Big Birthday, Even Bigger Surprise

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Another Fun Sexy Romp, that I hope you’ll enjoy…


I love my wife Tammy to bits. She’s the only woman for me and always has been. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her, and I mean nothing. But now that she’s about to turn forty, she’s starting to wonder if she’s still got it.

Lucky for her, I’ve figured out the perfect way to prove to her that not only is she still drop-dead gorgeous, but also still a very sexy desirable woman, that really knows how to get a guy off. I just hope she’ll like my surprise, and get off on it, too. But I’ve got a feeling with the big deal I’ve got planned, she won’t be able to help herself, and she’ll get off alright.

Honestly, I don’t know where her insecurities come from. I’m always telling her how beautiful she is. I think she’s got to be the sexiest woman alive with her shoulder length reddish-brown hair, big blue eyes, and even bigger rack. And she’s still nice and toned and tight with long shapely legs that I just love to feel wrapping around me when I’m buried in her deep. Wow, and don’t get me started on her ass. I could write a sonnet about the perfection of that sweet round cock teaser. Since we broke in her backdoor, five years ago on for her thirty-fifth birthday, she’s really been into anal. So as far as I’m concerned, not only have I got the perfect wife, but I’ve also got the perfect playground; nice big tits, gorgeous tight pussy and an ass that I could fuck till the cows come home and still want more. But now I guess I should fill you in on the big surprise I arranged for her…

“Keep that blindfold on, baby, no peeking.” I told her as I carefully walked her naked and blindfolded from our bedroom. “Here, let me help you up.” Then I picked her up around her waist and lifted onto our dining room table, that’s now sitting in the middle of our spacious living room, because I figured we’d need the extra room for what was about to happen next.

Then I tell her, “I remember you telling me a few weeks ago, that you were starting to wonder if you still had it, if you still had the sex appeal you had in your twenties, seeing as tonight’s the night you’re turning the big 4-0. And I also recall you telling me, when we’d had a little too much to drink one New Year’s Eve a few years back, when we were playing a naughty game of Truth or Dare, that your deepest darkest fantasy has always been to be ravaged by a room full of horny men. And baby, I love you enough to make both your wishes come true tonight.”

I pulled off her blindfold, and watched her eyes go big as she let out a startled gasp, clutching her hand to her chest, to try and hide her tits. “That’s right baby, welcome to your Great Big 40th Birthday Gang Bang!”


Holy shit! I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could he do this to me? Marty had me stark naked on our dining room table, in the middle of our living room and all I could see, everywhere I looked was well-hung men with hard-ons. Ooh, and such big delicious looking men, too. Though I knew I should tell him it wasn’t going to happen, and I never meant what I said about wanting to get gang-banged, obviously just some drunken ramblings he misunderstood, that I’d nearly forgotten about, or at least sort of forgotten about. There was no getting around the fact my pussy was positively burning up at the thought of being ravaged by… Holy, smokes! I started to count them and realized there had to be at least twelve well-hung studs, just waiting to fuck my brains out!

Of Lordy! Just the thought of being fucked to within an inch of my life by a roomful of big horny strangers had my nipples aching like bitches, they were getting so hard, and I could feel my pussy already dripping right down to the table. But seeing as it was Marty’s mother’s old cast off dining table, before she foisted it off on us. The fact I was leaking pussy juice all over the damn thing, I really didn’t really give a shit about.

But wow, the thought of actually being the main event at an honest to goodness gang-bang had me feeling a little light headed. And there were just so many big hard cocks to choose from, all of them already oozing at the tip, ready for some action. Without even thinking I was licking my lips, watching them stroke their mighty weapons their hands, all looking at me with fire in their eyes, like they wanted to eat me alive.

Just the thought of taking on a few of them at once, had my poor dripping snatch nearly convulsing. But all of them at the same time? Oh god – I could feel every inch of me tingling – it would be absolute dream come true. I’d feel like a porn star, being serviced by nothing but one meaty cock after another.

Marty tipped his head. “So, what do you say, baby? You want to party like it’s 69?” He chuckled, and I noticed then that he was naked too, and giving his cock a real work over, already tugging the shit out of it, obviously more than ready for the kinky festivities to begin. I also had a feeling Marty was really anxious to see me getting plowed.

A few years ago, we’d had kartal genç escort a tiny foray into swinging when we were on holiday in Florida. Curious to know what it was like, we wandered into a swinger’s club. But all we’d done was feel up another couple, swap a few kisses with them, then head back to our hotel laughing our asses off, at the thought of even attempting to do something that naughty. But I have a feeling, that’s what got us both thinking about what it would feel like to really step over the line, and do something even crazier – like this.

The other thing I recalled was that night we’d played Truth or Dare, Marty had confessed – probably because he was as tipsy as I was – that his ultimate fantasy would be to watch me getting fucked by another man. I realized now, that seeing me getting gang-banged by a pack of hungry wolves like these guys would undoubtedly be his ultimate dream come true.

But wow, this was like epic. My eyes were everywhere at once, and all I could see was tall, well-built studs with big long hard cocks that most women only dreamed of getting a taste of.

Knowing that watching me get fucked by an entire room full of men would get Marty off like he’d never gotten off before, had me really tempted to just go for it, though I’d never done anything so kinky. But I was getting so hot, just imagining what it would be like, that finally I took a few deep breaths, and found the courage to spread my legs open wide, thrust out my breasts inviting them all to join me, as I told him, “Yes, Marty I want this, I want it really bad.”

Already my breathing was getting choppy, and my pulse was starting to race, imagining how crazy it was going to feel to have not just one strange cock slamming into me, but maybe even a baker’s dozen! Especially since Marty was the only man I’d ever been with, this would be like the ultimate sugar rush for me, only with cum.

Fuck, when my Marty planned a surprise for me, he didn’t kid around.

The men all laughed and cheered the moment I’d agreed, and then suddenly they all seemed to come at me at once. And soon I was lost in a sensual fog. Right from the get go, it was more than I ever dreamed it would be. Their hands seemed to be everywhere at once, groping and stroking and touching every inch of me. Fingers were slipping into my pussy, a pair of them had their mouths wrapped around my titties, sucking on my girls, and I could feel a big hard cock being nudged against my mouth. As I opened up and sucked that big fat, fucker back, moaning at the feel of all that long hard man-meat sliding over my tongue, I knew this would be the most amazing night I’d probably ever live through.

Providing of course I actually came out of it alive, and didn’t lapse into a fuck-induced coma.

Looking over at Marty, as I sucked on the biggest cock I’d ever seen, I could see he was smiling from ear to ear, and nearly jerking himself raw. What a man I’d married, no wonder I loved him. To arrange this for me, just to prove that I still had it, and to show that guys this hot would want to get with me, almost had me weeping.

But since someone was busy spreading open my folds down below, and sinking their tongue deep into my pussy, all my attention was focused on the four men now making my body start to shiver and shake, like it had never shook before.

Talk about sensory overload, every inch of me felt like it was electrified. I was so getting off on sucking back the biggest cock I’d ever probably see, while also having my tits worked insanely hard, making my pussy feel jealous even while it was nearly being eaten alive by the most talented oral artist, probably ever born. Fuck, was I ever in kinky shit heaven.

Though the festivities had just begun, I’d already come at least twice, flooding the dark-haired guy’s mouth with a really big load of my juice, while he was making the wildest noises I’d ever heard, as he feasted like a mad man on my extremely happy pussy.

“Fuck, you’re sweet,” the guy eating me out told me as he worked first one, then a second big thick digit into my hole, before he started to work my throbbing clit like a maestro of orgasms, all while lapping up everything I gave him.

Oh, lordy, he was so fucking good at oral, and he was making me come so hard, I thought I’d black out. But then when he smiled up at me, watching me shake like a crack addict going into withdrawal from the most powerful climax I’d ever felt, I almost died when he fisted his cock in his hand and began to push that big fat red mushroom shaped head of his into my still quivering little pussy.

Already, I’m thinking I’m going to need a calculator to keep track of, not only how many times they make me come tonight, but how many men have fucked me, sucked me, eaten me, had me blow them, and ooh, even how many had plowed my ass, hopefully all at the same time, at least once before the night was over.

Oh, god, I think I’ve died and gone to some kind of dirty, kinky nirvana, where bad girls bayan kartal escort had their filthiest wishes come true. And to think it’s all happening, not only with my husband’s blessing, but because my sweetheart was thoughtful enough to hand select these sex gods to be sure that I had a night that my throbbing pussy and I would never forget. I just hoped he was capturing all of this on video, because I sure as hell wanted to relive it again, and just as often as I could, when it was this fucking hot.

“Fuck, you’re a tight one,” the big dark haired one said as he gritted his teeth and slowly worked his cock into me, inch by delectable, long, hard fucking fantastic inch. Wow, this guy was so big, that I could feel my pussy actually weeping with joy as he worked at squeezing his foot long monster into my rapidly stretching snatch.

“Oh, fuck, I love this,” I murmured, gazing around gratefully at all of them, to let them know that I appreciated the effort they were putting into getting me off. Already I think my pussy had gone into shock and it might need to be resuscitated, and there were just so many more cocks that had yet to plunder me.

Once the guy now fucking my cunt like it was his life’s mission to get us both off, threw back his head and started growling like a rutting beast, I worried a little about the fact my cunt was about to be overflowing with a really big load of his baby juice.

Just then, Marty, still tugging the crap out of his cock, came up beside us, and told me, “No, worries baby, these guys are all certified clean. So you can swallow every last drop they give you, and they can fill you up to their hearts content with all the cum they’ve got.” Then he winked at me, and went to chat with the men who were awaiting their turn with me, offering them beer and snacks, while he continued to work his cock in his hand, making me proud that he was being such an attentive host.

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming so fucking hard,” hollered the guy with the giant sausage packed so deep in my cunt, he had me going cross-eyed, as he slammed me hard enough to jerk me about a foot across the table before he froze, and started shooting off like crazy deep inside me. Then he leaned over me, wearing a wicked smile. “Fuck that feels good. And you’re making me come so hard I bet your tight little cunt’s going to be dripping for days.”

I nodded, because I believed him. I could actually feel every long hard inch of him, still pulsing inside me, splashing my womb with wave after wave of his seed, till I knew that soon it would sliding out of my hole, and running onto the table. Which got me thinking – I’d never been able to get pregnant, and a tiny part of me wondered if maybe tonight with so many men shooting me full of their potent sperm, if one of them might get the job done, and I’d come away with a lot more than just the dirtiest, raunchiest night of my life to remember, but maybe even find myself pregnant with one of their babies.

Ooh, and what a bonus that would be.

I shivered as I watched more of them stalking towards me, all with their cocks in their hands, looking like they were about to really show me what it meant to be gang-banged. And just the thought of every last one of them having their way with me, had everything I owned starting to tingle so hard I had to clutch the edge of the table so I wouldn’t fall off.

Crazy as it seemed, I absolutely loved the feeling of being nothing but a fuck toy to so many horny men. It made me feel empowered, since all of them were desperate to get at my body and my body alone. With me giving them the pleasure of sucking them off, letting them plow my cunt till I ached, allowing them to go bat shit crazy on my tits, suck on my tongue, nearly eat me alive, and hopefully at some point during the night, even fill my ass up with as many of their big steely cocks as I could take. I just loved the feeling of being able to give every last one of them a piece of me. All I know is that I’d never felt as happy or as dirty as I did now, knowing that I’d be dripping with more cum than my body could even hold, by the time the night was over.

Then two tall ones approached with their dicks in their hands, and they just were so big, and so imposing, they almost had my pussy cringing at the thought of being packed with that much meat. The blond one, flashing a devilish grin, gently stroked his hand across my cheek, asking, “You ever been spit-roasted, pretty lady?”

When I shook my head, my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it vibrating right through me, wondering what they had planned for me, as I watched their smiles begin to widen as they tugged their cocks good and hard.

Then the other one said, “Well, baby girl, you’re about to find out just how good it can feel. Now you get up on your knees, and get ready for a ride you’ll never forget.”

Once I did as he asked and got onto my knees, my eyes went wide, when blondie, slipped his thumb into my mouth and told me to suck. I can’t even escort kartal bayan explain how turned on I felt just from sucking the fuck out of his thumb, my nipples ached they were so hard, and my pussy was nearly dripping watching him stand right in front of me, smiling coyly into my eyes, really starting to beat off his meat.

I moaned around his thumb, eager for a taste of the pre-cum oozing from his hole. Lifting my gaze to his, he started to groan while I sucked at it as hard as I could, watching his eyes grow dark, and his cock thicken even more. Then he nodded, and pulled his thumb out of my mouth and switched it out for the long hard monster he’d been stroking in his palm. And holy smokes, was he ever big, it was like trying to suck off a twelve inch cob of corn. My eyes popped a little when I felt his cock invade my mouth, he was just so big and long and thick, that I wondered if I’d choke on his girth, before it even hit the back of my throat.

But then when I felt his friend push his big fat dick into my pussy from behind, I figured out why they called it spit roasting, especially when they started to fuck in and out of my mouth and cunt in tandem. Rolling their eyes and groaning as they worked my body like a kinky seesaw, I was already trembling and getting ready to climax really freaking hard, it just felt so raw, and yet so heavenly with the two to them fucking me so nasty and dirty from both ends.

Marty walked over and shook his head. “Fuck, baby, that’s got to feel good huh, having two cocks that size plowing into you at the same time.” Then he reached under me and started tugging and twisting my nipples, chuckling at how blissed out I was looking as the three of them worked my body into a mild-melting frenzy.

I honestly never imagined that doing something so slutty could make me feel so good. And to know that the other men gathering around were getting off on seeing my cunt being fucked by one hard horny stud, while the other one fucked my mouth, made it feel so much more illicit.

This, what these two were doing to me now, using my body to get off, was what I’d always dreamed of, being nothing but a fuck toy, letting the whole pack of them use me any way they saw fit, was sheer and utter bliss.

Just the idea of being taken from both ends, felt so erotic, that when I started to come, I nearly collapsed on the table, it just felt so overwhelming to be taken so wickedly hard, especially since those big bad boys were both coming right along with me.

As I quivered and shook, coming with the force of a tidal wave, blondie thrust deep into my mouth, and I could feel his cum shot fire straight down my throat, nearly making me choke on the thickest load of man juice I’d ever tried to swallow. The other one had my whole body rocking hard, he was buried in me so fucking deep, savagely plowing the living hell out of my cunt, slapping his thighs against my ass, over and over again. Till finally he dug his hands into my hips, hard enough to leave marks, groaning deep and long as he slammed into me with all he had, flooding my womb with so much thick hot cum I could feel him pulsing for what felt like forever as it trickled down my legs and splashed onto the table.

Every inch of me shook and shivered, as I followed right after them, coming in a blinding rush, after being taken that hard by the two of them, the power of it almost had me sliding right off the table.

Fighting to catch my breath, looking up, I noticed a tall, really good looking black guy- with what had to be one the biggest, thickest, longest cocks ever created. I swallowed hard staring at it hanging almost down to his knees – as he wandered over with a king size bottle of lube in his hand. I could hardly believe my eyes, realizing they were ready to go at me again. Especially when he leaned down smiling and whispered in my ear, “Sugar, I think it’s time we get you air tight.”

“Air tight?” What the fuck was that? I looked over at Marty smiling his ass off, and rubbing his hands together, looking positively gleeful about what was about to happen to me. Which had me wondering, what more they could possible do to me now that I’d just discovered what an highly erotic experience getting spit-roasted could be. After getting fucked that hard, my pussy was still dripping and felt like it was burning up from being so well used. But I had feeling if whatever it was, was as nasty as it sounded, that I was really going to get off on it, and I’d probably come harder than I’d ever dreamed of. So, of course I just looked him in the eye and said, “Bring it on, big boy.”


Oh, fuck me, what a woman. Secretly, I’d always dreamed of seeing my gorgeous wife with her legs spread, getting fucked by a well hung stranger. Some nights I’d even dream about it and wake up hard as fuck, with my balls sweating up a storm, just imagining how crazy hot it would be to see her big tits heaving and her cunt being packed to the max by a huge hungry monster cock fucking her raw. But this, what was happening to her right now, was beyond even what I’d ever envisioned in my wildest dreams. And just the thought of seeing my precious Tammy helpless and air tight, packed till she could hardly breathe with so many big hard cocks, had me ready to come all over again, and so damn hard, I knew I’d need at least an hour to clean it all up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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