Breathing Ch. 06

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of beeping echoed in Sonya’s ears as she watched the IV slowly drain into her arm. The soft sting reminded her why she was in the uncomfortable bed to begin with. Sean. She had tried again with no success to join him once again. And once again she had failed. When she had come to in the emergency room, Sonya had tried protesting to the doctors pumping her stomach. She had already thrown up a majority of the pills but the doctor on call had told her it was better safe than sorry.

Sonya rolled her eyes at that statement. The only thing she was sorry about was that she once again failed.

It was now a day later and Sonya’s vision was blurry from the small dose of morphine the nurse gave her to dull the pain in her wrist. When the nurse had insisted that she allow her to give the pain relief Sonya had pointed out in vain that she had overdosed on prescription pain meds not even twenty four hours earlier. This caused the nurse to pause and quickly look at her chart. The rapid movement of her eyes paused at what Sonya could only imagine was the word overdose.

Excusing herself for a second the nurse came in moments later with a smile plastered on her face. It was obviously okay for the small dose since the other medication had left Sonya’s system hours ago. Furious that she was once again subjected to instant pain relief with the finality that she searched for, Sonya simply stared at the plastic tube as the medication traveled slowly towards her vein. If anything she yearned to feel the throbbing ache that reminded her of the failure she was. Instead all she felt now was empty.

It was an emptiness that had lived within her for the past year. When Sean was alive she had seen those girls who claimed they couldn’t live without someone. It was mostly when they were caught cheating. This alone made Sonya snort because obviously this new found love wasn’t there before. She would never be like that she had claimed, and then the unthinkable happened and she was left without the one person in the world who completed her.

He had left her all alone in the world.

For months she had been furious with him. How could he ruin everything by being so reckless? How could he leave her there to fend off the world by herself?

How could he?

They were words that replayed in her head until one day they just disappeared. And what replaced it was a sadness so deep Sonya simply wanted it all to stop. And with every breath she took the chasm that used to be where her heart was ripped open wider. Until finally she made peace with everyone and decided it would be best to end it all.

She wasn’t afraid. She believed in an afterlife. And Sean would be waiting for her. That was a given. After all she was the light to his darkness.

“Brighter than the Sun,” Sonya whispered silently.

So she had tried to end it. But the universe just had to screw up those plans too.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

If only that stupid machine would just shut up, Sonya thought as she continued staring at her bandaged wrist. The invisible liquid slowly freezing her veins as she listened to her name in the background. If only her heart could feel the same way. She’d give anything just to make the pain go away.


Jerking into a sitting position, Sonya grabbed at her wrist like she had done on so many occasions. She blinked rapidly at the figure in her doorway standing only a few feet from her. What the hell?

“For the love of God turn off that stupid alarm clock before I beat you with it!” Cee Cee yelled before storming off.


Of course it had all been a stupid dream she sighed as her eyes moved to look at the alarm in question. The crimson numbers quickly morphed into to a different number before her eyes.


“Holy shit, its 6:20!” Sonya yelled as she flung off the comforter letting it hit the ground.

“No shit,” she heard down the hallway, but was too focused to respond back.

“Why’d I sleep so late?” she asked more to herself. Her eyes moved around her room as they finally landed on her dresser. She needed to get her clothes out and head over to the bathroom. Shit, she didn’t know what she was going to wear. It was her first day and she was going to be late. Shit, shit, shit.

“Sonya! Turn off that damn alarm!”

“Right. Alarm,” she muttered as she shut off the alarm, finally stopping the nagging sound. Her eyes flickered towards the threatening numbers once again. 6:23.

Today was her first official day working with Trenton. The same Trenton who had been so cold to her the last time they spoke. The thought of seeing him every day made her throat tighten as she stopped in front of her bedroom door. Could she do this knowing he would only see the old her?

The broken and slightly suicidal Sonya.

Slightly, the voice in her head snorted. Sonya didn’t miss that voice, but it was always there when she needed to beat herself up about something. Always there to remind her of the failure she once was. That and the scar that bursa escort graced her wrist.

There was no time to think of that now. As she grabbed a towel and ran towards the bathroom. She passed a furious Cameron, quickly shouting an apology as she slammed the door.

Sonya’s thoughts once again ran away from her as she wondered what kind of boss Trenton would be. Would he treat her like any of the new interns or personal assistants he had in the past? She sure hoped so. It was already bad enough he had seen her at her lowest. She wanted her work to stand out for being exceptional and not seen as a basket case who was capable of falling apart at the sign of a broken nail.

A knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts as Cee Cee yelled at her that she was going to be late as well if Sonya didn’t hurry up.

“Shit,” Sonya muttered.

There was no time to savor the shower so she made sure all the appropriate areas got attention and then hurried through the dressing process. By the time she made it to her car it was already 6:40.

She only had twenty minutes to make it to work.

“Shit,” she whispered as she put her car in reverse.

Twenty eight minutes later Sonya swerved into an empty parking spot and jumped out of her car.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit,” Sonya cursed as she stumbled from her car. Her steps faltered as she threw on her heels and ran towards the door of Simon, Birch and Mitchell.

She was late for her very first day of work. It wouldn’t look good for her to walk in looking a mess and also late, but she was in a hurry and she didn’t want to keep Trenton waiting another second. Especially with their past the way it was. Sonya didn’t need another reason for him to fire her.

As her heels clicked on the hardwood floor she rushed towards the elevator, throwing a frantic hello to the receptionist on the lobby floor. The blonde simply smirked as she talked to a customer on her headset. Stepping inside the elevator Sonya stalled for a second. What floor was she on? Shit.

“Twelve!” she yelled while pressing the button. She talked to herself the entire way which didn’t help the strange stares she was receiving.

The elevator doors opened revealing a neutral grey accompanied by a dark chocolate tone along the walls. An array of flowers littered the window as they overlooked the view. There’s no way she would have so many flowers but they did give the area a warmer feel, which Sonya suspected the designer wanted.

Not taking another second to stop and admire the foliage, Sonya walked down the short hall towards her boss’s office. It wasn’t until she noticed Gloria inside the break room that she stopped. Wait. If Gloria was Trenton’s personal assistant already then what would she be assisting him with?

“Miss Philips?”

“Yes?” She questions as her thoughts were successfully interrupted.

“You know you can go inside, right?” Gloria smiled.

“Inside? You mean his office?”

Laughter floated towards her ears as she looked down at the older woman. What could she possibly be laughing at? That was a legitimate question.

“Yes, inside his office. Didn’t Trent tell you that you were going to be working closely with him while he mentored you?”

“No!” Sonya yelled before clearing her throat and calmly answering again. “I mean no.”

This only made Gloria’s smile widen further. Sonya wanted to ask what she was smiling for but before one of the many questions she had this morning could be broached a loud timber was heard throughout the entire floor.

“Who the hell parked in my spot?!”

Gloria’s smile slowly disappeared as she looked at Sonya who only shrugged and turned back to look at a troubled Gloria. She completely ignored where the voice had come from, but couldn’t help turning back towards the door as she heard the click of his shoes.

As he walked past the two women in the break room, Sonya couldn’t help but take in his appearance. His brown hair looked perfect as it lay slicked down against his head. The grey suit only bringing out the sapphire tone of his eyes. But right now the murderous look on his face made her shudder. But not out of fear. Out of what?

When no one answered Trenton chuckled. Chuckled!

“If the yellow beat up VW bug is not gone in five minutes I’m having you towed and then fired!”

At the sound of the description of her car Sonya quickly walked into the hallway only to be confronted with the bluest eyes. Only they were attached to an angry Trenton Sinclair.

“You!” he yelled while pointing a finger at her. When she didn’t move he simply gritted out between clenched teeth, “Come.”

That four letter word snapped her out of her trance. What was she a dog?

“Now wait a minute…”

“Miss Philips move your ass now!” he gritted out before turning and walking towards his office.

Sonya’s frown deepened as she slowly walked toward Trenton. His mouth set in a deep scowl as she rolled her eyes at him. The whispers bursa escort bayan began immediately as she turned the corner to follow him. Sonya’s eyes wandered over Trenton’s back as she watched the material of his suit jacket contort to his body. Had he always be so muscular?

The question lingered in her head as she almost ran into the aforementioned back. As her head popped up she was once again greeted with smoldering sapphire orbs. The sensible part of her was screaming that she should be afraid. But her stubborn nature wouldn’t allow her to cower before him. So when she didn’t back down he grabbed her arm and pushed her into his office, but not before seeing the huge smile on Gloria’s face.

As Sonya heard the faint sound of the lock being engaged she turned and defiantly placed her hands on her hips.

Trenton’s back stayed facing her as he counted to five. He needed to calm down immediately but when he turned and saw her posture his anger sky rocketed.

“Sonya,” he paused to take a much needed deep breath.

“Trenton,” she mocked.

“I need you to find out who is parked in my spot,” Trenton spoke callously as he walked towards his desk.

When she didn’t say anything Trenton pressed a button on his phone and said, “Do it.”

The sound of his voice caused her to snap out of her trance. This man couldn’t still have this effect on her after all this time. No, she wasn’t feeling anything for him but disdain right now.

“Since you seem to be incapable of helping you are dismissed for the day Miss Philips.”

Shit. She needed to speak up and now.

“See the thing about finding the person is that—the person is me,” she whispered the last part partially hoping he hadn’t heard her.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“So technically I already found the person who parked in your spot.”

“Why are you parked in my spot?” he asked as he rubbed his temples.

“Are you sure it’s even your spot?”

“Yes, I am.”

“There was no sign with your name on it.”

“Actually there is. Especially since it’s in the executive parking lot.”

“Executive parking lot…shit.”

“Shit indeed,” he smirked at her use of the expletive.

“I see you still love that word.”

“I didn’t mean to say that. And I’ll move my car now sir,” she responded trying her best to be professional.

“No need,” Trenton finally said.


“Really,” he paused. “I already had it towed.”


“It was technically an unauthorized vehicle,” he said as he walked around her to sit behind his desk.

“Then what was all that about giving a chance to move my car or else I’d get fired?!”

“Well you’re not fired,” he mused.

Sonya stared at Trenton with her mouth open as she looked down at some papers on his desk. When he realized she was still there he looked up with a bored expression.

“You can leave now.”

“You. Son. Of. A.–“

“Watch the next word you say or you might actually get fired after all.”

“Fuck. You,” she yelled as she turned to storm out. It wasn’t until it wouldn’t budge that she remembered it was locked. But none of that mattered as strong arms wrapped around her body and effortlessly picked her up.

“What are you doing? Put me down you heartless bastard.”

Which is exactly what he did, only it was on his desk. Sonya’s body heaved as she took in deep breaths.

“The last time you said those words to me you OD’d on pain pills,” he rasped against her ear. “So I suggest you choose your words carefully next time.”

“I’m not going to kill myself over you or this,” Sonya gasped.

“I don’t know that,” he gritted out as his face moved so he could look into her eyes.

“Hey Trenton. Fuck you.”

She wanted to scream but a sob escaped instead. How dare he fucking go there?

“Sonya,” he started but couldn’t think of anything that could take away the sting of his words. Slight movement made his eyes shift down to find her pulling down the sleeve of her blazer.

“Sonya. I’m an asshole,” he whispered as he brought her face to his chest.

Not putting up a fight, Sonya collapsed into Trenton finally allowing the sobs to take over her body. She was never going to escape the past no matter how hard she tried.

A hand pushing a loose strand of hair away from her face made her move away from the stone wall that was his body.

Tears stained her face as she looked up into his eyes. Six months ago she would have instantly thought of Sean, but she knew that this was someone different all together. And that scared her even more because this time she couldn’t put her attraction to him on anything else.

As the two continued to stare into each others eyes they are brought back to reality by the sound of Trenton’s intercom.

“Sir, your meeting with Ms. Luciano starts in fifteen minutes. Would you like me to reschedule?”

Not taking his eyes off Sonya he moved his hand towards the phone on his desk.

“Yeah escort bursa Gloria. Do that. I have unfinished business to attend to.”

“Yes sir,” she answered cheerfully.


The ride on the elevator was eerily quiet as Sonya stood there with Trenton’s hand pressed against her back. Ever since her meltdown he hadn’t taken his hands off of her. It was really starting to make her uncomfortable.

“Mr. Sinclair, where are we going?”

“Let’s table the Mr. Sinclair. When we are alone you can call me Trent. As much as I like when you call me Trenton, Trent is just fine.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Mr. Sinclair.”

Taking a step closer he asked, “And why not.”

“Because you’re my boss and it’s unprofessional,” Sonya answered as she straightened her back and moved away from his touch.

“After everything that happened in my office we are way past being professional,” Trenton stated glancing at her stern expression.

When she didn’t respond he turned towards the elevator doors and pressed the stop button. The elevator jerked slightly as the emergency lights came on.

“What are you doing?!”

“Getting your attention.”

“Mr. Sinclair, you have my full attention. Now please start the elevator.”

“Not until you call me Trent,” he answered folding his arms.

“You can’t be serious,” Sonya exclaimed looking at him as if he had grown a second head.

“You know after ten minutes of being immobile the fire department gets notified. I’d hurry before that happens,” he replied as he took a step towards Sonya.

“Mr. Sinclair—”

“Seven more minutes,” he interrupted as he closed the distance she had created between them. The scent of his cologne filling her nostrils as she craned her head back to look at him.

“Why are you being so damn stubborn?”

Smiling he leaned down until his mouth barely touched her ear and whispered, “I learned it by watching you.”

“Urgh!” Sonya growled as she pushed him away from her.

“Five minutes. Wow time flies huh?”

“You just said seven!”

“Did I?” he smiled looking down at his wrist. “Three more minutes.”

“You’re bluffing,” Sonya surmised and she too folded her arms over her chest. Two could play this game.

Thirty minutes later…

“Told you so,” Trenton smiled triumphantly as the fire department arrived to let them out of the now locked elevator.

“You’re right. You are an asshole,” she frowned as she quoted their earlier conversation.

“Is it really that difficult to say my name?”

Turning to face him she simply nodded. “Yes.”

Walking off leaving a confused Trenton behind.


Not sure what just took place Trenton thanked the fireman and then proceeded to follow Sonya outside. The noise from the busy street drowned out the words she was yelling into her phone as he neared her. The only words he did make out were “towed” and “asshole”. Coming to a stop next to her Trenton quickly removed the phone from her ear to hear someone swearing on the other end.

“Screw him chica,” the familiar voice finished.

“Hi to you as well Cameron,” Trenton spoke into the phone.

“Trenton is that you? How can you have her car towed? I have the right mind to come over there and kick your ass. I don’t care how sexy it is.”

“Sexy huh?”

“Where’s Sonya? I’m done with you,” she asked dismissing him.

“Well if you must know, I am taking her to get her car. Yes.”


“Of course,” he said followed by more silence. “Seven o’clock is fine. See you then.”

“What was that? What’s happening at eight o’clock?”

“Well first she said and I quote, ‘If you hurt her again I’ll make sure they never find your body’ end quote. And then she told me to bring you back no later than six thirty because we were having dinner at seven.”

“We? Is she drunk?!” Sonya yelled. She wasn’t having dinner with him.

“Possibly,” Trenton replied. “Now let’s go get your car. We have a lot to discuss.”


The ride to the towing company was eerily quiet. Neither Trenton nor Sonya made any effort to speak, which was fine with Sonya. Her blood still boiled from even having to go get her car from Maxwell’s Towing Inc. The array of cars passing by temporarily quieted the fury she had and before she knew it Sonya had fallen into a deep sleep.

Moments later the gentle hum of the foreign Maybach disappeared and Sonya was awaken from her peaceful sleep. As she rubbed her eyes she noticed that the tow yard looked a lot like a car dealership. It wasn’t until she looked at the name on the sign that she finally realized it was one.

“Um. I thought we were going to my car,” she finally spoke up still looking at the sign that said Maxwell Towing and Auto Dealership. Was that even possible?

“I did take you to your car,” he finally spoke up removing the keys from the ignition. “Max is waiting for us inside.”

Removing her seatbelt, Sonya quickly got out of her side and followed Trenton up a set of stairs to an empty office. Inside looked a lot like a doctor’s office lobby would. It was in one word, fancy.

“Yo, Max!” Trenton yelled.

“Is that you Sinclair?” yelled an equally loud man.

Emerging from the back was the largest man Sonya had ever seen. He had to be a least seven feet tall.

“6’10” actually,” he laughed.

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