Almost Chance Ch. 06

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In as much as time had any meaning for her on that plane of joy, Jen spent even longer in the throes of ecstasy than she had just a short time before. Dimly, she had been aware of Mistress withdrawing from her, her fingers sliding out of her soaked slit, her other hand taking away the candle that had dripped pain and pleasure onto her breasts, her body sliding off the bed but she was already so far lost in herself that she needed no more stimulation.

Slowly, she came back down from her high, but her body was so stimulated just a tiny movement was enough to set off another orgasm within her, fire coursing through her body. Soon though, even that subsided and she felt herself regain control of her body though now it seemed that every cell within it had a memory of, and deep craving for, the pleasure she had just experienced. She opened her eyes, looking round the room for Mistress, and saw her leaning on the bars at the bottom of the bed, smiling as she looked at Jen, casually licking her left hand, the one that had been so deep inside her, obviously appreciating her taste.

‘So you have finally returned to me, my sweet. I can see that I will have to be careful with you. I fear that I may lose you to pleasure eternally if I’m not wary. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, of course. Now, are you ready to be released from your bonds, my dear?’

‘If you wish it, Mistress.’

‘Yes I do. As pleasurable as it would be to keep you bound here all night, there is one more experience you must go through before I can take you into my bed and you will need to recover yourself before that.’ She reached down, her fingers quickly and expertly untying the straps that fixed Jen’s legs to the bed, then moved round to the head to repeat the process with the bonds round her wrist. ‘Now, I want you to take some time to become used to movement again. Stretch the muscles in your arms and legs. I must go and prepare something for you. I shan’t be long, and you are to remain on this bed until I return. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Then I shall see you soon, my sweet.’ Jen watched her as she left the room. Just watching Mistress’ back as she walked was an intensely erotic experience for her, the red curls falling over white silk, her legs lithe and flowing in the tight leather as she walked. After the door closed, Jen began to tentatively move her arms and legs for the first time in what felt like an eternity. She had expected them to hurt after being stretched and bound for so long, but instead they were merely loose and somewhat tired. Moving them freely again was a strange experience, only reluctantly taking control of her own body, preferring canlı bahis it when it had been Mistress’ to command and torment as she saw fit.

She could feel the silk sheets beneath her back, cool against her skin and slick with her sweat. It was a good feeling, helping to steady the sensations that still lingered in her body, cooling the intense heat of desire she still felt within. There was another wet patch beneath her legs, but she knew that was more than merely sweat as the size of it matched the intensity the arousal she had felt only recently. She raised herself into a sitting position, arms wrapped around her legs, hugging herself as she stretched the muscles in her back. The room was still full of an intense heady aroma, the candles still flickering around the walls, their scents mixing with her aroused musk and the faint scent of Mistress’ sweet perfume as though they had always meant to be combined.

Stretching her legs out straight, she moved her feet in slow circles as she looked down at her chest, noting the patterns of black wax upon it. She could see a mild pink tinge in the skin beneath it, a visual representation of the heat each droplet had sent through her. She ran her fingers over it carefully, not wanting to remove the mark of it, knowing it was a representation of Mistress on her body, but wanting to feel it, cool and soft like a carapace over her skin. It was another symbol of just how little she had known before meeting Mistress, how deprived her sensuality had been, how rooted in mundane sexuality she had been. Before today, she would have run away if anyone had suggested to her doing almost any of the things Mistress had done to her, but now she couldn’t imagine living the rest of her life without them. Instinctively, her fingers moved to the leather collar around her neck, its presence there now almost unnoticed by her, so integral a part of her body now, the material already curving to fit perfectly around her neck, moving with her.

Almost as though touching the collar was a signal, the door opened and Mistress returned.

‘Oh good, you are recovering well, my dear. Do you think you are capable of standing and walking?’

‘I think so, Mistress.’ Jen swung her legs over the side of the bed, sliding herself to the edge and testing her legs slowly as she stood herself up. They sagged slightly as she put her full weight on them but held. Mistress moved close and held out her hand. Jen took it gratefully, their fingers intertwining as she supported herself on Mistress.

‘Now, follow me, sweet Jen.’ Mistress led her slowly out of the room. Jen walked carefully behind her, gripping Mistress’ hand tightly, drawing strength bahis siteleri from her as they left the room.

They walked out into a large hallway, flooded with the warm light of late afternoon. It was clearly the main entrance into the house, ornate yet restrained with wooden floorboards and white walls on which various works of art were displayed. Several vases held fresh flowers alongside statues of naked, erotic figures. On the far side from them the hallway spread out into a large living room while two staircases, one up, one down, were to their right. Mistress led her past the stairs to an open door and into a bathroom, large and well-appointed. The large tub was already full of water and the light that came in through a skylight was added to by a number of candles scattered around the room. Steam rose from the tub, carrying with it a delicious aroma, full of sweet herbal scents.

‘For you, my sweet girl. A chance to remove the sweat and marks of earlier and fully recharge yourself for your next experience.’ She gestured towards a corner table where a tray of food – fruit, sandwiches, mineral water – had been left out. ‘Now, I want you to take all the time you need to relax, eat and prepare yourself. When I leave, I will close the door behind me. When you are ready, you are to signal this to me by opening the door a crack and waiting for me to come and get you. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘There is one last matter to deal with before I leave. In a moment, I will remove your collar so you can properly wash yourself. However, before I do this, I will place a temporary marker on you to indicate that you remain mine despite the absence of your collar. When you have finished washing and drying yourself, the first thing you will do will be to replace your collar. I will remove the marker myself after I collect you. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ She was nervous about losing her collar, but relieved to know she was still under Mistress’ protection without it.

‘Good. Now raise your right arm for me.’ Jen raised it and saw Mistress produce a long, thin leather strap. She wound it loosely around Jen’s upper arm, four circles around her bicep before tying it in place. Then, she moved behind Jen and lifted up her hair, exposing the buckle of the collar. She undid it carefully, slowly removing it, her fingers running along the exposed skin of Jen’s neck as she peeled it away from her. Jen felt suddenly naked without it, almost worried until she remembered the thin strap around her arm, taking comfort from its presence against her skin. She watched Mistress lay the collar on the table with the food and ached to run there and put bahis şirketleri it back on herself.

‘Now, I must go change and prepare things for your next experience. Remember not to rush yourself in here, my dear, half of all the pleasure lies in the anticipation.’ She stood in front of Jen, resting her hands on Jen’s hips. ‘But before I go, one last kiss with you, my sweet Jen.’ She pulled Jen close to her, their bodies rubbing together then leant into her, their lips touching lightly. Mistress ran her tongue over Jen’s lips as her hands moved to her back, slipping up to her shoulder blades. Mistress kissed her slowly and tenderly, letting their tongues intertwine softly, their lips rubbing against each other, Jen almost melting at the intimate contact.

Finally, she broke the kiss, Jen letting herself be reluctantly pushed away as Mistress stepped back, smiling. ‘I shall see you soon, my dear.’ She said, and quickly went out through the door, closing it behind her with a firm click.

Jen stood there dazed for a moment, calming the passions the kiss had raised again within her. The kiss reminded her of the ecstasy Mistress had delivered with her lips before, her body craving it every second. She remembered what Mistress had said about anticipation and not rushing and resolved to hold onto herself as Mistress wished her to. Even though giving herself pleasure would be a matter of simplicity and ease in this private space, she knew that it would be betraying Mistress to give into those urges and take pleasure without her present. Jen knew that she was now owned by Mistress and had to accept what she wanted, her own urges and desires just an extension of Mistress’ will.

She got into the bath, noticing that Mistress had prepared it at a perfect heat – warm enough to soothe and caress her body, but not hot enough to hurt. Its aroma filled her nostrils, the sweet herbs relaxing her and soothing her racing her mind. Even though her muscles weren’t hurt from the earlier bondage, she still appreciated the sense of relief the heat gave them, relaxing them and returning them to normal.

As she lay back in the bath, she looked up at the sky through the window above her, watching the blue become gradually deeper as the afternoon became evening. She tried to work out how long she had been with Mistress, how few hours it had taken her to become a willing slave to another woman’s desires. It seemed far too short a time to have changed so much, but that time before Mistress got on the train now seemed like it was years ago, decades even, some other life, some other person. She was content, happy, joyful even at discovering this new life, this new part of her experiencing in full what only that morning she would probably have thought of as depravity. She closed her eyes, feeling the water surround her, wondering what experiences Mistress had for waiting for her when she emerged from this room.

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