Baring It All

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“Put on something comfortable, Elle. It’s a nice afternoon for a walk.”

I look out the window at the sunshine dancing over the water as Master attaches my new leash to my collar. He gives it a playful tug, making sure I’m secure before we head out the door.

“Good girl,” he coos in my ear, biting my neck softly before leading me out the door and down the steps, into the daylight.

We take a leisurely walk to a nearby forest, enjoying a light breeze and the scent of the last of the summer wildflowers. Master hold his hand and I caress it, feeling the texture of his skin and the softness of his fingertips. His other hand holds the end of my leash, which he uses to gently guide my gaze to passing birds and curious tracks left behind by animals.

As we stop to admire the view, I move in close to him and press my breasts against his chest, kissing his neck and sighing quietly. I feel my leash become more taut, and I look at Master quizzically. His fingers touch my lips and he slides them into my mouth. I suck slowly, still looking up at him.

“You’re mine, Elle. You do as I say, like an obedient slut.”

“Mmm?” I reply, my mouth still full and sucking eagerly, slightly distracted urfa escort by my own enjoyment as I slide my tongue over Master’s fingers.

Master takes his fingers from my mouth, and I pout in confusion.

“I’m going to push you today. You’re going to show me your compliance and ability to follow my commands. Bare your cunt for me, Elle.”

I look around, not seeing nor hearing another presence. I look back at Master nervously.

“But Mast-“

“Now, Elle. I won’t ask again,” Master tugs my leash a little more sharply.

I bow my head in submission, trusting Master and his intentions. My body is for his pleasure, and I give what he demands. I slip off my sandals and unzip my jeans slowly, pulling them off to reveal my underwear. I finger the lace waistband in hesitation before sliding them off as well, leaving my pussy and ass completely exposed. The breeze kisses my skin and a shudder a little in surprise. I look shyly at Master for direction.

Master pulls me forward by the leash so I rest against him, his free hand reaching between my legs and fondling me.

“Your cunt is wet, slut.”

His fingertips brush my swollen balıkesir escort clit and I shiver, feeling fully exposed and vulnerable. I press further into him for comfort.

“Good girl,” he whispers reassuringly, sliding a finger into my pussy.

“Mast-mmm,” I moan, parting my thighs a little more, hoping Master might cup my cunt with his hand and massage me most intimately.

I feel a hard bite on my neck and gasp, feeling possessed by him. His hand withdraws from my little pussy and rests around my neck. I feel his swollen cock rub against me.

“Get on your knees, whore. You’re going to suck Master’s cock and swallow all the cum I have to give your pretty little mouth.”

I drop to my knees, my discarded clothes cushioning me on the ground. Master undoes his belt and pulls out his hard cock, a feast for my eyes. He never once drops my leash, having secured it around his wrist. I feel another sudden tug.

“Open,” he commands.

I part my lips and open my mouth, eager to receive his warm taste on my tongue. He teases me, only just letting his cockhead touch my bottom lip. I part my thighs a little more, hoping the trabzon escort sight of my now sodden cunt will encourage him.

I feel my mouth being filled and I moan loudly, stroking and sucking Master eagerly, forgetting anything and everything around me in favour of the sweet taste of the satisfaction that only he can give me. Master fucks my mouth, stroking my hair while he thrusts into me. I sense his orgasm building.

“Play with your little pussy, Elle,” Master moans, “Make your cunt cum for Master like a good slut, and I’ll spill mine into you.”

My hand finds its way between my legs, my fingers stroking my clit while I swallow Master’s cock, until there’s no more room for him to thrust. He lets me stay like that for several moments, lost in the agony of my pleasure while I furiously finger my cunt in desperation.

“That’s it, baby,” he tells me as he pants, “Cum so hard it hurts. Cum for Master.”

The warmth of his hot cum finally reaches the back of my tongue as he cries out, and my body rocks with the force of my orgasm, threatening to collapse me completely. Master pulls on my leash with passion, yanking me forward. I swallow his gift down and try to steady myself, my hands spread in front of me. I feel weak, and once again aware of being exposed and vulnerable.

Master pulls me up into his arms, laying my head on his shoulder and stroking me gently. I feel a kiss on my forehead.

He says nothing. I feel the world around me flood back into awareness. I know I’ve passed my test.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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