Backyard Surprise

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It was very late on a warm summer’s night.

Janine and Carter had brought a blanket and spread it on the backyard lawn. On their backs, they gazed up at the stars—millions upon millions of them—as they twinkled high above.

“Makes you feel insignificant sometimes, doesn’t it?” Janine remarked.

“Or unique,” Carter replied with a smile. “Guess it depends on how you look at it.”

Carter rolled onto his left arm and side, gazed over her face, saw the myriad stars reflected in the blackness of her pupils.

He ran his finger down her nose, over the small mounds of her lips, around the curve of her chin and neck, then down into the hollow of her breasts hidden behind the top button of her blouse. He trailed a lazy pattern across her bare skin, letting his finger teasingly swoop lower into the hollow.

Janine’s eyes glanced at him. “Afraid to go further?” she asked.

He glanced around to see if any of the lights from the neighboring houses were on.

“You’re too chicken, aren’t you?” Janine suggested.

“No, I’m not.”

“I dare you.” A half-smile crossed her face, egging him on.

He looked around them again, just to make double-sure no one was watching. Except for the light of the stars and moon, everything Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort else was dark.

He turned back to her, undid the buttons of her blouse, opened it so that the cool light of the night gleamed from her slightly-dewed skin. He leaned down, licked between her breasts, tasted the saltiness of her perspiration, then licked sideways to her right nipple, flicked across it, twirled around it, felt it rise and harden.

Janine sighed as Carter sucked the stiff nub into his mouth, drew it in and out, nibbled on it with his teeth for several long moments before leaving it to kiss his way to her other breast, there to seek out its own pink bud.

Janine’s hand reached behind his head, ran through his hair, pulled him closer to her breast so that he felt the quick beating of her heart against his cheek.

His hand snaked down her naked abdomen, found the zipper of her skirt and tugged it down. Janine raised her hips slightly to allow him to push her skirt, panties and pantihose down to her ankles. Janine moved her feet back and forth, kicking out of the restraining clothes.

Carter sat up, marvelled at the pale-blue beauty of her naked flesh glistening in the moonlight.

“Satisfied?” he asked, feeling he had completed the dare.

But Janine shook her head. “You, too, darling,” she demanded quietly.

His mouth twisted wryly. Another furtive glance about him. He quickly undid his shirt, removed it, then pulled off his pants and shorts before he had any second thoughts.

The warm breeze of the night caressed their naked bodies as they embraced on the blanket. His hand swept across her breasts and stomach, moving down to slip into the cleft between her legs.

Janine gasped aloud, opening to allow him easier access. His finger pressed against her clit, rubbing it, and her hips raised slightly, demanding more.

Her hand had already gripped his cock, fingering it, stroking it, massaging it, as she felt it swell in her palm.

In the distance, above the sounds of the chirping crickets, they heard the familiar whup-whup-whup of a HAWCS helicopter probably searching for someone in the far neighborhoods, or along the highway. Carter chuckled to himself, thinking what a sight they would see if they were here.

But they weren’t.

And then any thought of the helicopter was gone as he knelt and moved his body over Janine’s, situating himself between her legs, letting her guide his now-rigid cock into the heat and wetness of her sex.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, her heels pushing against his buttocks, urging him on as he thrust into her again and again, both of them now oblivious to anything else except the mounting bliss of their nocturnal union.

Then Janine moaned loudly and jerked beneath him as she was swept away on the waves of ecstasy. Carter banged harder into the depths of her sex, feeling his own bliss rising within him, while in the back of his mind, he continued to hear the whup-whup-whup, and he began to thrust in time to the sound which, to his mind in its altered state, seemed to get louder.

Suddenly Janine shrieked as they were unexpectedly enveloped by a white and ever-so-bright searchlight, and the whirring of the helicopter blades directly above them scattered their clothes across the yard, raising dust and blowing out their hair.

Wide-eyed, embarrassed, frantic, they scrambled to their feet and dashed for the house, slipping and sliding on the grass until they felt the familiar hardness of the patio steps beneath their naked soles. And then they clambered into the house, slamming the door behind them.

For a moment, naked, they stood and stared at each other, both of them flushed and shivering with fright. Then, the humor of the situation began to sweep over them and, as the whirring of the helicopter diminished, they collapsed in fits of laughter.

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