Amen (An Erotic Story) Ch. 02

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Copyright Don Abdul ©2005

Edited by: papaya_lynne


In the eye of her mind, Mo sees her rational born again self, standing to one side of the searingly hot erotica playing out between Theo and her, as though it involves someone else other than herself.

She reaches up and holds onto his shoulders, and melds her now super turned-on body into his. When he kisses her earlobes and then the back of her neck, she responds with a shudder. ‘Damn!’ she thinks to herself; ‘He still knows how to push my buttons right’.

Her hands begin to unbutton his shirt and before long, she is twirling around his erect man nipples. Two can certainly play the game, and she knows nothing but nothing does it for him better than that. Instantly his already stiff dick grows even bigger and is now sticking her in the crotch.

“Dayum!” He says with a deep groan. He reaches into the top of her shirt, and fondles her ample bosom through her scarlet lacy bra. ‘That damn bra is hampering my access to her soft juicy breasts’ ; he thinks as he reaches behind her and in one smooth move unclasps her bra to liberate her huge-nippled boobs. She gently guides his head to her bosom, his hungry lips find her thick nipple, and he suckled the one, then on the other. He licks around her areola until her pussy is so wet she has juice running down her inner thighs, her soft moans getting louder avrupa yakası escort with each touch.

She reaches down and unbuckles his belt and soon his pants are in a heap around his ankles.

Right there in that position, he goes on his knees, reaching under her long church-girl skirt, he slides her matching scarlet lace panties down her thick shapely legs. He rubs and caresses her silken thighs up and down in a prayerful two-handed caress, at the same time praying fervently that she does not change her mind at this crucial point.

‘What the fuck!’; the bad girl in her is thinking, ‘is he gonna be down there touching my thighs all evening? I need some major shafting right now or imma go nuts’.

She reaches for his shoulder and gestures for him to ‘go for gold’. Now on his feet again, his pants kicked aside in a deft move, she guides his hand to her wetness, rubbing his hand over her pussy. The slippery moisture of her sex throws the final tumbler and unlocks the freak inside of him. Now he is an animal of lust, he turns her around and waltzes her into position, he bends her over and her hands come to rest against the door, one hand holding on to the doorknob for support. One step backwards he looks and savours the rear view of the fragrant pussy he has missed so much. At that instant, he could have sworn that her pussy lips smiled bağcılar escort at him. Stepping closer again, he grabs his throbbing dick, with its head oozing precum, and he rubs it all over her pussy.

She is moaning at the excitement of the sweet cock-pussy embrace, and the teasing he is giving her. She feels him spread her pussy lips apart and it feels so good as his thick curvy, snub-nosed dick travels down her pussy canal.

It tore through her with an eddy of electric rush, she yells out her ecstatic endorsement of his perfect hit. He grabs her ass and holds her in place whilst almost coming out of her altogether, but then he rams his cock right back into her hot cunt. He fucks her pussy a little deeper and faster with every succeeding stroke…

“Oh, Lord!” She hisses thru her passion-clenched teeth, as she throws her ass back at him. The sensation of him stroking her deep and good is pushing her very core into an ecstatic overdrive “Oh Lord!” She cries out again. “Oh baby, hit me, yeah baby, hit me real goooood!”

Her moans are getting louder now, as he goes faster, varying his angle of entry, grazing her every nook and cranny. ‘Damn! It has been such a long time’; she thinks as his cock seems to be growing even bigger in her cunt. She could feel him throbbing deep inside of her close hugging tightness; ‘Oh, I love bahçelievler escort the way he is stretching my walls’.

“Oh sweet lord yesssssss!”

‘Oh, shit man! This is the life’ Theo thinks to himself; Her pussy is so tight he is feeling her muscles knead his cock and threatening to milk the cum right out of his balls, right there and then. He goes even faster…displacing her juices, and building up a creamy delight as her pussy gets shafted really hard, fast and furiously.

“Dayum!” He is feeling as though the next stroke would be his last, as his balls crash into her mound. Pounding faster and harder…and soon she is speaking in tongues…..he could not make out what she’s saying but it sounded so erotic to his ears its driving him so damn wild. He is moaning and groaning, within a few inches of his nut-off point.

Suddenly he hears English, as she screams “Oh sweet Jesus…..aghhhhhhhh!” She starts to convulse as she climaxes. Her pussy squeezes his dick so tight as he grabs her waist to stop her from keeling over in her orgasmic fit.

It is the last coherent thought he has, as her convulsing pussy tips him over the cliff edge and he involuntarily buries his cock deeper inside of her. He lets out a deep animal groan, “Aghhhhh, gotdayum!!!! I’m cummmming…”; he shoots his hot creamy cum inside of her amidst a rush of ecstasy, and blinding sparks of brilliant colours. He blanks out.

He feels himself float out of his own body away to nirvana as her multi-orgasmic pussy continues to ripple and squeeze every last drop of cum from his hardness.


Has he won her back, or is this just a one off moment of weakness of flesh? Find out in part 3….coming soon

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