Aztec Art – The Path to Submission Ch. 04

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Lloyd sensed too late, that something was not quite how it should be, when a smiling Helen returned to the table and simply sat smoking a cigarette without saying a word for several minutes, pulling her chair a little further back with her legs crossed and just studying him with a contented expression. He wanted to ask her what was happening, but somehow he couldn’t; he knew she’d done something… something which puzzled his senses. His heart raced with a strange unease, yet her intense smile told him something was right as far as she was concerned, and that had his cock stirring.

She turned her head on hearing the door to the house open, Lloyd’s cock erecting as his eyes studied the deliciously effeminate Lucy, standing there, her soft face pale, and her expression much the penitent way it was when she’d revealed her secret to him… just moments before he’d taken great pleasure in fucking her tight arsehole wantonly, thrilled at completing a sexual conquest he’d never have dreamed of. Helen lifted her head commandingly, Lloyd sensing her feminine dominance for the first time.

“Get over here Lucy, I’ll not have you sulking any longer.” Lloyd felt his cock rise the way it did when waking from an erotic dream, that beautiful twilight when reality merged with imagination, and he felt as though he was at that point now, something holding him there. His anus tingled at the mild fear and indignation of being controlled by something, but his cock swelled at the promise in Helen’s mature eyes, her wicked smile sucking him deeper toward something he did not want to fight. She sneered at Lucy as the timid transsexual stood gaping wide-eyed by the table, as the sound of vehicles parking outside teased Lloyd’s ears.

“On your knees Lucy, I want you to enjoy what the consequences of your actions have brought us.” Lloyd’s cock stood rigid in his loose pants as his eyes flicked between the movement of figures at the gate, and the soft Lucy kneeling with a face which displayed every facet of her submissive nature, telling him the game was well and truly up. He managed a dull grunt as the memory of the carnal pleasure of his bell-end squeezing into that tight anus while the hairless balls swung helplessly below it, coursed delectably through his mind; her humbled stance told him the women knew… but her soft repentant eyes told him she’d not betrayed him, not directly. He tried to move but fond himself frozen… awaiting a command – something which gave him a fresh excitement.

Helen grinned victoriously as Lloyd’s eyes took in the approach of a sneering Kay and two ominously hooded women. Gone were the tight slacks and petit blouse, which were arousing enough to invite his sexual appetite; Kay now wore a tight leather skirt and knee length black tall heeled boots, a black lacy top expressing her large breasts to their full feminine extent, the nipples poking hard to reveal her sexual excitement. She took delight in flicking a crop across the palms of her hand; Lloyd now witnessing the true nature of her sexuality. He gasped but still found it impossible to speak as she and the two hooded women joined Helen in indulging in a few moments of triumph, the red lips of their contented smiles revealing only their thoughts from behind the hoods. Something registered with Lloyd that both of the hooded women’s body shapes in their tight dresses were familiar, but having never seen Patti and Joyce together, the seductive feminine forms of his work associate and his very own wife confused any recognition, blurring the notion.

Kay laughed wickedly as another vehicle drew up, and Lloyd’s bewildered visual treat was further enhanced by two more attractive middle-aged women, the sexually enlightened and visually sultry Lois and Sandra arriving to show their familiarity with the others, Lois pursing her lips as she placed a tinned feel of film on the table before Lloyd, Lucy giving a whimper which caught his bemused attention, and the stern Lois looking over to her with a cruel smile.

“Well… I’d never have guessed to see you now Lucy, so sweet and undeniably feminine… I’ve many a male client who’d be more than tempted by that pretty and inviting bottom… just the way Lloyd here was.” They all laughed as Lloyd reddened, and at last managed just one word through the surreal and erotic haze he’d descended into, the little lucidity his brain had, cut to a dread but somehow thrilling twinge at the realisation of his exposure.

“N…No..” Kay laughed and swiped her hand with the crop, bringing his cock bone hard with anticipation.

“Yes Lloyd! You’ve been a very bad boy, and your fucking of Lucy has little to do with it as far as we’re concerned, but it’ll be of great izmir escort interest to your business cronies… they know you’ll fuck almost anything in a skirt, but they won’t forgive you this when they see it.” She slapped the tin with her crop, making him gape in astonishment as the cold truth dawned upon him.

“…even if many or most of them are turned on by your indulgence, we all know what hypocrites men are!” The cascade of cruel laughter from all but the two hooded women, and Lucy, had his anus tingling wildly, the dilemma terrifying, yet somehow potently arousing. Kay’s face turned a little Sterner.

“We know what a womanising beast you’ve been, and it’s time you were taught a permanent lesson. You’re going on a nice disciplinarian journey from which there’s no route back… and that journey begins now!” Kay stepped closer and slapped his face, Lloyd making no more than a murmur as the dull stinging reverberated through him.

“Excellent Helen! He’s as helpless as a lamb… we’ll have those clothes off him for the journey.” Lloyd could do nothing but sniff at the two hooded women as he was stripped, their red lips showing broad smiles to match the contemptuous jeers of the women as his nakedness revealed a cock which stood hard to humiliate him, his mind overwhelmed by the erotic and surreal situation despite his fear of what was to come. Lois sighed, her cunt wet with excitement already at being treated to such a spectacle.

“Oh, this is wonderful… making films with willingly submissive males is so rewarding, but witnessing a genuinely deserving male being prepared for punishment… and breaking, is a pleasure I never thought I’d see.” Lloyd gasped as her words brought home his predicament and the smiling Kay produced a collar and leash which was handed to the more petit of the hooded women, Helen then adding further spice to his mind as Joyce savoured the collar before leashing her husband. Helen eyed his ample balls, so desirable in a display jar in her mind, as Joyce studied the black leather collar he’d wear.

“Oh yes Lois, he’s going to enjoy our little picture show before being initiated into his life to come with a little worship of all of us, then later he’s going to be a guest to witness the fate of one of his gender at my hands… something I’d have all males suffer.” Joyce licked her red lips as she collared the man who’d abused her, her spite and raw sexual desire to vent her newly awoken dominance upon him, stronger than any woman there as she saw him leashed. Kay joined in the applause as the bemused Lloyd was collared, and by the time his sedative had worn off, he’d be well on the path to absolute submission, Kay adding more for his mind to ponder.

“…and I’ve another show in which he’ll take part, one which will pay tribute to his desires for all things Aztec… one which will have him spend, just at the sight of.” She sneered at the collared Lloyd as Joyce tugged impatiently at the leash, thoroughly enjoying its feel, her cunt in full arousal at the pleasure of having him under control and readied for breaking, her latex loving mentor equally aroused as she initiated his journey on his bemused eyes meeting hers.

“Yes Lloyd! There’s no going back now… I saw your desire for me in your eyes, and though you didn’t realise it, I saw exactly what it was. We’ll all witness your realisation of a desire you never knew you had when you mounted Lucy, and I’m going to see you enjoy the desire I saw through my eye contact… a desire to be dominated, and dominated you will be, thoroughly and permanently.” Lloyd gasped as he was pulled down onto his knees and tugged along on all fours by Joyce, along the stony path with a procession of delighted women following; his mind wrestling with Kay’s suggestion, his cock pulsing at the realisation that what she said was probably true, and the further realisation that he was about to be shown that dominance in full whether he really wanted it or not.

He nearly spent his mess on the dusty road as the larger of the hooded women opened the rear door of a black Catalina, producing white cords which had lain on the expansive leather seat, her smile radiant as he was ushered in and bound at wrists and ankles. Joyce sneered with spite as she opened the far door and slipped of her soiled panties, Lloyd’s cock perking rigid as he was hooded with them, his nose treated to the full spice of the sticky gusset over his nose. The lush scent did not help his erection as he squirmed face down, naked on the soft black leather, his eye, peering anxiously through the leg hole of the panties, catching the smiles of the two hooded women as they got into the front without escort izmir speaking.

A slender hand hit the ignition, and the added vibration took Lloyd beyond the point of control; the feeling of helplessness created by the drug and his physical bondage, awarding him a new and exquisitely erotic experience which was magnified by the delicious whiff of aroused cunt which the panties wouldn’t let him escape… he moaned uncontrollably as hot seed burst from his cock in the blissful euphoria of a submissive orgasm, the tart pleasure extended by the sneering and cynical laughter of the larger woman at his shame. Lloyd writhed in ecstasy as he tried to put a face to the laughter, it seemed so familiar, but his pleasure enveloped the thought as he spent liberally in humiliating submission.

As the hot load pulsed seemingly endlessly from his cock, Lloyd now experienced the dark pleasure of an unknown fate in being transported to perceived punishments, just as Patti had described to Joyce. Joyce sneered triumphantly as she watched her husband slip back and forth in his mess, her spite for him growing by the moment, her lust for seeing him totally broken by womanhood, making her bare cunt ooze with arousal. Having spent his load , and with the temporary waning of his sexual lust, Lloyd’s mind fought to seek some semblance of reality beyond the interference of whatever he’d been drugged with. He had waves of clarity in thought which filled him with terror at the shame he’d face on the revelation of his fucking Lucy… if indeed they truly had it on film, and who were these people? How had put them up to it? What males were behind it? His chauvinism would not let him believe that women alone could master his downfall; he was soon to learn which gender were the true rulers of mankind.

The motion of the vehicle, and the teasing comfort of his bound helplessness, soon had his cock stiff again as he lapsed back into a strangely erotic contentment at his predicament; the rich scent of the panties prevailed above all, and his eyes glanced toward the two silent feminine figures, taking him… taking him to a punishment he knew he’d long deserved. Their slender necks and pony-tailed hair which protruded from the rear of the sinister hoods, brought him rigid. His thoughts went to the deliciously spiteful redhead’s words… she had unearthed a sexual desire he’d hidden from himself, and now his anus tingled wildly at her imposing it permanently. His heart raced as the car moved slowly across gravel, just the sound of it sending his mind into a frenzy about where he was, the car coming to a halt, and the two hooded women leaning back to smile their red lips at their captive.

Lloyd sniffed hard at the panties as the door was opened, sensing they’d be removed and wanting to know the scent perpetually; a smiling Kay duly obliged while Helen untied his wrists and ankles from the other door. Kay’s cunt was wet and tingling with the prospect of this fresh new conquest as she tossed the panties aside.

“You don’t need those now… you’ll soon be sniffing cunt at source, and we’ve many other gags for you to sample.” Lloyd boned as she tugged his leash, and he lifted his torso to reveal the sticky mess on his belly and the black leather seat, which was greeted with sneering laughter by Lois and Sandra while they viewed his exit eagerly; they as keen as the others to see him dominated thoroughly. His disgrace was no more than Kay expected though, but she’d feign a muted surprise, just to enhance his humiliation.

“Look at the mess you’ve made! Why, you’re even more keen to show your submission than I thought… well you’ll know the whip with an extra edge, spending without permission.” Lloyd was pulled out into the sunlight, his eyes surveying the surroundings wildly as he was exposed, glad to see it was somewhere he didn’t recognise. The whitewashed walls of the expensive property seemed to envelope him as he descended to his knees with a groan upon the spiteful gravel, the leash being taken by the slighter hooded woman, Kay handing her crop to the more voluptuous example. Joyce took spiteful pleasure in tugging him forward with impatience, to begin his short journey to the front door, Patti equally pleasured in coaxing his flesh with sharp slaps of the crop as he winced and stumbled, the gravel biting his knees and palms. Kay sneered as she strutted just ahead of him.

“You’ll soon be relishing the privilege of such meagre pain… along with relishing the respect for all women that pain will teach you.” She laughed as his eyes flicked from her commanding figure of feminine authority, to that of Lucy’s, as she was walked past his izmir escort bayan stumbling progress by the severe Helen.

“Come my girl, you’re going to earn your keep again today… the camera awaits you again young lady.” Lloyd’s eyes took in the sorry and tearful glance the soft transsexual gave him as she was marched past, his balls tingling at seeing a swift transformation of her appearance en route. Helen and Kay smiling wickedly at seeing his excitement; Lucy minced along under Helen’s supervision, in red heeled shoes, white calf-length socks, a high and skimpy pleated skirt which did not hide the lower curves of her pert buttocks, a tight white blouse, and her hair in pigtails. Helen halted her momentarily, turned her, and to the sneering laughter of the other women, had her lift the front of her skirt to show her petit cock caged and adorned with a pretty pink ribbon, her hairless scrotum smartly ringed at the neck. She blushed as Helen pulled on her arm and continued on, Kay grinning at the bemused male.

“You’ll see what we’ve already got to show your friends, then you’ll be introduced to the duties of oral service, just to get you in the mood… then you and Lucy will put on another show for us all – your friends will have further confirmation of your deviance… and with her dressed as a schoolgirl, I’m sure it’ll be very well received.” Lloyd was not allowed to brush away the gravel which stuck to his knees, as he was pulled into the hallway with impatience, the sharp pieces gradually releasing as he slipped and stumbled painfully down the polished wooden floor, the tight leash allowing him no rest. His anus tingled as the strange whiff of rubber greeted his nose further on, as the door to a plush lounge was opened, the effects of the drug waning due to the intensity of his situation, time span, and the pain of his tortuous journey through gravel.

The good doctor Helen studied his alertness with sadistic precision; the joy of controlling physical and boisterous males this way, almost as pleasurable as castration for her. She noted expertly that Lloyd was already considering the pleasures of obedience to feminine control alone; his erection remained perpetual, due to the thrill of his sexual curiosity, but what he was about to endure might have his base masculinity rear its ugly head, to match that cock.

“I think we’d best restrain him for the show… let him take it in while he’s in a lucid phase and unable to do anything about it. I’ll prepare another dose which he’ll have before he starts oral service… he’ll go like an obedient lamb to poke Lucy, not that he’ll need any encouragement.” Lloyd felt her cruel sneer leave its mark as she strutted away, his mind a little panicky in confirming what she’d noted about his awareness. Joyce felt his hesitancy as he was tugged toward what looked like a large cat-scratching pole adorned with velvet, centrally located in the floor between banks of leather seating – a large white projection screen on the far wall. Patti took great pleasure in curing his hesitancy, her cunt oozing as she creased his flesh smartly with the crop; she’d suffered the arrogance and chauvinism of the tyrant for so long, and couldn’t wait to see his face, on her and Joyce’s reveal after suitable infliction of pain.

Lloyd cowered under her crop, the hooded woman with the leash relentless in showing him to the pole, where he was backed into it to face the screen, his wrists and ankles bound behind it. His cock pulsed and bobbed high in sexual anticipation, the soft feel of the velvet at his back, contrasting with the coarse feel of the bonds which were tied nice and tight; the sight of the deliciously dominant Kay strutting to a wheeled office chair and placing her plump arse on it, sitting backwards with her arms on the backrest, had his cock boning as she adjusted its height and wheeled her globular cheeks in the tight skirt toward his face. She grinned over her shoulder as she elevated the seat to reach the perfect position.

“There! Ready for service after our little show… and I must set up my camera for the new episode.” Sandra sighed as she deftly caressed her cunt through her dress as she studied the bound and rudely erect male.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to see him broken… when can we whip him? I so long to do it.. and I’m so looking forward to Helen’s show tonight” Kay laughed at her novice impatience, Helen waving a finger across her lips as she strutted in with the sedative cocktail Lloyd would be treated to shortly.

“Not too much about my show in present company Sandra, we don’t want to spoil the surprise he’ll enjoy seeing.” Kay smiled at Sandra as she fixed her camera to the tripod.

“You shall have your pleasure of him with the whip soon enough, he can’t have enough of it to ensure he’s broken thoroughly.” She moved to Lloyd as he shuddered at the pole, toying with his hair.

“…but all in good time, we must arouse ourselves sufficiently before he savours the whip… and he’s going to oblige us no end.”

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