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She is the best contributor to Literotica. I don’t know her and I do know her. I read her stories over and over and when she has taken me to the highest pitches of excitement that her prose can take me to, and when her words are no longer enough, I click on the link to her profile and scroll down until her photograph is on my screen and I wank to Barb’s image, all 50 something years worth of her. She stands in her black basque with her lovely big boobs and her hourglass waist, her arms at her sides and the straps of her suspenders reaching down over her thighs and out of view.

The picture is of her torso only. But it does not matter that she is legless and headless in the picture. I have never seen her face or her eyes and I don’t know the colour of her hair. They change according to my mood as I dream of her, but these absences make it easier for me to fantasise that she is mine. The less of a person you know, the more of them you can imagine. And in imagining her, I possess her.

I read the words that she has written below her picture: ‘know that I linger in the dark shadows of what you need. I am here for you.’ Almost, Barb, almost, and only ever for a moment. It is never enough. Come out of the shadows and into the light for me. I need you.

It must have been the 1001st night of my wanking to Barb’s words and her photograph and something happened that I think I will never fully understand, or know if it was real or just imaginary. I don’t know how it happened, though I think I know why. Maybe, as the rubbing of the magic lamp brings forth the genie, my rubbing of my cock brought forth Barb.

I gazed in a near trance at her image on the screen and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw the same image, only larger, at my side. They tell boys that playing with themselves makes then go blind, but I never believed it. Maybe I should have, I thought that they were exaggerating. Maybe I am too much of a doubter. Wanking, I now see, does not make you go blind, though I think it may distort the eyesight and alter perspective and makes you see double and things that may not be there.

But I was not imagining it. She was there. And she was exactly as she is in her photograph. Barb’s torso, clad in her black basque; life-size, but faint. I was amazed. I stopped wanking. Then a voice, no louder than a whisper said

‘Don’t stop. Rub that lovely cock harder. If you do, I will appear fully. If you stop, I will fade away again.’

I began to wank again.

‘Harder, faster’ whispered the voice ‘wank hard for Barb.’

I wanked harder and faster and her image grew clearer. It had hands at the end of its arms and they reached over and her hands pushed mine away and took over. Barb wanked me fast and hard. She wanked me harder and faster than I could ever wank myself, and she slowly became more and more definite.

‘I am here’ she said.

‘So I see, but how?’

‘That’s Barb’s magic, she said ‘but if I tell you the secret of it, the magic won’t work anymore. That’s how it is.’

‘Let’s sit down on that sofa over there’ she said and led me by the cock across the room.

‘How long will you stay?’ I asked.

‘That depends on you. Rubbing of your cock brought me here and it will keep me here for a while, but if you want me to stay until the morning you must find the magic word. If you do, I will be able to stay until just before the morning light comes.’

‘How will I find it?’

‘I think you will’ she said ‘if you think about it, or maybe you should try to feel it.’

‘Ok’ I said, but I was not confident and I was still too shocked that she was there be able to think, or feel anything other than the sensation of her fingering pulling my foreskin up and down over my cock head.

‘This nice wank I am giving you will help me to stay longer, but you mustn’t come.’

‘Then you had better stop for a moment. You turn me on so much, I come just dreaming of you, and now you are here.’


She stopped wanking me and sat back on the sofa. Her legs were apart and I stared at her crotch.

‘Would you like to see my pussy?’ she asked.

‘That’s my dream.’

‘It’s not a dream any more. Here, pull my gusset aside and have a good look at my pussy.’

I pulled the gusset of her black panties aside and saw her pussy or the first time. She was magnificent.

‘Touch it’ said Barb.

I ran a fingertip over her pussy lips and she sighed. The wet velvet lips kissed the tip of my finger and invited me.

‘Fondle my clit.’

With my thumb I touched the tip of her clit and at the same time I pushed my finger into Barb’s hole. Barb moaned and I started to rub her clit and poked my finger further into her pussy.

All the while she gazed at my cock.

She saw me looking at her looking at my cock.

‘Everything will be fine as long as he stays hard’ she said ‘and I don’t think there is any danger of him going soft for now.’

‘No danger’ I said.

‘I like looking at him’ she said. ‘I am going to suck him Gaziantep Escort İlanları soon. But remember you must find the magic word before you come, so that I can stay all night. I want to stay all night and I want to suck all of the sperm out of your cock and I want you to fuck my pussy and my rectum, so you must find the magic word before I start really sucking you off, because once Barb starts sucking a man’s cock she can’t stop until she has sucked all of his sperm out of him and drunk it.’

I could not think, and I needed her help, but before I could ask her, Barb was leaning towards me and bowing her head towards my cock.

‘Keep on fingerfucking my pussy darling’ she said ‘and don’t stop rubbing my clit while I suck you off, and find the magic word. See, my mouth will soon be around your cock and soon it will be too late.’

I rubbed her clit harder and faster, hoping it might help me to think, or feel, as she had told me, but my mind was lost in Barb.

I felt Barb’s tongue flick over my helmet and her wet lips kiss the tip of my cock. She breathed on my cock and whispered

‘Which parts of my stories do you like most?’

‘The sex scenes. I always believe it’s you; you are the lady in your stories.’

She looked up for a moment and smiled and looked hard at me.

‘Which parts of the sex scenes?’

‘When you describe how you suck cocks.’

‘What else?’

‘When you tell us about how you get fucked.’

‘What else?’

My mind would not work. My thoughts would not come and I began to fear that I would come before my thought did, and now two inches of my cock were in Barb’s mouth and she was beginning to work my helmet and shaft with her tongue. It was ecstasy to have my cock sucked by Barb, the woman who lived in my dark shadows. Now she had come out of them a little and was here, but not enough, still not enough. I wanted to suck me harder and deeper.

At the same time I wanted her to stop, because if she did not, I would not find the magic word quickly enough and she would fade back into my dark shadows and I would never experience the sublime pleasure of fucking her.

She gave me one last chance. She stopped sucking me and asked

‘Have I ever been fucked by more than one man at the same time in any of my stories?’

I thought for a moment and remembered one of her stories.

‘Yes’ I said ‘in one of them you get a double penetration.’

‘Yes’ she said and then she quoted herself, while Barry ‘drove his meat deep in my vagina’, where was ‘Matt’s throbbing cock?’

I remembered. Her quotation of her own words reminded me of every detail of her story. I said, finishing her line ‘Matt’s throbbing cock expanded and surged inside you, filling your arse with another burst of his warm cum.’ that’s it, that’s it! Your arse; I mean ‘ass’. ‘Ass’ is the word.’

‘No’ she said ‘but you are very close.’

I was close. I was close to cumming. I was going to pump my cum into Barb’s mouth and it would be too late. I fought against the pleasure of Barb’s exquisite mouth giving my cock the greatest sucking it had ever had; wanting to have the even more exquisite pleasure of fucking her pussy and her arse.

That was it. I love anal sex. I love the way Barb describes having her arse fucked. I cried out

‘Arse, ass, bottom, butt, bum, bumhole, anus’ and then at last ‘rectum.’

She stopped sucking my cock and looked up. ‘You got it. Rectum. That is your favourite of the words I use when I describe anal sex. That’s why I told you to try to feel the answer. You already knew it.’

I got it just in time. Barb was about to return to her cock sucking and her mouth was open and about to swallow in my cock again, when a jet of spunk spurted out over her face and into her mouth. She looked up at me and slowly poked out her tongue. It was covered with my sperm. Then she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and with her fingers wiped the cream from her face and licked it from her fingertips. She swallowed it down.

‘Well done baby’ she said ‘just in time. Now we can relax. And you must gather yourself. You are going to suck my pussy and fuck her too’ she said. ‘And you are going to fuck my rectum!’

‘How did she know that my favourite word in her descriptions of how she was arse fucked was ‘rectum’? I guessed it was more of her magic, so I did not ask her the secret.

We sat at opposite ends of the sofa facing each other; my right leg bent at the knee and resting against the sofa back and my left stretching across the sofa and down to the floor. With my legs apart thus, my cock, which was fully erect again, stood proudly pointing upwards and a little to the left. I felt wholly unselfconscious and it excited me that Barb was gazing at my cock. She looked at it as a lover of good food looks at a gourmet dish, and her eyes were full of hunger. At the same time it was the look of benevolent love and gentle desire with which a mother looks upon a child.

I am young and often shy, but I was not now with Barb, my dream lady, and now my good fairy and my mentor. That’s how it was. I had always imagined that Barb was a little dominant and I was a little submissive, so I was ready to be her pupil. I felt that it was not just for the fulfilment of a fantasy that she was there, but to teach me something, about how to please a real woman, a woman over fifty, which is what to me a real woman is. A woman over fifty who has not lost what she had, but nurtured it and brought it to its perfection.

Barb continued to gaze at my cock until she said ‘it won’t matter if he goes soft now’ and smiled.

‘He won’t go soft while you are here’ I said.

She smiled knowingly.

Barb’s left leg rested against the inside of my right and her right was as far from it as could be and stretched out at an angle from her towards the middle of the room. I looked at her shapely legs, clad in black nylon with suspender straps attaching the stockings to her basque, which made a frame that held Barb’s pussy perfectly. I had been looking at her since she had come to me, but for the first time, in the clearness of thought and view that follows orgasm, I was seeing her. I gazed on her and took everything in. I looked at her black stiletto heeled shoes, and up the insides of her legs and past her knees to her inner thighs until my eyes rested upon her resplendent pussy whose protruding lips gleamed in the soft lamplight with their coating of her juices. Barb’s pussy was a little open and I imagined it was always thus and her clit, which was large, poked out as if to beckon me.

‘You like Barb’s pussy?’ she asked and stretched a hand towards herself and pulled the thick lips apart, so that I could see the pink inner walls of her hole. My cock twitched.

‘Are you going to enjoy fucking Barb’s pussy? She said.

‘I could not answer with a word, so I just let my cock show her by his increasingly urgent twitching. Precum oozed from the hole at the tip of my cock and formed into a milky drop and Barb leaned forward and licked it off.

I felt that I should speak, so I asked her ‘does it taste good?’

She simply said ‘yes’ and leaned back into her original position and this time, with the finger tips of both hands stretched her fanny lips wider open. Her clitoris poked out again proudly. ‘Come and suck my clitoris’ she said. I moved towards her and knelt between her wide open legs and leaned towards her pussy. Barb continued to hold her pussy wide open and as my face came near to the shrine the perfumes of her cunt filled my nostrils. I breathed deeply and felt their intoxicatory power take hold of me. Here is one source of Barb’s magic, I thought, in the scent of her pussy; the essence of her womanliness. Another one was her arse. I poked out my tongue and leaned into her pussy and the tip of my tongue touched her and tasted the warm salty sweetness of her hole.

At first I did not move it, as though waiting for instruction.

‘Lick me baby!’ said Barb and I began to flick my tongue around in her pussy. Then following her brief prompts I sucked one at a time her labia into my mouth and savoured the velvet texture and their soft sweet salty taste. She moaned louder and the knowledge that I was giving her pleasure emboldened me and I began to lick her clit.

‘Yes baby yes suck on Barb’s clit, make her come.’

I sucked harder, taking her clitoris between my lips and pressing my tongue against it as hard as I could. Some women find this too intense, but Barb could take it and her moans grew louder and she began to buck and push her pussy into my face. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and her sticky viscous juice was oozing from her clit into my mouth. Then she cried out

‘Fucking eat Barb’s pussy. Eat it all. Drink all of my juices. Make me come. Come. Come.’

And come she did and her juices seemed to pour into my mouth. I continued to lick and suck on her pussy until she said

‘Stop now baby, Barb needs a little rest; but only a little one.’

I pulled away and fell back against the back of the sofa. My cock was still rock hard, as Barb noticed and smiled.

‘As soon as I am ready we can get going again. You can fuck Barb.’

‘I could barely wait and my cock twitched and throbbed. While I had been licking her pussy and sucking her clit, I had not been able to resist the temptation to stroke myself, and as Barb had been holding herself open for me while I licked and sucked her, my hands had been free to rub and pull on my cock.

She showed me that it was time to fuck her by reaching over and taking my cock in her hand and gently but firmly pulling me towards her. She lay back and opened her legs wide again and moved me into position. She continued to grip my cock and pull it towards her until it was positioned an inch away from her pussy where it could feel the fierceness her heat, and with her free hand she peeled open her cunt lips and exposed absolutely her hot wet Barbhole. We both looked at each other’s eyes and then we both looked down and she guided me in under our mutual gaze.

I heard her gasp as she fed my cock into her thirsty pussy and the sensations of her pussy walls gripping my cock almost sent me into delirium.

My cock was all the way up Barb, but she continued to grip its base with her forefinger and thumb.

‘Don’t move yet baby. Barb’s pussy wants to drink your cock. I felt the muscles inside her tightening around me. I had heard that there are woman who have this power to control and manipulate their vaginal muscles, but I had never dreamt that I would meet one of them.

I remained still, but it was as though I was moving. Barb’s pussy walls were clamping my cock and moving all over it. Gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing. I had never imagined such a feeling. It was as though her pussy was sucking me off.

Barb kept us this sublime pussy fellatio for some minutes and I was close to exploding, but I was determined to hold back. I wanted to fuck her, but now she was fucking me!

The she stopped, and she whispered ‘fuck me hard now, but don’t come in my pussy. Make me come, but save yours.’ She did not explain why.

Her pussy relaxed its grip on my cock and I pulled outwards, leaving just my helmet enwrapped by her pussy lips. I gathered myself for the task and pushed in all the way. Barb gasped and I began to fuck her in earnest. I fucked her pussy hard and smooth, slowly then quickly then slowly again, with deep thrusts and shallow prods and circling grinds. I could tell from her increasingly violent movements that she was getting close and she began to tell me what she wanted, as she tells her fuckers in her stories what she wants.

‘Fuck Barb’s pussy hard baby, fuck it hard and deep.’

Her words spurred me on, but I had gained mastery of myself and I knew that I would not come. I would not fail to meet Barb’s request.

Finally she came and screamed out as her juices pumped from her clit and soaked her pussy and my cock. I stopped and held my cockhead inside her pussy lips and felt her cream dribbling down my cock and coating my loins and balls.

Then I pulled away, expecting that we would rest again, but as I sat back Barb was smearing her pussy juices all around herself and making her fingers wet and sticky. I thought she was going to lick her juices off of her finger or offer them to me, but instead she slipped forward a little, still laying back and then lifted herself up and taking a cushion that had fallen to the floor out it under the small of her back and lifted herself towards me.

But it was not her pussy that she was going to offer me this time. She took hold of her ankles and pulled her legs up, making her pussy rise further and her arse cheeks come into view. She looked down towards me through the gap between her raised legs. Her hand reached down and smeared the pussy juice from her fingers over her anal ring.

‘Now for Barb’s last secret’ she purred ‘the place of my magic word.’ She opened her legs a little further by pushing her ankles outward and her arse rose up a little more. ‘You know what you want darling’ she said ‘you know what Barb wants. Pull open my ass cheeks and enjoy my rectum.’

I almost exploded at the word as she said it. I reached out and took each arse cheek in one hand and pulled them open to reveal Barb’s tight and puckered little rosebud of a sphincter. I stared transfixed, admiring it and taking in every detail of the vision: the anger of its redness, mollified by hints of pink and brown.

‘You are an ass man and I am an ass lady. You know what to do. This is what you were born for darling.’ She threw back her head and left me to my instincts. I did know what to do and I knew that my education from Queen Barb was complete and I was to be her King as she surrendered her arse to me.

I held her arse cheeks apart and moved towards her bumhole. I paused, my nose an inch away, and savoured the scents of Barb’s luscious rectum. More pungent than the perfumes of her pussy, the scents of her rectum drifted into my nostrils and filled my nose with the odour of exotic spices. Like a connoisseur of fine vintage wines I inhaled her anal scent deeply and sought to discern her bouquet. There was the delicious smell of fetid, female sweat, hints of the pussy juice that she had rubbed on her arse for lubricant and the subtlest shades of shit. I could not resist and leaned forward and began to lick her sphincter ardently.

It tasted as it smelt, and the combined smell and taste were hitting me softly and I was drunk on Barb’s arsehole. I licked and licked Barb’s sphincter and then French kissed it and she opened to meet my kiss and the soft skin beyond her untightening ring that reached out felt like a tongue coming to meet mine. The bud of Barb’s rectum continued to open for my caressing lips and lapping tongue and I slide my tongue into her arsehole and tasted the sweat and arse oil that smeared the soft inner skin.

‘Oooooh yes baby you know what Barb’s rectum loves’ she sighed as my tongue probed deeper into her dark hole. Barb’s fingers slid down her stomach and between her legs and I saw them rubbing her clit as I continued lovingly to lick and kiss her bumhole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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