An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 03

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Part three! It’s taken longer than I wanted to get this done but I was hit with a really bad case of writers block half way through so took a bit of a break.

Part four hasn’t been started but I have an idea about where I want this story to go and ultimately end… I think?

As always please enjoy, I apologise for waffling, it’s a bad habit.

Feedback/comments are always appreciated!


May 2014 – Callie

I wait until I can hear Lexie’s gentle footsteps climb the stairs before I move to the front door and open it precariously. Peering down onto the street ahead I can see the lights of my car flashing brightly, the alarm is blaring and I can see the people across the street looking out through their curtains.

I walk down the steps at the front of my house quickly and silence the alarm. Walking a full circle around my car I can see that the front windows been smashed and two tires have been slashed. “Fuck.” I run my hands through my hair and storm back into the house.

My head is swimming as I call the police and recall the events to them, by the time I hang up I can feel a migraine building and I feel nauseous. Who the fuck would trash my car? Why? I pour myself a whiskey and sit on the edge of the sofa and nurse it. The only time I look up is when I feel Lexie sit next to me, her hand begins rubbing soothing patterns up and down my spine.

“Is everything ok baby?” I still melt every time she calls me that, I shrug my shoulders and take a sip of the amber liquid in the glass, relishing the burn as it goes down my throat.

“Someone’s fucked my car up.”

“What do you mean?” Her hand stops momentarily and I look at her with raised eyebrows.

“Exactly what I said, someone’s trashed my car. Smashed the windscreen, slashed the tires. Well and truly fucked it. Probably means it’s going to get written off.” My voice is flat, I know it’s not her fault but I’m so fucking mad right now.

“Who would want to do that?”

I sigh loudly and shake my head “I don’t know. If I did I’d break their fucking legs.”

“Shush Callie, no you wouldn’t. You’re better than that.” I lean my head on her shoulder and take a deep breath.

“You have a much higher opinion of myself than I do. Why don’t you go to bed, I need to wait for the police.”

I can feel her lips press against the top of my head and I pull up to look at her “no Cal, give me that. I’ll go get us another drink and we’ll sit and wait together.”

True to her word we spend the next two hours curled up on the sofa together drinking whiskey and talking about nothing important, the police come and go taking both of our statements and photos and other stuff from the car which is then towed away.

I’m leaning against the kitchen counter, whiskey glass firm in hand when I feel hands creep around my waist slowly. Lexie’s body is pressed firmly against my back as she holds me silently for a moment, I rest my hands on top of hers and let out a deep sigh.

“What’s on your mind?” Her voice is soothing as she speaks to me.

“I just don’t get it. I know the police seem to think it was just kids fucking about but… I can’t shake this feeling like somethings wrong?” It’s the first time all night that I’ve voiced these concerns out loud and I can feel Lexie stiffen behind me. I turn in her arms and wrap my arms around her shoulders, looking down at her face I can see her eyebrows knitted in concern, her eyes are focused on the floor. With one finger I tuck it under her chin and lift her face so she’s looking at me. “Forget I said anything. Probably just being paranoid.”

I press a finger to her lips gently to stop whatever it is that’s about to come out of her mouth, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. In one swift movement I turn her so she’s pressed against the cool marble of the kitchen counter and drop my mouth to her neck and begin covering the smooth skin there with hot, tender kisses.

“It really has been a shitty night, but I think I know something that’s going to take both of our minds off of it.” My voice is muffled as I talk against the smooth skin at her jaw as I nip and lick the length of it. I can feel Lexie’s fingers curl in my hair as her breathing begins to increase. I let a hand slip from her shoulder and trail my fingers down the length of her spine whilst my mouth works its way up to her soft, plump lips.

I push her closer to me by the small of her back and hear a small moan escape her lips as she pushes her hips up against me. I move and capture her lips with mine, kissing her deeply, moving my tongue against hers which she willingly gives after I run my tongue along the length of her bottom lip. Her fingers are woven in my hair keeping my face fixed firmly to hers, almost as if she’s scared I’ll disappear and leave her needy.

My hands curl around the bottom of the jumper she’s wearing and I begin pulling it up and away from her skin. I’ve always loved the way her skin feels under my fingers, soft, bahis firmaları smooth warm. Holding this woman close to me is like coming home after being away for so long.

I drop the jumper she had on unceremoniously on the floor and run my fingers down the length of her body, pausing briefly to tug at her nipples, relishing the way she shivers under my touch. Hooking my fingers in the elastic band of the shorts she has on, a low guttural groan escapes my mouth when her teeth close over my bottom lip.

Running a hand below her shorts I cup her sex in my hand and let a throaty chuckle escape when I run one finger along the length of her slick, wet folds. “So wet, so quick.” Before she can answer I cover her lips with mine and kiss her hungrily, my finger continues running up and down her core slowly, nudging at her clit as it goes.

I’m beginning to feel impatient when I pull the shorts she has down to ground, kneeling down in front of her I look up as she gaze down and give her a lop sided smile. My heart is pounding in my ears, I can literally hear my blood rushing through my veins as my eyes take in the sight of this perfect woman standing naked in front of me. I let my hands travel up the outside of her legs, just grazing her skin with my fingertips. Watching her watch me, we’re trapped in this moment and it’s like the world around us no longer exists. It’s just me and her and us.

Tilting my head forward I plant soft kisses up the length of both of her legs, I can hear Lexie’s panting increase in volume, her hands are still clinging to my hair for good measure. Pulling at it to the point that it’s almost painful, but the sight in front of me and the pure anticipation that I’m feeling right now dulls the ache.

My tongue reaches the apex of her thighs and licks the length of her sweet tasting pussy, the action is rewarded by a low moan coming from Lexie’s sweet mouth. Before I lose control I stand and lift her by her hip and sit her on the cool kitchen surface. “Lie back…” I whisper against her lips.

For once the woman in front of me does as she’s told and lies back, flinching as the warmth of her skin comes in contact with the cold marble below her. The noise that escapes her mouth in protest of this quickly turns into a low main when I take one of her nipples in my mouth. My tongue running across and around her pebbled bud. The way it stiffens beneath my tongue sends sparks of desire shooting quickly through my veins. I want to ravish her, make her call my name and come until she’s begging me to stop. I need to feel her around me and forget all the shit that’s happened tonight.

My mouth switches between her breasts, my hands trail up and down the length of her waist, I can hear her whimpering under me. My own arousal growing between my legs goes ignored and will do until I’ve had my fill of this exquisite woman. I reluctantly leave her breasts and my mouth begins a slow and arduous trail down her flat, toned tummy. Kissing, nipping and licking as I go. She’s writhing below me, silently pleading with her body to go quicker and give her the release she craves. Smiling against her skin I reach her hips and lick the length slowly, loving the way her skin tastes.

“Callie… please.” I can hear her moan, I chuckle quietly and look up at her. Her eyes are fixed on my face, the way they glow with unspoken desire.

“Please what?”

“You’re killing me…” before she can finish the sentence I part her thighs with my hands and dip my head so I can cover her completely with my mouth, my tongue licks the length of her and her arousal tastes so sweet.

I probe her with her tip of my tongue, letting it swirl around her clit in long, slow movements. Her hips buck beneath me, pushing her mound hard into my mouth. I lift her legs over my shoulder and she wraps her ankles over each other and holds me close, pulling me further to her. I run the flat of my tongue over and over again from the top to the bottom and back again.

With two fingers I slide them effortlessly into her and begin to fuck her fast and furiously, throwing all of my frustrations into the way her body is moving below me. I can hear Lexie call out somewhere in the back ground but all of my focus is on driving my fingers in and out of her as fast and as hard as my burning muscles will let me. My tongue batters her clit relentlessly, I can taste her arousal and it’s intoxicating, her hands are holding my head to her pussy tightly and her legs are trembling around me.

“I’m coming, oh shit. Callie. I’m coming. Fuck.” Jesus fuck, if she keeps talking like that I’m going to come.

I can taste her orgasm the second it hits my tongue, my fingers don’t let up though. I want to push her over the edge again, her legs lock up around my neck and pull me to her and keep my mouth in place despite the fact that her hands are feebly trying to push my head away.

Her second orgasm hits in quick succession, and she cries out loudly. I say nothing but pull my shirt over my kaçak iddaa head, lock her legs around my waist and carry her to my room. My mouth on hers the entire time, the only time I stop kissing her is to drop her on my bed and crawl up to her mouth again. Hesitating for moment I stare down at her, her fingers trail shakily down my cheek as the cup my face and pull my lips back down to hers.

May 2014 – Lexie

“Where do you think you’re going?” I reach out for Callie as she pulls away after leaving a lingering kiss on my forehead. I’m still in her bed which feels all too big without her in it with me.

I can hear her chuckle throatily as she sits on the edge of the bed next to me and pushes the hair away from my eyes, I half open one to gaze up at her and feel a rush of disappointment run through me when I realise she’s dressed for work. “I have a breakfast meeting remember?” She whispers almost as if reading my thoughts.

“Shit yeah. Do I need to go to work early?”

“No. But I’ve really got to go Lex.” I sit up to kiss her before she goes, the bed sheets falling down revealing my naked chest as I do. I can see Callie’s eyes flit from my face and down to my chest immediately, a small smile creeping across her face. Without a word she lifts the sheet and covers me, shaking her head slightly “and you’re making it increasingly difficult to leave.”

I pout my lips at her but watch as she stands and brushes down the length of her form fitting grey pencil skirt, adjusting the way her white blouse tucks into the waist. My eyes travel down the length of her body as I roll to my side and prop my head up on an elbow. She looks every inch the sophisticated business woman, and it’s so fucking sexy. Her thick auburn hair is tied back into a messy bun with loose strands of hair framing her gorgeous face. I find myself chewing on my lip as I watch her fuss in the mirror before slipping into a pair of black pumps and picking her phone up from the dresser.

“Don’t be late Alexa.” She winks at me and I blow her a kiss.

“Wouldn’t dream of it Ms. Jenkins.” My eyes are firmly glued to her arse as she saunters out of the room. I stretch out in the bed languidly and begrudgingly get out of it and shower. As much as I don’t want to, I need to get ready for work.

I shower, dress and fix my hair quickly, before making myself a cup of coffee. Walking into the kitchen I see something on the counter that stops me in my tracks. On the pale marble counter top is a small silver key and a short note. The sight of it makes my heart stop for a moment, Callie’s mentioned a few times that she wants me to move in and I keep putting it off. I don’t know why, I spend all my time here. And I love going to bed and waking up with her but I don’t want her to feel rushed into a level of commitment she might not be ready for.

With nervous hands and a lump in my throat I pick up the folded piece of paper and hold the cold key in my hand as I read the words plainly written in Callie’s careless scrawl.


You’re here so much I figured you may as well have a key. Lock up when you leave and I’ll see you at work.

My eyes narrow and I re-read the two sentences on the paper, is that it? No heartfelt declaration of how she wants to share her space with me on a permanent basis and how she refuses to take no for an answer.

Callie’s never kept her commitment issues a secret from me, in fact she’s been too honest about them at times. But I thought we were moving to a good place, she’s been a little distant emotionally the last few days but I just figured that she was still mad about what had happened with her car.

I float around the house in an aimless breeze packing and getting ready for work, my thoughts are anywhere but where they should be. I can’t help but feel a little hurt, did she just give me this key for convenience? Because if that’s the case I might just ram it down her smug throat.

By the time I’m sat on the tube headed towards the office my good mood from the morning has well and truly gone. I may be thinking too much into everything but the small silver object I have in my coat pocket feels as though it weighs a thousand pounds, I love Callie. I haven’t told her. But I do, I never stopped. After my dad caught us and all but threw her out of the house and forbade me from seeing, speaking or even thinking of her again, it made me want her more. We snuck around for a few months after that but it got too much between her fleeting visits from university and me having to think up elaborate lies as to why I wouldn’t be home began eating me out from the inside which is why I stopped talking to her. I didn’t give her an explanation I just disappeared from her life thinking the clean break would help her move on from me. I was wrong. Leaving her that way broke me in a way I thought would be unfixable and I spent the last eight years punishing myself for hurting the only person I have ever loved and even though she kaçak bahis constantly reminds me that she wants to move past this, a part of me struggles to believe her.

Would I forgive her so easily had the situation been reversed? I really think about the answer to that question hard, for the length of the tube journey and I’m still lost in thought as I make the short walk to the offices earning me to be on the receiving end of various obscenities when I stop at random causing the commuters behind me to have to dodge me to avoid walking into me.

By the time I’m sat in my desk I feel sick and my nerves are wrought. I would forgive her, I’d forgive her almost anything but I need to know where this thing with us is going. I’m not eighteen anymore, I’m not willing to just be someone’s casual girlfriend. I want a family, and I want that with Callie. I just don’t know how I’m going to feel if I tell her this and she doesn’t want the same things.

I try and think about past conversations I’ve had with Callie the long term future for us and I come up at a blank, one resounding memory stands out and despite myself I find myself smiling.

I think back to the day I met Callie’s sister for the first time, we’d just had our first date, Callie had text saying some family stuff had happened and her sister would be with her when we went out the next day. Thinking back now, that was a huge deal for her. She told me how she never took girls home, never let them meet her family. And yet there I was sat in the passenger seat of Callie’s little Ford, her sister sulking in the back seat because she was being forced to spend the remainder of the summer at her grandparent’s house for reason I had no clue of at that point, and there was an awkward silence filling the small confines.

I remember looking over at Callie’s perfect face, her eyes were focused on the road, her jaw clenched in silent frustration and her hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles were white.

I couldn’t take it much longer, I had to say something “you know… if this is a bad time. I can get out in town and go home? I don’t want to get in the middle of whatever… this is?” I remember gesturing with my hands and seeing Callie glance over at me briefly before turning back to the road.

“Don’t be silly. Lana’s just pitching a fit because she can’t spend the rest of her summer drinking cheap vodka on the beach with her mates.”

“I’m not a baby Clarissa. You can’t keep pretending that you’re mum. You’re not her.” Lana snapped from the backseat, I glanced over at Callie to gauge her reaction. A wry smile crept across her lips and she shook her head slightly.

“We’ve been over this Allana, you’re not going home, not yet. If things change then I’ll come pick you up in a couple of weeks.” I’m impressed at how well she handled her younger sister, in fact I still find it hard to believe that they’re sisters at all. Callie is beautiful in a glorious way, creamy coloured skin, blue eyes so deep you could fall into them if you spend to long looking at them, her hair looks brown but when the sun or light hits it in a certain way has the most amazing flecks of red through it. She’s perfect. But her sister is all olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. They couldn’t look more different.

“This is going to sound stupid, but are you two actually sisters? Or are you’re parents just really good friends so you call yourselves sisters? Because…” I’m cut off by them both laughing loudly at me. I sank deep into the seat and crossed my arms over my chest defensively when I felt Callie’s hand squeeze my thigh softly.

“Sorry, we hear it a lot. Yes we’re sisters. Unfortunately I inherited all the looks from my dad’s side of the family. Whilst moody bitch in the back possesses all of our mother’s Italian looks. None of the charms though right Lana?” Callie snickered, whilst looking back at her sister in the rear view mirror.

“Cazzo di cagna”

Callie laughs loudly and puts her hand back on the steering wheel “Vuoi baciare tua madre con quella bocca?”

“Technically no bitch. Where are we even going Callie? I’m starving.”

“Wait… you both speak Italian? Holy shit.” I’ve been in situations like that since that day, the type where you’re sat in a room of people and begin to feel incredibly mediocre. But in that moment sitting in a car with Callie and her sister whilst they speak Italian fluently to one another I felt inadequate.

“My mum taught us, she was Italian, her family are all Italian. Dad never learnt it, but it’s what we speak the most when we’re around any of mum’s family because none of them speak very good English.” Lana explains to me patiently.

The car fell into silence again until we pulled up outside of some backstreet café, I’d never been into it until that day but it quickly became a favourite place for me. Not just because of Callie, but because the food was fucking amazing.

Sitting at a corner table at the back of the shop, Callie sat to my right, Lana sat across from me for that one moment whilst I began tucking into what was the best fry up I’ve ever had in my life Lana decided to drop a bombshell that made Callie choke on the tea she was drinking.

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