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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 22 – Bingo! Ethan touched my dick!

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Have you ever wanted to laugh, I mean really laugh, an infectious little boy belly laugh, just because? I need to laugh. It feels so good to laugh.

Chapter 22 – Bingo! Ethan touched my dick!

Just then, Andrew looked up to see Grandma. “Young man, watch your mouth or I”ll wash it out with a bar of soap.” She said.

“Oh, hi Grandma. I, um, well, I think they”re taking me to jail.”

“Over my dead body, Andrew.” She walked toward Ethan, dragging Andrew by his good arm, which was clutching his backpack. “What are you doing with my Andrew?”

Sorry, Ma”am; we”re taking him to the fire station where I work so I can get my car and drive him home. Are you related to him?”

Ignoring the question, Grandma continued. “And who are you?”

“Ma”am, I”m the fireman that saved him. Remember, we talked before I went up the ladder to save this boy. Since he has nowhere to go, I”m taking him home with me until we can figure things out. He”s in good hands.”

“Andrew, is that true? This fireman is right, the building you lived in is gone. In fact, the building next door is gone too. They closed the street, and the windows of the laundromat, convenience store, and cafe were all blown out. I don”t know what I”m going to do. I guess I will drive up the street to the other laundry now. You know, I”d help you if I could, but you have seen my tiny apartment. What I can do, is offer to take you to the fire station.”

She had a big carry all bag with her, and she let Andrew go and fished out a tattered black teddy bear. “Andrew, I believe this is yours.” She handed him the bear. His eyes welled up with tears.

“Where did you find him? I thought I lost him!”

“I walked down to see the fire this morning, and there”s a memorial out front. Apparently, they found some bodies. I know you boys thought it was a secret, but apparently enough people knew you boys lived there. I knew you were OK and I saw a man in a big Mercedes stop and place the bear with some flowers at the memorial. I knew it was Bingo.”

“Thank you, Grandma!” Andrew tried to hug her. “And, um, I”m sorry for swearing.” He held Bingo tight.

She turned and looked at the officer. “Officer, I will be taking these young men to their destination. They don”t need to ride in the back of a police car today.” The cop sneered at Ethan. Ethan knew something was up with the cop. Andrew still had a very strange feeling around the cop.

They walked with Grandma to her car. She had a huge car. It was an older but clean Impala. It had a huge seat in the back, and it was like a sofa. It wasn”t much different than the cop car, other than it had cloth seats instead of hard plastic.

Ethan and Andrew got in the back, and Grandma drove them to the firehouse.

“I”m sorry, I didn”t get your name.” Grandma said to Ethan.

“Ethan, Ethan Thomas,” he replied.

“Thank you, Mr. Thomas. Take care of my Andrew. May I get your telephone number so we can stay in contact?”

Ethan agreed and wrote it on the pad that he had been writing things on as they talked about what happened and gave her the slip of paper.

As they got out of the car, Grandma summoned Andrew to her door. “Now Andrew, don”t be a pain to him. Let this man help you. I see that he has a good soul. Not every man is bad. I don”t think he will be like the men you have been selling yourself to. You may not think I know what you”ve had to do, but I can imagine that you had to do some pretty bad things to survive. I wish I could have done more for you, but I don”t have much. I figured cookies and a listening ear would be helpful. Besides, you brought cheer to me at the laundry. Be safe, and please come check in on me from time to time. I want to know if you”re OK.”

“I will, Grandma, and if you find out about any of the other boys, please call Ethan. I have my own phone, but I don”t think it will work for much longer when they realize I”m gone.”

“I understand, Andrew, and if those men didn”t hurt you, you probably want to lose that phone to protect them. I saw you at church when you brought Pastor Green his bible. My guess is that he bought you that phone. I hope he never hurt you. If he did, you need to let the authorities know.”

“Grandma, if it wasn”t for him, I would probably be dead. I was only hurt by the man that hurt Ricky, and he had nothing to do with the pastor.”

“Alright, but please don”t worry ankara escort about doing the right thing. And trust Ethan. I can tell you he will never hurt you or ask you to do anything you shouldn”t be doing.”

“Thanks grandma.” Andrew turned around to head into the station.

Ethan had gone inside to get his personal items and keys. As Andrew neared the door, Ethan came out, and he and Andrew got into his truck. It was a clean, older Chevy 4×4. Not too fancy, but nice. Andrew climbed up and put his stuff on the floor. He held Bingo in his lap. Ethan put his things in the back seat before climbing in and driving to his place. Andrew realized that if he meant harm to him, Ethan wouldn”t have let him out of his sight, so there was a bit of trust building between the two. Grandma was probably right. After all, she figured out Pastor Green.

Ethan”s house was small, but nice. Andrew wasn”t sure what he expected. His Johns were either really rich and had mansions, or took him to cheap motels. This house was a typical 1950″s boxy ranch style house from the 50″s. It wasn”t run down, but it was not in an expensive neighborhood, and you could tell that the neighbors were all working class. Ethan”s older truck was one of the nicest on the street.

The front door opens right into the family room. It has a worn couch and chair, a pretty nice TV, and a coffee table. The kitchen was behind it on the left and had a retro style red refrigerator. The rest of the kitchen was nice, with light blue cabinets and a huge island with stools to sit on. The place was clean, and Ethan had bowls of fresh fruit on the island. Andrew was starving and an apple sounded good, but he didn”t want to ask.

The hallway led past a small bedroom on the right that looked like it was an office or storage, then a bathroom, and finally the larger bedroom that had a king size bed in it that looked like it took the entire room.

Andrew”s stomach let out a big growl. Ethan looked at him and asked if he liked pizza. “Yeah, I love pizza, I don”t get it often since we usually just eat leftovers from the cafe.” Oops, Andrew thought he gave out too much information. He saw Ethan turn, pull the pad and pen from his pocket, and start to write something down.

“Would you like an apple to hold you over until the pizza arrives?”

“Sure, if that would be OK.” Andrew set Bingo down on the couch and reached out to accept the apple.

“Great, I”ll order a pizza. Is pepperoni good?”

“Yeah, with extra cheese!”

He called the pizza place and ordered the pizza. It would take about 45 minutes. He noticed that Andrew finished the apple, so he got Andrew a Fanta from the fridge. Andrew liked this guy even more since he likes Fanta too. And Andrew hadn”t had food in who knows how long. It was now 1 in the afternoon. It had been 9 hours after the explosion, and he hadn”t eaten the day they went to Sir”s place, just in case they were going to fuck him, so almost 2 days. He was starving.

Ethan took Andrew”s bag, and Andrew ran over and grabbed it from him. He didn”t trust him enough to just look through his things. Besides, he had a lot of money he”d been saving in there in his money book.

“Sorry, Andrew, I was going to look at your clothes to see what size you needed so I could get you something to wear.”

“Oh,” Maybe Ethan really was going to help him. Andrew looked down, a bit ashamed at his behavior. He pulled his clothes out and found the tags on his shirt and pants. Andrew felt the pocket and his money was still there and told Ethan his size before shoving everything back in the bag and taking it with him. “Those clothes were a bit tight, but my John”s liked them to be tight.” Shit, Andrew realized he had confirmed what he did. At this point, he didn”t care. Either Ethan was like them, or he really didn”t care.

“What size shoes do you wear?” Andrew realized he had no shoes. He didn”t know where they went.

“I wear a men”s size 7 shoe.”

Ethan handed Andrew the remote and told him to feel free to find something to watch. He hadn”t seen any television since leaving home and had no idea what would be on. Ethan only had an antenna connection, so there were only a few channels. He flipped through and channel 13 was playing the Flintstones. He left it there since he liked cartoons. Andrew”s mind was racing, and he wasn”t really paying attention to the TV, but it allowed him to think.

Ethan grabbed his phone and made a call. “Dad, I need some help. Yeah, can you bring me some size 7 shoes, boys” small shirts, and boys” 14 pants? I need underwear, socks, and a belt too. I have a kid I rescued from a fire today and we need your help.” Ethan was talking to his dad. “Maybe a size larger on some things too, because he mentioned that his clothes were tight.”

“I”ll explain more when you get here. Thanks, Dad! Love you!”

He loved his dad? At first, Andrew loved his dad, but he turned into an asshole. Andrew really did love him when he was nice and he missed the fun they had, but once the abuse started, Andrew stopped caring about him. His mother apparently escort ankara just tolerated the abuse, but she then emotionally abused Andrew, pushing him to his father and allowing the abuse to continue.How could he ever love someone again? How could he trust another adult? Why was Ethan being so nice? It had to be for one reason only.

The pizza came a short while later, and they scarfed it down. Thankfully, Ethan bought two. “I think we were both starving.” Ethan quipped. He got out another Fanta for each of them. Andrew kept track, knowing he would have to pay for this somehow.

Shortly after they ate, someone rang the bell. Ethan went to the door and let the man in. He looked like an older version of Ethan. He was very good looking. He was an older version of Ethan. The man was about 5″11 and weighed around 165 lbs. He had dimpled cheeks and a cheery smile. His face did look worn, though, as if he had worried a lot. He was dressed in slacks that clung tight to his body and a button-down shirt. Andrew noticed how the pants clung to his package just like his son”s clothes did. His mind drifted off to a fantasy where the two were sharing him and spit roasting him. His cock got hard thinking about it.

“Hi Ethan, I take it this is the boy who needs help?” Mr. Thomas said as he hugged Ethan.

“Yeah, this is him. Dad, meet Andrew. Andrew, this is my dad.”

His dad reached out his hand to shake. Andrew was still in a daydream. “Andrew!” Ethan snapped his fingers.

Andrew shook his head. “Sorry,” and he reached out to shake his hand.

“It”s a pleasure to meet you, young man. I have brought a lot of different choices for you to pick from. You can have any or all of these. Take what you like. If there is something else you want, we can find it later. What”s important is that you have clothes that are your own, and that you feel comfortable in them. Pick out what you like. Nobody else gets to tell you what to wear.” Andrew”s cock was straining against the scrubs. Both Ethan and his father noticed, but didn”t mention it.

“But I can”t pay for any of this.”

“Son, you don”t have to pay. These are from the foundation, and you”re welcome to anything we have.”

Mr. Thomas turned to his son. “Ethan, you didn”t say he had a broken arm. We”re going to need to find some shirts that he can get on with that arm in a cast.”

He brought new packages of underwear. Andrew liked the boxer briefs and grabbed those. Andrew was tired of wearing sponge bob briefs for the minister, but it was worth it since he was nice to him and it kept him from having to find new clients. There were some skinny jeans he liked and a pair of board shorts. Some socks too. He found two shirts he liked too, and figured he could get them on with the cast.

Ethan”s dad handed Andrew a box of shoes. Andrew took them and opened them up. They were so cool. These were Nike”s. Not just any Nike”s, but Nike Air”s. Andrew had seen them at the store, but never wanted to spend the money to buy them. While he had plenty of money, he knew that being on the streets, he would be a target with such nice shoes. Besides, the pastor and his friends liked the little helpless boy look, not the rich boy look.

“Do you like them?”

“Yeah, I do like them, but, well, they”re too nice.”

“Nonsense, you deserve the best. They”re yours.”

“Andrew, let”s get you cleaned up so you can put on some real clothes.” Ethan turned to his dad, “Dad, I”m going to take Andrew in and help him shower.” He grabbed a garbage bag and some duct tape.

Andrew was confused about the trash bag. Was he going to chop him up and dispose of him? He told himself, “No, stop being so paranoid, Andrew. He seems nice. Just go along with it.”

They went to the only bathroom. “Take off the scrubs and sit down on the toilet.” He closed the lid and Andrew did as he asked. Once he sat, Ethan slipped the bag over Andrew”s cast. “Here, we don”t want you to get it wet.” He wrapped it and taped it tight against the arm, including above the cast. Andrew”s eyes locked with Ethan”s. They both smiled. They both had an electric feeling and they knew it. Andrew shrugged it off, but Ethan couldn”t help but wonder what these feelings were he was having with this boy. He just wanted to help him, nothing more. This was important to him, but he didn”t quite know why.

“I”ll help you if you want, but I”ll be outside the shower.” Andrew noticed that Ethan was looking away.

“Dude, you grabbed me when I was naked. You can look.”

“Andrew, I don”t need to look at you. I want to give you some privacy.”

“Ethan, I don”t care. Don”t you realize what I had to do to survive? I had to suck dicks, get fucked, and fuck men to live. It”s just a dick. You have one too. I”m in a ton of videos too, so I have nothing to be ashamed of.” Ethan looked down to hide his face. This not only shocked him, but it angered him that anyone would do that to this beautiful boy. The boy might be a bit rough from the streets, but Ethan knew he had a big heart and was a wonderful kid.

Ethan had turned on the water and ankara escort bayan it was ready. He held Andrew”s hand and helped him into the shower. He handed over the soap and stood outside the curtain.

“I”m right here, so let me know if you need anything.” Ethan offered from his perch sitting on the toilet.

Andrew started to wash and realized he couldn”t do everything. “Ethan, can you help me with my hair? I think some of Ricky”s blood is in it and I know there”s crap from the fire.”

“Sure, buddy.” He opened the curtain and had the boy duck under the shower head. He got some shampoo and scrubbed it in. Andrew thought it felt fantastic. The last time he had this done to him was when he was a kid. It was reminding him of the good times with Daddy. “Rinse off,” Ethan said, and brought the boy back to reality.

Andrew ducked back under the shower head. “Could you please do my back?”

Ethan gently washed Andrew”s back. Andrew was now fully hard and loving the contact. He really couldn”t help it. “Shit. He can”t see this.” Andrew thought.

Ethan was getting hard just touching this boy. He didn”t understand why. Their touching was semi intimate, like a father washing his son. The electricity was flowing between them.

“Ok, turn around and rinse your back.”

“Um, I have a woody. I don”t know why. Don”t laugh please.”

“Hey, our dicks seem to have a mind of their own. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Do you want me to hold you up so you don”t fall, or do you want me to clean you?”

He hadn”t thought about that. “Um, I think I need you to clean me if you don”t mind.”

Ethan grabbed the soap and started at Andrew”s feet, working his way up. He did both sides and gently rubbed soap over Andrew”s butt cheeks. “Um, Ethan, could you, I mean, please, do my ass and my cock?” He was worried that Ethan might say something if he realized that he was hairless because he shaved the few pubic hairs he had, but Ethan never said a word. At this point, he didn”t care if Ethan saw his hard cock.

“Sure, Andrew, I just want to respect your personal space.” He was already enjoying Andrew”s ass cheeks, so he carefully slipped his hands between them to clean out his crack, then turned him around and washed and examined his cock and balls, enjoying the smooth feel of the young meat in his hands. He had to remind himself he was cleaning, not playing. What was coming over him? It wasn”t quite to the point of being sexual at all, except it was a bit awkward cleaning Andrew”s hard cock. Ethan laughed as he grabbed it and said, “At least I know you”re a healthy young man and alive now, I can feel your pulse.” Ethan had him rinse off again.

Andrew laughed and then wiggled his cock a bit. He knew it was all in good fun, but he still wanted more from Ethan.

Ethan turned off the water and wrapped Andrew in the biggest towel he”d ever seen. He wrapped his arms around Andrew to dry him. Again, more electricity flowed between them. He pulled tight and had Andrew in a bear hug. He leaned up to Andrew”s ear and simply said, “See, you”re safe with me. I don”t want to hurt you, and I will protect you.” Andrew almost expected a kiss, and frankly, Ethan almost did kiss him on the cheek.

Andrew was still unsure of Ethan”s motives. Andrew figured that Ethan had to be after something. The guy doesn”t have much, so how can he afford to have him around. Besides, this is just temporary, right?

Andrew couldn”t shake the feeling of love from this man. As hardened as he was from being on the streets, he remembered what real love felt like. This was it. He only hoped that Ethan felt the same way.

Ethan helped Andrew put on the boxer briefs and sent him out to the family room with the towel. “Dad, can you help Ethan dress? I need to shower too.”

Ethan was soaked from helping Andrew, and he was covered in soot and sweat from the past 24 hours. He showered while his dad helped Andrew get dressed.

“So, Andrew, tell me something about yourself. How old are you?”

“I”m 12 and a half, sir.”

“12 and a half. I remember being 12. What a good time. I suspect yours wasn”t so much fun. What do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies?”

Mr. Thomas was fishing for information, but Andrew thought this would all be harmless. “I like to read. At home I had a room full of books, and while I was on the streets I could escape during the day with a good book.” He wasn”t about to give him too much information just like he did with his Johns, but he did worry that maybe he was giving away too much.

“Did Ethan tell you what I do?”

“He said something about helping kids.”

“Yes, I have a foundation. It”s the Lincoln Thomas Foundation. It”s named after a little boy who had a fight with his father, ran away and disappeared.”

“Isn”t your last name Thomas? I heard Ethan tell Grandma. “

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 22 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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