Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 3

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I had been stripped naked by Auntie Kimberley Holmes. Auntie Jean stared at me, then she turned to Adele Howells. Adele was 49 years of age with short, jet, black hair. She looked stunning in her tight, white trousers, over her long, black booties. Her green, patterned, satin blouse was stained with Simon Bennett’s semen. Adele’s thin, red lips looked so inviting coated with bright, red lipstick. Jean smiled at Adele, nodding her head, as if to tell Adele it was her turn for kinky sex with me. Sissy Carly Lloyd was ready to screw her into the ground.

“Hey! Carly would you like to fuck Adele, wearing her clothes?” said Jean.

“Yes please Auntie Jean, I would look so pretty,” I replied.

“Look Jean, I think we had better end this joke now,” said Adele nervously.

“Humiliating Simon didn’t seem to worry you,” screamed Jean.

“That was only a bit of fun, please don’t do this to me Jean,” pleaded Adele.

Kimberley wrestled Adele onto the floor, while I helped her pin Adele to the carpet. Jean removed Adele’s blouse, then her brassiere. I pulled her booties off, followed by her white trousers. I pulled down Adele’s white, satin panties with my teeth. I licked the crotch of the panties in front of a shocked Adele. Auntie Jean dressed me up in Adele’s clothes. Jean then produced an Adele Howells short, black wig.

“You look lovely Carly babes, if Adele’s husband was here, he would shag you on the spot,” laughed Jean.

“Thanks Auntie Jean, I do love you my fat, kinky fucker,” I said proudly.

Kimberley spread Adele face down, making her open her legs, I mounted Adele from behind, she struggled at first, but once I was inside her, she was fine. I grabbed her breasts for support. Adele crawled on all fours, as I fucked her doggie fashion. The front of my white trousers was open, with my soft panties half way down my legs. Adele started to pant, as my cock was riding her. Tony Howells would have been proud of his gorgeous wife. We went up to Kimberley Holmes. Adele was forced to lick her booties. I fucked her harder, as Adele sucked the leather of Kimberley’s booties. This must have been so humiliating for her. Kimberley put a crumpled, white, paper hanky to her large nose, blowing it softly, then she dropped it onto the floor on purpose.

“Oh! look Adele, Auntie Kimberley is a clumsy cow, pick it up with your teeth,” I said fucking her like a stoat.

“Do as Carly says, you dirty, posh slut,” shouted Kimberley.

Adele did as she was told, I took it from Adele’s mouth, stuffing it into mine. Kimberley laughed as I chewed her snotty, paper hanky. Kimberley bent down, giving Adele a long, wet kiss. She then went into Adele’s small, gold handbag, removing her red lipstick. She then applied fresh lipstick to Adele’s thin lips.

“What a sexy kisser you are Mrs Howells,” bahis siteleri taunted Kimberley.

I couldn’t hold my semen any more, pumping it into a panting Adele Howells. I removed my cock, while Kimberley turned Adele over. Auntie Jean gave me a glass of her urine to wash down Kimberley’s paper hanky. I got on top of Adele, playing with her breasts. I then sucked milk from her succulent nipples, while I filled up with semen . My cock was erect once again.. Adele gave me a kinky smile, as her breast milk spurted into my mouth, dripping down my throat. Jean and Kimberley forced Adele’s legs open. I thrust my cock inside her hairy pussy, shafting her, as she begged for mercy. Auntie Jean cackled like a demented hen.

“Fuck the pretty cunt Carly, make the posh, fucker pregnant,” Jean screamed.

I kissed at Adele’s sweet, red lips, forcing my tongue inside her mouth. She fondled my satin blouse, that she had been wearing only 15 minutes ago. Running my hands through Adele’s short, black hair made me feel even more kinkier. Then Adele’s mobile rang, Adele was forced to talk to her husband Tony, as I shafted his pretty wife. I stuck both fingers up her nose, twisting them around inside her thin nostrils. Pulling my fingers out, sucking them, to make sure that I got to know the real Adele Howells.

“I’m pumping inside you Adele, wave to Auntie Jean, while she takes your picture,” I said.

“Oh Carly, you dirty, perverted sissy, I feel such a slut,” Adele cried as her body shuddered.

I creamed inside Adele Howells, enjoying every minute of it. Francesca’s mummy was given a good fucking by me. I decided to keep wearing her clothes. Karen Lloyd gave me a smile, knowing that she was next to be shagged.

“Oh yeah Carly, I know what you want, you kinky bastard,” said Karen.

“Kinky Karen Lloyd my naught cousin,” I replied.

“If you want to fuck me Carly, then I must be in control,” said Karen smiling.

“Don’t’ leave me Karen, I thought you fancied me,” said Simon blushing.

“How could anyone love you, Simon Bennett, I’m not into beach whales,” said Karen cruelly.

“Don’t listen to that cruel bitch, I will shag you after I’ve had Karen,” I told Simon.

Karen opened the front of my trousers, put her hand inside my panties. I got an erection straight away. I looked into Karen’s blue eyes, kissing her on her pink, lipstick lips. She pulled out my cock, masturbating me over her black, lacy dress.

“Oh yeah sissy Carly, lovely creamy semen, what a wanker you really are,” taunted Karen.

“Cor! Karen Lloyd I idolise you so much, Look at me Auntie Jean,” I boasted.

“That’s my Karen, humiliating girlie boys like you,” laughed Jean.

I waited to fill up with semen, this time getting an enormous erection. Karen lifted up her dress for me to admire her canlı bahis siteleri body. Kimberley pulled down the zip. Karen’s dress fell to the floor, soaked in her sweat and my semen . Karen was now wearing blue panties, with matching lacy bra and a suspender belt, with fishnet stockings. I could see that a bulge was appearing in Simon’s trousers. Auntie Jean noticed this. She removed Simon’s clothes with a scissors, then took off her orange dress, putting it on an embarrassed Simon.

“Well Carly how do I look,” demanded Karen.

“I think you are so beautiful my pretty Karen Lloyd, I want to shag you,” I pleaded.

Jean Drummond Lloyd gave me a kinky smile. Jean looked so sexy in her green bra, with the biggest pair of green panties I had ever seen. Karen Lloyd was an eighteen year old slag desperate for a kinky shag.

“I want you to shag me Carly, while I’m sitting on my marmy’s lap,” said Karen childishly.

“Anything you say kinky Karen Lloyd,” I replied excitingly.

Karen ordered me to remove her bra. Her breasts dropped into my hands. I ripped off her fishnet stockings, throwing her suspender belt at Simon. Fondling her small panties, I pulled them down slowly. Karen’s panties were in my hand. I sniffed them, licking the soiled crotch, then stuffing them in my mouth. After I had sucked Karen’s bodily juices from them, I gave them to Simon. Karen sat on Jean’s lap. Jean gave her a cuddle . I then removed my white trousers. Kimberley pulled off my Adele Howell’s panties. I then sat facing Karen on her lap. Jean groaned at the extra weight.

“Fuck my daughter, you kinky little fucker Carly Lloyd,” screamed Jean.

“Oh yeah Karen Lloyd,” I said mimicking Karen’s voice.

Screwing Karen Lloyd on Auntie Jean’s lap was a fantastic experience. I could see tears in Simon’s eyes, as I shagged the girl that he fancied. I shafted Karen, for about twenty minutes, kissing all her pink lipstick off. I hoped I had made the slut pregnant. Auntie Jean rewarded me with another sticky bogie from her nose. I sucked her chubby finger, as hard as I could. Remains of Belinda’s saliva was still on the finger, which was a pleasant surprise. Simon Bennett looked shocked, as he knew he was next to feel the force of my red, hot cock.

Auntie Jean removed her orange dress off Simon. She wanted to put her bra and panties on him. She let me sniff her panties first. Auntie Jean then put her orange dress back on Simon.

Hey! Carly shall I feed this fat fucker up before you fuck him,” said Jean.

“Yes please Auntie Jean, Simon looks hungry,” I laughed.

Simon Bennett was 20 stone. An obese awkward looking man of 47. As I have mentioned before Simon was a self confessed virgin. Unlike other women, I thought he was a cutie, that needed to be taught a lesson on the art of kinky, perverted canlı bahis sex. Jean was stuffing a large, meat pie into Simon’s mouth. She had already splattered a cold, fried egg over his mouth. The yolk was dripping down his chin onto his orange dress.

“Oh! Simon babes, whose Auntie Jean’s fat ,ugly twat then,” taunted Auntie Jean.

“Hi Simon, my name is Carly Lloyd, I love you Simon Bennett,” I said in a sexy voice.

Jean put a bowl under Simon’s mouth as he spat out some of the pie. Auntie Jean fed it to me with her hands. Steak and kidney pie that had been in Simon’s mouth, tasted delicious. I licked the yellow yolk of the egg from his wet mouth. Kimberley lifted up Simon’s orange dress, My hand went inside his large, green panties, removing his rock, hard cock. I held it in my hand, masturbating my overweight boyfriend.

“You fat fucker Simon Bennett,” I repeated, jerking the fat bastard off with my hand.

“Your father Roy Bennett, would have been so proud off you babes,” taunted Jean.

“Auntie Jenny Bendle would be smiling, with her large tongue sticking out,” teased Kimberley.

Simon Bennett couldn’t hold his spunk anymore. He started to spurt. My mouth was wide open to catch the first drops of his creamy semen. Simon started to cream into my hand. I put his cock into my mouth sucking and swallowing his spunk. I then sucked the mess from my hand. Licking Simon’s balls was an amazing experience. As I have told you previously, I had grown Karen Lloyd breasts. Simon Bennett was begging for me to breast-feed him. This I did like any proud mummy. Simon looked into my face with satisfaction. We had a long, wet, sloppy kiss, with my tongue inside his mouth cleaning the remains of the pie from his teeth.

Kimberley turned Simon over, making him arch his back. Mounting Simon Bennett up his fat ass made me feel such a slut. Simon grunted like a pig, as I shafted him., pumping my semen inside the fat bastard. Diane Bennett’s son had passed with flying colours.

I watched Kimberley remove her clothes, changing into black, satin pyjamas. Auntie Jean was wearing a pink, flowered nightdress. They both grabbed me, stripping me naked. They dressed me up in Karen’s pink, satin pyjamas.

“Time for bed Carly babes, Kimberley and I want to be fucked all through the night,” said Jean.

“Come on Carly, upstairs we go, Auntie Kimberley needs a good shagging,” said Kimberley in her strong welsh accent.

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd picked me up in her arms, feeding me, a large, sticky bogie from her nose, in the traditional kinky way. Kimberley laughed, kissing me sloppily on the lips. As we left the bar, Simon Bennett was shagging Karen Lloyd up against the wall.

The last episode of this kinky story promises to be a perverted ending to my exploits with Jean Drummond Lloyd. Her daughter Kimberley Holmes, will make sure that I will have the kinkiest orgy with her and her mummy. I am so excited, with the prospect of making these pair of kinky cunts pregnant. Now that would be an achievement.

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