Bridal Dance

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David was my college boyfriend…

…well, along with a few others, but he was the last one.

I had a lot of boyfriends in college (last year of high school too), and I had a lot of fun! In fact, before I started dating David, I was popular with the guys, and I partied a lot in college. Before you judge; yes … I did graduate … cum laude!

My name is Julie—Jules to me friends! I am five-foot-four, one-hundred-fifteen, and have an impressive C-cup for my petite size. My breasts are high on my chest, perfectly round, and I love showing some part of them in the outfits I wear. I have been told that I am very pretty, with my dark brown hair to just past my shoulders, and chocolate brown eyes.

David is five-eleven, one-seventy-two, sandy-colored hair, and blue eyes. He was a baseball player in high school and college, and hung out with the jocks. He was pre-law, with a major in political science. Dave is a nice guy, and very sensitive. I was attracted by his cute innocent smile!

I know, I know, another vacant broad, right? He also had a clever sense of humor; a quiet intelligence, and keen understanding of irony. In other words, he can a good joke. I like his gentleness with me! He has my heart!

My sweet friend and college roommate Megan, and I experimented quite a bit, like kissing, some intimate touches, and sometimes, oral sex. She is about my size and shape, with lighter brown hair and honey-brown eyes which drive the guys crazy.

We were two horny little bitches back then and occasionally after studying, we would spend the night in my bed or hers. I loved the feeling of her naked breasts, stomach, and thighs pushing up against mine.

I joked to David once, that if I was ever unfaithful, it would be with Megan! He just laughed and asked if he could watch!

She used to sneak guys into our room, and on occasion, I would let one or two of her boyfriend’s slip in with me as well, after she fell asleep. They didn’t ask, just slid in pulled my panties off, and took me straight on! It was very quiet, and very nice! I said no to all of that after I started dating David though. So, see? For a wanton little slut, I can be very faithful for the right guy!

I even willingly went along with a gang-bang setup for me at a large frat party while in college. All of those lovely young hard cocks lining up to stick themselves into me! Back then I was a little wild, and I loved it! Look, I was just an adventurous red-blooded young woman, so give me a break!

My friend Megan also participated, and I think she had something to do with getting us involved in this … like a bet she made or something … not sure! One of the brothers collected twenty bucks a throw, of which we received fifteen and the other five went into the fraternity beer fund … but I would have done it for free!

We probably ended up doing twenty guys that night! They were nice about acceding to my request for no anal, and no blowjobs (yuck!); just straight sex one at a time. I mean I would willingly do both of those things for a boyfriend or husband, but not at a frat party with that many guys—no way!

So, I just took one dick after another into my little pussy, must have been hours before they were through with us, and they presented us with about three-hundred bucks apiece. A couple of them were quite large, and I thought they would split me in two, but Megan and I both survived. I even let a couple of the cuter ones kiss me as they fucked me.

Mostly that night was something that came out of a too much alcohol, the pulsing-driving music, an evil-whore-bitch girlfriend to talk me into it, and the noisy, throbbing party atmosphere … very erotic!

David asked me about that gang-bang experience after I started dating him, and I told him everything about my past—it’s a relatively small college so it got around. David was enlightened about it, and understood that people have pasts, and shared his own with me. He asked if I would ever do that again and I told him I honestly didn’t know—I liked it, so maybe. But I really didn’t expect that I would be doing it again—not while I am dating him!

We dated all that last year in college, and became very close. I loved him! He proposed to me at a nice restaurant, and didn’t try to hide the ring in food, or at the bottom of a wine glass, or any other shit like that. He presented it to me in a little velvet box, and I opened it up, and he took it from me and slid it on my finger and asked me to marry him. No mystery, no theater … just a straightforward proposal from a straightforward guy!

He was so cute the way he did it, and I teared up and said “Yes, David!” with an emotional hitch in my voice. We set a date well after graduation, and after at least his first year of law school. I majored in merchandise marketing, and landed a job buying fashion merchandise for a big chain of high-end boutiques. David had started law school.

~ ~ ~

My wedding finally arrived, with my taksim escort Mother helping—fretting really—and driving us all crazy so I sent her out on an errand. Megan was my maid of honor, with a few of my friends and David’s sixteen-year old sister, Molly, as bride’s maids. Megan was getting me dressed, and when she was through, I said,

“Uh, honey I think you forgot something—I don’t have any panties on, just the bustier garters and stockings. Where did you put them?”

“None of us are wearing panties, well, except Molly, David’s sister. We all decided to go without them and thought it would be sexy, and just for the feeling of being without them, so my dear, you are going to be saying ‘I do!’ sans culotte!”

“But they are so pretty and lacey!”

“Well you can wear them for him later, or even at the bank on Monday. You can show them to everyone in line if you wish!” We both giggled, and I guessed that I was going to be married without culotte, or whatever!”

I moved my thighs together, and had to admit, it felt kind of sexy. I started pulling Megan’s dress up,

“Let me see it honey!”

She pulled her dress up to her stomach in front, and she was wearing a bustier with garters too, but her pretty, smoothly shaved pussy was bare! I reached down and slid my finger across her little cunny.

She was as smooth as porcelain, and it felt so nice, I let my finger slide just inside her moist nether lips just rubbing her, as I kissed her. She moaned, as our mouths melted into each other’s, in a passionate open-mouthed kiss. If I had a dick, I’d have fucked my pretty friend right there!

My sweet girlfriend and I, sharing our bodies, and tasting each other’s little quims over the years. Rainy days … bored with studying … things happen! Right now, I am beading up a little, but it feels nice … squishy … sexy.

Just then, my Mom came back in, and Megan quickly stuffed my panties into my little silk bag. Mom was fretting about something or other, and making us nervous so I looked at Megan and she said,

“Um, Mrs. Addams, I need to have you look over something for us!” then she took my Mom out to oversee some non-essential task.

I was ready to go except for no French-culotte-underwear thingies. All I had to do now, was to get married, get to the hotel where our wedding reception and my bridal suite was, and be pawed and felt-up by every male friend, uncle, friend-of-a-friend, and every adenoidal twelve-year-old male relative, who had ten bucks to pin to my dress (or hand off to Megan) for a chance to paw me at the ‘dollar dance.’

Megan said she would make sure I got the ten dollars from everyone. Thinking of the horrid experience it promised to be, I jokingly told her that I would prefer to charge a hundred or maybe two hundred bucks to whomever had it and let them fuck them instead! She laughed,

“I can arrange that for you darling!” She said matter-of-factly.

“At least we would be able to tell who among our male friends and relatives were ‘packing’ serious heat!” I laughed.

She laughed hard at that one too. Then I remembered, it was my dear friend Megan who helped to organize my (our) little gang-bang in college! Megan was very pretty and popular with the guys, and she was not too modest to give it up on occasion!

My Dad came in to wish me good luck, I hugged and kissed him with tears in my eyes. The best man Brad, snuck in later and coming up behind me, turned me around and quickly kissed me with his hands on my boobs.

This dress was actually a little too ‘boobsy’ for my taste, but I guess if there is ever a day to flaunt them, today would be it! I scolded Brad up and down, then grabbed him, kissed him hard and told him to get out! I dated Brad for a while too, but he lost out to David, and was nice enough to step aside.

I was nervous, and Megan came back in after lining up my parents, and getting Daddy ready to walk me down the aisle. I could hear the organist just playing some music to find your f’ing seat by. And Megan was helping to keep me calm … she was good at it … she is a good little organizer, clear-headed and decisive!

Finally, there was music that sounded a little more official, it was Pachelbel’s cannon, a prelude to the Lohengren wedding march. Megan brought me out to the vestibule of the church, awaiting the final moment. I was nervous again, but didn’t have a thought in my head … what’s his name again? Oh yeah, David … sweet David! Megan gave me final instructions which I forgot as soon as she said them, and she left to line up the wedding party in the front.

I didn’t want to look in and see David standing there nervously. Okay, I looked! He was so handsome in his cut-away tuxedo coat, with white tie and carnation. I tucked back, and Daddy was there. My sweet Daddy was always there for me, and he could always calm me down. My hands were sweating.

“Jesus! Play the f’ing topkapı escort tune already!” I was thinking.

Actually I was never a big Wagner fan anyway … I could stand a little classical music, but mostly Mozart, as they say.

Where was Megan when I needed her. I hope she knew I was only kidding about the two hundred dollar ‘bridal dance.’ Ah, she probably did … no worries! What if I trip on my gown? What if my boobs flip out? I hope David remembers the vows we wrote.


I was just making myself crazy standing here, but Daddy could see the worry in my face, and he took my hand and squeezed it. I looked up at him and his smile calmed me.

“Oh, God … what a day!”

Oh shit there’s the music … the Lohengren wedding Wagner … march … thing. Daddy hooked my arm on his, and we were off. I became calmer with each successful non-tripping step, and Megan’s smile was welcome. God, she was beautiful in that dark wine colored dress. Oh David, you looked so handsome! I love you baby, I’m almost there!

God that priest looks old! Where the hell did we get him from anyway? Shit, Brad is looking at my boobs, and smirking. I’m going to charge him three hundred bucks! The flower girl is spreading rose petals from her little basket.

“God, don’t trip over the f’ing flower girl!”

Okay Daddy, we’re there so park me, give me away, and go sit down next to Mommy! That’s the boy, just like that! David! Hey baby! We’re getting married! I’m going to be Mrs …


Oh yeah, Simpson … Jules Simpson … Mrs. Julie Anne Simpson! The priest was speaking … now David was! He was holding my hands and looking into my eyes.

Oh David honey! You did remember your vows! You are so smart! It’s my turn … oh, the words were coming out, I remembered them. David looked at me and smiled. I have to keep from giggling! There! Done! Over!

The priest is pronouncing us David and Julie! Oh kiss me honey! Mmm, very nice baby!

Okay Jules, just turn, smile, take the applause, and walk out without tripping over the carpet or the fucking flower girl! That’s it sweetie … behind me … pick up my train. Don’t pull on it darling!


Here comes Megan. “Hi baby! I’m married! GADS!!!” I screamed!

“Jules, you were so lovely!” Megan said smiling through the tears in her eyes, as she hugged me.

“Thanks honey! Brad was looking at my boobs though, and smirking.” I answered with a slight giggle.

“I know, right? He was looking at mine too! Creep!” She laughed.

We had to stand in the reception line and pretend to remember the names of every funny Uncle, and ballooned-up Aunt. Oh, there’s that sniveling little brat, what’s his name? Oh yeah, Clarence! God, who names their kid that? Guaranteed, he gets stuffed I his locker!

I thought about each relative as they filed by, trying to just shake hands with the men, but got kisses anyway.

Megan grabbed my hand, and we found our places at the head table, and David was right behind us. The food was shit, but it always is at weddings. Then in an overly-dramatic moment, David and I had to cut the wedding cake!

“Oh, baby your strong hand feels good on mine. That’s it baby, straight through!” I was thinking as David and I held the knife together, and sliced it through the lower tier of the cake.

People kept filling my champagne glass. I like wine well enough but don’t really like champagne—perfume going in, and garbage going out!

David was quiet, just listening to Brad and the guys talking; he kissed me every so often, which I loved! God, we are going to be so happy! But the band started as soon as the feeding trough was closed down, and the caterers started clearing things away.

The band was good, so at least there would be some nice good music as I was being mauled, and pawed by relatives. I heard the opening strains of the Anniversary Waltz, and Megan was prodding me, so I grabbed David for our first dance as a married couple.

The dress was giving me a little trouble, though. It was essentially breast cups on top that somehow as fit onto the bustier underneath. I really didn’t have a garter belt; it was just straps at the bottom of the bustier that attached to my white stockings. I had about three petticoats on to make the dress fuller below … and, of course, no panties!

Everything was white, and lacy and on top, but the edges were hard and they cut into me a little. The bustier was cut low, and I was worried that my nipples would pop out, but everything stayed where it needed to be … for now! Megan and the little flower girl pinned my train up so it wouldn’t drag as I danced.

“Thank you sweetie!” I thought as I smiled down at the little girl, who was Brad’s sister’s seven-year-old kid—she was pretty … sweet!

I was loving dancing with David! tuyap escort How handsome he was! But it looked like he was getting a lot of champagne too. He is a good enough dancer to keep up the rhythm of the waltz all the way through. After the dance he kissed me as he very dramatically bent me backward at the end of the dance. Everyone who was still relatively sober was cheering for us.

Then I heard the Michel Legrand song “windmills of your mind,” and Daddy stepped forward for the Daddy-Daughter dance. Harold Addams, my Daddy, was tall and still slender at Forty-eight, and handsomely graying at the temples. I smiled with my eyes misting as my sweet Daddy took me in his strong arms. The band had a baritone who sang the song—he was not exactly Sting, but he did a very nice job.

Daddy is a very good dancer—tall and graceful —and I could hear some of the wives and single girls swoon as he swept by them with me in his arms. I was loving it, and it was actually a little exciting … I could feel myself beading up a little, just from being in his arms.

It was magical dancing with Daddy, and felt like I was floating on a cloud. But alas, the song ended, and Daddy kissed me sweetly on the lips, like he has done since the day I was born.

David’s dad took me in his arms for the next dance and the first one with his new Daughter-in-law. He is a nice man, but shorter than Daddy, and a little heaver. Not a horrible dancer, but about average for weddings, I guess. He kissed me on the cheek at the end.

I had a break for a while, and another full glass of champagne, I drank it, but asked Megan to find me a beer or maybe a Scotch and water or something. David was doing quite well, with drinks and was with Brad and the guys a lot.

Everyone was dancing, and I was asked by a relative or two before the official dollar dance which was okay. Mostly they were my uncles, Daddy’s brothers, and all really good guys so I had fun. Richard, the oldest of them stuffed a hundred in my bustier for the dance. Okay, his hand cupped my boob pretty good (on purpose), but it’s okay—he a nice guy! It felt good!

It seemed like every time David and I turned around someone was handing us a drink, or a beer, or me a scotch with very little water. Both of us gave up on champagne, but each had a glass close, for the occasional yelled out toast from the tables after which we were obliged to kiss each other for the crowd.

I was actually feeling more than a little tipsy, and was starting to lean into my dance partners a little more, pushing my tits into them more than I wanted to.

The they wanted to have the bouquet and garter toss, before too many people started to leave, I was getting really ripped by now, and I turned my back to tossed the bouquet, and almost fell over backward throwing it. Not sure who caught it … didn’t see! Megan brought out a chair for me to sit while David peeled off my garter for the toss to the bachelors.

David didn’t know and I had forgotten that I wasn’t wearing panties, and he lifted up my dress and the petticoats high enough to allow a pretty fair view of my bare little clamshell snatch, to quite a lot of the onlookers. Men were jostling for position both for the garter, and also to catch a glimpse of my cleanly shaved pussy. I actually noticed that I was showing, but was hammered enough not to care … I even opened my legs a little!

The dreaded ‘dollar dance’ had arrived, and I was on the floor for all comers, they handed Megan their ten dollars, and pulled me in close, with an occasional hand trying to find my ass through all the material of my dress, and of course the ever popular, ‘accidentally’ boob grab.

Clarence tried to lay his head on my breasts, but I pushed him away, and another man took his place. I got a lot of cheek to cheek action from some to the lotharios, but all in all it was a … a horrid experience.

The crowd was thinning out, and somehow I lost track of David. It was actually getting late, and people were leaving. My parents and David’s parents had moved to reception rooms upstairs in the hotel with their friends, to get away from the noise down here.

I went back over to the head table, and someone brought me another drink … scotch, I think! The f’ing thing was almost pure scotch, but I slugged it back anyway. God, I was getting so smashed! My head was swimming! Plus, I always get very horny when I drink, and my juices were running down the inside of my thighs, soaking into my stockings.

I couldn’t find David, and I couldn’t find Megan … last I saw she was dancing with Brad, and they were deep in discussion about something or other as they danced. I saw Brad give her a slightly more than friendly kiss. She’s single so no biggie there! I was handed another scotch, that again seemed to be pure scotch, and actually my drinks had been getting stronger! Different bartender, I guess.

Wandering around smiling at those still dancing, I saw Megan coming out of the elevator.

“Megan, where is everyone? Where is David?”

“Well, sweetie, David had a little too much to drink and got a sick. Sally and Tina are helping settle him down in your suite but Brad and I have other ideas for you, my little darling!”

“Oh yeah, and what might that be my pretty-but-evil-and-diabolical friend? She laughed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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