Blowing An Uncut Older Man

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This is my second story. All my stories are true unless the word “fantasy” appears in the title. My fantasy stories are things I’d love to do if I could work up the nerve!! Like a “Blow-Bang Fantasy” (coming later).

After being initiated into the exquisite wonders of giving men oral pleasure by my cousin (See my first story “Blowing my cousin”), I was ravenous for my next cock. As first experiences go, my much older cousin had been an amazing happenstance. After our summer and fall of frequent, very gratifying sessions came to an end, it was a long time before I had the delicious sensation of a man’s dick in my mouth again.

It was over two years before I lay between a man’s legs again. I was shy and would not approach men. I was mortified at the prospect of misreading a man and having him repulsed, possibly violently by a misdirected proposition. I was not “out” as bi-sexual and never would be. So I resigned myself to the fact that it might be a very long time before another man would invite me into his pants.

By the age of twenty-one I had taken a really crappy job, but it did require some travel for training. For a kid who had never been anywhere, that part of it was pretty cool. I was in Chicago for a training session to be indoctrinated into the corporate culture of a big chain of catalogue and retail department stores. I had been through my first day of a near cult like session of brain washing when I sat in the hotel bar wondering why the fuck I hadn’t gone to collage instead, when I noticed a nice looking older gentleman in a suit drinking alone at the other end of the bar.

The large bar was empty except for about a half-dozen people. Each time I looked up at the lonely gentleman I’d noticed, he would smile and nod at me. It could have been just a friendly gesture but after three beers I figured there was no harm in introducing myself. I went to the bathroom, passing his end of the bar. As I walked by he nodded again and said “hi there”. I returned the greeting with a coy smile and walked on. As I returned, I sat at his end of the bar and ordered a rum and coke. We introduced ourselves and shook hands. I was still very shy but figured that if I made myself available, and he was smiling for a reason other than just being cordial, he was old enough to take the lead.

I had cut my long hair short for the job but still had a pretty, slightly feminine face and I was absolutely starved for a man who wanted the pleasure of my oral attentions. I was his for the asking but I was still way to self-couscous to do any more than show I was receptive to him if he was interested. He introduced himself only as “Bob from New York.” He wore a wedding band so I thought it was a long shot, but I would later discover that many married men weren’t getting what they wanted at home. It never occurred to me that straight, married men would be so receptive to oral sex from another man but as I would later discover to my absolute delight, they are the rule rather than the exception!

“What’s a young fella’ like you doin’ in Chicago” he asked and I told him my story. He told me he was in town for a company gathering, he managed a large sales territory for an electrical equipment manufacturer. We chatted for a while and he asked if I would like to move over to a booth. He grabbed both our drinks and over to the farthest, darkest corner of the bar and I knew then he considered this a date!

After some more small talk he made the sexual advance I was hoping to hear.

“You’ve got a very friendly face.” he said

“I’m a friendly person,” I answered

“A cute face too. I bet the girls love you,” he said

“The girls and a lot of men!” I exclaimed

“So…do you like men?”

It was hard to hide the flush that came over me. My face was burning and I knew I had broken out in a glowing blush “Ya”, I answered shy and nervose. “I like older men”

“So that’s why you kept looking at me!” he said smiling.

“Well I noticed you looking at me!” I retorted.

He laughed loud “I noticed you when you came in” he said. “A pleasant face and you seemed like you wanted some company”

“Yes, some company would be nice tonight” I agreed

He told me he was married and that his wife and he were no longer having sex but still lived together for financial reasons. He was in his mid fifties and wasn’t ready to retire sexually, but his wife no longer had any interest at all. He did enjoy other partners occasionally but was not overt about it and his wife didn’t know and didn’t need to know.

“I promise I wont follow you home” I assured him and we laughed.

“Would you like to come up to my room in about an hour?” he asked.

“That might be fun” I answered, “But I’m a bit limited in what I’m willing to do with a man”

“OK…” he answered slowly waiting for me to elaborate.

“I enjoy giving oral sex but I’m not in to anal and I don’t care for a man doing me,” I explained. I would later enjoy both to my great pleasure but that’s another story!

“That’s fine gaziantep escort with me” he answered “But what gets you off?

“Getting men off” I answered “I just really enjoy giving a man pleasure and feeling his body as he becomes more and more aroused. I like trying to give a man the best possible experience and feeling his body release in a powerful orgasm”

“Oh my god I’m in love!” he announced as he made an exaggerated gesture of holding his hand over his heart. He laughed loudly again and gave me his room number. “How ’bout we make it thirty minutes” he said with an anxious look on his face.

“I’ll try to wait!” I said. I went to my room, showered in ten minutes and sat on the bed watching the clock!

When I knocked on his door, he answered warring a pair of slacks and a black tee shirt. He invited me in, mixed us some drinks and we were soon setting on a sofa together discussing past sexual experiences. He explained that he didn’t care for giving men head but did like performing anal sex on them, but a blowjob only would be fine by him. He said his last really memorable blowjob had been fifteen years ago! I promised him he wouldn’t be disappointed, and I’d more than make up for my limited repertoire.

I changed in the bathroom into a light robe I’d brought with me. I enjoy being covered but not clothed while servicing men. When I returned he was setting on the edge of the bed, clearly ready to get things started.

“So you’ve only done this once?” he asked

“Yes, just the story I told you about my cousin, but I did him many times”

“Why have you waited so long to do it again?” he asked

“The opportunity just hasn’t presented itself and I’m not too experienced at approaching men” I answered. “I’m glad you spoke to me. I thought you might be interested so I sat next to you hoping you’d make the first move”

“I’m not shy and I was about two minutes from coming over to you!” he said

We sat in an awkward silence for a moment then he asked, “So how would you like to start?”

“I’d like to help you off with your pants” I whispered in a shaky voice.

I took a pillow from the sofa and went to my knees. He rose from the bed and walked toward me, positioning his self in front of me. He pulled off his tee shirt. As he revealed his upper body, I toke a good look at him. He was considerably taller than me, a full head of short gray hair, a well-groomed salt and pepper beard and mustache. He had a large round belly, not obese but portly. His body hair had also gone gray and he had a firm and very hairy chest and big arms. I moved in close to him and began to rub his belly and hips. At last, here I was again about to submit to the power of a man’s body all focused into me. I was shaking a little and my breathing was shuddered as my heart pounded into my throat.

He smiled down at me and asked “Are you nervous?”

“A little but in a good way” I answered smiling back up at him.

I pressed into his groin, rubbing my face across his trousers. I could feel the lump of his cock under the cloth. I moved back and unfastened the button of his slacks, then found the tab of his zipper and slid it all the way down. The sound of his fly unzipping suddenly stirred an intense arousal in me. Under his slacks he wore as simple pair of white briefs.

I rose to run my mouth and tongue around his lower belly. His took in a deep breath and exhaled with a long “Ummmmm”. I slide his slacks down over the back of his hips and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside. And there he stood before me. His underwear contained a pleasantly large bulge of cock and balls. Until that moment I was not sure what I would find. I had only done this with one man and didn’t really know what to expect. I would come to realize all men’s cocks are very different, and they all had their own charm!

He smelled freshly showered with a light cologne. His body felt warm in front of me. He had strong, thick legs and a firm full ass. He obviously tried to keep in some sort of shape even though he was a large man. I began to rub his thighs and took his fleshy bulge of cock and balls in both hands, massaging him through his underwear. He moaned as he whispered, “That feels nice”

I nuzzled my face into the soft warm cotton of his briefs and kissed his cock and balls. I could smell his scent through the fabric and another surge of arousal swept through my body. It had been so long since I smelled that scent. I pulled the waistband of his underwear away from his belly and hooked my fingers inside. I worked his briefs off of his hips and pulled down until they came clear of his cock. I pulled them to the floor and he stepped out of them. He was completely naked standing over me now. I had never seen a man of his age naked. I had always been attracted to older men, the older the better. There’s something about the sight of a mature man’s naked body that has always aroused me. The thick hair of his cock and balls was salt and escort gaziantep pepper. His balls hung loose under an ample, very veiny, thick cock that was filling out but not yet erect. I hadn’t considered it until then, but many older men are not circumcised. He had a veiny, fleshy foreskin covering a very large cock head. His foreskin formed a round opening through which just a quarter of an inch of his head was exposed.

I had never seen an uncut man in the flesh, and I wasn’t quite sure how to start on him. But I assumed he would instruct me if there was anything special I needed to do for him. I lowered myself and began to just kiss and lick his balls, moving his semi-erect hanging cock out of the way with my face. He was so hairy! I could feel the hair if his balls on my tongue like a matt. The sack of his balls seemed to move as it contracted and relaxed under my mouth in an undulating movement. This was a very interesting sensation for me and I was fascinated by it.

His cock had become erect, standing out now away from his body. He moaned as I rubbed his hips and treated his scrotum to long, full tongue massages from underneath to the base of his dick, one side, then another. His balls were huge, and hung a full five or six inches from him. I moved back to get a full view of his erection. He was about seven inches long, and very thick. His foreskin had moved back to revel most of his cock head. The head of his dick was large and purple. His cock was so fleshy! He had so much extra skin it reminded me of one of those skin bag dogs. It was covered in unusually thick veins that bulged out and switched back and forth forming looping zigzags all over the entire length of his dick. Even erect his cock looked as though it had enough skin to grow another for or five inches before it would smooth out! I’d never seen anything like it even in photos. It was so unusual, so different that I loved looking at it. If a cock could have “character”, his most certainly did. Some might have considered it “ugly” but to me, it was fascinating and beautiful in a masculine, mature way. I decided to lick and kiss it all over to find out where among all that flesh where his most sensitive places. I was hoping he was a patient man as I very much wanted to take my time exploring this odd, unique and beautiful variation on the male sex organ.

“Is it ok if I just lick you for a few moments?” I asked “I’ve never seen a cock like yours and I want to play with it for a little while before I suck you”

“Take you’re time, I’m in no hurry” he answered. “Is this your first uncut dick”?

“Yes, it’s so fleshy and interesting!” I replied “So much of everything that makes a cock hansom”

He laughed and added “It’s shocked a few women in its time but I’m proud of it!”

“Man you should be, it’s magnificent” I complimented. Now comfortably sliding into that totally submissive role I love assuming with men like this, I added “I could worship at this cock all night” He laughed loudly and said “I don’t think I’ve ever had my cock worshiped”

“You’re going to enjoy the hell out of this I promise.” I informed him confidently.

I placed my left hand along side his warm cock and pressed my lips and tongue against the base of the right side of his erection. After over two years, here I was again at last about to enjoy the slow, sensual ritual of bringing a man’s body from pleasure, through arousal to ecstasy and then to an orgasm so intense he’d never, ever forget me. It would probably be our only night, so I intended to make this experience his gold standard of blowjobs.

I began to slip my tongue in and out under the curving shaft of his cock, mouthing him as I moved my way slowly up his shaft toward his huge dick head. I pressed him against my mouth as I moved a half an inch at a time, exploring all that loose flesh and bulging veins that I could clearly feel against my lips and tongue. It brought to mind that wonderful first experience with my older cousin, how he loved to watch me give him so much pleasure with my mouth. This man was very different but it was then that I realized that this second experience would be just as erotic, just as overwhelming and gratifying for me as that first experience had been.

As my mouth arrived at the head of his cock, I felt the ridge of his swollen head through his foreskin. I pulled the loose flesh in between my lips and gently sucked, jutting my tongue under his head until I hit that concentration of nerves that I knew would be there somewhere. He quivered and sighed as I engulfed that side of his skin gloved cock head. I held it there and just slowly moved my tongue under him. He moaned and I felt him place his right hand on my shoulder, then move his hand up along my neck to the side of my face where he rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

I moved around to his left side and worked my way along his cock again. The skin at his cock head was even more generous on this left side, and I spent several moment licking, sucking, pulling gaziantep escort bayan his skin in and out between my lips.

“Oh my god that feels good” he sighed “Oh my god right there”

I had found his hot spot and knew exactly were to visit my mouth and tongue on him again and again as I brought him closer and closer to giving me his wonderful, full, powerful orgasm in my mouth. He was not so very different after all. The basic design was the same. I knew then I’d have no trouble at all bringing him to a screaming orgasm when it was time to suck him off.

Confident and delighted, I centered my face on his cock. Mouth level with his dick full on in front of me. I placed my left hand around the considerable girth of his dick. His head had swollen so large that the foreskin of his cock was now gathered behind it, his entire head visible. It was large and dark purple, smooth and glistening from the moisture of my mouth. His cock head was long, with a ridge that tapered back to a high arch far down the shaft of his dick. There was not a single feature of this mass of manhood that was not exaggerated in its form and shape. It was blunt, almost flat where a large, open slit tapered apart to the bulging, pronounced “V” where his cock head split and wrapped up and around to form a huge arched ridge. It looked like a helmet or a big mushroom and I ached to know how it would feel taken fully in my mouth. I discovered that by pulling his shaft toward me, I could make his foreskin roll up over this large bulb of a head. I was filled with erotic anticipation of what this would feel like in my mouth. I had no idea how to suck an uncut cock but I was going to relish the experience of discovering all those specific little secretes to this man’s incredible tool.

I opened my mouth wide and held my tongue all the way out as I slid his dick in and out over my tongue a few times. He groaned and smiled down at me. “You like to tease don’t you?”

“I like to play with it” I answered. “I want to get to know your cock really well.”

“Well you’re quickly becoming his best friend,” he said with approval.

I pushed and pulled as I licked, feeling his foreskin slide in and out over my tongue. It was such a new experience and the sensation of that flesh was delicious beyond description. I opened wide and slid my mouth over his hard dick until I had his large head completely engulfed, then closed my lips around him and began caressing the underside of his cock with my tongue while I held him in my mouth. With my left hand around his dick, I rubbed the back of his left leg and ass cheek with my right hand. I looked up to see him standing over me. At long last, I was consumed by that erotic vision from a vantage point of complete submission and subjugation to the sexual desire of a man’s body in the passion of arousal. The wonderful view of a man delicately connected to me in mutual bliss by his cock held in my mouth. His large belly filled my world, his chest, his arms and the look of contented concentration on his face as he stared down at me with half of his large fleshy cock lovely accepted in my oral surrender to him. After waiting for this for so long, aching for this through so many desperate nights, I was sucking a cock again and I was in heaven.

“Oooohhyeeess…that’s it baby…that feels really good” he moaned.

I began to slowly stoke him as I gently sucked. As I did so, I could feel the loose skin of his cock slide in and out of my mouth. Each time I drew his cock forward, I could feel his foreskin slip over his large head then skin back over it as I pulled his shaft toward the base. I continued this just enjoying the feel and taste of the odd lumpy mounds of flesh that filled my mouth. It was as though his cock had a second sleeve of skin all around it. He had enough cock skin to make two dicks! It was most abnormal, but that’s the wonderful thing about men’s cocks. They are all very different and all beautiful in there own way and it brought to mind something I once read: “There is in all beauty, some disproportion.”

I slid his hard dick out of my mouth and squatted all the way down, drawing him closer by his hips until his cock and balls were directly over my upturned face. He spread his legs in a wide stance above me so that all I could see were cock and balls. I reached under his sack with my tongue and caressed the backside of his scrotum, the only smooth hairless spot between his legs. I lapped the rear of his balls with long, smooth strokes as he moaned softly. The weight of his balls covered my nose and face as I breathed in the intoxicating scent of his musky, wrinkled flesh. His balls seemed to have there own life as they undulated on my face. I could see beneath the head of his dick now jutting above my forehead, that beautiful foreskin gathered around the huge ridge.

I moved to place my mouth to the front of his loose, hanging balls and continued to lick and kiss his nuts. With one hand, I cupped his scrotum from behind and pressed it into my face and mouth. “Can you suck one of ‘um into you mouth?” came his moaning request. I was pleased that he felt comfortable asking for specific acts, but hoped he would get comfortable enough to demand rather than ask. I hoped he had many more such demands lined up in his mind as he considered what he might like to try with my eager, accommodating mouth.

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