Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 14

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“I need you inside me,” she muttered. The sound of cum dripping to the floor was well heard as Paula let go of the cum filled bin and stood up. She wiped the cum from her face and opened her eyes. The sight before her was unbelievable, Alene was clearly not done, her cock seemed only bigger, it was surely bigger than her forearm and so thick it was hard to believe anyone can fuck it. Cum was dripping from the tip at a study rate, hitting the puddle on the floor, the huge puddle Paula and the cum filled bin stood in. Paula had to wonder how such a small girl can make such a mess.

She had to see the damage Alene did to her body. Slowly she turned and walked to the mirror. Alene was Dead silent and each step Paula took was followed by the sounds of dripping and slushing. looking at the mirror she saw the girl she liked, sexy and slim, with D cup breasts, but the rest of her features were obscured, covered by an amount of cum only a thousand man can produce. Her hair was colored white, her face had only two blue eyes in a sea of white and even her nipples disappeared in this white ocean, only a thousand man or more can cum like that, but this was the work of only one woman.

Alene didn’t know what was going through Paula’s mind but was sure this is it, she disobeyed Paula and the punishment will soon be upon her.

The silence was broken by the phone in Paula’s office. The first ring startled both girls but by the third ring Paula regained herself and answered, “I asked not to be bothered, didn’t I?”

“I’m sorry Miss Ashtoreth,” said Angie, “but your meeting with Weavings Inc. is about to start, we should leave or we’ll be late.”

Paula couldn’t help but smile, a great plan was forming in her mind, “cancel it, tell them I don’t feel well. Then please come into my office, I need some help. I’ll be outside catching some fresh air, when you come in, don’t forget to lock the door”

Paula hung up the phone, she looked at Alene. “You are a true marvel of nature, but we have a problem, you are big, way too big for a good pussy like mine.”

Alene was a bit dumb-footed, so what if she’s big? She has magic to solve that problem.

Paula continued with her plan, “so here is what we’ll do, I’ll let you have my Angie and after you have your fun with her you’ll be more manageable, then I’ll take you. Just remember you belong to me, and so is Angie, never forget that…”

The truth stroke Alene like a freight train, the whole place balıkesir escort was under Paula’s grip, she wasn’t the first. Alene could feel the rage swelling up inside her, she was set on revenging every girl Paula harassed, but for now she had no choice other than to play along…

“Go to the balcony, its safe and no one can see us there, take a sit, wait and keep that beast at its biggest, got it?” Alene nodded and started walking. Her cock was so big it swung before her, splashing cum left in her tubing on the floor. As she passed Paula she felt a slap on her ass, “Quicker! I hope you can cum more after that little show you gave me.” Paula harassed her again.

The balcony was big, it had a nice sofa set and Alene could finely breath some fresh air. She tried to remember what the spell she needed was but to no avail, she couldn’t recall it. She took a sit on the sofa and did as she was told, she started massaging her cock to its fullest.

Angie worked for Miss Ashtoreth for 7 years. After the first year she was blackmailed by her boss. Somehow, she found some nude pic of her. Angie had no choice but to do the only thing she could… Comply… She hated her boss but soon learned that she was not the only one, almost every girl in the office was her slave. She took some comfort in that…

As she locked the door to Miss Ashtoreth’s office she couldn’t help but notice a puddle of white fluid on the floor and a trash bin filled with the same liquid. She couldn’t tell what was the nature of the fluid but it stroke fear in her heart. She wanted to check it, but knew too well the ways of her boss, she better hurry to the balcony.

Alene was at her fullest, her cock almost bursting out of its skin. She was so big Paula couldn’t help but sneak a pick every now and then.

“Angie, come in, there’s someone I’d like you to meet,” Paula said just as Alene noticed Angie. She was a bit shorter then Alene with long, blond hair and a slander physic, but the girl’s breasts were her greeting card. She had the biggest breasts Alene ever saw, only Nadia got bigger but it took some mojo to get her that big. Angie most have had at least HHH cup breasts.

“Hello Alene,” Angie started saying but stopped in her tracks as she noticed Alene’s appendage.

Paula could see her shock, “I see you noticed your job for today.”

“Well, it’s pretty hard,” Angie stated, totally shocked, it took her a minute to complete balıkesir escort bayan her sentence, “to miss.”

Paula couldn’t stop a short laughter from leaving her mouth, “yes, as you noticed it is rather large, and that’s where I need you.” She started striding towards Alene, “you see, if I take her when she is like that,” she gave Alene’s cock a little tap, “my little pussy will be ripped to shreds.”

Angie was in total shock as Paula went on, “so I need you to soften her up for me, ok?”

Alene was sure Angie is going to pass out, hack, she herself is going to pass out from the tension. She felt really sorry for Angie, either way this is going to end bad for her…

“No.” Angie said, building some confidence, “she’ll rip me apart too, I won’t do…” Angie’s sentence was cut short as Paula punched her right breast, taking her breath away. It was so hard, her huge breasts partially broke free from her bra and looked so massive that a triple H cup was no less than a bad joke for them.

“DO AS YOU ARE TOLD BITCH!” Paula shouted, pushing Angie to the floor. She looked at Alene, “she is all yours, do what you need with her, when you can’t cum no more I’ll wait for you inside,” and with that she stormed out of the porch.

Alene got up and approached Angie but the strangest thing happened, instead of receiving Alene’s help to get up, Angie started backing away in fear.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Alene said in a soft voice, “she is making me do this, I don’t want to hurt anyone, she’s blackmailing me too…”

Angie stopped in her tracks. Slowly she reached for Alene’s hand and pulled herself to a standing position.

“look, I want us to talk,” said Alene, “but if Paula gets back here and catches us just sitting and talking… I don’t want to think about what she’ll do.”

“I won’t take you inside me!” Angie stated as she backed away.

“You moron, I didn’t ask you to take me! Just give me a hand job so when Paula comes in we’ll have a cover story.”

Angie realized she was in panic and took a big breath, Paula was bad news, but maybe Alene wasn’t that bad…

Alene sat back on the sofa letting her cock flex. It was a true monster, at least 20 inches long and thicker than her wrist. Angie marveled at the beast, deep inside she felt an urge to satisfy its every need… an even deeper feeling told her quietly that fucking this monster is perfectly safe.

She escort balıkesir placed her hand on the shaft and started almost robotically moving up and down, Alene was clearly enjoying the hand job but broke the silence to start a talk, “so is she blackmailing you too?”

“Yes, she has pictures of me in a BDSM club, if they get out I’m done, and you?”

“Me fucking my girlfriend,” Alene replied, “but I have a way to stop her and end this.”

“I tried the police already,” Angie started but stopped as she heard Paula’s hills clicking on the floor just before she entered the balcony. Alene on her part was moaning in pleasure, she had no need to fake because Angie gave her a very good hand job. “I see you girls are already at it,” Paula said with a grin, “Angie, I think it will go faster if you used your other hand as well.” And with that she left the girls.

“How did you know she’ll come back?” Angie asked.

“I didn’t, but better safe than sorry…” Alene resumed her plan, “ok, Angie I need your help to stop Paula.”

“You want to jump her? I think we can do it, but what then?” Angie thought out loud.

Alene couldn’t help but laugh from the idea, as she did Angie was clearly insulted, she stopped the hand job, “it’s not very nice of you…”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, ok, my plan is kind of weird,” Alene started, “first, do you believe in real magic? Not card tricks, the real thing?”

Angie shock her had no, it was a question she wasn’t expecting.

“It’s how I got this cock, and the puddle you saw when you entered Paula’s office is my cum, I can do magic.”

“Ha Ha, very funny Alene, I almost thought you could save…” as Angie commented sarcastically, Alene said a few words in Latin and broke Angie mid-sentence.

Angie fell to the floor like a rock, she wasn’t inside her body, she was in heaven as her body trembled with all its might, shaking and orgasming for the better part of five minutes.

It took her a few more moments to catch her breath, trying to come back from her nirvana. “We don’t have much time” Alene busted her bubble, “do you believe me now or do I need to give you a few more orgasms?”

Angie was a true believer, it was all the proof she needed, “ok, so what do we do?”

“Good. first, we’ll give her a show, we are going to have some of the best sex you’ll ever have.” As Alene spoke Angie got a frightful look on her face, Alene noticed, “I’ll do some spells on you, so no harm will come to you, you’ll be perfectly safe. After I’ll start fucking Paula I’ll charm her with a spell, ok?”

Angie was a bit unsure, but the orgasm spell was a good enough proof for her, “ok, I hope you know what you’re doing, let’s get this show on the road.” she said in a more confident voice.

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