Arab Women for Black Men

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Big Tits

Jackson Sylvester looked into Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled’s eyes as he slid his dick into her asshole. The young Arab woman bit her lips, trying not to scream. Jackson gently wrapped his arms around her as he pushed his cock deeper inside of her. Ever since he first saw the six-foot-tall, curvy young Saudi Arabian woman walking around Carleton University’s library, the young African-American man wanted a piece of her fantastic-looking, marvelous heart-shaped Arabic ass. At the time, he thought the hijab-wearing and Koran-quoting young Saudi Arabian woman would never have anything to do with him. He saw a lot of Arab guys with white women and the occasional Black female but he had never seen an Arab lady with a Black guy. He thought Zahrah-Yaminah was like all the others, until she proved him wrong. Now she was making his ultimate fantasy come true.

Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled bit her lips as her handsome Black male lover began fucking her in the ass. By the grace of Allah, it was amazing how much she loved this young man. In spite of their age difference and the difference in cultures and religions, she’d fallen in love with him. Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled rubbed her pussy lips, and found them surprisingly wet. It helped, though not by much. Even with the lubricant they used, Jackson’s dick felt huge in her asshole. Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled couldn’t believe that she was actually giving up the booty to please her man. And not just any man. A young Black American guy. One of the sworn enemies of her people. For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the very heart of Islam. Firmest opponent to the wanton debauchery, liberalism and Godlessness of western culture, which the United States of America embodied. bağdatcaddesi escort And yet, she wanted to give herself to him. Mind, body and soul. Wow. What she wouldn’t do for her Jackson.

Jackson gently sucked on Zahrah-Yaminah’s tits as he pushed his cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. The Detroit native couldn’t believe his luck. When he came to Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, he experienced a brand new world. The town of Ottawa, Ontario, was nothing like his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Ottawa was dull, conservative and boring. A government town, essentially. The city of Detroit was lively, racially diverse and always hot and bothered. Even on the coldest day of winter. Ottawa felt dead…all the damn time. The young brother was determined to make his own fun. At Carleton University, Jackson Sylvester chased a lot of sexy white girls and the occasional Black woman. As usual, the Black chicks were always putting a brother through hell before giving him some pussy. Yet they always gave the pussy to the white guys with no muss and no fuss. It seemed that Black women were genetically designed to worship white males while treating Black men like dirt. Frustrated, Jackson joined the legions of Black male college and university students across Canada and America who dated white women exclusively. That was before he discovered Arab women, though.

Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled was something else. A young woman born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who emigrated to the region of Ontario, Canada, with her family. She had adjusted really well to life in Canada, though it was radically different from life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, beykoz escort which was governed by Islamic Law. Growing up in a place where females couldn’t vote, drive cars or venture anywhere without a male family member, Zahrah-Yaminah felt truly limited. However, it was all that she knew. When she came to North America, she realized what she had been missing. In Canada, women could be anything they wanted to be. Prime ministers. Provincial governors. Police officers. Lawyers. Doctors. They had all the same rights that men enjoyed. Zahrah-Yaminah’s first deed was to get a driver’s licence. Something she could only dream of while living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled experienced a personal awakening. Her newfound freedom changed her life. Slowly but surely, her eyes opened. She saw how much Islam repressed women. She actually felt pity for white women from North America and Europe who actually bought into the false promises of fulfillment that Muslim men preached. Muslim men cared about one thing and one thing only, and that thing was control. Zahrah-Yaminah silently vowed to herself that she would never marry a Muslim man as long as she lived. Her parents tried to pressure her into an arranged marriage but she refused. That was the day they cut her off. She didn’t care. She had a full academic scholarship to Carleton University and she was going to live her life the way she wanted. Not according to the rules of an archaic religion which repressed women. Thus, she began living her life the way she wanted. Even though she still wore the hijab and carried the Koran which her grandmother had given her, it was still for sentimental rather than caddebostan escort religious reasons. Her mindset had grown more secular and western as she adjusted to life in Canada. At the time she met Jackson Sylvester, she hadn’t set foot inside a mosque in years.

The day Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled met Jackson Sylvester, she was smitten with him. Jackson was a transfer from Wayne State University in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. He was sexy, cocky and confident. The way she imagined most African-American men were. He was all that and more. She got to know him, and saw him for who he was. A very nice guy hidden inside a tough exterior. She appealed to his gentler side, and he helped her discover her strength. Jackson helped her stand up to her controlling parents as they tried worming their way back into her life. She wanted to become a lawyer. She wanted to make something of herself, not wait hand and foot on some Arab guy according to the sexist and outdated laws of Islam. She wanted a life of her own. She could have that with Jackson, a guy who respected and loved her. When her family realized she had made up her mind, they left her alone at last. And Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled finally felt free.

Zahrah-Yaminah Khaled moved into an apartment off-campus with Jackson. And they finally felt free to do whatever they wanted. Which brought her back to the present moment. Lying on top of her favorite Black stud with his dick in her ass. Zahrah-Yaminah screamed passionately as Jackson fucked her. Finally his cock was balls deep in her asshole. It couldn’t go any further. It was all the way in. Jackson silenced her screams with a deep kiss. His cock shuddered inside her asshole, and then he came. Zahrah-Yaminah’s eyes widened as she felt Jackson’s hot cum flooding her asshole. He held her tight as tremors overtook her supple body. Later, he kissed her tears. Breathlessly she told him how much she loved him. Jackson smiled and told her that he loved her too.

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