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A couple of weeks ago, my parents were away for the weekend and my brother was out so I was home alone and chatting to my friend on MSN messenger. About an hour into our conversation she had to go so I surfed around aimlessly. I was in the mood to talk so logged onto a chatroom that I visited occasionally. Of course I was inundated with messages from men wanting to cyber but I wasn’t in the mood and was about to leave when I was paged by a girl calling herself DiscoDiva84. We got chatting and we had a lot in common because we both went to the same college but never met.

An hour turned into two hours and we were both being constantly paged by other men, which was really distracting so we moved into a private room she and her friends used. Once in there, we continued talking about college stuff when she typed: “Do you have a web cam? I wanna see if I recognise you.” Satisfied that she wasn’t a freak, we turned on our respective web cams so that we could see each other.

When her image came onto the screen I didn’t recognise her at all she didn’t recognise me either. We were the exact opposite: I was tall and curvy with long dark hair and big brown eyes and she was petite with short blonde hair and a cheeky smile.

The conversation eventually turned to men. She told me that she was recently single and I admitted that it had “been a while” because I was still living at home. “That explains why we’re here on a Saturday night,” she typed with an exaggerated wink to the web cam. We started giggling and to my surprise, she started flirting with me.

DiscoDiva84: you’re so pretty

AngelWings: are you flirting with me?

DiscoDiva84: yeah a little…

AngelWings: just a little?

DiscoDiva84: do you want me to flirt some more?

AngelWings: I’ve never flirted with a woman before

DiscoDiva84: fun isn’t it?

AngelWings: I can think of worse ways of spending a Saturday night

DiscoDiva84: I can think of better ways of spending a Saturday night

AngelWings: like what?

DiscoDiva84: like looking at you

AngelWings: do you like looking at me?

DiscoDiva84: yeah…you have a great body

AngelWings: thanks. so do you.

DiscoDiva84: you have fantastic tits…

AngelWings: you think so?

DiscoDiva84: oh yeah…can I see them?

I don’t know what came over me, but I didn’t hesitate. There’s something about being in front of a webcam that makes you lose all inhibitions. If she’d come up to me in casino oyna a bar and asked me to show her my tits I would have thrown my drink on her.

So I slowly lifted up my T-shirt to reveal my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra so lost what little reserve I had left and pulled my T-shirt off completely so that I was naked. As I resumed typing, I could tell by the look on her face that she approved…

AngelWings: what do you think?

DiscoDiva84: oh god they’re gorgeous. I wish I was there so I could touch them

I cupped my full breasts with my hands and held them up to the webcam so she could get a closer look. I watched as she licked her lips when I rubbed my raspberry coloured nipples so that they hardened.

DiscoDiva84: I wish I was there so I could do that for you

AngelWings: I wish you were here too

DiscoDiva84: god…the things I would do to you…

AngelWings: tell me…

DiscoDiva84: I’d suck your tits…lick every inch of them and bite your nipples…

AngelWings: oh yeah

DiscoDiva84: I wanna suck your tits so bad

AngelWings: let me see yours

I didn’t have to ask her twice and I could feel my pussy getting wetter my clit throb as she unbuttoned her shirt and took off her white cotton bra to reveal her perfect breasts. They were small and pert with hard pink nipples that stuck out like erasers. She played with them as I stared at her on the webcam and I could resist the urge no longer. My hand found it’s way between my legs and I began fingering myself furiously as she played with her tiny tits.

DiscoDiva84: are you fingering yourself?

AngelWings: yes

DiscoDiva84: let me see

I angled my web cam so she could see what I was doing.

DiscoDiva84: what a pretty pink cunt

AngelWings: oh yeah…and it’s soaking wet for you…

I watched as she parted her legs and began fingering herself too. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other as we had one hand on our keyboards and the other on our horny cunts.

DiscoDiva84: you’re so hot…just watching you is making me cum

AngelWings: I wish you were here…I’m so horny

DiscoDiva84: if I was there I’d bury my face between your legs and lick your clit til you came

AngelWings: I’d cum all over your face

As I neared my orgasm I found it harder to type. We were both fingering ourselves furiously as we watched each other on web cam, wishing we weren’t so far apart. I was moaning loudly and played with my tits as I came, canlı casino my hot cunt juice running all over my fingers. “Oh yeah…yeah…mmmmmm…” I groaned as I recovered from my orgasm.

DiscoDiva84: who’s that?

I looked over my shoulder to see my older brother standing there watching. I nearly died of embarrassment as he walked towards me, not sure what to do or say.

DiscoDiva84: who’s that? I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend

AngelWings: I’m her brother

He typed over me, as I tried to cover my naked body with my hands.

DiscoDiva84: looks like you enjoyed what she was doing too

She said spying the huge bulge in my brother’s jeans.

AngelWings: do you wanna stick around for part 2 of the show?

DiscoDiva84: yeah…what are you going to do to her?

AngelWings: what do you want me to do to her?

DiscoDiva84: make her suck your dick

My eyes widened as I read what they were typing and when I looked up at my brother he had already unzipped his jeans and was holding his huge hard on. I hesitated for a moment before accepting it into my mouth. He groaned loudly and buried his hands in my hair as he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking my face.

Again, in the presence of a webcam we had forgotten that we were brother and sister and allowed the fact that we were horny to dictate what we did. I’d never done anything like this with my brother before; in fact I’d never looked at him in any other way than my older brother. Yet after half an hour of masturbating in front of a stranger on the Internet, I was horny enough to suck anyone’s dick even if I was related to him. Knowing that she was watching too and wanted to see me do it spurred me on as well. I wanted to please them both.

DiscoDiva84: oh baby…suck his dick…suck it real good

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was still fingering herself and it encouraged me to slip my hand between my legs and finger myself too.

DiscoDiva84: keep sucking baby…deep throat him

My brother read her request out loud so I did as she suggested and let the head of his thick cock inch it’s way down my throat. He obviously approved and moaned loudly as he reached over and typed something else to our horny observer.

AngelWings: what do you want me to do to her now?

DiscoDiva84: fuck her…fuck her hard…make her cum

He took a step back and his stiff cock fell out of my eager mouth. He told me to stand up so I did, aware that she kaçak casino was still watching us as he took my place in the chair opposite the computer. He turned me round to face the webcam and with his hands on my hips, pulled me down towards him. I moaned loudly as I plunged my hot, wet pussy onto his hard cock.

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” I groaned suddenly aware of what we were doing but not wanting to stop. “We already are,” he replied, “Just enjoy my cock in you. Don’t think of me as your brother, just think about how good it feels for me to be fucking you right now…” I couldn’t argue with that and didn’t stop him as he moved his hands to my firm breasts and began squeezing them tightly.

DiscoDiva84: oh god yeah…fuck her…she wants it…fuck her hard

DiscoDiva84: yeah…give it to her…make her cum

My eyes were fixed on the webcam watching her masturbate as I rode my brother’s cock for all I was worth.

DiscoDiva84: you little slut. You love it don’t you? Fuck him harder!

I did as she said and holding onto the armrests of the chair as leverage, began bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, taking every inch of him up my tight, wet snatch and loving every second of it.

I could feel his hot breath on my back as I fucked him and as he pinched my nipples I begged him not to stop. I’d never wanted to be fucked so hard in my life and I couldn’t take my eyes off my computer screen as we all neared our orgasms.

DiscoDiva84: that’s it. Fuck him slut. Fuck him.

He came first, thrusting upwards as he did and shooting his load deep inside me. Watching her cum too triggered my own orgasm, which hit me hard and fast, my tits bouncing up and down as I came, calling out his name and moaning loudly.

He twisted me round so that he could suck my tits and as his tongue lapped at my sensitive nipples I fingered my clit as his cock softened inside me.

DiscoDiva84: thank you! That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

AngelWings: glad you enjoyed it – I did too – who knew my brother had such a big cock and knew what to do with it too 😉

My brother winked at me as he read what I typed, still sucking on my tits. He fucked me in every position all night under the ever-watchful eye of our new friend. By the early hours of the morning we were all exhausted and said our goodbyes agreeing to meet online later that day for more of the same. As he turned my computer off I climbed into bed and closed my eyes. I was surprised when I felt him get into bed too and when he climbed on top of me I gratefully accepted his hard cock back into my well-fucked pussy, knowing that now we had started this, it was going to continue, with or without the webcam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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