we hadn’t spoken properly since I left the company months ago, it felt like we hadn’t spent a day apart; everything always seemed so natural and casual with Cat. We’d come away for the weekend together to take part in an obstacle course race in the Lakes. Her husband was supposed to be with us but he’d been called away on business at the last minute and my wife wasn’t into this kind of thing which left just the two of us to run for 10Km, crawling through mud pits, climbing over walls and getting electrocuted all in the name of fun. It was awesome!

We’d finished the race earlier in the afternoon and driven back to the small cottage we’d rented for the weekend so that we could do our best to dig the dry mud out of every crack, crevice and hole on our bodies before settling in for a relaxing evening of food, drink and good company.

Before we knew it we were finishing off the second bottle of wine and we hadn’t even left the dinner table yet. The weather had been perfect all day: overcast through the morning and into the early afternoon so it wasn’t too hot for the run but now the clouds had dispersed and the sun was shining gloriously.

“Do you mind giving me a hand with this?” I asked as I stood up to clear the table.

“Sure,” Cat joined me on her feet and together we carried all of the plates back through to the kitchen.

“I think I’m going to make the most of this weather,” she declared.


“Meaning I’m going to go put my bikini on and climb into that hot-tub!”

“That sounds like a brilliant idea!”

We both stumbled upstairs to our respective bedrooms, already a little unsteady on our feet, and ten minutes later we were lounging in the tub and cracking open the third bottle.

“My compliments to your husband for picking such a perfect location, it’s just a shame he couldn’t be here to enjoy it with us.”

“I know, he was so disappointed. But, I suppose that’s what you get for owning your own small business; when there’s work to be done you’re the one who’s gotta do it. I’m glad you’re here though, it hasn’t been the same at work without you.”

“I know what you mean, my new job may be infinitely better but I still really miss having you around.”

“Me too, I still think about you more than I should probably admit. Well, definitely in ways I shouldn’t admit.”

“Oh really?” I grinned at her but she was staring off into space, lost in some thought or memory. “Well, I suppose I can’t deny that I’ve had trouble putting it out of my mind too. Not that I regret it, though.”

“Oh I definitely don’t regret it. I enjoy reliving it my head whenever I get the chance.” She flashed me a wicked grin before carrying on. “You know someone’s moved into that office now. Is it bad that it kind of turns me on knowing that he has to sit there working at the desk we fucked on?”

“Not bad at all. It’s pretty awesome actually! I like that you get turned on every time you think about us, in that room, saying goodbye…”

We were sitting in opposite corners of the tub as we talked and drank; I had one knee drawn up to my chest as I lounged back against the side. With any luck she’d be content to stay here in the jacuzzi; if she decided it was time to get out there was no way I’d be able to conceal just how much I was enjoying this line of conversation. I could feel my erection straining uncomfortably against my shorts and couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of women; at least when they feel this way it isn’t quite so obvious.

As the conversation paused I noticed Cat gently biting the corner of her lower lip, a sign I recognised as her having a naughty idea she wasn’t supposed to. “I think I might even out my tan a little, wouldn’t want to get any tan-lines. You don’t mind do you?” She asked without giving me the chance to answer; her hands had already snaked around her back to release the strap of her bikini top which kuşadası escort floated free. She lifted it out and dropped it unceremoniously on the floor by the tub. Even through the broken, bubbly surface of the water I could see the pale triangles where the skin of her breasts hadn’t recently been exposed to the sun with the dark bullseyes of her nipples in the centre. She stretched her arms out to either side and leaned back, raising her chest up and allowing her nipples to stand proud of the surface of the water. She refused to make eye contact with me but she couldn’t hide the devilish grin that stretched across her face.

“Of course not, why would I mind? But if it’s a tan you’re really after you should probably face the other way, considering the sun’s behind you,” I teased, letting her know that I was fully aware that her decision to go topless had nothing to do with avoiding tan-lines.

“You know, I think you might be right!” She sat up and slid forwards in the water; spinning around just before she reached me she sat on the step between my legs, leaned back against my chest and closed her eyes, still wearing that gorgeous cheeky smile that I had always found so incredibly sexy.

I couldn’t help myself! I brought my hands forward around her waist and up to cup her soft breasts, enjoying the sight as my fingers dug into them and slid over the skin to caress and pinch her already solid nipples. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t have to. This was exactly what she had planned from the moment she suggested climbing into the hot-tub together. Instead she simply allowed herself to lie back, relax and enjoy the attention her body was receiving.

There was no longer any need to hide my erection, which was lucky since she was now leaning up against it, squeezing it between her back and my belly.

Her mouth opened slightly so that she could let out a soft moan as my right hand began to snake its way down over her toned stomach, gently fondling the small silver piercing that adorned her belly button. I used my nails to graze up and down her sides knowing that in the water it would take more than just a gentle stroke of my fingertips to make her nerves tingle the way I wanted them to.

I slid my hand down and traced the edge of her bikini, enjoying the sound of her breathing and the feeling of her heart beat through my chest as they both sped up with the anticipation of what was to come.

My fingers followed the line of her bottoms where they circled her thighs and I got a feel for the smooth, hairless skin of her bikini-line when she let her knees fall open to allow me access to her most intimate area.

My fingers moved closer in to the centre with every pass and I was already gently rubbing up and down over her lips through the soft, smooth material of her bikini. It was easy to trace the outline of her pussy as her lips spread wide with ever-growing arousal, begging to be entered.

Her left hand slid down the length of my thigh, inside my shorts, greedily seeking out my cock. When she found what she was looking for I felt her fingers coil around my shaft, the long nail at the tip of each one dug in hard and forced a low animal growl to slip out through my lips.

In response the fingers of my left hand gripped her nipple and squeezed, twisting hard as my right hand pressed down on the centre of her pussy rubbed in a circle over her clit. She squealed and let out a sharp gasp of breath, her body flinching away from the sharp sensations before rising back towards them as soon as she got used to the feeling.

She let out a soft giggle and started to lick and kiss the side of my neck, under my chin, as my fingers settled into a steady rhythm, circling her clit. She tried to match the movements, squeezing and caressing my cock at the same pace, twisting and scratching with her nails but it wasn’t long before she was overtaken by the flood of stimulation and lost all ability to focus on anything but her own pleasure.

She was panting hard and her right hand rose up behind my head, her fingers weaving into my hair and grabbing on tight as she squealed with each and every breath. Her hips bucked and writhed under my hand as it circled quickly over her pussy, rubbing her clit through her bikini. Her knees clamped together, squeezing my fingers and holding them tight against her pussy as her whole body tensed and spasmed from the force of her orgasm.

She stayed there for a full minute, curled into a tight ball in my lap with my fingers still pressed firmly against her clit, before she finally regained some composure. She opened her eyes, relaxed her muscles and stretched out in my arms. “God I’ve missed you!”

She slithered around to face me and rose up on her knees, leaning forwards to give me a kiss. Our lips locked together for the first time in months, tongues dancing together in our mouths again and it was perfectly intoxicating. When we broke off she kept her face close to mine; for the first time her breasts were fully out of the water and exposed and I was reminded of how perfect they were, full and firm they still hung down so that the nipples grazed the surface of the water. I reached forward to cup one in each hand sa I leaned in to kiss her again.

“Your turn,” she stated. I felt her talons scrape over my belly as she raked her fingers down to the drawstring of my shorts, easily undoing the knot she loosened them and slid them over my hips. I won’t lie it felt amazing to finally have my cock standing free of the restricting material; It’s never comfortable having a raging erection when you’re wearing clothes.

“Sit up on the side!” She commanded and I obeyed, climbing up and resting on the edge of the tub. She pressed my knees apart and slid easily in between them to where she could rest on the seat that ran around the edge of the jacuzzi. My cock stood proudly to attention as the cool breeze tickled my still wet skin causing a shiver to run through me.

“Ooh! I much prefer a man who shaves,” she declared as she took the time to savour the view of me fully naked with my knees spread apart right before her eyes. It occurred to me that in all the times we’d known each other, even the times we’d had sex, we’d never really had the chance to take our time to appreciate each others bodies. I have a hatred of my own body hair so had been waxing fully for years, fortunately this was only a week or so after my last session so my skin was still smooth and clear from re-growth.

She dragged a single fingernail along the length of my cock, from the base to the tip, without breaking eye contact and never once letting that devilish grin fade from her lips. It was like a bolt of lightning shooting through my whole body and a heavy sigh escaped my lips as I shuddered. The rest of her fingernails joined the first and she ever so gently scraped up and down with barely enough pressure for me to feel it. She was driving me crazy with anticipation and I thought I was going to scream, desperate for more.

Sensing how hard it was getting for me to keep control she lifted my cock up and, with the tip of her long slender tongue, she traced a line along the bottom of it, following the route her fingernail had taken only moments ago. The soft, warm wetness of her tongue was in total contrast to her sharp nails and that difference felt phenomenal; some people love repetition when they receive blowjobs but I’m all about variety of speed, firmness and texture. That sudden change to a totally different sensation was intoxicating and my eyes rolled back in my head as I moaned my appreciation.

She continued teasing up and down my shaft and head with her tongue and lips while her fingers reached up to cup my balls, gently scratching and caressing the skin all around them and tracing back along my perineum.

“Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I should let you cum just yet.”

I looked down at her, puzzled, hoping that she was only joking. “Why not?”

“Well, I seem to remember you teasing me for what seemed like hours before you finally let me cum. And besides, I don’t want this to be over just yet and unlike me you only get to cum once.”

“Just what makes you think I can only cum once?” Honestly I was grateful for the distraction; part of me wanted to cum but part of me wanted this incredible feeling to last forever and, even though she had stopped licking her fingers hadn’t let go and were still stroking up and down my shaft. I needed the conversation if I wanted to last much longer.

She raised an eyebrow as she looked at me with disbelief “I’ve never met a man who could cum more than once.”

“With enough effort and a hell of a lot of willpower I can keep going. I’ve never made it passed two though, if I’m being honest; although it always takes a very long time to reach the second orgasm.”

I’d always been able to maintain my erection after the first orgasm in order to reach a second, even though it does take a hell of a lot of effort. I could understand that she was finding it hard to believe me, I’m aware that it isn’t the most common talent.

“Well then, this I have to experience for myself!” She flashed me one last grin before thrusting her head forwards, mouth wide open, to draw my cock in between her lips as deep as it would go. I could feel the head pressing against her throat as her tongue slithered from side to side, her teeth digging in gently half way down the shaft. Those same teeth scraped lightly along my skin as she very slowly drew her head backwards before lunging forward again hard and fast.

“Woah… Holy fuck… That’s amazing!” I’d never felt anything like it before as her hands joined her mouth’s onslaught on my cock, one gripped tight around the base of my shaft and moved forward and back in perfect synchronisation with her mouth as the other massaged my balls, one finger reaching back to rub my perineum as the nail lightly grazed my hole.

The combination of so many incredible sensations battering my nerves all at once was overwhelming and there was no turning back. I could feel the orgasm brewing up at the base of my cock and flooding outwards, coursing through every inch of my body, crashing over my mind and blotting out all of my senses.

My balls spasmed and my cock followed close behind as the first jet of come spurted out and down her throat. She never even flinched, keeping her mouth wrapped tight around my cock as it jerked and spasmed over and over, releasing more and more cum into her mouth.

When the cum finally stopped flowing she slowly drew her head back, gave the tip of my penis one last gentle kiss and leaned back to grab her wine glass and take a sip. It took longer than ever before for me to regain some semblance of composure and get my breathing back under control.

“Jesus Christ; I think you just sucked my soul out through my dick!”

She just laughed and flashed me a proud grin, “We all have our talents Mr. Anderson; I guess soul-sucking is one of mine”

“And it sure is one hell of a talent! I won’t ask where you learned it, though.”

“You don’t wanna know.”

I slid back off the edge of the tub and into the water, enjoying the feeling of the warm water crashing lapping at my body again as the bubbles massaged my skin. I slid along the bench to where Cat was and wrapped my arms around her waist, drawing her in tight to kiss her again, savouring the earthy taste of the wine and ignoring the salty tang of my own cum that still lingered on her tongue.

I ran my hands down her waist and slipped her bikini bottoms easily over her hips, chucking them carelessly out of the tub, before lifting her up in my arms and sitting her on the edge like I had been earlier. “Now it’s my turn!”

I pushed her knees apart without resistance and kissed my way up her inner thigh, focussing intently on the sight of the perfect pink flower at the end, petals spread wide and eager, still glistening as the droplets of water ran down her skin to settle in the small growing pool that had formed in the crease between her butt cheeks.

Even though the water had washed away most of the cum from her outer lips I could already see a hint of white cream starting to emerge at her entrance, forming into a distinct drip that grew larger and flowed further out of her the closer I got to it. I could smell her, that earthy musk, the tangy sweet perfume that I found so addictive, beckoning me and drawing me in.

I reached out with my tongue to gather up the drip of white cum that had started to trickle out of her pussy and was slowly oozing down towards her other hole, another that I was desperate to run my tongue over. The second her cream touched my tongue it was like heroin flooding through my veins. I closed my eyes and sank my tongue deep into the entrance to her pussy, as deep as I could get it, seeking out the source of the nectar.

I drew my tongue out and slid it up and over her clit, flicking it lightly on the way past with the tip and getting a sharp gasp and small spasm for my trouble. I looked up at her to see that she had thrown her head back, leaning backwards on her arms, and was trying to relax and focus on the building sensations between her thighs.

I circled her clit over and over, sometimes wrapping it between my lips and sucking on it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue while I had it trapped. Cat’s breathing was becoming more frantic and her moans louder. I could see her breasts heaving in the sun whenever I looked up at her, the water droplets that had glistened in the light all over her body had dried and were now being replaced by beads of sweat.

I encouraged her to shuffle forwards so that her bum was sitting just on the edge of the tub, giving me easier access to everything I so desperately wanted. Without breaking contact with my tongue I pressed the tip of my thumb into her soaking pussy and slid it in all the way to the base, circling it and slowly thrusting it in and out.

She exhaled deeply and moaned her approval as her muscles started to tighten around my thumb. I pulled it out of her pussy, lowered the tip an inch and circled it around the entrance to her bum, with her own juices acting as a perfect lubricant I pressed firmly until her muscles gave way and I slid in past the knuckle.

“Oh fuck! You’re gonna make me cum again!”

“Not yet.” I pulled my face away from her pussy and, without drawing out my thumb, made her swing her legs around and kneel down on the bench in front of me, leaning over the side of the tub. I rose up on my knees behind her and positioned the tip of my still hard cock against her soaking wet entrance. Her entrance yielded almost immediately as I pushed forward into her and I could feel her muscles squeeze tight around my cock as it sank deeper into her.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me, please.”

I was more than happy to oblige. Reaching forward I took hold of one of her hands and brought it down to her own pussy, encouraging her to rub her own clit so that I could focus on keeping my own rhythm. Her juices were forming a thick white ring around the base of my dick and every time I drew back out of her I got a sense of just how wet she was as the shaft of my cock emerged soaking and creamy.

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