Becoming Bree Ch. 05

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Sabrina got out of the shower, her mind going over the events of the day that had just gone by. She still couldn’t believe what had happened and as gentle hands towelled her dry, she allowed herself to relive all the wonderful memories.

Aunt Tera had greeted her warmly, ushering her inside the spacious house. It was beautifully, tastefully decorated, Tera had great taste. There was no clutter, yet the home seemed warm and inviting.

Tera and her mother had chatted for a while, then Caroline said her goodbyes and took her leave. Which left her alone with her stunning “Aunt”.

“So darling, why don’t you tell Aunt Tera what brings you here?” Tera said with a smile that would have melted a glacier.

Sabrina poured her heart out to the stunning brunette. She told her aunt that her desires for sex, fucking, kinkiness and fun were overwhelming. To her credit, Tera listened to the young girl intently, not saying a word until the girl was finished.

“So you want to be – as I often put it – fucky, darling?” Tera intoned in her sultry, purring voice.

“Yes Aunt Tera, oh yesss! I want to know what good sex is like, I want to be free and nasty, just like you!”

Tera allowed herself to laugh now. “I think I can help you with that angel. But why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower? You must be a bit grungy from that long drive.”

Sabrina agreed, then went upstairs. She got out of her clothes and into the en-suite shower she went. The warm water felt wonderful on her body – but as she started to reach for the soap, she felt warm hands on her shoulders.

She turned and looked deeply into the doe-eyes of her lovely “Aunt”.

“I thought you could use some help cleaning up darling. You don’t mind, do you?”

Sabrina wasn’t canlı bahis sure how she should react, but Tera was truly so beautiful, lust overwhelmed all her logic. She shook her head and watched as Tera ran her hands all over her body, soaping up Sabrina’s soft skin, fingers trailing over her nipples, her pussy, arousing hitherto-unknown passions.

Tera took her time, caressing Sabrina’s soft flesh, kneading her breasts gently, fingertips grazing over her niece’s hardening clit, yet teasing the girl to the brink of orgasm. Sabrina moaned and cooed her obvious pleasure, but was unsure of what to do.

She had her first female-induced orgasm a few minutes later, delighting in how wonderful it felt to climax around Tera’s manipulative digits.

Her brain was racing. Was she a lesbian? The thought scared her for a second, she wanted to like men, she wanted to feel a man’s hard cock inside her pussy, fucking holy hell out of her.

Anticipating Sabrina’s thoughts, Tera kissed her new love gently on the lips. “Don’t worry dearest, you aren’t a lesbian. You’re probably bi, like your mother and myself. It’s fun darling, it gives you a lot more options!”

Sabrina chuckled at that, recalling Heather expressing a similar thought. Her aunt leaned in close and kissed her again.

Her aunt continued to dry Sabrina’s body with the soft, fluffy towel, kissing her body from time to time as she did so. This kept the teen’s passions inflamed.

Tera marvelled at her new playmate’s delicate beauty. She knew the girl would be lovely, how could Caroline’s daughter not be? But she had a shy-girl look to her, which Tera knew masked a true hottie. She couldn’t wait to help that hottie emerge.

“Angel, your mother was my first female lover and I was hers. bahis siteleri Would you like to learn all the tricks the two of us taught each other?” Tera purred, still caressing the girl’s body.

She still didn’t trust herself to speak, so Sabrina just nodded. In some way, sharing her mother’s lover would be like sharing her mother. She shivered at the lewd thought.

Tera used her fingertips and nails to trail all over the girl’s soft, sexy body. Sabrina squirmed in delight, hunching upwards as Tera’s practiced digits manipulated her body. Her nipples ached with want, she yearned to return the favor to the “aunt” who was bringing her such joy. She wanted to become a fuck-slut, to turn Tera on just as much.

Tera was a master of girl-on-girl …. actually, woman-on-girl sex … and Sabrina was getting all of the skill at Tera’s command. Tera’s tongue licked and lapped the girl’s quivering pussy, working the lusty girl into an erotic frenzy. “Yesss, oh fuck, yessssss!!!” Sabrina cried out, learning to enjoy her newfound boldness.

“Enjoying this darling” Tera asked. Sabrina didn’t trust herself to speak, she was so overcome with lust and emotion. She simply nodded her head.

Sabrina was anxious to learn her new lessons and Tera was more than happy to teach her. After a few mini-climaxes, Tera told her eager pupil that it was time for her to learn about “69”, the sexiest number in the world.

Still a bit unsure, Sabrina agreed to the newest love-lesson. She saw her beautiful playmate’s soft, sensual body swing around, her pussy and legs over Sabrina’s own face. In an instant, she knew what she was expected to do. Momentary fear overtook her, but Sabrina’s own common sense — and more than a little lust — replaced it swiftly. There bahis şirketleri had been nothing her new lover had done to her that she had not enjoyed, so why not do what Tera wanted her to do?

Adrift in an erotic frenzy, Sabrina went for it. She began to “69” with her new lover, eliciting wild screams of joy from Tera. Faster and faster, her passion increasing, Sabrina’s tongue whipped over the pussy and clitoris of her new lesbian playmate. Awash in the sensations of eating pussy and having hers eaten in turn, Sabrina gave herself over completely to the moment, lost in a whorl of lezzie-lust. Her tongue speared in and out of Tera’s pussy, swirled, slithered, licked and worshipped at the font of Tera’s cunt. The intensity of the moment was increased were further fueled by the moans, screams and words, “Yessss, oh fuck baby, that’s it, you’re a natural!”

The two beauties writhed and moved all over the bed, springs squeaking in silent protest. Their bodies glistened with the heat of their passion, which was intensifying by the minute. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, their tongues probed each other’s pussies. Juice poured copiously from each aroused cunt, but neither woman stopped, they just continued drinking lustily from each other. Sabrina was loving the wildness of it all. The young woman and her mature lover were giving and receiving lust, neither of them wanted this session to end.

Yet, end it did, with Sabrina having an intense orgasm, followed shortly after by Tera’s own release. They nearly fell off the bed, but held each other in a tight lover’s embrace. They kissed each other softly, ran fingers through sweat-soaked hair, murmured words of endearment.

Coming out of her reverie, Sabrina felt her aunt’s arms around her in a loving embrace, a gentle kiss pressed on the nape of her neck. “Wait until you see what I have planned for you next, baby-doll!” Tera purred.

Sabrina thought she might faint with delight. Was it possible to die from too much happiness?

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