Andy and Colt

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Hello! This is my first gay sex story that I’ve ever written. It’s a post-apocalyptic romance, and I enjoyed writing it. Hopefully you enjoy reading it! **gay sex scene is towards the end.


I maneuvered my way across the dimly lit hospital floor, I was sprinting down the hallways throwing down as many cabinets, tables, and stretchers as I could. I was slowly running out of options as the dark figure that was pursuing me was gaining ground. I’ve never seen a zombie quite as fast as this one, and I deduced that it was intelligent too- it hopped over my makeshift obstacles and chased me without remorse. I turned into what seemed like a corridor with an exit, and as I tried to pry open the doors, I failed miserably. I was cornered with no escape, all the doors beside me were locked. My mind was racing and my life was flashing before my eyes, is this really how I’m going to go? Alone in the dark, eaten alive?

My pursuer seemed to have spotted me, and he tauntingly slowed down, as to savor the moment he would finally eliminate and consume his prey. I started to cry and scream uncontrollably; my gun was out of ammo, I dropped my machete a while back, and my walkie-talkie was about as dead as I was going to be in a few minutes. The smell of rotting flesh grew stronger as the zombie approached me. Before I knew it, we were face to face, and I peered into its lifeless eyes and almost regurgitated at the stench of it. I gulped and closed my eyes, I accepted my gruesome fate.

I heard a very audible crunch! sound, and I thought it was strange I didn’t feel any pain, wasn’t I being eaten? I opened my eyes to see my machete through the head of the zombie, and a tall, slim figure towering over me. “I thought I’d help you out,” a deep voice rumbled from him. I was very disoriented from my death panic earlier, and I barely managed to stand up. My eyes met the strangers neck, he was a lot taller than me!

“What the hell are you doing in this hell hole? Why are you alone?” He scowled.

“I-I-…” I stammered.

“Cat got your young little boy? Speak!” He demanded.

“I-I was with my search party gathering supplies in this hospital when we were ambushed by these running zombies… I got separated from the rest of them, and I nearly died… But you…” I gazed up at his face, he still looked very hostile, “you saved me.”

“Let’s save this soap opera for later, we have to get out of here kid, it’s dangerous.” He commanded, but a lot less aggressively.

I followed him outside to the entrance where I found my party waiting for me: Christina, Simon, and Tanya. All of them seemed to be worried and some were crying.

“Oh Daniel! We were so worried!” Christina ran over to me and gave me a big embrace. She backed away however. “Are you bitten?”

“No Chris, this guy saved me.” I gestured toward the stranger.

“Names Andy,” he shot at me, “we just happened to cross paths kid, don’t act so happy-go-lucky.”

I took the time to observe Andy, he was about 6ft, and was lean. His goatee and mustache made it seem he was in his late twenties. Greasy, straight, black hair was kept under a baseball cap that had the 49ers logo on it. He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He had tattoos of names on his arms that I couldn’t quite distinguish.

“My names Daniel,” I retorted, “can I have back my machete?”

“You’ll have to earn this puppy back,” he mockingly grinned, “irresponsible kids like you shouldn’t be playing with these types of toys.”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 20 years old!” I argued.

“You can’t even enjoy drinks legally child. Now shut it, you’re a boy to me, just a little colt.” He seemed entertained by our argument. “I think I’ll call you Colt.”

He laughed to himself and I knew there was no point in arguing with this stubborn man…

He suggested he join our party; he claimed he was an experienced veteran. tandoğan escort With reluctance our group leader, Tanya, agreed to let him join our exposition to the safe haven located in Oregon. He seemed a lot cleaner than us.

He asked us all about our jobs and contributions to the group. Tanya was the trained gunman, er, gunwoman. Simon knew his way around cars, and was great at maintaining ours. Christina managed the food, and scavenged wild berries and animals if we needed it. I was the medic of the team, I was going to become an EMT before the plague broke out 6 months ago.

The only thing Andy brought with him was a small handgun, a backpack of medical supplies and a cracked picture of someone.

We drove day and night through empty highways and the barren countryside of the Midwest. I learned that Andy was into country music, and he was a successful electrician before the plague broke out. Andy was a lot more easy going than I expected. His friends nicknamed him Kite, because he just went wherever the wind took him. He cracked more jokes with the team as he settled down. Andy and I bonded like we were long lost friends and I became deeply attracted to his spirit and looks.

One night, we set up camp in a small survivor stop to resupply and have interactions with other people besides our team. We all slept in our respective tents, but I realized that Andy never returned my headphones he had borrowed earlier. I snuck over to his tent and peaked in to make sure I wasn’t trespassing his personal space. His shirt was off for one, but he was facing the other way. I saw many scars from his time in the army, and a lot of tattoos that said “Mandy.” His wife maybe? He seemed to be silently sobbing over the cracked picture that must’ve been his wife. His hair fell down in waves, as his back muscles glistened in the pale moonlight.

“Knock knock,” I said. Andy quickly gathered himself, and he politely invited me in.

He turned around to face me, his lean muscular body was decorated with tattoos and beads of sweat from this hot summer night.

“I think you still have my headphones,” I explained to him. I sat down next to him on the bed.

“Hey Colt, fine night isn’t it?” His voice still sounded crackly, but it still had a confident rumble to it.

“Yes, how are you? I saw you crying… I don’t want to be nosy but are you fine?” I asked.

“Oh it’s just… nothing.”

“Andy, you can tell me… Don’t be afraid.” I gently said.

“I just missed my wife a whole lot. I miss Mandy” He explained, “the reason I was in the hospital was because I was treating her while she was on her deathbed. She died right in front of me… Peacefully.”

He started to shudder and looked close to weeping. I hated to see such a burly, easygoing man like Andy go through this. I put my hand on his warm shoulder to calm him down. He quickly tensed up and hesitantly slapped it away. “Colt, you should leave and get some rest…” I obeyed, but I couldn’t sleep… I really wanted to help Andy, but he just distanced himself away from me.

Before we knew it, we were at the base of the safe haven in Oregon. The towering walls held a banner that said, “All survivors welcome!”. We could hear music and people on the other side of the gate. We were radioing the watch guards to lower the gate so we could enter, after they were sure our party was safe.

“Listen here folks, we have a bit of a dilemma,” called one of the guards, “our generator is out of gasoline, and we can’t lower the gate. But we’ll send out someone to help you gather gasoline at the local pumps.”

As our guide was pumping gasoline into a container, rustling was heard all around us in the bushes. Tanya, the guide, and Andy readied their guns, preparing for a possible fight. Bandits flanked us from the left, as Simon wrestled with a large bandit. Christina tunalı escort ran back to the car to look for guns, and Tanya and Andy took cover inside the abandoned gasoline shop. I ran into the forest, I only had my medical supplies with me, and I couldn’t fight back.

Tanya and Andy struggled to keep the situation under control and Christina was nowhere to be found… I was alone again! I kept silent as best as I could, no zombies were around surprisingly. Everything grew deathly silent as I checked behind me to see if the bandits were gone. At that moment, one of the thieves shot at me, nearly missing my head. I was being pursued again! I dashed between the trees nearly dodging all his shots. “I’m gonna kill you quick, and I’m going to steal your supplies!” He laughed. Evilness radiated from him as I was running out of escape options. I was cornered behind a building as the bandit neared me every second. My heart was beating as I realized no one could save me now. I lost all hope as he aimed his gun at me with a smile. He pulled the trigger, as someone shouted “NO!” and landed in front of me.

Andy went down with a thud as I realized with horror what he had done. Blood heavily poured out of his shoulder as the bandit reloaded his gun. Tanya snuck behind him and quickly killed him with a shot to the head. “Damn bastard!” She shouted.

“Andy… No. No. No. Andy stay with me!” I placed his head on my lap and ripped some cloth to stop the bleeding.

“Colt? I… There’s a hole in me isn’t there?” He weakly grinned.

“This is no time for joking!! Someone help me!!” I screamed.

My party and the guide lifted Andy into the car as the watch guards swiftly brought down the gates. Andy was unconscious by the time we got in, and he was quickly rushed to the infirmary. I wouldn’t see him again for another day.

I dreaded through 24 long hours, I couldn’t even sleep. Was Andy okay? Will I still get to see his sarcastic smile? Will he still joke about my young age? Will I still see his beautiful hair and carefree eyes that were ablaze with passion and wisdom about living a good life? I cried as I waited outside the infirmary for hours. I was finally allowed in, and Andy was sitting up in his bed facing backwards like he did so many nights ago. He had clean clothes on and was eating food the nurses prepared for him.

“Colt!!” He exclaimed as he saw me, he dropped his food and waved. I went over and hugged him, which I had never done, but it seemed natural at this moment. He smelled like the pine and oak of the back country.

“Oh, Andy, God I was so worried about you!” I cried out.

“Oh quit being emotional Colt, it’s just another gunshot wound to add to my collection.” He joked. Lighthearted as always he seemed. He lightened up the mood a bit. “Lock the door behind ya,” he told me.

“How are you? Are you ok? Lightheaded?” I sounded like a mother right now.

“Chill Colt! Just a small wound… The doctors stitched me up real quick and gave me a blood transfusion.” He lifted up his shirt and showed me his still-recovering wound. I looked at the wound for short while, but started wandering elsewhere, his abs, and biceps… His defined pecs… I caught myself before he would see me drooling.

“It seems they missed a spot,” Andy said, “do you mind wiping it for me?” He gestured to a bloodstained patch of skin near his collarbone.

I wiped it slowly with a damp towelette so I wouldn’t hurt him. I looked up to see if he was hurting but he was intensely gazing into my eyes with deep brown eyes that looked like they wanted to show me something. I quickly looked down so he wouldn’t see me blushing. He quickly brought up the subject about his wife.

“Mandy was my first love,” he said. I was taken by surprise, Andy wasn’t the type to share personal information so easily. “We were living so turangüneş escort peacefully in Montana, and I thought life couldn’t get any better. She was such a genuine person.”

I cringed at the thought of his sexuality, I could never ever get him. I still listened though, I didn’t want to be rude.

“She got typhoid when we’re running to Oregon, and it got worse and worse, until there was a point where she became incapacitated. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of her… But you’ve made the loss an awful lot easier, Colt.”

His last sentence sent shivers down my spine, maybe he did love me!

He gripped my wiping wrist. “Colt… I’m so happy that I took that bullet for you.”

I was incredulous. “What? Why?”

“We’re both alive… I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. But I knew that if you were going to live, it was all worth it. Colt, you’re such a caring and innocent boy that don’t want to hurt no one. You’ve really showed me that in the world sickened by disease, there are still pure people like you that are a real remedy to others. I love you Colt” He blurted, “sorry I didn’t mean to…”

Blood rushed to my head, and I felt like I was flying. “Andy, I… Andy I love you, too” Everything felt so right at this moment. My confessions and feelings for him were being poured out into this room like wine spilling on a table. Without hesitation he pulled me into a long, passionate, and deep kiss that sealed our love. My hands reached for the nape of his neck as we tasted each other with our tongues. He grabbed my hair as we pulled away, panting. “And I thought my wife was a wild kisser!” He chuckled.

“You don’t even know wild Andy. I’ve been madly seeking your touch, I’m insane for you. I dream about your skin being mine, I dream about the day where we’d fall in love and make love endlessly, and I can’t believe that those wild dreams are coming true right now.”

He removed my shirt, and his hands explored my bare chest and back as he pulled me closer to his body. The heat and friction we were making gave me an instant hard-on. Andy seemed to have noticed and he rubbed it roughly but lovingly. We quickly removed our jeans and made out like wild animals on the carpet floor. This was so primal, so unhinged, so right. Our dicks rubbed together as he pulsated, our underpants were completely wet with slick man juice, and we quickly threw them off. “God, Colt, you’re so beautiful… I’m ecstatic your finally mine! I’m gonna breed you so hard, you’ll see white!” His dirty talk made me hornier than ever.

“Andy, give it to me please. Andy fuck me like we’re dying tomorrow, give it to me hard.” I begged like a child.

He traced my body with his tongue as we positioned ourselves into a steamy 69. I barely had enough time to moan between my slurps of his salty dick. His warm tongue tickled my dick as he bobbed his head up and down. He raised my legs as he kissed me passionately. “I’ve never fucked a dude before,” he confessed, “but I’ll make you feel good.”

He took probing lube from the counter as he slicked his raging, long dick. He fingered my asshole with 2 fingers, and loosened up my walls well. He put the tip in slowly as a moan escaped my mouth. I’ve had sex with other dudes before, but this was on a whole different level. He fixed his 7 inches all the way inside of me as I felt his dick, hot and throbbing inside of me. Andy pumped in and out slowly as he jerked me off and kissed my neck. “Fuck me!” I instinctively yelled, my toes were curling as his dick rubbed against the perfect spot. “Harder! Andy, harder!” I demanded as Andy began fucking me like a madman. He was right, I was seeing white! My eyes rolled back as I climaxed so hard I almost blacked out. Andy felt my hole throb as he moaned deeply, flooding my asshole with his cum.

We rolled over, sweaty, cum covered, and giddy. We laughed as we kissed. I’m so happy you’re finally mine…

1 year later…

The safe haven expanded its borders into California, as more and more land began becoming safe to live in again. Andy and I happily worked together in killing zombies, saving lives, and fucking the brains out of each other when we had the time.

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