An Alien Love Bk. 01 Ch. 12

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I think this is my favorite chapter! I like writing the sex in the Ice Era Chronicles, but this is a little different. I think I like the variety.

Thanks for reading… If you don’t like alien tentacle sex… skip this chapter.


~M~ from C.M. Moore.


*Chapter 12*

Not another hardon.

Murry woke up excited that Kel was home. He rolled over and waved his arms through the silks. Empty. Kel was gone again.

Burying his face into a pillow, he inhaled the faint scent of watermelon. His cock shot up and shivers danced on his skin. Gee, another hardon. Murry was so tired of waking up with an erection from hell. Rolling over onto his back, he kicked off the Nebos. The silks made his erection even more sensitive. He stared at the drapes of cloth attached to the ceiling. He could go to the shower and jerk off again. That never worked.

“Touching yourself in the shower is how I damaged my third eye. You distracted me.”

Murry sat straight up in bed. Keltrix lounged at the table with three empty cups next to him. He was sucking down on the fourth cup of his green super drink. The alien’s eyes traveled over Murry’s body.

“I thought you left again.” Murry grabbed a clump of Nebos and tossed the sateen over his lap.

“I cannot fulfill my duties until my third eye is operational.” Kel finished sucking his drink and came to his feet. His body looked much better. Even some of his tube hair had grown back. He walked to the foot of the bed.

“Third eye?” Murry studied the alien’s forehead.

“This.” Kel pointed to the tentacle that was bandaged and wrapped around his leg. “This is my third eye. The tentacle, as you call, it lets me see everything behind me.”

“No one can ever sneak up on you.” Murry’s eyebrows rose. That was awesome. But then he thought about his earlier comment. “How does me trying to get off in the shower…” he frowned.

“I was fighting, and your desire caught me off guard. I made a mistake. I have not made a mistake in a battle since I was a child.”

“I guess I should say sorry,” Murry muttered. How was he supposed to know when Kel was fighting? That wasn’t totally his fault. Kel could stay out of Murry’s head.

“Yes. I could stay out of your head.” Kel reached out and snatched both of Murry’s knees with his middle tentacles. Within seconds, he had Murry on his back in the center of the bed. A little shocked, Murry stared up into blue eyes. The alien’s muscled form loomed over him, heavy and intense. He smirked. “The damage to my third eye is not your fault. It is mine. I will relive you.”

Murry’s heart soared. Finally. Anything would help. “Thanks.”

Kel chuckled low in his throat. “I will say your particular fixation on orgasm did ultimately help me. I built that dream to entice you to watch. You were almanbahis thirsty and the image was like water. You recalled every detail with clarity.”

“You built that dream?” Murry lifted his head and placed his face into the crook of Kel’s neck. He inhaled.

“I did and I added the rocks. My hope was for you to repeat it. You did well, Murry-cat.”

“The part about you inside of me was…” Murry paused and licked at Kel’s neck. A tremor shook Kel and he began that soft purring sound.

Licking again, Murry didn’t want Kel to leave, but at the same time, Murry wanted to say he wasn’t into anything up his ass. He didn’t want the pain like what the hairy aliens did to him.

“I know. I’m in your mind.” Kel’s top right tentacle slipped between their bodies and glided gently over Murry’s erection. “I will thank you for your help. I will not hurt you.”

When Kel gripped him, Murry’s back bowed. The tentacle slid up and down his cock. Damn. Keltrix was good at that.

At this point, Murry would take anything be could get. Kel’s top right tentacle slipped over his nipples awakening them to the touch. Squirming, Murry moaned as Kel’s appendages wrapped around his knees to slide to his thighs. The alien pulled his legs wider. He also lifted Murry’s ass.

Bucking up into Kel’s hold on his cock, he closed his eyes. A tentacle ghosted between his ass cheeks and Murry’s eyes popped open.

“That hurts.”

Kel studied him but his bottom right tentacle didn’t stop floating over his hole.

“It does not hurt. You are scared. This, my… tentacle… it senses many things about your blood, skin, and organs. I pick up how your body feels.”

“I know. Rhylent told me it does that.” Murry swallowed. “But it hurts to be taken.” Something wet was added to his hole and chills raced down his spine. Kel was rubbing some type of liquid between his cheeks in slow circular motions. All the time the alien caressed his anus, the grip on his cock kept the up and down jerking. Murry helplessly thrust into the grip.

“I am not taking from you, Murry-cat. I am using the Polois Flower oil to lubricate you. Your skin likes it. I am not hurting you in any way. I am replacing a bad memory with a good one. I am giving you what you want. Trust me. I have done extensive research on male human anatomy. I will give you pleasure. I am reading your mind.”

Murry relaxed his tight shoulders and rested backward on the Nebos. He’d been trusting Kel for a while. Why stop now?

Kel’s wet tentacle kept slipping back and forth over his anus. Every so often, the appendage would press lightly into him. The alien moved around Murry’s mind, and Murry was too distracted by the gliding on his dick to stop the alien from doing whatever he liked. His eyes drifted closed and his lips parted. He licked his lips. It felt like almanbahis yeni giriş it had been years since he last orgasmed.

The pressure on his entrance increased, and before he knew it, Kel was inside of him. He slipped into his hole causing a stretching that didn’t hurt but was an invasion. Murry would’ve maybe protested, but Keltrix used that same moment to suck down the head of Murry’s cock.

“Damn.” Murry lifted his head and his eyes zeroed in on his dick. Kel’s drinking tentacle sucked over the head of Murry’s shaft like a hot wet mouth with no teeth. The grip tightened and pulsated. Kel purred. Murry’s dick sparked and sizzled like bacon on a frying pan. Kel’s tentacle now sucked down past the head to the middle of Murry’s shaft. Whimpering, the alien drew all the way down to Murry’s balls.

“This pleases you immensely.” Kel’s voice was a whisper of sound. He sounded like he was in awe.

“Yes.” Murry moaned. “Yes, God yes.”

Again, Kel drew up and sucked his way back down. Murry’s entire body melted into Keltrix’s touch. The alien kept up the suction as he pushed further into his back entrance. The full feeling began to feel oddly comfortable and Kel soothed his mind. Murry was just getting used to the sensation when Kel pressed against his prostate.

His cock lit up like a switch had been thrown.

Murry had heard of sex like this. He went out into the world. He had a phone with access to porn. Touching of the prostate wasn’t a foreign idea but having someone do it to him was shocking

“Yes, yes.” Murry’s ass lifted and Kel sucked harder on his cock. The alien purred his amusement at Murry’s thrashing.

Then Murry felt his orgasm rise to a fevered pitch. So close. His seed throbbed and begged to be released. His balls tightened. The alien stroked his prostate like he knew every intimate inch of Murry. Yes, Keltrix was brilliant. The alien studied alright and clearly read his mind. Murry pleaded. He cried out he shook with his need to climax. He couldn’t seem to get there. Every feeling became focused. The tentacle on his nipples was a hot frantic touch. The grip on his dick was a blazing fire of euphoria. The in and out movement in his hole became a rhythm he thirsted for. All of the sensations rose but Murry knew what he wanted. He hunted for the thread in Kel’s brain. The alien wanted him to drink. Murry knew it like he knew his own name.

“Please, Kel,” he whimpered. “Please.”

“Murry-cat.” Kel’s lips stayed firmly closed. “Enjoy what I am giving to you. Let go and give in to me. I want to feel you. My senses feel every shiver and tremble your body makes. I see all this pleasure building in your brain. I like that.”

“I can’t.” Murry lifted his head and licked at the seam of Kel’s lips. The alien might imply that this was enough, but Murry knew almanbahis giriş it wasn’t. Basically, Kel wanted to come too. “Please?” The alien’s lips opened only a millimeter. “I can see it in your brain.”

The tiny opening Kel made was just wide enough. Murry’s tongue pushed into the small hole provided. Please, he pleaded in his head.

“You are nothing but trouble, Murry-cat.” A tremor passed through Kel’s body. He opened his mouth wide.

Murry sucked Kel’s hot wet tongue into his mouth groaning with a carnal heat. He wrapped his lips around the pole and licked and drew on the alien’s body part.

Kel’s purring had been a light sound, but the rumble became a steady roar. Seconds before Murry heard the purring deepen, his mouth filled with warm watermelon flavor.

As he drank and sucked, finally Murry’s body shattered apart. He flew riding waves of pleasure. He started to come like never before. The flow of semen was a pent-up damn that broke like there had been explosives involved. Murry’s back bowed as Kel sucked him harder and massaged his prostate in time to his completion.

Frissons racked his body at the sound of Kel’s purr of satisfaction. Melting into the bed, Murry danced on clouds of satisfaction. He’d never felt like this before. Kel retracted from his mouth and rolled onto his back. They both stared up at the ceiling as Murry’s brain quieted. His ass didn’t hurt, and his cock felt knocked out. One round with Kel and he was ready for sleep again.

“You should eat,” Kel said after a few minutes. “Eat first, and then you can sleep again.” Murry rolled onto his side and stared.

“Are you upset I drank from you again?” Murry already knew the answer. In Kel’s brain, the alien was justifying his behavior. Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Murry grinned. More like… whatever Kel had to do to make peace with what they did was fine as long as they could do that again.

“I have to rest and heal my third eye. My options are to not touch you while I do that.” Kel moved to sit at the foot of the bed. “That is option A.”

“That’s dumb,” Murry muttered as he scooted behind the alien. Wrapping his legs around Kel’s waist, he ran his hands over Kel’s back and shoulder to massage his neck. The blue skin was silky smooth on the pads of his fingers. “What else you got?”

“Option B. I can stay with Rhylent while I heal. That would remove the temptation.” Kel purred and leaned into Murry’s touch. Murry ran his fingers over his hair and caressed along his scalp. Kel murmured something in his head.

“He’s always in a crabby mood. Try again.”

“That is an accurate description of my younger sibling.” Kel laughed.

“Okay. What else?”

“Option C. I can give in and have you at least until I heal, and then I must return to work.” Kel stood and drew Murry to his chest.

“Pick C.”

“You are trouble, Murry-cat.” Kel laughed. “Eat breakfast and then we will take a bath together. It is one of your images that I would like to explore.”

“That was two good ideas in a row. I guess you are brilliant.”

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