Be Careful Ch. 02

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I did as she told me and was waiting on my knees on the plush rug that lay on the tiled floor. After about 5 minutes I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels clicking on the tiled floor as Theresa made her way up the hall. The clicks were slow and sounded deliberate as they grew louder and closer to my ears…

“Keep your head down, eyes to the floor” was her simple order as she approached. I saw her white, thigh length, high heel boots come into my view as she circled me like a predator circles its prey. Of course, I couldn’t see the tops of the boots with my head down and eyes to the floor but I had seen them on a number of occasions before and they looked so stunning on her gorgeous legs that the image was imprinted on my brain forever.

“You like taking orders from me don’t you?” She asked as she pulled the panties from my mouth.

“Yes” It was an honest answer, I love aggressive women.

“Good, I don’t like hearing ‘no’ so from now on you’ll answer every one of my questions with a positive answer. Is that understood?” She sounded very firm on this matter so who was I to argue?

“Yes baby” I said warmly.

“I’m not your baby tonight. You’re my bitch and I’m your Mistress. Got it bitch?” She snarled at me.

“Yes Mistress”

“Good bitch. You are a fast learner. Are you going to do everything I tell you?” She was putting on that damn sexy voice again… And it’s not as if I could say ‘no’ now is it?!

“Yes Mistress”

“Damn right you will” Her mood seemed to be jumping up and down like crazy. I had a sneaking suspicion this was all part of her game. I felt her putting a leather cuff around my right wrist and when it was deftly fastened she promptly did the same with my left. Next I felt a collar being placed around my neck and once tightened she pulled my arms up so my wrists were behind my neck and secured the leather cuffs to the collar. Her demure hands with her French tipped fingernails traced down my chest and stomach then back up to my chest, stopping to pinch and roll my nipples in her fingertips. God she knows just where my weak spots are after only a few short months! This woman is amazing!

Suddenly my attention was taken away from the wonderful sensations of her fingertips by her hot breath and sultry izmir escort voice in my right ear. I could feel her hair gently resting on my shoulder, its softness felt great and I was suddenly aware of how alert all my senses were.

“Are you ready to see what your Mistress has in store for you tonight?” A slight groan escaped her lips as she seduced me with just the tone of her voice.

“Yes Mistress, more than ready” I was anxious to see how far this would go. Stepping around to stand directly in front of me she told me to bring my head up. As I looked up and was admiring those sexy, sexy boots I saw what exactly it was that she had in store. This was certainly going further than I had imagined it would. Above her boots were some sheer lace top stockings held in place by a frilly, light pink garter belt but at the centre of it all, a purple latex harness with a 7 inch dildo hanging from it. My girlfriend had a strap-on! Where had she hidden this? In my house? So many questions…

My train of thought was derailed by a sharp slap to my face that brought me back to the dildo jutting out obscenely from Theresa’s pelvis, aimed straight at my face.

“Don’t just stare at it, suck it bitch!” Theresa yelled. There was aggressiveness but also a sense of fun in her voice. She was enjoying this. I opened my mouth to take the dildo onto my mouth and found that it tasted very familiar. Noticing my reaction Theresa explained “I came on it 4 times tonight before I went out just for you bitch!” And with that said she tried to shove it all the way down my throat. I gagged on it but she did not let up. Instead, she rubbed her hands through my hair and grabbing a fistful in each hand started to plough it deep into my mouth. Each long thrust she would hold it in until my saliva coughed out the side of my mouth as I tried to breath. After about 5 minutes of this she pulled the dildo out and told me to follow her on my knees to the bedroom.

I did my best to keep up with her but it was hard to walk on my knees with my hands tied behind my head. She berated me as I made my way telling me to hurry up and not keep her waiting. As I made my way through the door to the bedroom I saw she had lit a lot of candles in the room and mersin escort saw a large red velvet bag that I had not seen before sitting on the bedside drawers. Theresa told me to wait at the edge of the bed with my face in the mattress. I did as I was told and heard her closing the door and approaching me once again.

“I am going to punish you now for taking so long to get into the bedroom” She stated matter-of-factly. Suddenly I felt her leather glove encased hand land its first blow on my right ass cheek. Then 4 more came with deft precision. Then the same was inflicted to my left cheek.

“Do you want to suck my cock again bitch?”

I hesitated but eventually gave in. “Yes Mistress”

“That’s not convincing enough bitch!” She yelled and I felt a stinging blow land on my right ass cheek and as quickly as that one had landed another to my left. It felt solid but a little flexible and figured it to be some sort of paddle.

“I am going to keep smacking your ass until I believe that you want to suck my pussy juices off my girl-cock” She stated calmly as she began raining blows on my now reddening ass.

“Please Mistress, I’ll do it, I’ll suck your girl-cock” I started to plead. But the blows just kept coming. My ass was really starting to hurt as I broke down to say “PLEASE MISTRESS, GIVE ME YOUR COCK, I WANT IT ALL DOWN MY THROAT AND UP MY ASS!” I was almost weeping.

The ass assault stopped. “Well now” She said with a sound of arrogance and happiness in her voice “You really are a horny bitch aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, please let me suck on your cock” I was surprised at how genuine it sounded. Was it because I wanted the ass beating to stop or was it because I had wanted this for a long time but had never known how to ask for it. How did she know exactly how to treat me? It had to be what I wanted because my cock was as hard as stone.

“Well how can I refuse a request like that” She said as a large smile crept across her face. Theresa climbed onto the bed but went to grab something from the red bag and as she turned I saw that it was another dildo, larger than the strap-on one attached to her waist. This one had to be 9 inches long and 3 inches thick and was a deep red colour sakarya escort the same as the bag it came from. Theresa positioned herself on her back and slid towards me holding the new dildo in her right hand. As she got closer to me she grabbed me by the hair again and pushed her pussy into my face. Her pussy gets quite wet but I was surprised at just how wet it was right then. Theresa lay back jerking her cock like it was real and every now and then slapped my face with it. She let out a small giggle when she did this but every time it turned into a long deep moan. I was putting in a lot of effort and was rewarded for it with a monstrous orgasm. Theresa held my head tight between her legs as she spasmed violently on the bed and at one stage I swear I felt her squirt into my mouth. Her orgasm subsiding only seemed to spur her on further as she picked up the large dildo and pushed it into my mouth.

“You dirty slut, you’ve got cum all over your face!” She almost laughed as she pushed the big dildo in my mouth a couple of times. Pulling it from my mouth she turned it around and started to inch it inside her drenched and still pulsing pussy. As it slid in a long low groan escaped her lips and she just lay still for a moment. It didn’t take long for her to start moving the big cock inside further and further until it was buried to the hilt inside her. Theresa sat up slightly and grabbed her strap-on cock again aiming it at my mouth. She pushed down on my head with her other hand and started to buck up and down in her sitting position. The bucking motion was causing the dildo to ram into my mouth and the other one to piston in and out of her, being held in by the mattress below.

“Fuck you look so hot doing that!” She almost seemed to break character for a moment. A sharp slap to my face bringing back her authoritive persona.

It didn’t take long for Theresa to reach another screaming orgasm, screaming so loud in fact that I thought the neighbours might think I was killing her! If it wasn’t for the ‘Oh Fuck’, ‘Oh Shit’ and ‘Oh My God’s that is!

Theresa let the dildo slide out of her as she lay back on the bed panting and still writhing a little. After a minute or so she was still breathing heavily but got up from the bed and moved around behind me and unhooked the cuffs from the collar allowing me to give my arms a much needed stretch. I saw the time was 3.30 am on my alarm clock and figured the nights activities to be over. That was until she said through laboured breaths “Up on the bed bitch, it’s time for the main event!”

Part 3 coming soon! Feedback welcomed…

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