Bottom Dad Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My name is Jim (all names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty) and I’ve been having sex with guys since Junior High School. I tried sex one time with a girl when we were both 22 year old college students. Of course she got pregnant.

We married and I was divorced by 25 after she came home one Saturday from shopping and found me with the condo maintenance man and his son. The maintenance man, Joe, was fucking my ass and I had his son, Joe Jr’s, cock in my mouth.

Well, 20 years later I’m living in a Chicago loft and my 20 year old son Brad and three of his buddies, Sergey, Mike, & Zack, were staying with me for awhile over the summer and slowly looking for an off campus apartment.

My son Brad knew I was gay from an early age and is very cool with it. He also knew the neighbor in the building that comes over for sex and caught me once with his cock down my throat.

Brad stands at 6’3″ and 190 lbs of stud muscle, although I haven’t seen him naked in many years I knew he was hung and it looked bigger than his old mans from the size of what was swinging around in his loose shorts he wore around the loft.

Brad’s buddies Sergey & Mike were built like him and weighted in at about the same give or take a pound. Zack was all muscle and shorter at about 5’10”. Sergey was as tall as Brad but Sergey has an uncut cock that hangs at least 7″ soft and thick.

This I know because Sergey loves to go about naked or in just a skimpy towel after he showers. The first time I saw him in all his glory was the morning after the boys arrived and he had just finished an early morning shower and was standing stark naked at the sink shaving.

My bathroom affords privacy but has no door. I had walked in hearing someone shaving and stopped dead in my tracks when a naked Sergey turned toward me and my eyes locked on his massive cock as I gapped and all but drooled.

When my eyes finally and slowly traveled up his hot muscled body to his face he was just grinning this knowing smile and his cock was starting to lengthen and swell.

I looked into his eyes and blushed feeling the heat in my checks and gümüşhane escort hurried out of the room.

Sergey, from that moment on would parade around the loft in semi-transparent boxers or just a towel and if the other boys were out, the towel would always seem to fall off when I was near by.

This became sort of a game as I enjoyed it and I ‘know’ Sergey ‘knew’ I enjoyed it. I mean what else could he possibly think with me drooling and staring at his big uncut piece of dick meat every chance I got.

I was in the kitchen one morning making some coffee when in came Sergey in a towel fresh from the shower. His towel was still damp and obscenely tented about a foot in front of him. He had this sexy needy look in his eyes and he was staring knowingly deep into my eyes.

I looked down and my eyes became glued to the huge bulge in his towel and I was to flustered to speak. I mumbled something about coffee and turned around to the table to grab my cup.

Sergey was behind me in a second and I could feel his huge hard cock pressing into my ass cheeks. His hand came to the back of my neck and pushed me face down on the table and then lifted my robe to my waist, exposing my needy ass.

Sergey bent down over me and said “don’t worry Mr. Pine, I’m going to give you what you’ve been craving for since I arrived.”

He began to rub what felt like 11 inches of thick hard cock between my ass checks causing me to moan like the cock slut he now knew I was. “I’m going to fuck your daddy ass all morning until you can’t walk” he said.

“But first your going to get down on your knees and suck this big Russian cock and tell me how much you want me to fuck you, your going to beg me to fuck you as often as possible.” “Tell me how much you want my big cock”.

I turned and dropped to my knees and stared at the object of my desire and my destruction. I wanted his cock and told him “yes Sergey, I want to suck your big hot cock, I want you to fuck me anyway and anytime you want.”

Sergey cock slapped my face a few time avoiding my open and greedy mouth, finally he grabbed my head and shoved that giant cock right down my throat.

I gaged and sputtered escort gümüşhane and he laughed and said “you’ve got 10 inches of uncut Russian cock down your throat bitch so start sucking.”

He throat fucked me a few times then let me really start to suck and suck I did. I worshiped that big uncut fuck stick. I sucked & nibbled at the head and foreskin swirling my tongue around the head and under the skin.

Sergey said “I knew you wanted this big cock, I could tell the way you always checked out my crotch, I could even see the hunger & need in your eyes.”

“Does Brad know his dad is a first class cock-sucker?” “Does Brad know his dad wants cock up his ass?” I just continued to suck his uncut pole like there was no tomorrow.

Sergey went on making me even hotter as I looked up his hot body continuing to service all 10″ of prime fuck meat. His blue eyes smiling back down at me as he fucked my mouth and throat.

Sergey pulled his spit soaked cock out of my mouth and said “tell me what you want, I want to hear you beg for it.” “I want you to fuck me Sergey, I need you to fuck me, please fuck my ass”.

I wanted to feel his big cock all the way up my hot ass. As I stood up Sergey pushed me onto the table on my back and my legs went instinctively up in the air.

He laughed and said “you really do need to be fucked and fucked good as he grabbed my legs and placed them over his shoulders.

He spit on my hole, then I felt that big uncut dick head pushing at my ass ring. All I could do was moan and stare into those incredible blue eyes. He could see the lust and need in my eyes as I gasped as his cock fucked into my steaming hole.

“Oh, oh, god Sergey I need it…fuck me Sergey, it’s been so long”. With that he pulled out about an inch and then slammed the entire 10 inches up inside of me. I lay there gasping and moaning as he began to long dick my shocked yet welcoming hole.

Sergey reached down and began jacking my rock hard 7.5″ cut cock, milking the pre-cum out of the head and then he bent over and took my cock into his mouth and I almost came at that moment.

He new I was hot for the fuck he was giving me and the sensation of gümüşhane escort bayan his big 10″ cock sliding along my prostrate had me ready to blow my load.

Sergey begin to really jack my cock and said “I want to see you cum all over yourself while I’m fucking your hot daddy ass”.

I was panting and watching the sweat drip from his handsome face as he pounded my ass. I could not hold back anymore and sensing this he aimed my cock at my face and watched as I shot the biggest load in years right into my own mouth, splashing all over my face, chest and hair.

“That was hot Jim, shooting your cum into your mouth and greedily sucking it all down”. He then began fingering the rest of my load into my gaping mouth. I licked his fingers clean as he continued to slam my ravaged hole.

He tensed and screamed as he fucked fully into my steamy ass and began unloading what felt like a months worth of cum up my burning chute. Sergey drilled my hole a few more times before he was totally spent.

He was dripping sweat all over my face and chest as he bent down and planted a hot wet kiss on my lips. He whispered in my ear “Oh, Jim you are one hot fuck and you sure know how to take a big cock and I know I’ll be wanting some more of that later.”

Fuck me later I thought, he could read the surprised look on my face and said “I still want to blow a load of cum down that cock sucking throat of yours.”

“Maybe I’ll share you with the other guys” he said with a wicked look in his eyes that caused me a bit of concern.

“You’ll love the cock on Zack, for a little guy he’s packing 11.5” of thick cut cock and he loves fucking a hot man pussy like yours”, and it would be hot to see Brad fuck his dad while you suck off all of our cocks and get pumped full of stud cum from both ends.”

Well, the boys went out to a bar that night and I stayed home thinking of what Sergey had said to me.

He had me pegged alright, he knew that once I had had a taste of his big Russian cock I would be wanting more. He was right and I could not stop thinking of him and that awesome cock the rest of the evening.

I was also intrigued by his proposal of sucking and getting fucked by all the boys including my son. I had fantasized about having Brad fuck me long ago but never thought I might consider acting on it.

I wondered what Brad would say or think of his old man as I laid there in bed jacking my hard cock and fingering my greased and cum filled slimy hole.

Part 2 of my becoming the bottom dad will cum later.

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