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Becoming a Boy 70

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Isaiah led me by the hand away from most of the party. He took me to a room that seemed to be empty and quiet. Someone”s bedroom, but I had no idea who. Must be a friend of his. He closed the door and then took me in his arms. He kissed me and I was melting. How had I gone so long in life without a man taking me in his arms and making me feel this way? I had wasted so much time it seemed to me trying to be a man and not fitting in. Now I was trying to be a girl and it seemed so much easier. Isaiah gently pushed open my lips with his tongue and the kiss got even better. I put my hands on his hips and tried to pull him in even closer than he was already.


“I think you like this, Dusty. Seems like you”re really enjoying learning how to kiss.”


“Isaiah, uhm, Sir, I like being with you so much. I just… you just make me FEEL like I am a girl. I mean, I”m trying to learn to be a girl, but you make it easy, you treat me like I am a girl.”


He laughed and I blushed. “You are a girl, Dusty. I don”t see you as a man. I think you”ve done a lot in order to show yourself as a girl, and I get that. Can”t say I liked the old you much, as a guy. Didn”t ever seem quite right, but now I can say that as a girl, everything seems right to me.”


I started to tear up. He knew how to make me feel so good. He saw a couple tears roll down my face and he put his thumb on my cheek to stop them. Of course, he then slid his thumb into my mouth, so I cleaned off my salty tears and ran my tongue around his thumb. I was so emotional lately. The slightest thing could get me to tear up or full on cry. I had never been much of a crier before, so realizing it was happening was strange. I didn”t feel weak when it was happening, but I definitely felt all emo.


“Sorry I started crying, Sir,” I said softly. “What you said just made me happy.”


“It”s all good, girl. You want to make me happy too?”


“Of course,” I giggled. “I love making you happy. Does that involve this big hard thing in your pants?” I teased.


I felt the pressure of his hands on my shoulders. Of course it involved his cock. A happy cock was a happy jock, I thought and smiled to myself. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him. I wondered what he saw or thought as he looked down at me smiling. I saw a real stud who believed me when I said I wanted to be a girl. I also could not avoid seeing his big hard cock when I was at this level.


“Go on, get my cock out of these tight pants, baby. Show me what you”ve learned about making me happy.”


I”d never say no to Isaiah. I”d probably do whatever he told me to do. So, I unzipped his pants, unhooked them and pulled those jeans down. Then I grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them down too, unleashing his big, thick cock. It bounced in front of me for a second or two before I stopped it with my lips. I encircled the big head with my tongue and continued looking up at him as I readied his dick so I could swallow it all at once. Isaiah moaned gently as I slid down his pole. God, I loved sucking dick. Loved his cock.


“That”s it, girl. You give better head than anyone. Don”t let a man tell you otherwise.”


He made me feel so good. I really wanted to make him feel great. I began to bob up and down on his thick meat. I gave little groans as I swallowed him whole and I know he could feel my throat massaging his cock. He moaned a little each time I went all the way down. I paid attention to all of the places I had learned he loved. Under the head where his frenulum was, licking under the foreskin, lapping at his nuts when I had my lips all the way down his shaft.


“Ohhh, baby. Yeah, that”s good. I love seeing those red lips wrapped around my cock. Such pretty red lips.”


He slid his hands through my hair and tightened his grip. I loved it when a man took control, guiding me to what he wanted. Soon both of his hands were on my head. He was really fucking my face tonight. I was going to have to straighten my hair and try to fix my makeup after this. I was still learning about the makeup stuff. Ugh, I needed to stop thinking about me and think about Isaiah”s cock. That is what is important at the moment. I can deal with the makeup later.


I was really getting into the sucking when the door burst open and in walked the guy Isaiah had been talking to earlier. What was his name? Isaiah jumped and I did too. Thankfully I did not scrape his cock with my teeth. I”m sure that would have been problematic for me.


“Dude! You scared the shit out of me,” Isaiah exclaimed.


“Hey, sorry `bout that. No worries. I figured you were up here. Thought maybe I could get a little relief too,” the guy told him.


“Let her finish me first,” Isaiah replied. “Then I can decide if she is going to play tonight. Don”t like to share my girl, Sean.”


I blushed deeply. I could feel the warmth spread across my face. Sean was decent looking, but I was unsure whether to say anything or not at this point. Isaiah had given his instructions. I wanted to crawl out of the room, really. Having someone walk in on us when I was down here on my knees.


“Man, come on! She”s a looker and eager too. Didn”t waste any time in getting on her knees and getting to work on you. Besides, I recall a couple times I”ve helped you out finding a quick release.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. They weren”t your girlfriend though.”


“I”m sure she won”t mind,” Sean told Isaiah.


“Hell, she won”t mind. She loves cock, don”t you babe?” he asked me. I just nodded. The less I spoke the better.


“See?” Sean was pleading now. “She”s ready for it.”


“Get back to work, Dusty. If I am pleased, then it looks like you”ll get an extra load tonight.”


I smiled and thought how lucky I was to be learning to be a girl at the same time I was practicing being a slut.




We had gone back to the frat. I wished we had gone to the apartment, but Tressa was there probably. Hiding out and doing pregnant stuff, whatever that was. I was going to be part of Ian”s plan to get pussy tonight. A girl was gonna watch us, sheesh. It was embarrassing enough when I first started getting fucked in the house. Now the brothers were going to know I was nothing more than a way to bag a girl for the night. I could only imagine them listening to all the noise that was going to come from this room soon.


“This is so hot,” she said. “You guys are totally hot. I can”t believe he is going to suck you off.”


Kayla was ogling Ian and he was grinning as wide as I had seen him grinning in a good long time. He was eating this up. I tried to imagine the power he got from this, but I just couldn”t. I had no idea about that stuff. I knew what I was going to get out of it, some humiliation and of course his cock.


“Take your shirt off Timmy, get comfortable,” he told me. I did as I was told.


Kayla looked at me strip it off. I also kicked my shoes off but left the rest of my clothing on. I didn”t need to share my chastity with her if I wasn”t told to do so. She moved over to where I was and ran her hand over my chest. She seemed impressed.


“There”s not a hair on you is there?” she asked. She lifted my arms one at a time and saw no hair, she ran her hand over my cheek. “Not even in your pits. That”s impressive. I understand what that”s like.”


I said nothing but let her touch me. She ran her fingers around my nipples, and I let a little gasp out. They were sensitive. “I think your nipples are bigger than mine,” she noted. She took my hand and led me closer to Ian. I was standing directly in front of him. My first thought was to drop my head. I usually only looked him in the eyes when I was on my knees. Ian put his hand on my chin and lifted my head up until I was looking at him. It was kinda uncomfortable. I hadn”t realized I had gotten so submissive in some ways.


“You two are really hot,” Kayla said again. “Go on, take your shirt off, pants too,” she told Ian. I was shocked she was directing him to do things. I mean, he would do it of course because he was enjoying showing her his control, but he didn”t stop her from directing his movements right now.


Ian stripped out of everything except his boxers. He was really fucking hot. I was so lucky to have a man like him. There was no question in my mind I would do whatever he said to do, even with another person in the room, with a girl in the room.


“I want to see you guys kiss. I think it is soooo hot when guys kiss each other.”


Ian chuckled and used his hand to pull my face towards his. We rarely kissed. It wasn”t like I felt cheated out of kissing, it just wasn”t Ian”s thing I didn”t think. He would give me a peck on the cheek sometimes, which I loved, but real, like tongue in my mouth kissing was rare. Yet, he did exactly that. It was one of the hottest things we had ever done. Here we were on display for a girl and Ian was using my mouth as a place for his tongue to explore. If I didn”t have a cage on my dick it would have been sticking straight out in front of me a full six inches. It was painful trapped in its cage at the moment.




I licked my lips and cleaned off the rest of the load Sean had left on my face. Isaiah helped me up off the floor. Sean hadn”t hung around after he shot his load, just thanked Isaiah and zipped up.


“You look good, presentable,” Isaiah commented. “Want to go back to the party?”


“I”ll go wherever you want, Sir,” I told him. I honestly didn”t care.


“I think I have shared you enough for the night,” he replied. “Let”s go back to the frat.”


I had been surprised that Isaiah had let his friend use my mouth. Isaiah didn”t really like to share things I had learned. Zach was one thing, but others usually were not allowed. He had been clear about that. Not that I minded. I loved cock and cum these days. He made me feel like such a girl, I”d do whatever he wanted.


We made some excuses to a couple of his friends and then we took off. He took my hand in his and we started walking. He was being quiet and I wasn”t sure what I should say. We continued on for a block or two before he said anything.


“Look, I get that you love dick and all that,” he started, “but I”m just not comfortable with you being a whore. I take responsibility for loaning you out to Sean, but I”m not comfortable doing that with just anyone. You”re my girl and treating you like that isn”t cool.”


He stopped and put his hand on my chin raising my head, so I looked him in the eyes.


“Do you understand what I am saying?” he asked.


“Yes, Sir. I think so. You expect me to only be with you, and won”t be sharing me much if at all moving forward.”


“Yeah, I”ma have a talk with Zach. No need for the two of us to be sharing you. I like you all to myself.”


I smiled. It felt good knowing Isaiah wanted me. “Of course, Sir. If that is what you want.”


“It”s what I want.”


“I, well, I didn”t mind doing it for your friend, Sir,” I told him. “I just want to do what you want. If that means only you, then I am good with it.”


“You”re my faggot,” he said, “my sissy, my girl. There will probably be times when I think it will be a good idea for you to put out for other guys, but moving forward it will be my choice, not my friends begging for your mouth. And it will not be a choice you make either,” he added.


Isaiah was taking more control. It made my nipples throb a little listening to him explain things to me. It was funny how my nipples had taken on a mind of their own lately.


“No, Sir,” I told him. “I won”t be with anyone else, even Zach, moving forward. Unless you tell me otherwise.”


“Good sissy,” he said. We started walking again. “I like the idea of being your only man. Not sharing you. I know you are by nature a whore, but I”m gonna put an end to that whoring around. You”re only gonna be acting like a whore for me. You get that?”


“Oh yes, Sir. I understand,” I confirmed. I really did want to be with Isaiah. I”d tuzla escort try my best to be true to one man. I was always out looking for something, he was right. I could try to be better.




We kissed. I put on a good show for Kayla. She was pretty good looking, really. It was damn hot that she wanted to see two guys go at it. I was down to have some fun with TImmy if I got into her pants. Besides, Timmy was pretty damn hot himself. I put my hands on his pecs and squeezed. He was working up some nice sized tits. His nipples poked out far enough that you could really grab onto them. The more he worked on them the more often I thought about getting him some nice rings of some kind, get his tits pierced. That could be kinda hot. Danni had her tits pierced, maybe I really should think about that for Timmy.


I reached around and grabbed Timmy”s ass. Another project of mine that had really gone well. His ass was huge. Big round globes of flesh and I could really grab onto them easily. I smacked each one a couple times to give them a little red color as my tongue worked it”s way into his mouth. I glanced over to the girl and she was already rubbing her nipples watching us make out. I paused in the kissing and pulled away from Timmy”s face.


“It seems a bit unfair that we are nearly naked, but you aren”t,” I told her. “I”d like to see you down to your bra and panties. You too Timmy, lose the clothes.”


Timmy looked at me with that sideways head turn that a puppy gets. I just nodded at him once and he removed his pants, pausing only briefly before removing his thong.


“What”s that?” Kayla asked. “Why is his dick in a cage?”


“Tell her Timmy. Explain what you are wearing. I am giving permission for you to talk about it.” Tim looked at me and I just smiled back. I wanted him to be clear and to share his experience.


“It”s a chastity cage. It is to prevent me playing with my dick and to be a reminder to me that there is only one dick in my relationship with Ian, his.”


“Good job, boy,” I congratulated him. “That sums it up nicely.”


“Wait, so you don”t get to cum at all? Doesn”t that like cause problems?”


“I can cum while I am locked in this,” he explained. “I have learned more about other areas of my body that get me excited and allow me to ejaculate. Besides, I never used it in our relationship.”


“So he never sucked you off? Or let you fuck him?”




“So, why lock up your dick if you never used it anyway? I don”t get that part.”


“Well, when it is locked, Ian knows I can”t touch it, or get it hard, or use it for anything other than peeing. It gives him reassurance of my dedication to pleasing him. For me, it just makes it constantly clear for me to focus on his cock with the rest of my body.”


“Huh. I hadn”t figured a guy with a body like yours would be so, uhm, so submissive. You”re like his total bitch. Sorry, that doesn”t sound quite right.”


“I am completely submissive to Ian, yes. He controls what I do. It works best that way.”


“Come here, Timmy. Let”s show Kayla what you really like.” I flexed my arms and gave them a show of my biceps. Kayla took hold of one of them to squeeze, while Timmy knew this pose and he went right for my pit with his tongue. “Yeah, that”s it, boy. Get in there and clean up my pit. Lick it all nice and clean.”


His tongue felt good lapping at my pit. I liked the idea of putting Timmy through his paces as a woman, other than his Mom, watched. I controlled him and it was really getting me going demonstrating that fact to this girl. She ran her hands around Timmy as she watched him worship my pit and arm.


“I noticed Tim”s body downstairs, but you are really built,” she told me as she moved her hands to rub my arm. “I can”t believe I missed seeing you down there. I can see that he gets you hot,” she said speaking to me. “Can I keep you that hot?”


“Oh, no doubt,” I told her. “Come here.”


She walked over to me and I bent a little to give her a kiss. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and took my tongue in her mouth, twisting my own around. She was ready for action. When we broke the kiss, I looked at Timmy.


“Take my cock out, Tim. Show Kayla what you are good at.”


Wordlessly, Timmy pulled my boxers down my legs. I stepped out of them. My cock swung between my legs, not fully hard yet. I wanted Tim to throat it all before I got hard. Wanted the girl to see what she would undoubtably not be able to do.


“Holy mother of god,” she exclaimed. “You”re huge!” I laughed.


“I do okay,” I replied. “So does Tim.”


Timmy went to town. He looked up at me to confirm what I wanted. He held my cock with his lips then began to swallow it. He didn”t stop until his lips were buried in my pubes. One long swallow and I was lodged in his throat. Now I could get hard. Tim stayed down on me and maneuvered his tongue out to lick at my nuts. He was such an expert at this that no one could do better with my dick. He worshipped it as he had been taught. Within seconds I was as hard as a rock. Tim backed off to the head so Kayla could get a proper look at it hard. He slobbered on the knob with his tongue and lips.


“There is no way he can do that,” she exclaimed. “That is so crazy amazing. So hot! Especially hot knowing he doeasn”t even get hard. He justs seems to enjoy it.”


“Tim knows what I like, and he does it very well,” I told her as I rubbed Timmy”s head. “He gets off simply providing the best service he can provide.”


Timmy went back to bobbing on my dick. He was really giving me a good blow. It was like he wanted to show off for her, to make it clear he was the primary cocksucker in my life. Kayla was running her hands over her nipples; they were pretty good size, and she was enjoying this. She moved over to the bed to watch. It was what got her up here, to see two men going at it. I watched as she undid her bra and her breasts were exposed. I licked my lips as she circled her nipples with her fingertips. Damn she was putting on a show for me while Timmy was sucking cock.


“Tell me what you like best, Tim! Let”s hear it.” He stopped only for a few seconds to engage my eyes.


“I love your cock. I love getting you off,” he exclaimed before diving back down on my dick.


His hands were actually playing with his nipples. It was nearly identical to Kayla who was sitting on the bed playing with her nipples. I grinned. Tim had adjusted to effectively having no dick. He didn”t even thrust his hips or try to touch his dick. I watched as he played with those big nipples. They were impressive. He”d worked hard at getting them that size. I reached down and moved his hands. I took each nipple in my fingers and played with them. Tim moaned around my dick and it felt so damn good.


I took hold of his head and stopped watching the girl finger herself. I closed my eyes and began to really feel my cock going in and out of Tim”s throat. It was so damn good. The heat from his throat was intense, and the saliva just made it so slick and easy to fuck. I gave him a good throat fuck as Kayla watched. Long-dicking him was easy now and so totally hot. I always got turned on watching my whole 10 inches slide into his fag throat and then pull back out. Made all that training so worthwhile, I thought. Timmy moaned louder as I continued thrusting. I could never get him to be quiet, he enjoyed it too much.


“He just lets you go as hard or fast as you want?” Kayla asked.


I looked over at her. “Of course,” I replied. “He enjoys this as much as I do. He understands my needs and I understand his.” I thought back to when I first forced Tim to suck my cock. He struggled. I struggled. He submitted. I dominated. I was damn proud of Timmy and of myself. I”d never go back to being the chick magnet I was before Timmy. I”d fuck `em if I wanted to, but I don”t really need to look. Timmy seriously put out the way I wanted and submitted to everything I gave him. Maybe I was becoming soft as I grew up, becoming a dad and all that, but finding a chick to be my regular just wasn”t part of the equation any longer.


“It”s so hot,” she repeated. “You really don”t even give his dick a touch?”


I laughed. “No. Timmy doesn”t enjoy that. He likes providing the service and that gets him off. Watch. I”ll get him off hear soon. It just happens.”


I continued playing with Timmy”s nipples as I fucked his throat. I began talking to him. I knew the sound of my voice was something that really got him hot and bothered.


“That”s it boy, work my cock. Feels so good.” His moaning was reaching that sound level where there was no turning back. He was squealing like a girl as I pounded his face and played with his nips. I checked his cage and his clit was drooling. He was close. “That”s it Timmy. I want you to cum for me. Show us how you cum now. Do it!” I ordered.


Within a few seconds of my order, Timmy came. His body shuddered and he dribbled out a load of his juice. Two little spurts of cum flowed out of his dick and through the stainless steel cage. Got me so hot. I wanted to reward him with a real load of spunk. I threw my head back and roared loudly. As I shot my seed deep in Timmy”s throat. I held his head in place until I had finished unloading. Got that first load out of the way. Now I could fuck her a good long time before I shot again.


“Wow! That”s is totally cool. He did cum, just like you said. Maybe he”d like to provide me some service?” she asked me. She was furiously fingering her cunt

“Why don”t you show her what else you can do with your tongue, Tim.” I pulled my dick out of his throat. He blushed but moved over to the bed and got on his knees in front of Kayla. He reached up and slowly pulled down her panties. She didn”t stop him at all. I wondered if this would drive him crazy. He did think he was straight at one time. It would definitely be different than going down on his Mom. I laughed to myself thinking about that.


I prodded Timmy to stick his ass out. I”d fill his pussy while he ate out Kayla. “Come on Tim, let me fuck you while you provide her some pleasure.”


“Oh wow. Can he really take all of your dick? It”s so big.”


I positioned my cock at Timmy”s hole and began to slowly slide inside. Kayla leaned forward to watch it disappear. Timmy moaned as I slowly bottomed out inside him. He felt good as always, warm, clean, and tight. He grabbed at my cock like he never wanted it to leave his hole. Fuck it was nice having my own personal fag to use whenever I wanted. God, I had really grown to love this hole.


“Jeezus, he took it all in one stroke,” she mumbled as she continued to rub her nipples. “I”ve never seen that even in the gay porn I watch,” she added.


“Seriously? You watch gay porn?” I wondered.


“Oh yeah. I really get off on watching two guys fuck. I don”t know why, it”s just so hot. The men in gay porn are so much sexier than in straight porn. Like you know, you guys are way sexier than any of the guys at that party,” she blushed slightly while she said that last part. I just laughed.


Timmy continued to eat out Kayla”s pussy. She was moaning and trying to focus on watching the fuck scene going on in front of her. I was fucking to entertain her as much as I was to get off. I intended to dump a load on her rather than Timmy this time. I wanted some real pussy tonight, though Tim”s hole was pretty damn close these days.


I pulled back from Tim”s cunt and watched her face as she saw my dick fully again.


“Oh god! I”m so horny. Will you fuck me with that?”


“Of course,” I replied. “Be happy to. Timmy. Clean my dick up. Get it sparkly clean so I can fuck Kayla,” I told him. He turned around and slurped up my cock again, cleaning it up nicely after a few minutes. I walked over to Kayla and lined up with her now dripping pussy. “Good job, Timmy. You got us both ready for the finishing act.”


I slowly, very slowly, began entering her pussy. I knew in all likelihood I would not fit entirely inside her. I rarely did with girls. Still I was surprised by how far I did get, about 8 inches worth, more than most.


“Oh god, yes, it feels so good,” she moaned out. “I knew it would.”




I just sort of sat by the side not doing anything for a few moments. Ian had not given me any direction and so I wasn”t sure whether I should get involved with the two of them or not. I just watched as he sank his cock inside her. I was a little jealous of her because I didn”t get the full fuck from Ian, but then I realized just how lucky I was to get his cock. He was straight and a god to me. I loved every bit of cock he gave me, especially when I got a load from him. Once I heard Kayla moan and talk about how good it felt, I forgot about jealousy and was happy she was getting some of the best cock around too.


I watched him open her up and begin his fuck. It was hot watching him fuck someone else. He always knew just what to do to get people worked up and orgasmic. When I saw Kayla reach for her clit and Ian”s big fat cock sliding in and out I knew what I could do. I just got in close and leaned over her and went to work lapping at her clit. I think I am pretty decent doing pendik escort it, I just hadn”t done like this before. If Ian didn”t like it, he”d let me know one way or the other.


Oh goddd! Yes, lick me! Lick him too,” she exclaimed. So, I did. I licked at her clit and then lapped at Ian”s cock. He tasted like her now. I could always tell when he had fucked a girl, his scent was different on his cock. He never pulled out to give me a mouthful taste but I got enough of his dick to feel like I was contributing to their pleasure.


“Oh god, this is amazing. You fuck so good and he licks great. I can”t believe I have two men who love each other taking care of my needs. Oh god.”


Kayla”s hands roamed over my head, sometimes guiding it to her button and other times I saw she played with the hair on Ian”s chest. She seemed to love digging into his hair and tugging gently.


Both Ian and Kayla began moaning more. Ian with his steady thrusting, and Kayla with her quivering legs were getting close to orgasming. I just kept licking.


“Oh, goddamn your pussy is so sweet,” Ian exclaimed. Gonna give you a big load.”


“Yes, oh god yes! Fuck me. “


I focused on keeping her on edge. I knew eventually she”d want to have her orgasm, so I kept licking and flicking my tongue over her clit. She was shaking like a leaf and then she let a long slow guttural cry escape her lips.


“Yessssss, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Her legs shook in Ian”s hands. Just quivered. My face was covered in warmth as she held my face down on my snatch. Ian continued pumping her good and she flooded us with her juices, slicking up everything in the area. I was impressed by her total release. She just shook and shimmied on the bed.


“Yesss, here I cum, get ready to be flooded,” Ian exclaimed. He slid one last stoke in her and I could see his cock spasm right in front of my eyes and he was emptying himself in her pussy. It was impressive. Several shots were fired in her. He had given her a lot. I hoped she was on the pill. I didn”t need to have a second baby so soon.


The two of them looked exhausted. Both were sweaty and smelled of sex. I didn”t feel exhausted but I am sure I smelled of Ian and Kayla. Ian rested on his haunches and just remained there, his cock inside her still. She lay quivering on the floor.


“I”m going to pull out now,” Ian said to us. “Timmy, you need to clean Kayla up. Don”t leave her a mess. Get your tongue in her pussy and get my load out.”


As a total faggot, who belonged to Ian, I did as he told me. I moved quickly to use my tongue to take care of it all.




“One thing I want from you immediately,” Isaiah began saying, “is for you to stop wasting money on waxing. You”re more of a sissy than I”ve ever seen, Dusty. You need to pay the money up front and go to a laser hair removal salon.”


“So you think that will be easiest?”


“Nothing is going to be easy about this, gurl. You”re facing a lot of changes.”


He was right of course. I had been presenting this way for awhile now and it had been work. If getting rid of the hair permanently did make it easier, other changes might not be so bad.


“I should go talk to Dakota. See if she does laser hair removal. I think they did.”


“That”s a good start. There”s a few things I should talk with you about. Stuff you need to know about me so you can please me.”


I almost started crying. This was unbelievable to me. I think I had a boyfriend! Just one! Not a group pawing me or two sharing me, but one man I could maybe call mine.




“So, what say we play an old game,” I suggested to Chris. The party didn”t seem to have many gay guys around. The ones I spotted seemed already spoken for. Others were not what I was looking at using. Chris was pretty hot. I wondered if I could get him to put out for a night. Even if it was just a blow job. Maybe we could pick up a chick for a couple blows. One might like the idea of sucking two frat guys off at once.


“What old game are you talking? Beer pong?”


I laughed. “No. Why don”t we go to the pisser and see who has the biggest dick,” I offered. “Winner gets to make the other one do something of their choosing.”


“Dude, you don”t want to go there. My dick is good sized, and your ass is mine when I win.” He grinned maniacally as he told me.


“Don”t be so sure, stud,” I replied. “I do pretty well myself in that department.”


I hadn”t measured myself in ages but I had eight inches when I had measured it last. I suddenly wondered if it had gotten bigger. It sure seemed at times I was carrying more around with me. I wondered when dicks stopped growing. Most guys seemed to have stopped by now, right? I thought to myself.


“Okay, so we can”t exclude girth,” he said. “The guys really like my thick dick,” he grinned again.


“Not a problem. I do well in that category too,” I replied.


“I think we do length and circumference,” Chris said quickly. “We add those together to get a total.”


“How about we do girth? That was what you originally said. So, we get girth by adding the width and the height and multiplying by 2. Add that number to the length and we should have the dimensions we need to figure out who is bigger.”


“Damn. You remember these equations from class,” he said laughing. “Okay. You”re on. We can do that. Like I said I know what I want when I win.”


“My ass is safe,” I told him. I was trying to muster the confidence I had in my dick. I really didn”t want to give up my ass tonight. I really didn”t have an interest in Chris” ass either, but I figured I could have some fun with him when I won.


Chris went in search of a ruler and returned with a basic 12-inch ruler. I adjusted my dick as we walked through a room to find a bathroom. I was hard thinking about making him flirt with a girl.


“Okay, lock the door. Don”t need anyone coming in. Now we get some time to get hard, right? I mean, you might need some time,” he said.


“Actually, I”m hard already,” I admitted.


“Ditto,” he replied. “Okay, I”ll go first. Get ready to measure the winner”


Chris undid his belt and dropped his jeans. He was in boxer briefs. I could see his dick hard through the tight fabric. He did look big. Now I was worried.


“Okay, okay. Get it out, let”s see it,” I said. “No need to delay your losing any longer.”


“Hah. Get to measuring the winner, Zach.”


Chris pulled out his cock and I was impressed. “No wonder you get guys to bend over. That”s pretty thick, dude. About the same as mine,” I admitted.


“Go on, grab it and measure,” he said. I hadn”t figured on touching him, but how I was going to measure it otherwise I hadn”t thought about yet. I took ahold of his very stiff cock and laid the ruler on top of his shaft.


“8 inches in length,” I stated. “Let”s see.” I bent over to get an accurate measure of the height. “2 inches in height. And… 2.5 inches in width. Not completely round.”


We laughed. It was pretty ridiculous for two college guys to be measuring each other”s dicks like this.


“So if we add 2 and 2.5 and multiply by 2 we get 9. Add that to the 8 and you got 17 inches of cock,” I told him. Not bad, I thought.


“Enough to keep the lucky ones coming back for more,” he smiled.


“Okay, your turn to measure,” I instructed him. I pulled my pants down and did the same with my boxers. My cock sprang out immediately. I was pretty sure I had won. The look on Chris” face was pretty funny. I don”t think he”d seen anything bigger than his own before.


“Fuck, dude, your big,” he said laying the ruler along the top of my dick. “It”s 9 inches, fuck me. I”m gonna lose.”


“You might. What do you have for width and height?”


“2.5 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width. Fuck. That”s 10 plus 9 for a total of 19 inches.”


Chris looked crestfallen. He”d lost the bigger dick game. The funny thing was I had never measured my dick at 9 inches before. Maybe I was still growing? I really remembered it as 8 inches back in high school. I had measured it then, when I wondered what it was. I should look into research on dick size growth. I laughed and slapped him on the shoulder.


“Pull up your pants, bro. I do not want in your ass tonight,” I told him.


“Thank god,” he replied. “I really didn”t want to give it up to you anyway. But seriously, your cock is huge.”


“Thanks, Chris, but honestly, I”ve seen bigger.”


“What? Oh, that Alonzo guy? So, you”ve really seen it?”


“Yep. It”s true. 12 inches and thick like a beer can,” I told him.


“Damn, what a lucky man.” We laughed. “If you aren”t going to be fucking me, I hope you don”t think I am any good at blow jobs. I”ve never tried with anything like yours before. I probably would not make that feel good at all.”


“Nope. Not going to put you through your paces on my dick tonight Chris. Maybe later, if you”re lucky,” I grinned at him. “Tonight, you are going to get your first taste of sex with women. We are going prowling for some pussy.”


“Dude! That doesn”t even sound fun.”


“Loser doesn”t get the option to choose, bro. You lost, I won. My dick says your dick needs some pussy tonight. And I think I know just the girl to put out for us tonight.”


“Fuck me,” he said again.


“Not tonight,” I replied.




“Daddy? Where did my balls go?” Devish looked over at me across the room.


“What babe? What are you looking for?”


“The jar with my balls. It was sitting here on the dresser, I swear. I can”t find them now.”


Devish just laughed. “Oh those? Maybe the housekeeper moved them,” he answered, turning back to his shaving.


He looked amazing. Sometimes I wished he wouldn”t shave his beard. It looked so sexy, but he was always a clean-shaven Man. And that houseboy, he was always moving stuff around. Where would he put my balls? And how dare he hide them from me! Then I had to laugh. What was I doing worrying about my nuts? They were gone. So what if they were in a jar? Ohmygod, how funny. Me, a nutless boy wondering where my nuts had gotten to. Devish heard me laughing.


“Now what?” he asked looking at me quizzically.


“I just realized how ridiculous that whole discussion was, Daddy. I have no nuts and I was looking for them. As if they could be replaced. It just made me laugh. I have no need to see them every day, so if they got put into storage somewhere in the house, that is fine. I guess I was having some leftover anxiety about my nuts.” I laughed louder.


I got dressed quickly. I was getting good at putting on a sari and Daddy really loved seeing me in them. He had bought several, so I often wore new ones he hadn”t yet seen. I needed to practice for India which was really coming up soon. I was super nervous about meeting Devish”s family. He seemed to not share my nervousness, so I tried to not let on how scared I really was.


“I need to head to the office, Danni. I”ll be down for breakfast soon. Why don”t you go whip up one of your amazing meals?”


“Yes, Daddy. I”d love to.”


I ran off to the kitchen and started Daddy”s breakfast. What was I going to do today? I mean other than all of my chores, of course. I should go somewhere, take my mind off of all of the things I need to do. Maybe I could head out in one of my sari”s here, and see what reactions I got. That could be fun. Or maybe I”d go see my other Daddy today. It was Saturday and he never worked on Saturday, unlike Daddy Devish, who always seemed to be working. I wonder what Mom is doing? We could go shopping for something. A dress for the wedding? I wondered if she had purchased anything yet.


“I”m not going to be too long today, Danni. I know you hate me working on Saturdays, but I have tasks to accomplish to keep the company afloat.”


Daddy had started eating and he loved to talk during meals. “Do I have time to visit my folks?” I asked him.


“Of course you do, Danni. You know I support a strong relationship with your parents. Do say hello to them for me.”


“Yes, Sir. I will. Then that is what I will do while you are out. I just haven”t seen them lately.”


“What are you going to wear, Danni? I want you to be presentable if you go out. None of your sweatpants in public. Do you hear me?”


“Yes, Daddy. I know. I am going to be your wife and I need to carry myself properly to represent you and your family.”


“Good boy. I like to hear that Danni.”


As soon as Daddy was up and out of the house I took off for the `rents place. Daddy had given me one of his cars to use now and I loved being able to get out of the house from time to time. He had several cars and when he suggested I use one as my own I had a tough time choosing. I wanted to look good out on the town, but I didn”t want to choose a car that was the most expensive. I know nothing about cars but I liked the one I chose. It was called a Tesla and it was electric. It looked basic but was aydınlı escort really pretty cool inside. Anyway. I was so lucky to have been claimed by a man who was wealthy.


When I pulled into the drive, I could see Mom was home, but I didn”t see Dad”s car in the drive or the garage. He must be out. I was a little sad about that, but I could still have fun seeing Mom. I went inside and didn”t see or hear anyone. She was here someplace. So I started looking. Eventually I heard some noise from her bedroom, so I went in there without thinking. I mean, Dad wasn”t home so what could she possible be doing?


“Danni! Oh my god,” she squealed.


There are just some things you can”t unsee and this was one of them.


“Mom! What is going on? Who is she?” I exclaimed back at her.


There was Mom, totally naked and some woman was eating her out right there in front of me. A skinny, young, long-haired girl with her back to me on her knees eating Mom”s pussy. I was about to turn away so I didn”t se anything else and then the girl turned around to look at me.


“Hi Danni,” she said. Holy crap it was Billy.


“Uhm, hi Billy. Uhhh, how”s it going?”


That was dumb to ask, but I was caught off guard by the whole thing. Mom NEVER cheated on Dad, EVER. How could this be going on?”


“Oh dear. Danni, let me get dressed and I”ll be right downstairs. I can explain.”


“Uhm, okay Mom. I”ll uh just hang out in the kitchen,” I told her. Billy was the first to come downstairs.


“Hey, Danni. Uhm, sorry about that.”


“Does my Dad know what is going on?” I asked.


“Oh! Of course,” Billy replied looking shocked. “Look,” he said. He pulled his pants down enough to show me the stainless steel cage that was locked on his dick. It looked much smaller than the last time I had seen it. Looked kinda cramped in that cage. Not that it was a tiny cage by any means, Billy did have a pretty good size dick.


“So, Dad locked you up? Or did Mom?”


“Your Dad did, Danni. I”ll let your Mom tell you all about it. I better get back to my work,” he said smiling.


It seemed to take forever for Mom to come downstairs. It wasn”t that I was uncomfortable with Billy there, I liked him, but I didn”t get any of this. Dad had locked him up but he was eating Mom”s pussy? How did that make any sense? Finally she came into the kitchen.


“Would you like something to eat, dear?” she asked, completely avoiding the topic at hand. “I”m sure we have some nice diet soda too if you”d like that.”


“Mom! I want to know what I just saw! Why was Billy going down on you, in your bedroom, while Dad is out? That”s what I want to know. How did it come to this? I thought Billy was the help? You know, to do the stuff I had been doing. I sure as heck never did what he was doing!”


“Danni! You”re my son, of course you wouldn”t be doing that. You”re gay, you certainly wouldn”t be doing that. Though you did seduce your brother and made him gay.”


I looked at her as if she was crazy. I sure as hell wasn”t going to go through that whole story again. I had never seduced Ian. He had taken what was available for him. I can”t help it if he liked boy pussy as much as he liked regular pussy. She just brought up the one time I had done something a little questionable and she found out. Well, now I had found her doing something questionable.


“Your Dad thought it would be a good idea for Billy to use some of his talents on me several months ago now. He is very good with his hands and gives wonderful massages. Well, I just got to enjoying them so much. Billy”s hands could make me orgasm so easily. Your Dad encouraged this. I had no idea he had told Billy that he could get me to orgasm, but they had agreed it was okay. So that went on for awhile.”


Great, my family was a real treat. You never knew who was having sex with whom. I wondered what else I had been missing out on? Had Grandpa been back in town and I had missed that? He was always horny, I had heard. But Mom?


“Billy has a very talented tongue,” she said, as if I cared. I didn”t want to hear about Billy”s tongue. “And one day I just was so overcome with his massage that I asked him if he would do more, okay? I learned how good his tongue was. I love it, Billy loves pleasing me, as well as your father. And that became something I was comfortable with happening. But I wasn”t fully satisfied. There I was day after day, enjoying Billy”s tongue and he wasn”t even naked. He was always fully clothed. So I coerced him into getting undressed one day and,”


“And you saw the size of his dick and couldn”t help yourself, blah, blah, blah.” I interrupted her. “How does this make it okay for you to continue doing this?”


“Don”t judge me young man, oops, I mean young girl,” she corrected herself. “Sorry dear. I”m trying to adjust, it just slipped out.”


“It”s okay Mom. I know I have made things challenging.”


“Dear, it just wasn”t how I figured life would go. But I want you happy more than anything, you”re my son. And how did you know about Billy”s dick?” she asked.


Oops, yeah, that part. Guess I interrupted at the wrong point. “Uhm, he has shown his dick to a few of my friends. He was at the farm, remember? Where I hung out for awhile? Some of the showers are group showers, Mom. I”ve seen a few dicks out there.”


“Oh, right. Well, yes, I admit that his penis was impressive the first time I saw it, and that it was part of what led me to, well, to seduce Billy. I was wrong, Danni, I know that, but I did it anyway in the heat of one of his hand and tongue induced orgasms. So right as I convinced Billy it was okay to, you know, to uhm…”


“To fuck you,” I filled in for her as she seemed unable to say it.


“He was making love to me, Danni, whatever. So, we were having sex and I was in the throws of a mind-blowing orgasm from that beautiful young man when your father stormed in on us and was livid. Said I had broken my promise to never cheat on him. That hurt tremendously of course, but he was right. But what he did simply shocked me. He grabbed Billy off me and then simply fucked Billy roughly and immediately. You know how big your father”s penis is, I was sure Billy would be hurt something awful. Your father felt that if Billy could have sex with me, he could have sex with Billy.”


“Whoa! In front of you? He screwed Billy right there in front of you?” I couldn”t believe what she had said. Dad was fucking a young fag right in front of Mom?


“Yes! And Billy seemed to enjoy it.”


I almost laughed at that. Of course he enjoyed it. Anyone fucked by Dad enjoyed it. I sure did, but of course I wasn”t going to tell Mom that.


“So, once your father had his way with Billy, he in no uncertain terms told the two of us that he would never allow Billy to fuck me again. He was the man of the house and would never allow some other manchild to do that to me. That was when he put one of those chastity cage things on Billy. I didn”t even know what it was. I guess he learned about it from Ian and the work he does on that farm. I guess some of the boys there have those things. Well, Billy just accepted it and it”s been the last penis I have seen in nearly a month. Your Dad has refused to make love to me. He says he won”t for a full month just to see how much I need his penis. But he allowed Billy to continue using his hands and tongue on me. It”s nice, but it isn”t your father”s penis. Of course, your father is just as used to regular sex as I am, but he has been using Billy for that too. Both of us have kept Billy quite busy and your father and I are getting along pretty well considering how awful I was to him. I will never do anything like that again. He was so mad! And now I have had to go without any for a full month. Thank goodness it is almost over.”


I just sat there dumbstruck. Mom sharing all this was more than I needed to hear. I mean, it was pretty hot, but I guess I didn”t need all of the details. At least I knew how Billy ended up caged. Dad caged him, but because of Mom”s desires. Who knew my Mom even had desires. I just figured Dad used her like he had used me or other guys, just as a free fuck. Billy sure made out okay on this. He seemed to have a regular place in the house now. I wondered if he was happy?


“Well, aren”t you going to say anything Danni? I just spilled my heart and soul to you,” Mom said.


“I”m sorry Mom. I”m sorry you ended up in this situation. I”m sure that going without Dad”s dick has been tough. I can”t imagine not having any sex after having it regularly as much as I want.” Or need, my brain added as an afterthought. “I just hadn”t heard about any of this and so, well, when I walked in on you, I really thought it was another girl with you. Then to find out it”s Billy, well that was pretty shocking.”


I was playing it up pretty well, I thought. Sounding shocked about Dad fucking guys, Mom having sex outside the marriage. I pretty much just sounded shocked over the next few minutes.


“Your Dad can be very a very punitive man when he is angry. I really miss sex,” she added. “Oh, Billy helps me get through it, but it isn”t really the same. I”ll be happy when your Dad is ready for me again.”


I didn”t need to add anything to that statement. When I was unable to jack off at first it drove me crazy. Now I never thought about it at all. I came when my man fucked me. What a wonderful freeing experience to know that your man was the one who got you off. Mom must be going crazy traying to get off with Billy and not with Dad”s dick. Plus, Billy lost his dick, well Dad took it away. He must be a bit horny too.


“This is just all new to me,” I told her. “I had no idea Dad would want to have sex with a guy. Or that you would want to have sex with another guy.”


“I guess all men want to have sex with guys,” Mom sighed. “First it was you, then it was Ian, now it”s Chuck. Ian and Chuck both say that it isn”t gay, so I don”t know what it is. Maybe it”s something in the water?”


I laughed. “Mom, there”s nothing in the water. That”s crazy. If that were true you”d be looking for a woman instead of a man.”


“I guess you”re right, Danni. I”m just a bit confused. If I hadn”t been so overcome with lust I wouldn”t have gotten into this mess and your dad wouldn”t be having sex with Billy.”


“Mom, you can”t blame yourself. You just need to move on. If you accept that Dad is right and you let him set the rules, then you just accept it and live with it. That is your choice. I mean, you get the benefit of Billy too, right?”


“Well, yes. I do get to still be with Billy, it”s just limited.”


“You like the dick, huh?”




Mom blushed. I mean like she just really turned red. I couldn”t stifle my giggle at seeing her blushing. She really loved the dick I guess. It made sense. I had to get it from somewhere.


“Okay, okay. It”s good to know what you like Mom. It”s good to talk about it. I know I like it, so why shouldn”t you? I”m sure Dad likes giving it to you. Clearly he misses that too or he wouldn”t be using Billy as a substitute.”


“I really hadn”t thought about that piece. I know he thinks highly of Billy. I hear them going at it sometimes, but I can”t watch it because I want to be the one with your father.”


“You will be, I”m sure. Dad has always said you are his woman and he wouldn”t change that. You hear him talk about you.”


“That”s true. Maybe Billy is his way to make me want him more. Sometimes I think he just wants everything, me, Billy, other people.”


“I don”t think so, Mom. I know he sees this as his house. He probably just wants to make sure everyone in the house knows he is the one in charge.”


“Hmmm, yes, that makes sense. He has always been the man of the house. I like that about him. I”m happy to let him be in charge. It takes away so much worry from me knowing he makes the decisions.”


“Yes! That is it exactly. That”s how I feel. Devish does that for me too. I don”t have to think about too many things at all. The main one is just making him happy.”


“Oh, thank you dear,” Mom moved closer and gave me a big hug. “This has helped. I”m sorry you had to walk in on us. I just need a release sometimes and your father has said Billy can continue to provide that, just not with his penis obviously.”


I laughed. “I”m sure Billy prefers it that way, Mom. He was always very self-conscious of his sexuality, if I recall. I don”t think he likes having sex unless he is pleasing someone else.”


“He”s mentioned that to me in the last month. He seems quite happy here and I do love his attention to me and the home. It”s just a big change knowing your father can get pleasure from someone else. I guess it makes sense. I just need to adjust, I can”t imagine life without Chuck.”


I hugged Mom back. She was really going through a rough patch. I wish someone had told me about all this. Though I”m not sure it would have been any different. I had moved on and was living outside the home, I guess I wouldn”t know everything that goes on.


“Look, let”s go shopping,” I said. “We need to buy you a dress for the wedding. I”m guessing you haven”t picked one out yet. I have a credit card now and we need to use it.”


Mom smiled. “That sounds like fun Danni. Let me fix my clothes a little and I”ll be right down.” She headed back off upstairs and I went to find Billy.



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