Alicia’s Night In

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Unlocking the heavy front door, Alicia set down her keys on the polished table and stepped into the hushed interior of their third floor condo. She pulled back the thick drapes and slid the glass door open that led to the spacious deck, allowing sweet fresh air and afternoon sunshine inside. Alicia turned back into the richly furnished living room, idly glancing at the wonderful art Mistress had chosen and saw the red light flashing on the answering machine.

Half expecting a bothersome message from a telemarketer, Alicia pressed the playback and was gratified to hear Her voice. “Hello pet. It’s been a rather hectic day, that’s putting it mildly. I’ve been handed a project for a special client…anyway…I’ll be late. Go ahead and eat when you’re ready, don’t wait for me. Love you pet.”

Closing her eyes, Alicia touched the silver choker emblazoned with D around her alabaster neck. Her voice was commanding and loving and she felt warmth spread inside, an obedience that always caused her pussy to tingle. She replayed the message again, just to hear Her voice and giggled to herself, as if she’d actually contemplate eating without Mistress. There were plenty of things to quickly fix when She would arrive.

Alicia sighed while sitting upon their enormous four poster bed, kicking off her shoes and carefully removing her pleated skirt, blouse and bra. Next to their designer bathroom, she stood by the full length mirror, cupping her pendulous breasts and lewdly tweaking the long nipples. When will She allow them to be pierced? She silently wondered. Turning slowly Alicia selfishly drank in the sight of her long legs and taut ass. Her see through panties were smaller than bikinis, two diaphanous triangles that barely covered her shaven vagina and derriere, connected by the skimpiest string of lace. In the shared dresser, Alicia pulled out a loose fitting tee shirt and ducked into it.

She padded barefoot into the kitchen, poured a cool drink, made a small snack to tame her hunger and plopped onto their huge upholstered couch. With the handy remote, she surfed through many of her favourite channels finally choosing an old black and white film. Alicia loved the director’s romantic style, the lost art of lighting, expression and simple story lines. Fluffing up two of the enormous pillows, Alicia curled up, settling into the inviting cushions and promptly dozed off.

It was dark and musty and cold. Like some old Dracula movie she felt creeped out and looked for a way out. The ground felt like gravel and she climbed up the embankment of…what? A crater? Nearer the rim of this hole, the air was warmer and she crawled out into a humid jungle. Leafy tropical vegetation covered the space and above lush trees blotted out the harsh sun. Breathing in the fragrant flowers, Alicia felt reborn after being stuck below. She began to walk down what appeared to be a narrow path, green fronds tickled her skin, sluggishly realizing she was buck naked. The urgent need to pee became apparent and without a care in the world, squatted but the overhead twittering of monkeys made her hesitate, she couldn’t go here, damn it. A deep guttural growl emanated from the forest and Alicia began to run from the tiger or panther or whatever kind of beast it was. As she ran, leaves whipped against her exposed skin, the thick vines seemed to grab at her feet, slowing her evasive progress and she knew it was a dream. All too familiar fethiye escort but still scary.

Suddenly Alicia was whisked away, the sensation was like being weightless and she was in a kitchen, the water faucet dripped then opened, filling the sink and reminding Alicia of her need to pee and wondered which direction the bathroom was in this unfamiliar house.

She felt a woman’s touch, a soft palm caressing the back of her leg, long fingernails raking and teasing their way along sensitive thighs, lightly grazing the curve of Alicia’s butt.

“Mmm…that’s nice…” She murmured approvingly, not able to see the invisible woman. Warm lips pecked onto Alicia’s cheek and she stirred awake.

Fast asleep on the comfy couch she hadn’t heard Mistress Denise enter, quickly recognizing Her perfume and Her touch. “Hello pet…did you have a nice nap?”

“Oh…goodness…” Alicia intoned almost apologetically, bolting to sit upright and clearing the cobwebs.

“That’s my good girl…my tired girl…” She smoothed away a misbehaving lock off Alicia’s forehead and lightly kissed her awaiting lips.

“I…I…didn’t hear you come in…” stating the obvious, “Are you hungry? Shall I make dinner?”

“No…I’m going to unwind with a glass of wine, had a bitch of a day. We’ll eat later but for you…”

“Yes Mistress?”

“In the bedroom and keep your panties on.”

“Yes Mistress. I’m glad you’re home Mistress.” Denise smiled as Alicia retreated into the bedroom. Her heart thumping that she could please her owner, Alicia quickly stripped off the spacious shirt, relieved her bladder and knelt in front of their bed. She slowed her breathing, patiently waiting, sitting back on her haunches, palms facing up on thighs, back straightened with breasts pushed forward and eyes lowered. She adored this position for Her.

Alicia didn’t have long to wait as the lithe form of her Mistress sauntered in with the promised glass of Chablis, “Ah, there’s My pet…such a good pet…” She murmured, the kneeling girl only saw Her bare feet while walking to the closet.

After a sip, the glass clinked upon the nightstand and Mistress prattled on about Her day while disrobing. Alicia listened intently, knowing She was carefully hanging each item of expensive clothing, as was Her habit.

“You may look up now pet…” and Alicia stifled as gasp while staring at her Mistress’s nakedness, standing in front of the mirror, perfectly lacquered nails gracefully holding the glass. Long coal black hair shimmered over freckled shoulders framing a very pretty face. Deep green eyes bore into Alicia’s, watching them roam across Her firm, girlish breasts and thin waist. Sprouting from Her vee was an enormous growth of brown pubic hair, being an exercise person, She sported lovely muscular legs. Alicia’s mouth watered at the goddess posing before her.

“Your look is one of approval pet, yes?” Denise casually strutted over towards the cushioned high back chair.

“Oh yes Mistress. You are so truly beautiful.” Alicia convincingly stated, her insides quivered as She walked in front and settled into the seat.

“Come closer pet, yes…in front of me. Would you like some wine dearest?”

“If that pleases Thee…yes Mistress.”Their eyes locked, Denise swirled two fingers into the glass, carefully painted Alicia’s pouting lips then placed the dripping digits into her open mouth, escort fethiye greedily suckling to both of their delight.

“I’m feeling especially naughty tonight pet…” She confessed, placing the glass on the nearby table, “Tell me what you see…” Her hands parted the bush, exposing her womanhood for Alicia’s stare. Her coral labia were thick, nearly distending to her anus, the pinkish inner lips curved deliciously to cover her urethra but not her clitoris. Alicia coveted the large button and loved the way it throbbed against her tongue.

“Oh Mistress…you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen! Succulent…artistic…I love all of you Mistress!”

With every fiber of Alicia’s soul, she desperately longed to suckle her Mistress’s shiny pearl so close, so nearby. Denise’s hips lurched upwards as a fingertip strayed across the circular stalk. “Oh! You naughty girl…now see what you’ve done? Get up on the bed. On all fours you wicked girl.”

Alicia eagerly complied, climbing atop the four poster bed, centering herself with knees slightly spread, arms taut and head held forward, she was ready to be used in any manner her Mistress chose. Her breasts drooped lovingly, her cunt and ass anticipated pleasure or punishment. She would submit.

The mattress dipped as Denise knelt by Alicia’s side. Deftly rolling upon her back, she scrunched herself under the swaying pair of pendulous boobs, the tips of fingernails scratched the fleshy undersides. “Ooo…I like these. Are you my plaything pet? Think I’ll just play with these…are these mine pet?”

“Oh yes Mistress. I am your plaything. Everything I have is…yours Mistress…everything…”Denise smiled at her compliant answers, nails continuing to rake along the sides of Alicia’s swollen bosom, then flicking against turgid nipples. Reaching out, Mistress’s wet tongue softly caressed the flat end of each nipple, listening to her pet’s increased breathing.

Teasingly, the pink tongue swirled over each areola, seeking the miniscule surrounding dots, then back to the nipple itself. The ends of Alicia’s teats began to blush, infused with pulsating rush of blood. Mistress’s mouth temporarily left, her strong fingers wrapped around the fullness of Alicia’s right breast, squeezing and pulling it downward. She felt like a cow being milked, her cunt oozing as the nipple disappeared into a warm, wet mouth.

Her left breast received the same worshipping attention; Denise knew Alicia’s heightened sensitivity here, with a concentrated, prolonged teasing on occasion she had orgasmed. The tongue darted unmercifully, laving the swollen breasts, tasting the moist cleavage and lashing the points until Alicia moaned aloud. Denise’s fingers and tongue left only to be replaced by teeth.

They bit sharply, chewing the softer flesh long enough to leave marks then latched onto Alicia’s nipples, testing and stretching her limits of pain/pleasure. The tongue returned, coating her fully erect nipples with saliva, followed by a cool blowing. Denise watched the crinkled colored flesh with delight.

She momentarily extracted herself from the bed, Alicia heard the drawer open and the tinkling of a small chain with in Mistress’s evil hands. Returning underneath the writhing girl, “Oh…look how long they are!” Denise exclaimed, meticulously placing the rubber tipped clamp around Alicia’s left nipple. As it bit tightly, she winced from the fethiye escort bayan pain and once more as the right received its partner, both ends connected by dainty silver links.

“So pretty! Oh pet, these look wonderful on you. Do they feel nice on my girl?”

“Yes Mistress…they…f-f-feel…nice…” Alicia sighed, spasms of sexual energy shot through her breasts and down into her submissive core. She was a mess, unable to control the clear fluids that leaked, staining her tiny panties. Pulling down on the chain for good measure, Mistress then knelt behind Alicia, her hand cupping Alicia’s heated crotch.

“Oh my. Pet! You’re soaked! Aren’t you the brazen slut, a little attention on your nips and look! You are a slut, aren’t you?” She teased, slowly drawing the underwear over Alicia’s trembling hips, legs and finally off.

“Ye-s-s-s Mistress. I am a slut…your slut…” The words entered her overtaxed brain, she could orgasm with just the right touch which of course she would not without permission.

“I do love this cute pussy you have. My girl is so wet and glistening…love these shaven, smooth lips. So dainty and so soft…” Mistress whispered, running the tip of her finger between Alicia’s moistened folds.

Denise’s long middle finger easily slipped into Alicia’s slick cunny, withdrew and entered again but there was something different this time. Numb with pure desire Alicia felt the difference, the something wrapped around Mistress’s finger was cloth, and she was inserting her pair of panties! The white chiffon material was pushed in slowly, Alicia’s drenched tunnel lewdly absorbed the cloth, filling her in a unique way.

“There. Its all the way in my girl…except for a tiny bit of lacy string hanging out. Does my girl like the way that feels?”

“Oh yes Mistress…very much. I hope that…I…I please you Mistress…” Alicia gulped, managing her words while desperately aroused, to the point of begging to cum. Alicia felt the soft bush of Mistress pressing against her left derriere and a distinct wetness there also.

“Does my pet want to cum?” She asked, drawing small circles around Alicia’s pouting clitoris.

“P-p-p-please…yes Mistress. If that…if that…would please Thee. Oh Yes…please Mistress…let me cum…” Denise rocked her hips, pushing her mons onto the protruding cheek of her pet, agitating it so, pressing and fucking her girl. Her knees slid easily over the silk comforter, mashing her sensitive clit and roughly tweaking Alicia’s ready to explode pearl.

“Now! Cum with me now girl!” Their bodies seized with simultaneous orgasm, Alicia screamed with unabashed passion, rocking back into Mistress’s hand, her nipples throbbing. Denise spewed her sauce onto the awaiting hip, their mutual pent-up desires released into their den of delight.

“Ahhhh-h-h-h-h-e-e-e-eee!” Mistress moaned, “Fuck so fuck-ing…good!” The spent duo collapsed upon the bed, Denise spooned against the back of gasping Alicia. She carefully removed the clamps and massaged Alicia’s tender nips.

“I love you Mistress…with all my heart.”

“I love you also…my pet…you’re so very special to me.”

Her words meant everything to Alicia and she was on the brink of tears…happy tears.


“Yes pet?”

“I’ll make dinner for you…for us…something very nice while you shower. If you’d like?”

Mistress sighed with pure satisfaction, “Yes of course my pet that sounds wonderful…but…”


Denise laughed, “I know what’s for dessert.”

“Yes Mistress.” Alicia smiled. She couldn’t wait.

~To Be Continued~

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