Bad Teacher Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age.

Chapter 05: The energizer bunny has nothing on Ryan

Next morning I got up early and decided to keep on pushing Carmen’s limits. I sneaked up the stairs from the basement and quietly moved towards Carmen’s bedroom. My best friend’s mother was still a sleep so I slowly removed her sheets. Wow, what a sight she made in her red nightgown. I removed my clothes and got up on the bed. Careful I crawled up between Mrs. G’s fine-looking tanned legs and zoomed in on her pussy. I lifted her nightgown and saw her naked pussy in all its glory. I started to lick her outer lips and loved how she tasted. After some time I could feel, how my married lover became more and more moist and she started to moan in her sleep. Her lips became swollen and her clit was easy to find, protruding between them. I teased her there and she moaned louder, arching her back. I rubbed her clit in small circles and then let two of my fingers slide inside her slippery pussy. My third finger was a tighter fit, but Mrs. G began to move her cunt up into my hand. I kept up licking and kissing around her pussy as my fingers moved in and out of her in a lazy rhythm.

“Ohhh, Ryan,” Carmen moaned still in sleep.

I got a kick out of hearing my married teacher moan my name while sleeping in her marital bed. Carmen lifted her butt and I pulled her nightgown up baring her full round tits. As I started kissing up toward her luscious breasts, I felt her wake up.

She looked bewildered down at me and I smiled and looked into her gorgeous sleep-full deep brown eyes and saw the excitement in them. I moved up and without a word I started to kiss her mouth.

My best friend’s mother definitely like this and she started humming. I broke the kiss and said, “Good morning, gorgeous…”

I sensed, Carmen was struggling to control herself as she said, “What are you doing in my bed, Ryan. You’ll have to leave before Tony gets up.”

“Relax, Mrs. G. It’s still early in the morning so we have a lot of time before Tony wakes up. But I woke up and missed you, so I just had to take the matters into my own hands.”

“But, you promised…” Carmen said but I interrupted her.

“You can’t lie to me, Mrs. G. You want this as much as me. Before you woke up, you clearly made me know you liked me. You moaned out my name as I caressed you and you also got into our kiss.”

“It’s too dangerous,” Carmen stuttered but her body betrayed her words as she started to caress my face with her hand.

“I need you and you need me. We’ll just have to be silent,” I whispered and leaned in and kissed my married Milf on the mouth. My tongue hungrily searched for hers, while my right hand softly knead her full breast. I gave her nipple a tug which made her gasp.

“How long do we have?” she asked.

I looked at the watch on the bed-stand and smiled, “Almost an hour.”

“Then we shouldn’t waste another moment,” Carmen smiled up at me as she pulled me into another kiss while caressing my hair. For some time we kissed and caressed each other and at a time I pulled Mrs. G’s nightie over her head leaving us both naked.

“Fuck, you make me so hard Mrs. G,” I growled as I took in her fine mature body.

“I just want you inside me, Ryan. Please don’t make me wait anymore,” Carmen breathed, before she took the initiative and pulled me on top of her. She spread her legs and drew her knees back while I took my cock and slipped the head up and down her moist slit. With one gentle push I let my huge pole slide silkily into her warm wet pussy. I smiled as I once again had my cock embedded in my best friend’s married mother and I leaned in and kissed her deeply. After some time we found a good rhythm, and our bodies were rocking as one. I decided on being tender, loving and attentive at first, so my mature lover could get accustomed to my huge hard-on. Carmen locked her hands behind my neck as I rode her, sweat starting shimmering on our bodies.

After some time Carmen really got into our love-making and she moved her hands and held my face in them, planting wet kissed all over my face while whimpering over and over, “Ohhhhhhh yessssss, lover. Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooood…”

I put a hand under her butt to hold her in place and I found a nice, easy rhythm. I’d wanted to make love to Mrs. G for so long, and now I was doing it in her marital bed, so I decided I was going to take my time and enjoy it. I began to fuck into her with long hard strokes and Carmen raised her hips to meet my every thrust, while her nails once again raked my back. I had really found the key to this mature woman’s passionate side and what a hellcat she had become. The longer I was inside her I could feel her tightening up around me, pulling me deeper into her.

“Fuck a sight, Mrs. G. made,” I thought to myself as I kept hammering into her. Her full round tits swayed with our motion and passion transformed her gorgeous face. She locked her ankles behind my back, urging me inside her.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful and so wet, beşiktaş escort Mrs. G.” I growled, pounding into her, while hitting her cervix with every stroke.

“You’re amazing, Ryan,” Carmen cried back and continued, “Harder, lover. Do it harder!”

I drove my cock into her harder as she demanded and the bed creaked beneath us and the headboard was slamming into the wall with every thrust. Carmen was grabbing my ass now, like she could pull me completely inside her. Not before long she started screaming and cumming and I put my mouth over hers to silent her screams. Tony’s room was located on the second floor and in the other end of the house, but I was worried we would wake him with the noise Carmen made.

I shifted my weight and pumped faster and faster into my petite lover seeking my own release. I drove Carmen into the bed and with each thrust she screamed into my mouth. Her sounds encouraged me and I fucked her faster and harder until her moans merged into one long wail. While sucking on her neck I began slamming more roughly in and out of her. I was pounding my ten inches cock in and out this moist canal, while her full round breasts joggle in an enticing display for me. I was hitting her cervix over and over again and my cock seemed to harden and swell within her even more.

I was really ravaging her pussy and my married teacher had to bite hard into my shoulder to silence her self. But she couldn’t conceal her deep pleasure as her internal muscles began clenching and unclenching my cock as she experienced another orgasm. After some time I experienced a tingling from head to toe and I tried to keep hold on myself and make this feeling last. But it was just too good and I could feel my cock was swelling and it became even harder and thicker than usual with the pleasure of taking Mrs. G’s body in her own bed.

“Aaaargh fuck Mrs. G., I’m about to cum deep in your cunt,” I growled.

“Do it, do it, give me your hot cum, fill me up,” Carmen cried back at me lost in her own lust.

With a stifled cry I shot my load of spunk deep into her drenched cunt, as I kept pressing my mushroom head hard against her cervix. This sent Carmen over the edge again and I kept on moving in and out the sopping wet hole before I pulled out, my hand gripping my huge cock tightly.

I straddled her flat stomach and quickly stroked myself until another round of thick ropes of cum splashed on her full breasts. Mrs. G. rubbed my seed over her chest, and caressed her hard nipples.

“Damn, baby. You make me so hot. You really bring it out of me.” I hissed and leaned in for a kiss.

We kissed for some time and then I whispered, “I think I love you, Mrs. G.”

“I love you too, Ryan,” Carmen replied dreamily without her guards up.

Hearing this I knew I had conquered my best friend’s mother, so I said, “Let’s take a shower and get cleaned up before Tony wakes up.”

Reminded of her son Carmen looked at the clock on the bed-rest and swiftly got out from under me and ran to the bathroom, while saying over her shoulder, “Oh, my God, look at the time. We have to be quick, Ryan.”

I rolled onto my back and smiled up into the ceiling. I had just fucked my best friend’s mother in her own bed and I was still hard. I loved the way Carmen got into our lovemaking and I felt I could push her even further. So I slowly slid out of the bed, straighten the sheets, opened a window airing the room and picked my clothes up. But I didn’t do as Carmen would have expected. I didn’t go to my own room for a shower but with a swagger followed my married lover into her bathroom and closed the door. Mrs. G was already in the shower and didn’t hear me. The steam filled the bathroom as I approached the shower and stepped in behind my best friend’s mother. The warm water was playing off her wonderful petite body as she faced the shower head turned away from me. I looked down at my cock and saw how proudly erect it had gotten again.

I silently watch how my teacher started running her hands through her beautiful black hair as soapy water slid down her back and over her tight buttocks. I watched her mature but still slender hips sway as she shifted her weight from one foot to another. I kept on watching as my best friend’s mother lowered her hands to her shoulders and then to her chest as she lathered her body with shampoo. She turned slightly towards me and I could clearly make out the curve of her right breast, watching its shape change under the pressure of her hand. It was clear to me, Carmen enjoyed her shower and I just stood and took in her gorgeous body. I was in awe of how trim her mature body was as the water made it shine. I took in her lightly muscled shoulders and arms, her slim neck and waist, the slightly wider hips and buttocks and the delicate curves of her shapely legs.

Deciding to make my move I got closer and asked, “Room for one more?”

Clearly surprised Carmen whipped her head around and looked over her shoulder up into my eyes, “Oh, my God. What are you doing, Ryan?”

“Taking şişli escort a shower.” I said and moved closer.

Carmen tensed and looked me into my eyes. “Get out of here. It’s to dangerous, what if Tony comes in?”

“Relax Mrs. G. I have straighten the sheets and closed the door. He’ll never walk in on you in the shower.” I smiled as I looked down and noticed how her wonderfully large breasts were coated with the warm water coming down from above. Her nipples stood erect as they just had been caressed by her own hands.

“I just can’t get enough of you and I know you feel the same. Let’s be honest. How do you feel right now?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh, Ryan. I have never felt anything like this before. I feel amazing. You are quite the stud.”

“And you a lovely woman. It felt so good cumming inside you! I just have to experienced it again, right here and now.” I said and stepped even closer to her. Carmen tensed as the head of my cock pushed into her back. She turned to face me fully, and my huge pole smacked against her stomach.

“Oh…” she said, caught a little of guard.

I bent down and started to kiss her as I pressed my hard-on against her.

“You always seem ready to go, Ryan,” Carmen commented as we broke the kiss.

I picked up the bottle of shampoo and squirted a fairly large amount of shampoo into my hand. “Let me wash your back.”

Carmen agreed and turned around. I placed my hands on her shoulders and moved them downwards over her shoulder-blades. I took my time massaging the soap over her bare skin. As my hands reached her lower back they slid to either side of her hips and then around to her stomach and I gently pulled her towards me. I moved my hands up her front and grabbed two handfuls of her tits and started kissing her neck. Carmen started to moan as I kept on massaging her full round tits, rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers as I let my lips meet her lips in soft kisses. Carmen moaned into my mouth and pushed her full breasts up against my hands.

For some time I kept on caressing her breasts while our tongues twirled around each other like crazy. As we once again broke off the kiss Carmen turned to face me. My throbbing hard-on came to rest on her stomach. She was close and I could feel her hard nipples on my skin. I pushed her against the wall and moved in on her breasts. I began to worship her extraordinaire tits, kissing and biting and licking gently all around her nipples. It seemed as if I was driving my best friend’s mother crazy with lust. I moved from one tit to the other, only sucking her nipple into my mouth as I heard her moaning. I pulled her nipple out with my teeth and then lashed it with my tongue. I knew it was kind of rough, but at the moment this Latina housewife seemed to love what my mouth was doing to her body. Her hands stroke my hair as she kept on moaning.

I pushed my right hand between her legs, and then I rubbed Carmen’s clit as I bit hard down on her nipple. She let out a huge scream and I felt how she shook as an orgasm hit her.

I gave her some space but kept holding her as she was panting, her chest rising and falling with each breath. We looked into each others eyes for some time and as she came down from her climax she stood on her toes to kiss me gently on my lips. Smiling, she looked down at my cock. It looked impressive as it stood rock hard before her eyes, it was so engorged it almost hurt, the veins bulging beneath the skin. I gasped as she reached down and grasped my huge cock with her hand. My pelvic muscles contracted in response, my cock arched and pre-cum started to ooze out from the tip. I felt her slender fingers wrap around it’s girth, her touch sending a shiver through my body. She looked purposefully into my eyes as she raised herself high onto her toes and moved her body forward until it was pressing firmly against mine, making sure to angle my shaft downwards so it slipped into the crevice between her thighs.

I couldn’t wait anymore, so I reached down and placed my hands firmly on her ass and lifted her off her feet. Carmen gasped, then wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, one hand gripping my shoulder, while the other still held onto my hard-on. I took a step forward so Carmen’s back was against the wall.

“Put it in,” I growled and Carmen guided my cock upwards, the head lightly nudging her outer lips. I was growling and Carmen whimpered as I carefully lowered her body, raising my pelvis so the tip of my cock just parted the lips of her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, as I lowered her further, the swollen head of my cock pushed at her entrance, hesitating for a moment before forcing its way into her soft wet hole.

“Oh, Yeah…So good,” I groaned as I felt her warmth slide down the length of my rod. She was so wet but still so tight, the feeling was unbelievable.

“So big,” Carmen moaned back.

I lifted her body upwards, then drove her back down onto my cock as she moaned and held onto me tightly, digging her nails into my back. bahçeşehir escort bayan Her eyelids half closed, she looked into my eyes and we began to breathe together as I moved her faster and faster against me.

“Tell me, that you like it, Mrs. G.” I said looking my mature lover into her eyes.

“It feels so good…” She replied and hissed as I tweaked her nipple.

I increased the tempo, until I was savagely thrusting into her, her screams echoed around the bathroom as her beautiful tits bounced wildly between us. “Do you love me?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, I love you, I love you!” My married lover cried out as she experienced another orgasm. As the soft walls of her pussy began to massaged the length of my cock I began to feel I was close to my own release. I continued to thrust deep inside Carmen.

For some minutes I fought the urge to cum deep inside of her, doing my utmost to prolong the sensations. But after awhile I had to capitulate. As I once again rammed the head of my cock into her cervix the muscles around my balls started to convulse. I felt how a stream of cum flew out of my cock and into Carmen’s unprotected womb. I moved her up and down my cock in a furious tempo as I shot wad after wad of hot fertile cum into my best friend’s mother.

I trembled as the eruptions slowed down, my body shaking as I came down from the powerful orgasm that had just assaulted me.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” I moaned and kissed Carmen as my cock still was buried inside her pussy.

“Oh, my……” She sighed against my mouth.

“You like it, don’t you, Mrs. G?” I retorted.

“You’re amazing, So powerful. It feels so good, Ryan.” She replied.

I turned off the water and with my cock still embedded in my married teacher and her legs wrapped around my back, I carried her out from the shower stall and walked over to the bathroom counter. I placed Carmen down on the counter-top but still kept my cock inside of her pussy as I felt our combined juices leaking out and running down my shaft.

We were silent, getting our breath back and Carmen looked quite dazzled. We just held our position for some minutes looking lovingly into each others eyes. Just before we had calmed down so much we could do or say something, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Mom?” Asked a voice from outside the bathroom.

I realized my best friend, Tony, was only a few feet away.

“Mom, are you in there?”

Carmen looked shell-shocked, with huge frighten eyes she looked into my eyes before she stammering responded. “Ohh, um, yes Tony. I’m just out from the shower.”

“Okay then. When you wasn’t in the kitchen, I thought, I better check up on you.”

“Thanks Tony, but I just overslept,” Carmen replied, “I’ll be out in a minute or two.”

“All right. Maybe I should go check on Ryan. I didn’t see him either.”

I quickly bent down and whispered into Carmen’s ear, “Say, you heard me leaving for a run.”

“I….I think he went for a run,” Carmen stammered.

As the words left her lips I flexed my still hard cock inside of her pussy. My best friend’s mother looked panicked at me and formed the words “Stop it” with her mouth without making a sound. I just smiled down at her and started to caress her luscious breasts with my hands.

It was a huge turn on, having my cock buried deep inside my best friend’s mother, while she had a conversation with her son, as he was standing just outside the bathroom. So I began moving slightly in and out of her tight pussy and hoped Tony would keep on talking.

“Hey, mom. Can I borrow your car today?”

Startled both by my actions and the request Carmen stuttered, “Um, what did you say?”

“Can I borrow your car after school today. My own car has to go into the shop and Ryan has promised to pick me up at the garage before school.”

While Tony was talking I still moved my huge pole in and out of his mother, while I traced my fingers around her clit ignoring Carmen’s pleading eyes.

“But why can’t you just get a ride home with Ryan,” Carmen puffed.

“I’m going on a date with Janet,” Tony replied.

“How am I to get home if you borrow my car?” Carmen asked.

“Oh, damn, I didn’t think about that?” Tony responded.

Once again I bent down and whispered into Carmen’s ear, “Tell Tony, I’m in your class at the end of the day and that you can drive home with me.”

“Wait a minute. I have Ryan in my last lesson, maybe he can give me a ride home. Then you can borrow my car…” Carmen stuttered as I let my tongue trace the outer rim of her ear. I could feel Carmen’s vagina beginning to tremble and I knew, that she soon would be climaxing. Before a loud moan could escape her mouth I bent down and kissed her. I loved the feel of her soft breasts as they pushed into my chest. My cock was jammed tightly up Carmen’s cunt, and I could feel the muscles in her pussy starting to alternately squeezing and releasing my throbbing meat.

“Great,” Tony replied and I could hear him walk away not a minute to soon as Carmen moaned out loud as she came. My best friend’s mother threw her arms around me, digging her nails into my thickly muscled back, and began whimpering in ecstasy. I began hammering her pussy with my fully engorged pole and Carmen wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull my massive cock even more deeply into her drenched channel.

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