Beach Weekend

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Jes and I were so excited to be going to the Outer Banks for a long weekend with our friends Tom and Heather. We haven’t had a relaxing vacation for almost a year, and the stress was definitely starting to get to us. I’ll be starting clinicals in the fall and I know it’ll be back to full time jobs for everyone else, so this is really the last chance we’ll get to enjoy our time off. This will also be the first time we’ve gone on a vacation with another couple, and we were definitely looking forward to it.

I walked into our bedroom and heard a shirtless Jes talking to Heather on the phone as she was packing, “I can’t wait to get there and just lay out. Hopefully not getting any tan lines in the process!” I managed to sneak in a few of my favorite thongs for her to wear for me as she was distracted with the conversation. “No, there is no way we’re going to that nude beach you saw online. I’ve heard there’s always skeevy old guys that hang out there.” Jes replied to Heathers persistent question ever since she saw the info online. I took this opportunity to throw in the micro-bikini I secretly bought for her too, thinking that maybe she’d go to a nude beach if she got to wear something, no matter how small it was. “Well, I’ll think about it, but it just seems weird to me.” With that, they said their goodnights and hung up to do some last minute packing for the early leave the next morning.

“This will be our first vacation in almost a year, lets just try to have a good time and go with the flow,” I tried to reason with Jes while moving my arms to her bare shoulders giving her a mini massage to relax her.

“I know, and I told her I’d think about it. I want to check it out before I commit to anything, just to make sure it looks okay. Mmmmm, that massage feels really good, but I have so much to do for tomorrow morning. Can I take a rain check for tomorrow night?” Jes asked, shrugging me off her shoulders.

“Of course. That hotel room we booked is perfect for a late night massage, that’ll hopefully turn into more then a massage. I just hope we aren’t too loud for Tom and Heather, they will be in the room right next to ours.”

“Are you kidding? They won’t care, and I’m sure they’ll be having way too much fun to worry about all the sounds we’re making.” Jes then stripped off her bra giving me an amazing view of her 34c chest. Her boobs were incredibly perky, and I loved seeing them from the side, how they seemed to be jutting out from the rest of her body .”I’m gonna grab a shower, then we’ll get to sleep to get an early start, sound good?”

“Perfect, I’m just gonna finish up here, see ya soon.” I packed all the rest of our stuff up, and got ready into bed, just in time to see my beautiful fiancé coming out the bathroom with a towel around her waist. The mist from the hot shower seemed to engulf her as she stepped through the doorway, and made her way towards me. “Wow. You look absolutely stunning right now. I might just have to say ‘No’ to the nude beach idea so none of the other guys get any ideas.”

Jes looked at me with a devilish smile, “Oh stop, now scoot over so I can snuggle up there next to you. My already hard dick found it’s place, nestled in her perfect ass. We fell asleep with my cock being teased mercifully by the wetness I could feel coming from her slit. I knew we both needed our sleep, so I tried not to think about how close we were to fucking each other senseless. Also, I figured we’d be spending the next few days in a hotel room alone with each other, and would have plenty of chances.

“Good morning!” I heard Jes say, waking me up. She leaned over and gave me a nice long kiss, pressing her naked tits up against my chest. “I was so wet and ready for you last night, I was kinda disappointed you didn’t try to do anything.”

“I figured we’d save it all for this weekend, tonight after saying goodnight to Tom and Heather I’m gonna make you cum so hard they’re going to feel it next door.” As I said this I returned the teasing by running my finger up and down her newly hairless pussy. “Alright, let’s get ready to go! We gotta be at their house by 9.” I pulled my finger from her increasingly wet hold, and saw that she didn’t want it to stop.

“You’re such a tease! You’re gonna get it tonight for sure.” We drove to Tom and Heathers, put our bags in the car and made our way down the coast with Tom manning the wheel. Six long hours later we arrived.

“We’re here!” Tom exclaimed, driving the car into the hotel parking lot.

“Finally. It feels like we’ve been driving forever. The first thing I need is a nice hot shower.” Jes pretty much summed it up for all of us, as we made our way into the hotel. I agreed and helped Tom with some of the bags while the girls headed to the front desk to check in.

“I can’t wait to get out onto that beach and soak in the sun.” I said to Tom as we carried the bags into the lobby. We met the girls at the desk as the receptionist was deep in conversation with them.

“…And I’m ankara dansöz escortlar sorry but there’s nothing we can do. We’re all booked up this weekend and we just don’t have your reservation here. We can get you a cot or two, and would be happy to give you guys a free dinner at our beachside grille restaurant.” We all talked it over and realized this was pretty much our only choice as it was an incredibly busy weekend.

Heather had a good suggestion, “Each couple can just take a night on the cot, or if we get drunk enough just kinda crash where we land.” I was bummed that me and Jes weren’t going to have the crazy sex that we planned on, but figured we’d have our chances here and there while they were out.

After deciding that this would be okay we all made our way upstairs to the room that awaited us. Stepping into the room we could tell it was going to be great. There was a magnificent view of the ocean from our balcony, and plenty of space for board games or cards later.

“This is great,” I said, then flirted with the girls, “I can’t wait to get down there, and see you girls in those bikini’s.” I put our bags down and began searching for my suit. Jes and I decided to change in the bathroom with Tom and Heather in the main room.

Jes and Heather looked amazing in the their bikini’s which caused me to have to fix myself more then once that afternoon. Jes’s new strapless bikini showed off the perfect amount of cleavage and her ass looked spectacular in the bottoms she was wearing. Heather was almost popping out of her top and I was hoping to get a better view of her boobs later on that night in the hotel, with her getting in and out of the bed, or to and from the bathroom. “Heather looks great in that bikini.” I mentioned to Tom when the girls weren’t around.

“Jes too! We should really try to get them out of their tops later on tonight with some poker or King’s.” Tom replied, clearly thinking the same thing I was.

“Sounds good to me. With all the alcohol we brought I don’ think that’ll be a problem.” We packed up the beach stuff and headed back to the room to dress for dinner. We had a nice romantic dinner overlooking the beach. We also filled up with wine before retiring to the room.

“What do you guys want to do next? The night is still young.” Jes asked the group. Obviously beginning to feel the impact of the wine we had at dinner.

“I’m game for anything, how about starting off with a game of King’s Cup?” Tom suggested. Everyone agreed, and began changing into our pajamas for the rest of the festivities.

We got the cards set up, and ready to go when Heather spoke up, “So what will King’s or Aces be since none of us actually do them?”

“I say if you pick one you have to take off a piece of clothing and once someone is in their underwear we can start doing dares,” I suggested, with everyone concurring. Jes started us off, of course picking a King with her first card. “That was quick!” Tom and I exclaimed at the same time.

Jes began removing her shirt showing off her cute light blue bra holding in her 34c’s. “Nothing to it. Heather, you’re next.”

None of us were surprised when Heather pulled an Ace out next. Recently things have been going the guys’ way when it comes to the girls picking cards. “This is ridiculous,” Heather complained, but she was the only one, and when she pulled her top off I had to keep my mouth from opening as I watched her bra barely be able to contain her massive breasts. I looked to my left and saw Jes staring just as intently as I was at the bra trying to contain those beautiful boobs. “You guys like the view?” Heather asked, snapping us back to reality. “Since this is progressing so fast I think we’re going to need more alcohol, and unfortunately we left the vodka and beer in your car Tom.”

I chimed in, “I’ll head down there with you Tom and help you carry some up.” I started to get up to leave when Jes grabbed my ass to pull me back into the seat and whispered In my ear.

“Hurry back, I’m so wet I’m practically ready for you to shove your cock in me right now. Also, I have a surprise for you,” She then proceeded to pull me towards her and planted a long kiss on my lips, parting them with her tongue and giving me a quick show of what was to come. Tom and I grabbed the booze as fast as possible to get back upstairs. Neither of us were expecting what we saw when we got back into the room though. Heather and Jes were still in their bras laying on the King sized bed making out heavily with each other.

Tom and I both dropped our jaws and stepped into the room, closing the door behind us. We continued to look on as the girls seemed to be getting more into the making out, with Heather cupping the back of Jes’s head and pulling her even closer to her. Meanwhile, Jes’s hands were making their way all over Heather’s body, pausing for a brief moment on her boob and giving it a playful squeeze before moving down her body to rub Heather’s ass.

“I guess the ankara saatlik veren escortlar game is over then?” Tom said, breaking the silence after what seemed like an eternity.

“Yeah, while you were gone we decided to take things up a notch. Now are you going to come join us, or just stand there staring?” We didn’t need any further encouragement, and headed to the bed. I laid down behind Jes, and Tom behind Heather, with the two girls still facing each other. “I think they should match, what we’re wearing, what do you think Heather?”

Heather bit her bottom lip and agreed, “Yeah, we shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun here. Tom and I didn’t have to be told twice, as we pulled the shirts we were wearing over our heads exposing our fit bodies to the two half naked women before us. “There, that’s better right?” Heather asked. “Now, where were we?”

Jes answered, “I think right here,” grabbing Heather around the waist and pulling her towards her. The girls continued making out, letting soft moans escape their mouths every few seconds. All Tom and I could do right now was watch as our two gorgeous babes ran their hands all over each other while locking lips. The best sight was Heather would slightly bite Jes’s lip and pull it out a little before sliding a tongue into her waiting mouth. I wanted to see how far this would go, so I motioned to Tom to try unhooking Heather’s bra, and I would do the same to Jes’s. I took my hand off of her back and placed it on the clasp of her bra, expertly unfastening it without looking at it, as I was trying to get a glimpse of what Heather’s bra was hiding. The girls paused for just a second, realizing what was going on, before going at each other even harder, knowing that any second we’d all be topless together in this bed. I slipped Jes’s hands out of the straps of the bra, just as Tom was doing with Heather, and then we were all motionless for a second, taking the time to process everything that was happening around us. Heather’s boobs were just as I imagined them on the beach that day, perfectly round and they looked extremely soft and smooth. Jes seemed to really be getting into it as her nipples were pointed straight at Heather’s, which were only inches away.

Jes spoke first, “You guys are so bad. This is definitely more comfortable though, that bra was starting to dig into my shoulders.”

“Yeah, I agree, plus it was getting kind of hot in here.” I don’t know if Heather meant for it to go further after that comment, but I wasted no time flipping Jes towards me and start making out with her. Our hands were running all over each others bodies, and I snuck some glances over Jes’s shoulder at Tom and Heather, who were doing the same thing. While looking over I also saw Tom’s hand travel down the back of Heather’s pants and begin to pull them down. I took this cue from Tom and moved my hands to the same spot on Jes.

“Are you okay with taking this a little further?” I whispered to Jes, making sure that it would be okay.

“Bring it on. I guess I can tell you the surprise now, Heather and I have been planning this for weeks now. We told the girl at the front desk all about it and she agreed to play along. Tonight is going to be so much fun.” After registering what she said, I attacked her mouth with more intensity and mirrored Tom across from us by sliding her pants down to her ankles giving Tom and Heather a view of her amazing ass clad only in a ruffled white thong. I also got a great view of Tom’s hands massaging Heathers awesome ass. She had on a black g-string that left little to the imagination. I guess the girls thought we were being left out of the fun, as I felt Jes’s hands slide down to take off my pants and cop a feel of my cock as she did so. Jes wasted no time getting my pants off, and threw them to meet Tom’s pants on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I took this opportunity to lay Jes on her back and lay down on top of her, my dick straining to get out of my boxers. I was taking in the beauty that was on the bed beneath me, and her equally beautiful friend next to her who was still making out with Tom with her hands down his pants. The sight was almost too much to take in, as Jes pulled me toward her face and brought her hands to my boxers, fishing out my cock and rubbing it up and down her slit. I could feel the wetness through the thong she was still wearing, and knew that this was what she wanted. I took control of my dick and pulled my head up from her begging lips. Jes turned her head sideways towards Heather and they met each others gaze. With my dick now sliding across her clit, I could tell Jes needed someone to kiss, so she leaned into Heather and they pressed their open mouths together. Tom was still behind Heather, spooning with her and playing with her tits.

Jes began moaning again, “Mmmm, your cock is rubbing my clit and making me go wild. I need something inside me quick!” I caught Heather’s eye, and it seemed to say that she would take over from ankara azeri escortlar there. I slid off Jes and hopped behind her to give her and Heather more access to each other.

“Did you go this far in your dream?” Heather asked Jes, placing a finger on her barely covered pussy.

“No, but please keep it going, that feels amazing! Ohhh, yeah” Jes immediately returned the favor and placed her hand over Heather’s hole, unsure on how to continue. Tom saw that Jes was having trouble so he grabbed her hand and rubbed it in a circular motion over her clit. Both girls were really getting into it now, and it was quite a sight to sit there and watch. The moans were escalating as their fingers found the most sensitive area on one another.

Not a word was said when Heather grabbed both sides of Jes’s thong and pulled it down her legs, revealing her hairless slit to everyone on the bed. Jes must have felt left out so she instinctively did the same to Heather, giving us the first view of her tight, wet hole. It wasn’t completely shaved, there was just a landing strip left at the top, seemingly pointing the way. Jes followed this arrow perfectly, wasting now time at all in putting her hand down there, and making the first contact with Heather’s pussy.

“Ohhh,” a moan escaped from Heather’s mouth, obviously pleased with the attention she was getting. She returned the favor to Jes, pushing two fingers against her most sensitive part and passing them back and forth against it, eliciting a moan of approval from Jes.

“Your fingers feel amazing against my clit, but I want them inside me. No sooner did Jes say this then did she push a finger into Heather’s cunt causing even more moans to escape from both girls.

All Tom and I could do was watch as our naked girls fingered each other while making out in front of us. Heather broke the action by pulling her finger out, causing a gasp from Jes. Heather brought the fingers to my mouth, and I licked all around them. I was getting just as turned on from Jes’s juices as licking them off of Heather’s hand.

“Ew, that’s so weird,” Jes said, obviously forgetting that I eat her out on a regular basis.

Heather responded, “You might not think it’s so gross if you give it a try for yourself.” I didn’t think this would work, but Jes reluctantly got up and straddled Heather backwards, putting her face in direct view of Heathers dripping pussy.

“Well, I guess I have gone this far, I mine as well enjoy all of it.” After hearing this, Tom grabbed Jes’s legs and spread them over Heather’s head, putting them into the sexiest 69 position I’ve ever seen. Jes seemed hesitant at first, but I think Heather’s tongue beginning to work her clit made her relax and just do it. I saw the first lick; her tongue poked out of her sweet mouth, before touching it to the top part of Heather’s pussy. The first touch sent a shockwave through Heather’s body, causing her tongue to dart back and forth even faster across Jes’s hole.

Jes seemed to be getting it down, and starting to really enjoy it. A few times I saw her break from the pattern of going around her pussy, and shove her tongue just past the entrance of Heather’s waiting gap.

This action was too much for Tom and I to take, so we shed our boxers. This sparked a quick cheer from the girls who stopped momentarily to check out their friends cocks. Jes was fixated on Tom’s and I could see that Heather spent more then a few seconds checking mine out before going back between my fiancés legs to finish what she started.

Just as the girls started up again I felt Jes’s hand grab my dick and start jerking me off as I’m kneeling next to them. By the look on Tom’s face I can tell that Heather is doing the same for him. After a few minutes of this Jes pulls my member closer to her mouth and starts alternating between Heather’s pussy and blowing me. Between Jes sucking my cock, and seeing her eating out Heather, I knew I was close to cumming. This is when things took another turn of the better.

“Ohhhh, I can feel your fingers in me and your tongue pulsating across my clit at the same time Heather.” As Jes said this I noticed that one of Heather’s hands were busy with Tom’s dick, and the other was reaching towards me. I realized that the fingers Jes was raving about must have been Tom’s. Heather reached my hand and moved it to her waiting pussy. My fingers then joined Jes’s mouth in exploring every bit of her.

The moans in the room continued to grow louder as I think both Jes and Heather were building up to cum for the first time that night. I could feel Heather’s cunt tighten around my fingers and heard Jes begin to scream, “Don’t stop, I’m so close, please, please. Ohh, that feels so good.” The pace of her talking slowed down, and Jes slowly removed herself from Heather. “That was amazing. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” Jes exclaimed, her naked chest heaving up and down. She still had her eye on my rock hard cock though, and knew that she’d be up for round two in just a few seconds.

“Same here, you were a natural for your first time Jes. My pussy was on fire there at the end.”

Tom replied, “Well I don’t know about Eddie, but I’m ready to start this up again, I have a problem here that would feel great if it was taken care of.”

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