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I stand nervously before the door, hand raised to knock, quivering against the last minute doubts and insecurities that run one more lap through my mind. Is this right? What am I doing? Is this me? I take a breath and calm myself, and smooth over all doubts with the undeniable thought about this being the one life we get to live, so I may as well live it.

Dum spiro spero, I think to myself. “As I breathe I hope,” and all the ways that that one saying can be worked into the thoughts behind this endeavor. It is Latin, and a thought I have chosen to use at times like these to make myself relax, and live a little, rather than just retreat and take the easy course in my social life so often, even as in every other facet of my life I take the harder road and excel at it.

This inner turmoil resolved momentarily, I take the initiative and knock on the door of this woman who I only have one picture of, that captivates me, and has lead me to her doorstep, in search of something I have only shared with one other in my life. As I rap my knuckles on the door, I think of that one picture, and the beautiful woman it portrays. The attractive line of her jaw, the slight smile to her lips, making me want nothing more than to kiss them. The gentle and alluring swell of her breast beneath the pink shirt, and the hints of the overall package that I would so love to see and experience in person.

That I was about to see and experience in person. All this passed through my mind in a flash, between the three quick knocks of my hand on the door to her place. And, even in that time, the excitement I was feeling was noticeable, as I hardened in my jeans, more so as I heard the locks of the door click, and the expectations soared as the door softly clicked open and swung back.

There she was, more alluring and enchanting than I had expected. A few inches taller than me, the slender frame lithe and beautiful in the way she moved. She was dressed as casually as I was, in jeans and a t-shirt, but the way in which her clothes hugged her curves caused my breath to hitch, and my excitement became that much more obvious. She smiled; knowing the effect she and the reason for our meeting like this was having on my, relatively speaking, inexperienced state.

She took advantage of the moment, stepping forward, placing one hand on my thigh as we stood there in the doorway, and as she leaned close to me, her perfume overtaking my senses, she ran that hand gently up my leg, pressing confidently into my crouch, and then sliding up, sending ripples of sensation everywhere, up my stomach, my pecs, my neck, to my chin as she leaned in for a passionate kiss, bursa evi olan escort sending what few of my nerves weren’t there already into the stratosphere of sensual ignition.

As we kissed, I responded, sliding my arms around her, pulling her close, my left arm wrapping under her arm and sliding my hand up to caress the back of her neck, my right slipping around her waist. Her free hand was making its way around the small of my back, and then running gently, teasingly down to grab my ass, even as my right hand was doing something similar to her. She pulled our hips tight together, grinding with gentle seduction against me, sending waves of sensation through my dick, now fully at attention in my jeans.

She broke away, stepping back slightly, a slight smile playing about her lips, her beautiful brown eyes glowing at me. She ran that same hand in a slow caress back down my chest, over my stomach, and gently rubbed and squeezed my dick in my pants for a moment or two, causing my breath to catch in my throat. She hooked a finger behind my belt buckle, and pulled me into the entranceway of her place, as she reached back with her free hand and closed the door behind me. I had completely forgotten that we had been standing in there, where anyone at all walking by would have seen us making out in the open doorway.

As I had glanced back over my shoulder at the sound of the door clicking shut behind me, she had been quickly and almost imperceptively undoing my belt buckle and the button to my jeans with the one hand she had pulled me into her place with. Her other hand locked the door behind me, and the hand busy with my pants had my fly down, and was reaching inside my boxers and grabbing my cock. She pulled it out, looking down at it that smile still brushing her lips. She gave it a squeeze and stroked it, and my arms slipped around her again, pulling her close, and passionately kissing her once more, our tongues tangling together. My right hand once again gave her firm behind a good squeezing, my left sliding up to caress and squeeze her breast. Feeling her hard nipples through the t-shirt, I realized she didn’t have a bra on at all.

Her one hand was still holding and rubbing my cock gently between us, her other hand had slid up and my neck and was caressing the back of my head as we kissed.

I slipped my left hand down and back up, this time under her shirt, to fondle her breast without even the thin material of her t-shirt to come between us. I gently tugged and pulled her nipple, getting a slight moan of pleasure in response. I moaned as well, as she gave my cock a harder squeeze as she tugged altıparmak escort on it.

Once again she broke our embrace; turning as she stepped away down the hallway on the other side of what I assumed was the living room. Her hand stayed on my throbbing member until she stepped out of reach, my pre-cum smeared on her hand and over the head of my dick. I watched her walk across the room; her hips swaying in that incredibly seductive and arousing way that women have, and noticed her feet were bare. Looking down at my condition, I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks, and thought, what the hell, and pulled my pants and boxers off as well. She had stopped at the entryway to the hall, looking back at me over her shoulder with veiled eyes. She raised her left hand, and with a graceful, fluid gesture, motioned me forward. As I walked across the room, she undid her jeans, and bent over and seductively lowered them, letting me get my first sight of her behind, the wondrous curved globes of her ass delineated by a thong. Her legs were long and graceful, and went all the way up in that fantastic curving line that fascinates men the world over.

She stepped out of the jeans as I arrived. I reached out to her, sliding my hands around to her stomach, and nuzzled and bit playfully at her earlobe. She leaned back against me, one hand reaching back to my ass to pull my hips forward, my cock rubbing in between her ass cheeks, pressing my shaft between us, my balls tingling and my dick dripping pre-cum onto the small of her back.

I continued to kiss and lick her earlobe and the side of her neck, and my right hand I cupped her breast, while my left traced the graceful line of her belly, continuing down, past her hips, following the contour where the leg meets the hip, to her still covered pubic mound, to press lightly between her legs, gently rubbing the fabric of her thong against the outer folds of her pussy. This elicited another moan, and her hips pressed back against my cock, and I ground gently against her.

Her free hand slid down my left arm, her hand sliding over mine and pressing my fingers more firmly against her as she whispered back to me, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

After her statement – the first words she had said to me, I realized, she pressed my fingers harder against her cunt for a moment and ground back harder against my cock. Then, she removed my hand from between her legs, and turned around – carefully angling her hips so my cock stayed pressed against her bare hip, leaving an erotic trail of my pre-cum from where I had been nestled between her ass cheeks, to her lower belly, where my cock head stayed pressed against her flesh, and my balls feeling the satiny fabric of her thong where it covered her pussy.

Feeling this happen, and seeing the look in her eyes as she faced me and rubbed my pre-cum into the skin of her hip, it was one of the most erotic moments of my life. I’m really not quite sure how I managed to not cum all over her right then and there. Her eyes lowered to her hand, gently rubbing it’s way along that trail left by my dick, and I looked down, watching her fingers gently tease their way across her hip to her lower belly, and finally, to my cock, which she pressed against her, rubbing it against her for a moment, and then she took it and slid it between her legs, so my shaft was pressed along her still clad pussy. I could feel her warmth and wetness seeping through the fabric of her thong, and felt her pussy lips pressing around the thin material to press against me, skin on skin.

With her hands free, she leaned her upper body back slightly as our hips ground together, and with another teasing smile, she pulled off her t-shirt, and I ogled her breasts for the first time. They were wonderful – the right size, the right firmness, great. I started kissing her neck as I fondled her left breast with my right hand, and kissed my way down to suck on and nibble at her nipple. My other hand was grabbing her ass again, and her arms wrapped around my neck, pressing me against her breasts. Her legs wrapped around my waist, causing our somewhat dry humping to become harder, more intense.

That was when she completely surprised me. With one hand she reached down, pulled her thong to the side, and with a deft press of her fingers and thrust of her hips, she slipped my dripping, throbbing cock into her hot, wet pussy. It felt fabulous, yet…

“But,” I started to say.

“Shhh,” she said, “You’re clean, right?”

“Well, ya, but,”

“Me too. So shut up, and fuck me, hard, right now.”

Who was I to argue? So I turned, and pressed her against the wall, and started to thrust into her, increasing the pace as her legs around my waist pulled me into her harder with each thrust. She was panting and grunting in my ear as I kissed and licked at her neck, each time a higher pitch, until her legs squeezed me tightly, and her pussy spasmed and her juices flooded out around my cock as her orgasm hit. I kept pumping into her, and she screamed as she kept cumming. This was all too much for me, and my cock exploded inside her, shooting a massive load that had built up during all the foreplay.

True to usual form, my cock stayed mostly hard after I had cum inside her, even as I sagged against the wall and she took one leg from around my waist to help support the two of us.

I looked at her, and she smiled, and wiggled her hips, with my dick still inside her and said, “Seems like you’re not done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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