Abuse my Sissy bitch

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This is a story from the sissy’s wife. Telling you a story that happen a few weeks ago and it was orgasmic!

So late one Saturday night I put my sissy bitch in a teddy, nylons, cock cage and a jeweled anal plug under his pants and shirt and headed out to the casino.

I am not ready dress him out in public yet, but I am getting close.

I decide to slut myself up too. I wore my high heel black boots with a tight black miniskirt and white blouse and done my makeup very sexual.

I never dress slutty out in public like never, but I was just feeling daring.

I put a pink dog collar on him with a pink leash and went to the casino. It was after midnight and they packed the place.

Everyone was taking the sight of me dressed up and walking my sissy bitch by his leash through the building.

As we were putting coins in the slots. An older guy walked and chuckled, touching the leash.

He asked me if I was showing of my bitch? I laughed and said “Yep I sure am!”

Then he asked me if he could abuse my bitch for a while.

My lips got dry and my mouth fell open and suddenly I said “Yes you can!”

He grabs my bitch’s leash and told us to follow him.

When we got to his room, he told us he was from Louisville and up for business and that he just turned 60 a few days ago.

He asked me to sit in the chair politely so I did. He turned to my bitch and commanded him to get undress.

My bitch took his shirt off when the older gentleman saw him wearing a teddy. He says to him “Keep your sissy clothes on!”

My bitch was standing there dressed as a sissy in front ağrı escort of this man scared. The older guy gets naked. I look at his crotch and noticed his cock was an average size but very hard.

I unzipped my boot when he stops me and said. “Please don’t get undressed! I will get very rough. I need to get very rough and you’re an exquisite and polite young woman I don’t want to abuse you please!”

Me being confused and horny, but I did as he asked.

He laughed seeing my bitch’s caged cock and jeweled anal plug. He yanked my bitch to his knees and abused his mouth so fucking hard. His actions and watching this live porn in front of me mad my panties wet.

I reached down and felt my panties. I soaked them watching him fuck his face hard.

Tears rolling down my bitch’s face combined with his slobber covered his face. The sight of watching this I had to finger myself.

I closed my eyes and started playing with my clit. The sounds of my bitch gagging sent me over the edge as I cum.

This older gentleman was not kidding when he had a lot of aggression.

Then this guy turned around and told me to shove my bitch’s face in his ass and make him lick it.

So I got up and pushed my bitch’s face between his ass. I had to laugh, my bitch was loving it and so did this old guy.

After all the moaning from these two. The gentleman asked me to sit back down. He put my bitch on his hands and knees facing me. He made my bitch look into my eyes telling me to watch his masculinity leave his body.

He had me put my bitch’s head between my legs and under ağrı escort bayan my skirt. The guy told me I had to leave my panties on he wanted this bitch to smell my pussy not be able to lick it.

I watch him take the plug out of his ass and ram his cock deep into his asshole.

I sat and watched his cock out of my bitch’s ass, while he kept saying his masculinity is leaving with every stroke.

I felt my bitch’s warm moans on my pussy. It sent me over the edge as I cum without even touching myself!

The gentleman reached up and squeezed my tit very hard once and then went back pounding my bitch’s ass hard. Pushing my bitch’s face into my pussy.

I could tell this old guy was getting close to cum. As he stood up stroking his cock, he grabbed my bitches collar and shoved his cock deep into my bitch’s mouth.

I watch his balls tighten up as he grunted. I could not see his cock throbbing cause he pushed his cock as far as he could down my bitch’s mouth, but the balls looked tight and that made my pussy juices flow from my pussy again.

Holy shit, the sight of watching my bitch get abused was more enjoy watching a live porn, and it was better than sex.

But I was horny too. He pulled out his cock and shot one load on my bitch’s forehead and smeared it around.

He told my bitch to kiss his feet. I watch my bitch crawl over to him and kissed his feet, thanking him. He told my bitch to get dress, and it was time to leave. I felt so empty and I wanted fucked too!

My bitch asked if he could use the bathroom and he was told no and we had to escort ağrı leave right now. So I told my bitch to hold his clothes, because he didn’t need them no more.

I held my bitch’s leash when the older guy gave me a passionate kiss on my lips thanking me.

I made my bitch walk in front of me wearing nothing more than a teddy and nylons and his cock caged. I carried my bitch’s anal plug in my hand.

I told my bitch to enjoy the walk of shame and be proud. I watched peoples jaws drop and laugh at him as we walk down the hallway to the elevator.

We got in the elevator I shoved my bitch up against the door as we headed to main lobby. I kissed his neck and moved his panties to the side and shoved his jeweled plug up his ass.

The door opens and 6 people standing waiting to get on the elevator jaws dropped and laughed as we walked out. I had him walking outside on the frozen road wearing nothing but nylons on his feet.

As we started the car, I realized we left not knowing his name or exchanged no number with each other, nothing.

I got my bitch home and unlocked his cock and told him to fuck me hard cause I needed cock.

His panties soaked as well from his pre-cum all night long. His cock was so hard and ready but with only two fucking strokes he came.

I was so fucking mad I beat him with my whip. That bitches ass was so read what seemed like a hundred swats. Then I made him lick his cum off me.

Then I put my strap on and attached it to his fucking face as I rode his face so fucking hard and came 5 times over and over cover his face with my cum. My pussy was sore for days from riding that fake cock. I made him worship my pussy every day.

Next time we go out, he is fucking watching as I get to enjoy cock! Damn him!

Seeing live sex in front of me was the most exciting thing I ever seen, it was just as good as sex seeing my bitch get used!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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