Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


** Chapter 2 of Accidental Fem-Dom. This series has small penis humiliation, female domination, cheating wife, and other similar fetishes. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you have been warned.**

Recap: Jay broke both arms and is now being cared for by his sister-in-law Kat/Katie, while his wife Shelby is away on a cruise.


“Hey. You need to wake up and take your pills.” Katie gently sang and rubbed my head. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but it felt like I had been asleep all day.

“What time is it?” I whispered through a very dry throat. I blinked several times trying to clear the haze. And looked up to see Katie fully dressed, but in Shelby’s clothes. She obviously didn’t bring anything with her. She wore a pair of yoga pants, that seemed much tighter on her than Shelby, and another of her t-shirts. The shirt fit tight revealing the seams of her bra.

“It’s almost ten. Have you had good dreams?” She smiled as her eyes glanced at my crotch. I was on my back and I looked down to see my little pecker giving his morning salute under the bed sheet. I just opened my mouth and took the pills, sipping water out of one of those giant hospital cups, they must’ve sent it home with us.

“So how long is it going to stick out like this?” She teased and gave my dick a quick squeeze.

“Sorry” was all I could say. She helped me sit up and brought me an English muffin and some juice.

“So, I talked with Shelby earlier.” She shared and sat down on the edge of the bed to help me eat. “I texted her last night after you went to bed. And then she called this morning. She said that phone reception is going to get spotty today and be almost nonexistent the next two days, but she can still check email. So, she asked to keep her updated.”

“Well… did she say anything else?” I asked.

“Well. Um. Yes. She asked how you were doing. I told her about last night’s bathroom issue, but that you were doing fine.”

“Is that all?”

“Well,” She sang in a high-pitched voice alluding to something more. “Now that I’ve seen… all of you… She seemed to have a lot of questions for me.”

“Questions? Like what?”

“I really don’t want to say, it’s… embarrassing.”

“You pantsed me, made fun of my dick, and had to help me pee last night. You owe me some embarrassment.” I explained.

“Okay…” She bit her lower lip and looked me in the eye.

“She asked me if you were… like… the smallest I’ve seen. And, if I had ever measured Mike…you know… hard and how big the smallest guy was I ever had sex with.”

“So. What did you say?” I asked trying to stay calm and failing.

“I told her that you do have the smallest dick I’ve seen on a grown man.” She responded very directly.


“And Mike… well I measured him like the second time we had sex. And he’s almost ten inches long.” She held her hands out one on top of the other as she mimed holding his cock like it was a foot-long Subway sandwich.


“The smallest guy I’ve ever fuc… been with…” She censored her vulgarity, “was about 6 inches.” She said holding her fingers up about 6 inches apart. “Then she asked me how big I thought you were.” She looked up with smoky eyes looking deep into mine. Now my face was red, but my dick was diamonds.

“What did you tell her?” I held my breath.

“I said you seemed around 4 inches.” She looked up at me with a crooked, sympathetic smile, and then down to my dancing dick. The covers vibrating with the pulse of each heartbeat as my dick throbbed underneath.

“I am like five inches” I said, hoping she would buy it.

“Really?” She cocked her eyebrow in disbelief. She quickly got up and left the room. A few seconds she came back with a ruler in hand.

“Only one way to know for sure.” She smiled and reached for the sheet on my lap.

“What the hell!” She exclaimed as she saw the wet spot of precum seeping through the covers.

“Do… do you need to pee?” She asked. I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or genuinely asking.

“No… I… um… it just kind of turns me on I guess.” I responded hesitantly, my face blisteringly hot.

“I guess it doesn’t take much for your little one. Now let’s just pull your tiny guy out.” Katie teased biting her lip and pulled the covers down.

“Please don’t” I protested because I thought I should, but honestly, I couldn’t wait for her to know exactly how small I was.

“Come on, I thought you were this bad ass guy with a big cock and I quote, ‘big enough where it counts’. So, come on, I’ve already seen it, and will be seeing it a lot over the next couple days, might as well get the real number.”

“I am sorry for being such an asshole to you. But we just tease each other that way. I don’t really mean it. Please be nice.”

“I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.” She smiled wide and placed the ruler right up to me.

“God.” She laughed and covered her mouth. bahis siteleri She looked at me and sucked her lips into her mouth. “Well, it’s not big is it? You my dear brother-in-law are just 3 and 1/2 inches.” She looked at me wide eyed biting her bottom lip.

“I am not totally hard yet.” I lied.

“Oh?” She teased, then sucked her pointer and middle finger and stroked my dick using just the two fingers and her thumb.

“Kat” I moaned. After just a few strokes my dick was purple and on the verge of erupting. Kat stopped and remeasured my swollen dick.

“Still three and half inches,” She smiled proudly.

“Kat, please… finish” I pleaded wiggling my hips, my cock was just a few light touches from orgasm.

“You’re my sister’s husband,” She huffed and flicked my dick with the ruler.

Kat sat back down beside me, keeping me totally exposed and finished feeding me the muffin and gave me some more medicine with the juice. Occasionally Kat would brush up against my thigh and stomach and placed her hand on the inside of my leg slowly teasing the hair on my balls.

“Do you think you can help me get some shorts on please?” I panted.

She grabbed a pair of cotton shorts and flung the sheet all the way off. Then slipping them over my feet she pulled them up till I had to lift my butt. I lifted my hips toward her, causing my dick to lurch up and brush her large low hanging breasts, smearing a trail of pre-cum on her tit as she pulled the shorts up.

“Jesus.” She huffed, as she looked down at her top. “I guess I’ll have to take this off.”

Kat looked right at me and pulled her shirt off over her head. Her silky yellow bra seemed to struggle to keep her jiggling flesh contained. I must’ve let out a sigh or something to gain her attention.

“Oh, I forgot how much you hate seeing these, what is it you call them? Oh yeah, my ‘fat utters’.” She snarled at me, but she could obviously tell I was enjoying them. She tossed the shirt in the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom, and then came back with two shirts, one in each hand.

“Which one?” She asked, placing one shirt on the bed and holding the other one up and then switching them out.

“I don’t care.”

“Hmm, this one.” She picked a low-cut red top and tossed it on the bed, but it slipped onto the floor. She put the other shirt back, remaining just in her bra as long as possible. Then bending at the waist facing me, she slowly picked the top up off the floor. Her breasts hung low and swayed back and forth. Finally, she pulled the shirt over her head, and straightened it up. Shelby’s size small top clung tight against Kat’s XL tits.

“Let me know if you need anything.” She chuckled and left the room. I sank down in the bed eventually falling back asleep, as erotic thoughts played in the theater of my mind.

About an hour later I woke up needing to go to the bathroom again, but It wasn’t just pee. And suddenly it dawned on me, that Katie was going to have to wipe my ass.


“You’re up.” She stated the obvious as she entered the room.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” I said.

“Oh… okay, we’ll do it like before.”

“Well, I need to… do the other thing… you know take a dump.” I said lowly.

“Oh? OH!” She said realizing what she would have to do. “Well, the nurse at the hospital sent us home with some wipes and gloves for this.” She told me, and we headed to the bathroom.

She set the gloves and wipes down and quickly gripped my shorts and pulled them down, with me facing her. Kneeling in front of me, she helped me step out of them. My soft dick just inches from her face.

“Just let me know when you’re done.” She stood back up and left the bathroom. After a few minutes I had emptied myself and called her back to help me.

Walking in with the flushable wipes and pair of latex gloves, she clumsily pulled the gloves on with a snap, and pulled a couple wipes out. She quickly flushed the toilet and sprayed some air-freshener she grabbed off the back of the commode.

“Okay. Umm, just try to relax, this might be cold.” She said and reached between my legs and began wiping my ass. The cold wipe hitting my hole shot a wave of chills through my body. She placed her left hand on my shoulder and wiped my butt with her right. Her shirt gapping open right in front my face. I couldn’t help staring at her cleavage, as her arm brushed up against my dick and balls. And once again, I was hard and naked in front of my wife’s sister.

“Umm, stand up and turn around.” She commanded, and I complied, then wiped and cleaned me some more.

“You’re a little hairy down there.” Sounding put off by having to care for me like this. She tossed the other wipe in the commode and flushed it. “I think you’ll need a bath tonight.” My sister-in-law interjected, and made a stinky face, before helping me on with my shorts again.

Kat does some sort of medical billing work from home, so she’s able to work from her laptop while she stayed with me. I own a lawn service company canlı bahis siteleri and have some great office staff to run things for a few weeks, so while financially I was okay not working, I was bored as hell just sitting around watching TV.

I must’ve dozed off again at some point, and Katie woke me up saying she was going to have to go to the store to get some groceries and things. I had planned on going after I took Shelby to the port. She asked if I needed anything, but I couldn’t think of anything. Honestly, I thought she was just asking if I needed anything from the store, but as soon as I heard her drive away it struck me that I needed to take a leak.

The soft cotton shorts I was wearing just had an elastic band so I laid down on the bed and wiggled out of them enough that when I stood up they just fell off of me, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get them back on. I kicked my shorts off and made it to the bathroom. I was afraid of making a mess again, so decided to pee in the bath tub. So, now I was naked, alone and still very horny.

I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes imagining Shelby meeting some big cocked black guy on the cruise ship, and of course he’d be into her. Shelby is amazingly fit, tight body, and gorgeous lean muscle development. We work out religiously and are conscious of what we eat. She had been especially disciplined the past few weeks getting “swimsuit ready” as she put it.

I imagined they would head back to her cabin after a few drinks and some light flirting. She would invite him in with a wicked smile, her heart beating knowing where this was leading. He would know the scenario all too well having lived out many white girls’ black cock fantasies.

As I let my mind wander my dick grew hard, and my balls started aching having been turned on several times in the past 24 hours, with no release. Our bed is tall, and I learned a long time ago that I could stand on the floor and fuck Shelby with her laying on her back with ease. I stood up and rubbed my nubby stick on the bed, it felt good, and maybe with some silky sheets or something it would have been enough to get me off, but as it was, I felt like I was getting carpet burn. After a few minutes, I just gave up as my guy went limp.

I made my way back to the other room and slumped into the corner of the couch slouching against a pillow. About 30 minutes later I heard Katie drive up. Instinctively I wanted to cover up but couldn’t. I thought about ducking into the bedroom, but what was the point? She was going to find me naked eventually.

“You awake?!” Kat called out, as she came through the garage into the kitchen. I could hear the rustling of grocery bags.

“Yep.” I called back.

“Hey, how are you doing sweetie?” A second voice called out gleefully, it belonged to our neighbor Meagan. Meagan is a 40 something divorcée, and nurse, she’s quite attractive for a woman who has a few more years on her. She’s taller than me, probably close to 5’10, not particularly fit but she isn’t fat at all. She came around the corner before I had time to say anything.

“Dear mercy!” Meagan snorted finding me sprawled out naked on the couch. I blushed and tried to get up.

“I am so sorry” I blushed.

“Don’t be,” She smiled. “I should’ve waited for an answer, but don’t be embarrassed you don’t have nothin’ I haven’t seen a hundred times before.” She quipped and looked me up and down. “You must be cold. Would you like a blanket?” She offered.

“Are you cold Jay? You don’t look cold to me.” Kat said, now standing beside Meagan with a beaming grin.

“Oh. Pshh. You leave him alone. Most men shrink up next to nothing when they’re cold and injured, it’s just the bodies way of protecting itself.” Meagan came to my defense, but I wasn’t cold, and it wasn’t any smaller than normal.

“I just bumped into Katie outside she told me what happened, if you need anything please let me know.” She offered with a motherly affection. She has been a great neighbor, and often calls us her kids. She walked over and planted a soft kiss on my forehead and giggled a bit as she got a closer look at me.

“You really should put a blanket on before your little willy falls right off.” She giggled. Katie walked her out and I could hear them whispering and laughing but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Kat came back in and made me tell her why I was naked, since I had shorts on when she left. She eventually tossed a blanket over me, and cooked dinner for us. Again, she had to feed me, and this time she insisted on acting like a mom feeding a little kid.

“Open wide for mommy.”

“Here comes the airplane.”

“You’re such a big boy eating all your dinner.” She laughed.

Later that evening I heard Kat turn the water on in the master bath tub. It’s a big soaking tub with jets, Shelby and I can both fit in it just fine. I assumed she was just cleaning it up. But, a few seconds later she called me to the bathroom. I walked in still naked, she was running the bath and had positioned a small canlı bahis trash can beside the tub she also had a pair of cordless clippers I use to trim my beard in her hand.

Kat looked up at me and saw my small flaccid dick causing her to giggle.

“Come, sit on the edge.” She directed, and I sat down. Kat took the sling off, and for the first time that day I could stretch my arms out. It hurt a little at first but also felt good. But as soon as I stretched, I could smell the funk.

“Turn around and get down on your knees.” She ordered, I gave her a look that let her know I wasn’t okay with this.

“I just need to trim you up a little, to make it easier to clean you. Don’t worry, I am not going to cut you.” She huffed.

I squatted on my knees with my arms resting on the edge of the tub. She spread my cheeks and trimmed my ass with the clippers.

“Okay just hold still,” Katie said, and I heard her squirt shaving cream out of a can.

“Wait! No, you’re not shaving me!”

“Then who’s going to wipe your ass?”

“But it’s going to get itchy when it grows back.” I pouted.

“Well, I would rather shave your ass once a day than struggle with wiping it several times a day.” She said and lathered me up. I could feel the cold blade of the razor as she slowly shaved all the hair from between my cheeks, occasionally teasing my asshole with her thumb.

“Stand up.” Katie said, and turned me around. Then knelt down in front of me.

I spread my legs open as she wedged herself between them. Then starting at my belly button, she trimmed my hair down to about ¼ inch, maybe shorter. She held my hard dick up, then trimmed around my shaft, and took hold of my sack and slowly shaved it, being careful with the delicate skin.

Every few seconds she stopped and shook the hair out of the trimmer and softly blew the clippings off of me. Every blow shot a wave of chills through me and made my dick leap. And every time, Kat chuckled a little bit longer.

Finally done, I was surprised by how it looked. I could see more of my dick and balls without all the hair, but at the same time, they seemed smaller like shaving a Husky.

“Okay, get in.” She stood up and we both looked down at my shorn, hard dick.

I stepped into the tub, and the water was nice and warm. She had added just a touch of soap, so the jets made bubbles when she turned them on. I kept my arms on the ledges of the tub, leaned back and closed my eyes.

Kat dimmed the lights and left the room.

“I’ll give you a few minutes.” She whispered.

I was lost just listening to the sound of the jets and not thinking anything, guys are able to do that.

Suddenly I sensed Kat standing over me. She had put her hair up in a ponytail and had one of those puff balls for bathing in her hand. She sat on the edge of the tub and dipped the puff in the water, drizzled body wash on it and slowly washed my chest, shoulders and arms down to the casts.

Visibly frustrated trying different angles and positions, she finally stood up and peeled off her yoga pants leaving her in her panties and tight shirt. She stepped into the tub and sat back down on the edge. Then motioned for me to lift my leg up. She gently washed each leg from the knee to the foot, messaging them a bit as she did.

“Move your arm.” She said and slid down the tub toward my back. She spread her legs, with one behind me and one between my legs resting up against my crotch. I turned my head toward her to find I was in just the right spot to look between her legs. Her panties covered her, but I’ve always had a thing for that intimate spot on a woman’s inner thigh, that tender area right at the crease of the leg, and I swear I could taste her sweet cunt in the air.

“Sit up on your knees.” She directed, and I followed.

Sitting up on me knees she washed my back, and then moved me to face the wall side of the tub. With my arms up on the window ledge, she finished washing my back and then slid the puff down my ass.

“You do have a nice body.” She hummed, as she reached underneath me and washed between my legs.

She pulled away and I heard her squirt more body wash out of the bottle. Kat put her right arm around my hip and took hold of my dick and braced herself against my back with the other. She had poured the soap into her hand and lathered me up. Playing with my balls and working her hand around my helmet. Slowly rubbing her thumb around my stiff penis, she felt every ridge and bump and fingered my opening.

“You feel so small.” She snickered. My body was trembling with excitement.

Suddenly, Kat quickly worked my dick with her soapy hand. The sound of the sudsy water ringing off the bathroom tile.


And just when I thought I was going to cum she stopped and rinsed her hands in the water and told me to sit back down. I audibly winced while looking down at my pulsing dick.

“Oh, come on!” I bleated.

“You’re my sister’s husband. I can’t just jerk you off, that would be wrong.” She teased.

“I just need a little more.” I panted.

“It’s okay” Kat tenderly whispered. But I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. And guided me to a sitting position with my back between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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