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LAX Airport

“Dude!” Tyreese said unimpressed. “If you’re going to pat me down, at least do a good job of it!”

Ori, Tyreese’s best friend slapped himself in the forehead in exasperation. He wanted to speak up, but there was no coming between Tyreese and any goal he set before himself.

“What do you mean?” Asked the perplexed Shprits Airline security guard,

“Look, I know you got a job to do, but you won’t find nuttin patting me down like that.” Replied the six foot two black man.

Ori did his best to remain silent as Tyreese showed the Shprits Airline security guards some tips and tricks he’d learned growing up in Detroit. In a few quick minutes he’d won them over and everyone was laughing and shaking hands, Ori was stunned! Shprirts Airline had a reputation not only for being thorough, but ruthlessness.

“So why all the security?” Tyreese said putting his bags back together. “The domestic flight we took from Nebraska didn’t check us out none.”

The security guard he was chatting with spoke up. “We have to be vigilant! Terrorists will cause all sorts of problems if we aren’t. You Americans could learn from us!”

Tyreese started laughing. “Who would mess with America? The world loves us! Besides, look what we did you Saddam, we wrecked his army with minimal losses.”

The Israeli-born security guards looked at one another, unsure how to reply to his statement. Ori however sensed this and hurried Tyreese to move along. With more smiles and handshakes, he whisked away his friend.

At the aircraft they had to wait on the stewardess who was on the phone. She was about five foot five, with her brown hair pulled back in a bun. She wore the standard black stewardess dress coat with black skirt that was common with Shripts Airlines.

“Shalom! Tyreese, Ori?” She asked.

“That’s us.” Tyreese stated with a toothy smile.

“Please follow me.” She said leading the way.

Ori felt uncomfortable, human interaction wasn’t something he enjoyed, he also didn’t like being shown his seat, this was a first for him.

“Here we go.” She said pointing to two large seats in first class.

“There must be a mistake?” Ori stammered. “Our seats should be further back.”

“No mistake, that was security on the phone.” She said smiling proudly.

“Yeah?” Tyreese said. “What he say?”

Even with his bad grammar, her smile grew even larger as she spoke. “They said the trick you showed them already worked!”

Tyreese yipped in glee, then hugged his friend, who didn’t want to be touched.

The lady continued to speak, “Yes, they were able to screen out a traveller. The LAPD have already been summoned. Please accept our thanks with the upgrade.”

“Anything to help, the pleasures all mine!” Tyreese said stowing his bag in the overhead compartment.

“Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.” She replied.

Ori thought he had seen the woman wink at Tyreese before she left. Once they lifted off the ground Ori drifted off to sleep and Tyreese cracked open his book of Hebrew; he was determined to do well on this trip.

Ori’s lawyer had arranged it all, for a small sum of money, Tyreese would spend the summer acting as a body guard for his smaller and paler friend. They would undergo a week of training, followed by their assignment to a base where they’d both be supply techs, working in a warehouse.

Tyreese loved this plan, not only was it easy money, but he could pick up weekend work at an archeological dig. The thought of finding the Holy Chalice, or some other cool çekmeköy escort relic relaxed him so much that he fell asleep.

The plane shook, and woke Tyreese with a startle. Looking around he found all of the other passengers were passed out and the lights were dimmed. The complimentary champagne had left his mouth dry and his bladder full.

Rising from his seat he moved forward to find the latrine. He spotted the stewardess from before and said hello.

“Shalom!” She replied. “How may I help you?”

Tyreese looked up and down the lady before him, her skin was well tanned as if she surfed in California on weekends. She wore a black form fitting dress-suit with black stockings on her legs and black high heels. About her neck she had a white ascot with bands of bright colours.

Looking into her dark brown eyes, Tyreese wanted to tell her how much he wanted to do her, but settled on something a little more practical. “Uh, yeah, can I get a glass of water?”

“Certainly!” The brown-haired woman replied as she fussed about the plane’s kitchen to make him a drink.

Tyreese got a look at her firm ass and well formed calf muscles and found himself speechless! She handed him the drink, which he sucked back in one gulp.

Refreshed he found his voice to reply. “Thank-you.”

The plane shook again, and despite her strong legs the stewardess was weak trying to stand in heels. Tyreese stepped forward to help steady her. The plane moved again causing them both to bump into the kitchen wall.

The plane stopped shaking, leaving them wrapped in one-another’s arms and feeling embarrassed.

“Are you ok?” Tyreese asked looking down into the woman’s eyes.

He noticed right away that she didn’t pull away from his grasp, his large basketball hands rested on her hips. He didn’t have an erection before, but the sleeping giant in his drawers had been awakened.

Their eyes were locked for barely a moment, but to Tyreese time appeared to have stopped. His senses increased as he now detected her perfume and sweat upon her body. He would have sworn her could hear her heart beating faster and her breathing become shallow.

Tyreese was shocked when his protruding erection poked the stewardess her stomach, there was no way for him to say it was his belt. He was surprised to see her mouth open not in shock, but in awe!

Time resumed as Tyreese brought his face to meet the woman he held. He dared to tempt fate, to see what it brought him. When their lips mashed together he knew he’d made the right choice.

Knowing that sex wasn’t an option in the kitchen of plane with only a curtain to provide privacy, Tyreese decided to savour this woman’s kisses. Her lips were full and wet as they wrestled with his.

Pulling back for air Tyreese was surprised when she brought her mouth back again for another kiss. Giving into her demands he yelped in surprise when she tried to nibble at his lower lip.

“Hey!” He declared softly in surprise.

“What are you afraid of American?” She asked.

“Nuttin.” Tyreese said trying to sound brave.

A cough on the other side of the curtain ended the conversation. They moved apart and feeling flustered Tyreese forgot where he was going.

“Hey, is it cool if I pay the pilot a visit?” He asked as another stewardess entered the kitchen ignoring them both.

“You must be American!” She said smiling. “One simply doesn’t just walk onto the cockpit.”

Tyreese opened his mouth to protest, then the answer came to him. “Terrorism?”

She nodded in reply, smiling at his cevizli escort understanding. Tyreese however just wanted to piss now that sex wasn’t an option. As if she were a mind-reading flight attendant she pointed to the latrine on the right.

“This is the one you should use.” She said with a wink.

Tyreese mumbled a reply of thanks and opened the door, it was much more spacious than any previous plane he had been on. After looking at his teeth in the mirror, he used the latrine, then started washing his hands.

Knock knock knock

“Just a minute…” He said in a high pitched lady’s voice, his attempt at humour.

Silence was the only response; confused, Tyreese said, “Hello?”

The door opened and in stepped the stewardess he kissed earlier. She shut the door and moved into his waiting arms.

“Hello!” Tyreese said in a deep voice between kisses.

“Keep quiet silly!” She replied with a giggle.

Tyreese held her in an identical embrace as their tongues wrestled. This time however he wasn’t constrained by worries of getting caught! With one hand holding her close, the other snaked under her skirt to lift and find her feminine warmth.

‘Shaved?’ Tyreese thought himself impressed, ‘and very wet too!’

He desperately wanted to sit her down on the toilet so he could feed his cock into her face, however she had a plan of her own. Ending the kiss, she turned around and pulled her skirt up all the way past her hips.

Tyreese had to shake his head to restore his faculties, her ass looked firm, shapely, and just as well tanned as her face and arms. Snapping back to reality he spat into his fingers to grease his penis head.

Looking into the brown-haired woman’s eyes in the mirror Tyreese set his manhood at her vaginal door. He pushed slowly and could see her moving her hands about looking for something to grip onto.

He could see her pupils grow larger and larger until her eyes looked almost black. That was also the moment when he found there was no more pussy to push into. Taking a moment to enjoy her moist vagina Tyreese kept his eyes locked on hers as he gave her a moment to adjust to his girth.

“Oh!” She gasped as he pulled back until only the head remained seated between her pussy lips.

Tyreese’s heart started beating faster! Her utterance was slightly louder than he would have liked! He brought his hand up to cover her mouth; she didn’t resist this, but rather half closed her eyes in bliss.

With her silenced he commenced to his task like a lumberjack to a giant tree. He knew that he couldn’t do it all in one swing, but rather an even pace to topple it down.

With regular strokes of his hips, he pushed his erection in and out of her pussy, her orgasms followed at a predictable pace. Tyreese felt he could do it all the way to Tel Aviv!


Went the overhead sign warning passengers to take their seats. Tyreese felt safe about finishing in time until the plane began to shake again.

“Hurry!” Mumbled the Stewardess between his fingers.

Not wanting to do a walk of shame with an aching erection, he decided to tempt fate. Using one hand to steady himself amid the aircraft movement, he pulled his other hand off her mouth.

“Keep quiet.” He hissed into her ear.

She nodded in agreement as he groped about her clothes trying to get under her garments. He wanted bare breast, and he wanted it before someone realized his seat was empty!

The woman he was fucking at first did little to help him, she was trying her hardest not to yelp; that and to hold on erenköy escort amid the turbulence and sex! When she discovered his true goal she unbutton her dress suit.

Like a blown dam with powerful waves of water gushing through in increasing volume, Tyreese was overjoyed when he flipped up her frilly bra to expose her breasts! Her tits were small and firm, which made sense with her soccer player body. Her nipples were so dark in colour that Tyreese wondered it she weren’t a Latina.

The plane shook again as he grabbed her exposed breast, her nipple had stiffened under his touch. That’s all it took to take the cork out of his preverbal bottle of Champaign.

“Ugh!” He grunted quietly.

“Oy vey!” Said the stewardess stated in a high pitch, much too loud for Tyreese’s liking.

To Tyreese his cumming felt like the Apollo rocket blasting into orbit! His quiet grunt covered his true emotion which was that of pure excitement at pulling off the perfect mile high crime!

“Whew!” He said exhaling in joy.

“Yes, that was good!” The stewardess said looking at him in the mirror.

They said nothing as they stared into one another’s eyes. Tyreese shifted his hand from one breast to the other, fondling it with the same admiration he gave the first tit.

“Could you do it again?” She asked in a flirty tone.

“Sure!” He declared with his usual bravado.

He moved his hips forward, his erection had shrunk and inch, but he was certain he was still longer and thicker than any other dude she’d banged before! She shut her eyes and he felt her vaginal muscles contracting.

“We can’t!” She said pointing up to the lit sign. “You have to take your seat.”

Tyreese was more than happy to shut things down. He’d gotten laid, and now he just wanted to sleep. With a last squeeze on her breast and a tug on her nipple, he pulled all eight inches of his black cock out of her.

“Count to thirty, then come out.” She instructed.

With a kiss, she was gone. The plane shook causing Tyreese to put a hand on the wall. Looking down he didn’t know how he’d pee with such an erection!

Back in his seat Tyreese passed out swiftly! Later he’d awaken with Ori elbowing him.

“Tyreese wake up!” His small friend said. “The stewardess is trying to speak to us.”

“Flight attendant.” Responded the woman Tyreese had creampied in the latrine earlier, she had a big smile and seemed to act as if they had never met before.

Ori turned red and was no longer able to speak.

“Uh… what can we help you with ma’am?” Tyreese said confused as to why she awoken him.

“How have you enjoyed your flight with us?” She asked.

“It was… very relaxing.” Tyreese said slyly.

“That’s very good to hear! That’s the experience that Shprits Airline aims for.” She said sounding like a manager going from table to table at a restaurant greeting customers. “What will you both be doing when you land?”

It was now Tyreese’s turn to go silent as Ori beaming with pride spoke up.

“We will be working for the military for the summer.” Ori said.

“Yeah, and I hope to do some work at an archelogy site too!” Tyreese added.

“My cousin Talia is working with the IDF this summer as well, she starts tomorrow!” She exclaimed.

“So do we!” Ori and Tyreese both said simultaneously. They then looked at each to burst out laughing.

“You’ll have to promise to say hello to her!” The stewardess said. “And to watch out for her!”

Tyreese almost said ‘That’s all I need, another one of THEM to worry about!’ but instead declared. “It’d be my honour!”

The stewardess smiled and walked away, that was the last Tyreese interacted with her aside from a quick good-bye as he deplaned. Later in Ori’s car, oo the training base Tyreese found in his pocket a scrap of paper with her phone number on it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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