Breaking the Ice with Jimmy

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“You can’t be serious!” I muttered to Joe when he asked me to wank for him.

“Of course I’m bloody serious, that is why you accepted my invitation to come round to my pad and see me isn’t it. Pete?”

I gasped, it had all come with some surprise. I knew Jimmy was into miniature car modelling and, although this sounds corny – I was naive to believe that was the purpose of his invitation. I told him so, that I was not really into linking with another guy.

“We can do the modelling bit later, just chill and enjoy the moment, Pete – I have always liked you enormously, I would have thought you would have known that, I’ve made enough overtures in the office.”

Jim and I worked as clerks in a solicitors office and, no I hadn’t particularly noticed anything different about Jimmy’s approach, I tool it to be just being friendly. How naive can one get!

“Well I knew you hadn’t got a girl friend, that you were like me, free. So perhaps I assumed too much and if that is so I am sorry for embarrassing you Pete.”

I felt awkward. I liked Jimmy, he always made me laugh with his particular brand of humour which could be near the mark sometimes, but the rest of the office staff liked it and so did the girls.

But as I sat there sipping coffee. I did feel a twinge that made me feel horny, that is mildly putting it and I was thinking perhaps it is not such a bad idea taking up Jimmy’s offer.

He was the perfect host asking if I’d like some nosh or anything else he could put on the line. “It’s a shame you’re not of the gay leaning, Pete I could have really gone for a slice of dastardly corruption.”

“Is that what you call it?” I laughed and feeling myself getting more and hatay escort more horny Jimmy wasn’t slow to notice the hump in my trousers with a sheer look of delight in his eyes.”

“So maybe then Pete” he continued looking down at my embarrassment, “Maybe I should do it for you?”

I guess he could tell I was shy, he told me to hold my breath and count ten, then if I didn’t like it he would stop and no umbrage taken.

That seemed practical, This was a new adventure whether I was gay or not. I did exactly as he told me too, simply relaxed and closed my eyes.

The first feel of his touch was indeed magical. It was a very first experience with anyone, least another guy and Jimmy was soon showing me the rudiments of sexual transition.

Was I really letting him unzip me in that very slow, enticing provocative manner and should I go through with it. I liked it though, and when he touched me there, so very gently at first, telling me IO had a real beauty it all started for me.

I knew then my leaning, it was as if it had suddenly been made aware of it when Jimmy laid his head on my tummy and started to massage me so very nicely.

“There, that’s not so bad Pete is it?”

I grunted something that represented a positive response but what he was doing to me down there was really setting me off in a frenzy and I wanted more and more.

“You are really lovely Pete, you should be proud, Have you seriously never been wanked before or anything else?

“Never” I breathed really starting to enjoy Jimmy’s further exploration, the touch of his finger tips over my balls felt good and, on asking me to open wide, after he’d removed my trousers hatay escort bayan and boxer shorts, he was soon touching me in a way I would have never imagined would have made me feel so good, making me feel so sexually aroused I felt I wanted something more than his finger inside me.

“You like don’t you Pete?”

I nodded, feeling him stretching my butt cheeks, it all felt so wonderful and then he started to lick me there, I felt the tip of his tongue lingering between that very sensitive part between balls and asshole, then his smooth engulfing me. I felt it was a dream, was he really doing that to me, did he fancy me that much but for the next half hour at least he proved that he did and soon I had been thoroughly sucked wanked, licked and I don’t know what, because it was all equally as sensual I was in another world. Then…

“Would you like me to fuck it now” he whispered rimming my well primed and sucked asshole. The thought had been there for a little while as I felt the joy of his fingers slowly stretching and inserting deeper and deeper, the joyful slaps on my buttocks felt good too, it was all so scintillating and I knew then that I did want his fuck, as much as he could give.

I was even so sent by his sensual explorations that for the first time I was sucking cock,

It was an instinctive thing to do, there it was all propped up and ready to go, I just felt I had to sample the goods and taste the pungency of real live fresh stiff cock and I wasn’t disappointed.

“Now over on all fours with you, Pete” Jimmy ordered and I felt akin to his masterful ways, it felt so good too getting into position and displaying myself . Presenting escort hatay my self for his enjoyment.

“It may hurt a bit at first, Pete but I will take it slow at first but to be truthful it will not be easy because you have such a great ass.

I gritted my teeth, held my breath and waited. I soon felt the heat of his knob rub against where he had been sucking and licking, between my balls and asshole, it was like he was trying to get into me there and I was just about to tell him that he was in the wrong place when suddenly it was there, inserting into my virginity in the most prolific way.

It was then I experienced all that went with the fucking, the explicit language which really geared me into wanting all he had to offer, his hands grasping each hip tightly to hold me in position signalling that his fuck was going to be rough and hard.

It was, From the time I felt it slide up inside me, the real hurt as it stretched something that I had never been stretched before, the gasping and the yelling.

With every thrust he yelled Fuck, and his grunts and groans, along with my own, said that he really enjoyed that first fuck.

He soon came and I felt numb and empty as he took it out.

“That was lovely Pete, we shall have to do that more often.”

I lay there, exhausted, I felt myself and there was a little blood showing on my finger. Jimmy said not to worry, it always happens first time, next time he would give me more.

I thought he had given me the lot then!

“When you feel my balls slapping the rear of your thighs you will know it is as deep inside as it can go.

Next time Pete?”

I pulled up my trousers realising that it had all happened in less than an hour.

I sort of thanked Jimmy for bringing me out.

“Thank what I put in the coffee” he giggled

“You mean?”

“Well it broke the ice didn’t it and now, once and for all you know your leaning and you can lean anytime for me, deal Pete?”

“Deal, Jimmy.”

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