Alexandra D’amore: Adventuress Ch. 01

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Thunder boomed through the air. The rain had been non-stop for days, and now it was at its worst. Alexandra’s clothes were completely soaked, but her long brown hair was in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in her face. Her tank top and shorts clung to her olive skin. Her deep brown eyes surveyed the landscape.

At least the summer air meant she wasn’t chilled by the rain. Despite the weather, Alexandra continued on; she felt like she was getting close to the artifact. The adventuress crested a hill and looked around for landmarks. Jagged lightning bolt-shaped crevices in the ground pointed towards a cave, separated from her by a shallow valley. Alexandra quickened her pace, eager not only to reach the artifact but also to get a brief respite from the heavy rain. She reached the mouth of the cave, and shined her flashlight towards its dark interior.

The cave was quite small, only about ten feet deep. Resting casually at the end was her prize: the Basket of He-no. If her research was correct, He-no was the Iroquois god of thunder and rain and his basket stored magical rocks he launched at evil spirits. Alexandra picked up the Basket, and the sound and frequency of thunder increased outside. The cave shook with every crack.

Alexandra stepped outside and saw a lightning storm concentrated in the small valley. Lightning crackled and struck the ground all around her, followed by the deafening thunder. Alexandra steeled her nerves and ran. The earth surrounding her was torn up, but she was untouched. As soon as she left the valley, the rain stopped completely. It was like it never rained, apart from the lingering moisture on the ground. Alexandra let out a pent-up breath and started her long walk back to the small private airport where a plane was waiting for her.

After a few hours, she reached the tarmac. Alexandra was ready to return home for a bath and some rest. The plane was on the runway already; hopefully the plane was fueled and the pilot was ready for takeoff.

“Hello, pilot? I’m ready to leave when you are,” Alexandra yelled out.

“Hey there. Thanks for going through all that trouble for me, hon,” a voice behind her said.

“Jack West,” Alexandra growled. His drawl was unmistakable. “What’s a second-rate explorer doing here?” She turned around. Jack West was a man of slightly taller than average height. A muscular man with brown eyes and blond hair, he would be charmingly handsome if he wasn’t a constant thorn in her side. And if he wasn’t pointing a gun at her right now.

“Delightful as always, Alex,” he chuckled. “Now hand over the artifact so I don’t have to do anything nasty.”

Alexandra had to think quickly. She bent over to set the Basket down between them, making sure Jack got a good look at her cleavage. She slowly reached into the basket and grabbed a rock, and before Jack could react she threw it at him. It hit him in the chest, not that hard at all, but he was knocked out cold. Alexandra cautiously walked over, suspecting a trap. His heart was still beating and he was still breathing, but was otherwise unconscious. Men were so easily fooled, she thought. The interaction with the rock was strange but it would be figured out by her employers eventually. She was more concerned with getting home.

“Excellent work again, Miss D’amore!” the dean said. “You truly are an asset to Harvard.”

Alexandra was in her employer’s office at Harvard University. Dean David Stone of the Archaeology Department was a stout old British man and always had an air of mirth around him. He was so eager to see the artifact she acquired that Alexandra hadn’t had time to change or bathe. She didn’t mind Stone’s enthusiasm; at least someone was as excited to discover artifacts as she was. The department didn’t really pay well for the risks she usually took, but she was wealthy enough that it didn’t matter. She adventured and discovered artifacts for her own enjoyment.

“There’s someone here who is very interested in meeting you,” he continued. “He’s a professor at Cambridge who has studied mythological artifacts extensively. Please come inside Patrick!”

A man no younger etiler escort than Alexandra’s age, 28, walked inside. Alexandra was surprised; most of the professors she worked with were old men like the dean, not the ruggedly handsome man in front of her. He was tall and surprisingly fit for a desk-bound professor, with a five-o-clock shadow, blue eyes, and dark hair.

“Pleasure to meet you, Miss D’amore,” he said. “My name is Patrick Adams. I must say your work is very impressive. I would like to talk with you about some artifacts while I am in town.”

“Thank you, Professor Adams,” Alexandra replied. “I would love to stay and chat, but I have a warm bath waiting for me at home. Let’s meet again tomorrow when I’m not wearing such dirty clothes.”

Dusk had begun to crawl across the sky as Alexandra’s driver pulled up to her mansion. Her family was old money, which allowed her to pursue her own interests while her family’s investments largely took care of themselves. The D’amore estate had always had a staff of drivers, chefs, and butlers on retainer for her use. Wilson, the head butler, greeted her at manor doors.

“Welcome home, Miss D’amore. The bath you requested is ready for you in the upstairs bathroom,” he said in his old, raspy voice.

“Thanks, Wilson. I shouldn’t need anything else from you tonight,” she replied.

He nodded and shut the door behind her as he left. Alexandra took her boots off and sighed. The soft sounds of her walking up the stairs echoed in the cavernous front hall. D’amore Manor used to be so full and lively. Alexandra’s parents had died when she was eighteen, ten years ago, and her siblings had taken their token inheritance, leaving her to try and manage the estate. Her parents weren’t perfect, but she had still been saddened by her siblings leaving.

Alexandra stepped into the bathroom. The warm, steamy air coming from the bath comforted her as she disrobed. Taking a moment to stretch her weary limbs, Alexandra admired her nude body in wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Months of adventuring had toned her body. She had long, smooth legs and a flat stomach with gentle contours of musculature. Her butt was firm and nicely filled out any pants she wore now. The only downside to her adventuring was that she lost some fat in her chest, but her bust was still a respectable C-cup. It wasn’t even that bad because larger breasts would get in her way anyway. The exhausted adventuress released her ponytail, and her hair cascaded down to her shoulders.

The hot water welcomed her, and she sunk into its embrace. Her muscles released their tension, and Alexandra closed her eyes, enjoying these moments of warmth. Her thoughts drifted to that professor she met today. Patrick Adams. He was quite good-looking, and not just for a professor. She fantasized a bit about their meeting tomorrow. Hopefully, it would just be the two of them. Maybe she would accidentally brush against his chest when he went to grab some books, or maybe she would find a reason to look over his shoulder and press her chest into his arm. One thing could lead to another and they might need to clear the desk so he could bend her over it. Alexandra’s hand rubbed her clit while she daydreamed. He would pin her over the desk for a while, then maybe she would get on top and gyrate on his cock while her breasts bounced. Alexandra’s other hand squeezed a breast while she masturbated. She kept thinking about having his cock inside her, pounding away. Her body tensed in the bath, and Alexandra let out a small moan as an orgasm flowed through her body.

Alexandra finished washing up and climbed out of the bath. God, it had been too long since she had good sex. The steam plus the heated tiles meant she was in no hurry to get dressed, so she took her time drying off. She wiped some steam off a mirror to tousle her hair. A flicker of movement passed across the mirror. Alexandra turned around. No one had come in while she was bathing, and she didn’t see anyone else in the room. She must have imagined it, she thought as she turned back towards the mirror.

Two hands fındıkzade escort grabbed her breasts, and Alexandra gasped in shock. She turned around again to see a human figure faintly outlined in the steam. A male human figure, she amended as she saw the outline of his erect cock. Curious she stepped closer and reached for his member. When he didn’t shy away, she knelt down to inspect up close. The figure was likely some form of astral projection, since a ghost or apparition would be clearly visible. It wasn’t a spirit or spectre either, since those weren’t human.

Figuring there was minimal risk, Alexandra grabbed his cock and started sucking. It tasted like steam at first, but once she rubbed and sucked, there was simply no odor. It still felt like a cock, and if she closed her eyes she could have believed there was someone physically there with her, albeit very silent. The projection was enjoying her mouth, since it was pressing hands on the back of her head and thrusting its hips. Alexandra let it take over for a bit as she deep-throated its thrusts.

The projection pulled her by the hair off his cock, and Alexandra gasped for some air. It seemed like it didn’t want to come yet. Saliva had dripped from Alexandra’s mouth onto her chest, and she could see the cock’s outline more clearly as her spit dripped from it.

Then, Alexandra felt herself get picked up. She had a perfect view of what was happening from the mirror in front of her. The projection had picked her up under the knees so her legs were apart, and she felt more than saw its cock push into her. She moaned. The cock sure as hell felt real. She saw herself in the air, knees up, with legs apart, as seemingly nothing held her up. She saw her fluids slowly splash onto the floor while the projection thrusted, the transparent cock letting her just how wet she was. Alexandra pinched a nipple with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other, feeling her orgasm build. She needed release.

“Oh my god!” she screamed as she climaxed. She saw her own pussy clench and felt the cock spasm inside her, although no semen came out. She was set down on the floor, and the projection vanished.

“No, wait, come back!” She collapsed, exasperated, on the floor. The one time she gets a good lay, of course he just disappears.

Alexandra had spent that night poring over texts and researching the origins of the mysterious astral projection. The most likely artifact was the Ring of Hecate, since it had never been found. She resolved to talk about it with Patrick at their meeting the next day.

In the morning, Alexandra got dressed. She wore a tight black pencil skirt that hugged her ass, a loose white blouse, and tied her hair up in a bun. She put on some light makeup. It wouldn’t do for her to look like a slut, would it? Alexandra took a breath to reel in her sex drive. She’d ask Patrick if he knew anything without revealing the wild night she had.

They met in a private office at the university. Alexandra had requested some books be brought by the staff, and guessing from the mountains of books, Patrick had too.

“Miss D’amore, it’s good to see you again.” Patrick walked in and extended his hand. He wore a red shirt with a tweed jacket.

Alexandra shook his hand. “Please, call me Alexandra. And it’s nice to see you again too Professor Adams.”

“Alexandra it is then. Call me Patrick. I have a few items that Dean Stone said you could help me identify.” He pulled out three gems. One was a deep azure blue, another was a striking crimson red, and the last one was a clear sparkling crystal. Each was about three inches in diameter and had an identical carving of an ornate stone wheel with a face in the center.

“Hmm,” Alexandra pondered. “They look Central American in origin. Perhaps Mayan?”

She leaned across Patrick to grab a book, her chest ever so lightly pressing against his arm. Neither of them spoke, but she could feel him push back slightly into her chest while she flipped through the book. Alexandra pretended not to notice as she spoke.

“Yes, it says here that göztepe escort these are three of the four Gems of Kukulkan. There should be a fourth one; a gem with a green body. Kukulkan brought fire, earth, air, and water to the Mayans. We have water, fire, and air so the last one should represent the earth. It’s probably hidden in some temple on the Yucatan Peninsula. See, there are a few places of worship around Chichen Itza.” Alexandra pointed at a map in the book.

He leaned in close to where she was pointing in the book, making contact against her. She could smell his sweet scent, and him hers. They both sat motionless for a few seconds until Alexandra reached a hand down to his thigh. They locked eyes, then broke into a passionate kiss.

“I thought about you last night,” Alexandra whispered.

“I’ll wager you did,” Patrick replied. “I know what you were trying to do with this tight skirt.”

Patrick reached in between her legs and prodded a few fingers against Alexandra’s wet pussy lips. Alexandra responded by gripping his hard cock through his pants. They continued to make out and grope one another while trying to get the other’s bottoms off. Alexandra won the race, and got to her knees. She swirled her tongue around his tip, causing Patrick to groan and grab her head. Alexandra pulled down her skirt and reached into her panties to finger herself while she sucked. Something about his cock was familiar, but she was too focused on the blowjob to understand why.

“I want that cock inside me,” she told him. Alexandra pushed him down onto a chair and straddled him, then slowly pushed his shaft into her wet pussy.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. His cock was just as good as the projection from last night.

“Hnn,” Patrick groaned. Alexandra was incredibly tight. He tried to focus on not coming as Alexandra started bouncing on top of him. He ripped her shirt and bra off, letting her boobs swing free. His hands cupped her firm ass while they fucked.

Alexandra tensed, feeling her orgasm approach. She grabbed one of Patrick’s hands and moved it to her chest.

“Suck my nipples,” she panted. Patrick squeezed a breast and put his mouth on her nipple.

“Ahh! Yeah!” She moaned loudly as his actions pushed her into an orgasm. Her pussy tightened and Patrick knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” he warned.

“Cum inside me!” she screamed. He held her down as he shot his load into her, his throbbing cock sending her into a more intense orgasm.

“That was great,” she said as she got off his cock. He nodded in agreement. She saw a glint of light on his finger.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing,” he said quickly, hiding his hand.

Her eyes narrowed. “That wouldn’t be the Ring of Hecate, would it?”

He gulped, but said nothing.

“You bastard!” She slapped him.

“You didn’t seem to mind last night,” he retorted.

“It’s not about that! You should put it in a museum instead of using it on women!”

He chuckled. “I know your type. High-class lady on the outside, but really you’ll take cock wherever you can. Dominant, submissive, it doesn’t matter. Even now, you still want more of my cock.”

Alexandra was speechless. He was right. Her biggest weakness was her libido. Patrick began groping her chest, teasing her sensitive nipples. His cock was slowly erecting, and Alexandra watched, stuck in indecision.

“Bend over the table, slut,” he whispered.

“Fuck you,” she growled, but did as she was told.

He chuckled and lined up his stiff cock with her pussy. Without warning, he thrust completely in her.

“Ah!” she cried out, but didn’t protest. Patrick pounded her at max speed, ruthlessly fucking her on the table.

“Ah! Ah! AH!” Alexandra moaned louder and louder each time he bottomed out in her.

“I’m gonna… oh fuck!” The beautiful brunette screamed as she climaxed.

“Where do you want my cum, slut?” Patrick asked.

“All over my face,” she said breathlessly.

Patrick spun her around. He held her face up by her fair, since she could barely keep herself up, and splattered her face with his cum. Alexandra licked some cum off her face and sucked his tip briefly until he let her go. She collapsed on the floor.

“What a good girl.” He smirked. “I’ll be seeing you around.”

Patrick left her on the floor of the office, unable to muster the energy to pursue him as he left.

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