Britney Ch. 36: Victorious Secret

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Monday morning.

Britney and her brother Lance exited their school bus alongside friends Jacob and Angus. The latter two were won over by Britney’s attentions almost every day they rode together. In some fashion. They were chatting away about the success of their Carwash for Charity. Lots of the male students knew of the sexual escapades that accompanied the event. There was the problem. If they knew everyone most likely did too. The other Charity events across town earned far less. They had undoubtedly heard it through the grapevine. Trouble lie ahead.

Entering the school doors the group were met by the Cheerleaders racing to intercept their Leader.

“Run! The Valedictorian is leading the riot. They have torches.” Dawn Lawrence wheezes.

Cryssa Apari bounces behind her friend with an expression bordering on a terrified Humpty Dumpty preparing to take a fall, “Save us.”

“Whoaaaa! Slow down already.” Brit retaliates with an open palm to create a calmness.

Sophia Pope and Tara Zellers complete the gathering fearfully.

“Big Nancy is on a rampage. She heard rumor that we stripped at the Kissing Booth.” Sophia advances.

Tara in turn squeals, “I’m too young to die.”

“Do you know how many pictures and videos are out there of us? Hundreds.” Dawn points out.

“Stop! Breath. You do realize we have some of the Faculty behind us right? Harding won’t let this get too out of hand because he has lots to lose if he does. Just relax. We all knew what we were getting into. So, why panic now?”

Jacob looks at Lance, “Look what you created.”

Lance smirks, “Isn’t it cool?”

Angus punches Lance in the arm sneering, then chuckles, “Punk! It is pretty cool.”

The boys fist bump each other.

Britney holds her ground, waltzing through her friends with confidence. Reaching the doors to the school she leads her followers inside.

Within they were faced with more thumbs up than anger. Most of the guys sided with their fantasy girls. Only certain students who had only heard rumors at best looked at them with bitter mistrust.

A thin mob of girls gathered near the lockers waiting. The outer rim of students part allowing a large framed girl with shoulder length blond hair and glasses to appear. The girl stood at 5’8, 230 pounds. Big bottom but with a certain shapeliness to it. Hardly unattractive. Her chest was enormous at 40D.

With a distasteful glare the girl marches toward Britney and her flock.

“You girls should be ashamed of yourselves. Especially you, Foxx.” The blond growls.

Lance races around his sister and halts their progress with, “I’m so embarrassed. Forgive me for writing all those love notes to you Nancy. I just can’t live without you.”

Everyone chuckles save for Big Nancy. Even her entourage had to contain smirks. She ignores him and tosses him aside like a garbage bag.

“You know what I mean, Britney. I cannot believe the Cheerleaders here fell for your stupid ideas. The rest of us didn’t stand a chance of winning and you know why.”

Brit shrugs, “Why? Because you seem to think you don’t look as sexy in a bikini as we do? I heard you were swimming in a Dunk Tank at your Carnival.”

“When you wore the bikini. Everyone here knows you got all slutty. No way should you be allowed to win that charity event.”

“Fair and square. We washed cars. We kissed even the fugly people.” Cryssa challenges her.

Brit looks over her shoulder, “Ixnay on the fuglay.”

Pouting the Filipino beauty replies, “Sorry.”

All of the girls were taught to overlook the appearance of guys. Sometimes reality managed to creep in. Cryssa bit her tongue.

“I say we take this to Principal Harding and the Board of Education.” Nancy snaps. Her friends agreeing with murmurs of appropriate justice.

Before the war could rage Jacob and Angus had moved about gathering a defense. Over two dozen boys stepped around to the side of Nancy and attempted to intimidate her. Brit smiled but motioned the boys away.

“I got this.”

Backing up but keeping close brit and Nancy resume.

“So, you have every guy in town vouching for you because they know you will give it up to them.”

“What we do is none of your business Nancy. If you want to go to Daytona Beach instead of us. Go. We relent. This was about the Charity. Wheelchairs and walkers.”

The Cheerleaders drop their jaws. They really wanted to go to Daytona. Regardless they let their leader take point.

Nancy looks shocked, “I doubt we made even a tenth of what you girls earned. But, at least we morally, not orally did our jobs for a good cause. Go be skanks all you want, just don’t let us lose when we did it honestly and with heart.”

“Let’s meet with Harding and see what he says.”

“Right here and now. You and Me. With Harding.”

“Lead the way.” Britney motions toward the Office.

Together they walk leaving a stunned cadre of students with speechless curiosity.

Reaching the Office Nancy enters first and asks the Secretary if they could chat yalova escort with the Principal before classes began. This led to a five minute wait before Harding opened his door appearing disgruntled. Hands poised in front of him he expects conflict. Both girls remained calm.

“Step into my Office Ladies.”

Both girls file inside as he grimaces and seals his door. Taking his seat he advises them to sit across from him.

“What seems to be the problem here?” He awaits.

Brit begins, “We may have won the Charity Event contest but we want to relinquish our prize to the runner’s up. Whether it be Nancy’s Carnival or one of the other events.”

“Have we even counted our earnings?” He squints.

Nancy offers a glance between the two studying their reactions to one another. She was a smart one. Her thoughts for awhile now were that they had formed some sick alliance. Not that she was really stressed over that. She had her own deep dark desires. For now she was content to learn and decide her next move. All she was really concerned about was Justice.

“We all know who made the most money. It was how that was achieved that bothers some of us.” Nancy adds.

“Some of you? Or just You?” Brit suspects.

Nancy frowns, “You saw the posse out there. You took away any chances that any of us ever had of winning.”

“So, take our money and enjoy Daytona. We can respect that.”

Harding raises his hands, “Who truly wins here Ladies? The Elderly who receive our gifts. Wheelchairs and other assorted items.”

“Right. Exactly.” Brit nods.

“I understand that Principal Harding. This is why I came to you rather than any of our disgruntled Parents. The student body should stick together and reach a decision on how best to choose the true winners of the Charity event.” Nancy invests.

“Well, Britney here has offered to relinquish her rights to the Daytona trip to whomever comes in second. A noble gesture My Dear.” He smiles at Brit.

“I thought so.” Brit smirks toward Harding.

Nancy rolls her eyes, “Oh for God’s sake. We all know what you people are doing. Has any of our Parents been here with the Cops raising hell? No. The Seniors protect our own. I’m not dialing 9-1-1 am I?”

Harding settles back into his seat and realizes how badly this could go. Noting his expression Brit beats any reply he could offer with, “I say we all go to Daytona. If we need more money we can just have another Car Wash. Bigger and better. Nancy and her “Posse” as she called them can join us. If you are up to that challenge.”

Nancy blushes and droops her jaw, “Who wants to see me in a bikini? I don’t even look good in a one piece.”

Brit pouts, “Don’t sell yourself short Nancy. You may be overweight but there is nothing gross about you. Full figured gals have just as much to offer as anyone. I for one think you are Beautiful.”

“You do?” Nancy looks stunned.

“Of course I do. You saw how I stopped Cryssa from putting anyone down. All we need to do is realize that we all have our faults and do what we have to show others we won’t be childish about it. What do you say? Join us? Or, just take our current winnings and go to Daytona. We will survive and just go make enough cash to get us there as well. Either way we go to Daytona. I for one would be honored to lay out beside you Nancy. The sun is ours.”

Nancy could only sit there and stare. She was being accepted. That had never happened before. Not that she was self conscious of her appearance. She chose her own friends in school. Based on whom she herself best fit in with. Now, she had thoughts of branching out. Her biggest concern was her friends. Would they join her cause or retaliate against her. They all knew what these girls were capable of. If anything their crusade for Justice bordered more upon jealousy. Without another word she brightens up.

“We need to talk alone.” Nancy hesitantly grins toward Brit.

“End of School today? Out in the Parking lot?” Brit offers.

Harding looks at his watch, “You both should get to class. If you meet outside please refrain from any fisticuffs.”

Brit scowls, “Darn. All those kickboxing classes I took last year are going to waste.”

Chuckling Nancy groans, “And, I was training to be a Sumo Wrestler.”

The girls tease each other with battle stances as they stand. Before leaving the two darlings join forces for a final form of attack toward Harding. He was certainly amused. Thankful that this situation was taken care of by Brit. It could have gone South fast.

As Nancy steps out Brit stops just long enough to whisper across at Harding, “I’m making up raffle tickets later for the Teachers. They can pick one of the other girls. I’m ALL yours Big Daddy. This weekend.”

She winked then closed his door behind her.

Harding contemplated their little contest and shivered. He so adored Britney Foxx.

As tempting as their agreement was he still had sweaty palms. Things could still get out of hand concerning the Charity activities. edirne escort While he knew that he should stop letting the girls get away with murder his needs said differently.

The school bell made him jump.

Classes began and normalcy for once enforced. With nerves on edge all of the student body were quiet and contemplating what they knew. Ninety percent of the school thought the Girls were too cool to get into trouble. The rest were torn by decency yet feared the outcome of creating a scene. They would let “Nancy Barker” speak for them. Little did they know her allegiance was in question.

At Lunch Britney discovered Grace sitting alone. She was too busy on her cellphone to notice her arrival. Sneaking up Britney read her texting over the girls shoulder.

“Be sure to tell Kyle to bring more friends next time he’s in town.”

Grace jumps slightly then laughs, “I was just telling him what he missed at the Car Wash.”

Brit raises an eyebrow, “Admitting to blowing guys through the glory holes?”

Grace bulges her eyes, “Nooo! I am afraid he will hate me if he knew.”

“Better not tell him then. Heck, unless he hears about what we did I wouldn’t even admit to being there.” Brit sits down straddling the bench beside her.

“He knows what you and I are like from the night I stayed over. What we did uptown. Do you really think he will hate me?”

“Doubt it. Why risk it though. Bad enough he didn’t know your home life. That stunned the poor guy.”

“We talked. He seemed okay with it. I think he really likes me for me.”

Britney warmly smiles and pats her friend on the shoulder, “Me too. Just take things slow.”

Lowering her cell Grace offers a concerned look, “I heard Nancy is creating trouble.”

With a pucker Brit shakes her head, “I got it. Nancy is just jealous of us. I can see a wild side in her rattling the cage. I just need to unlock the cage and let her out.”

“Like you did with me?” Grace giggles.

“Sweetie? You picked the lock and escaped on your own.”

“I did. Didn’t I?” Grace bobbed about smiling.

“You’re so cute.” Brit smirks, “Gotta go. Tell Jonah I said I can’t wait to see him again.”

“Wait! What about my Father leaving us for Iowa?”

Brit lowers back into her seat with a sigh, “What about it? His going away shocked me too. My Dad kept that from me. He has a point though. Now you and your Mom can have more freedom.”

“What if My Mom leaves my Father? We might end up Sisters.”

Brit chuckles, “Already Sisters. Besides, you seem to forget I have a Mother too. When she’s around.”

“I would love to be your Sister.” Grace sheepishly eyes Brit.

“One day at a time. Let’s just get through the remainder of the school year. After we graduate we can lead our own lives. Do anything we want. Be whomever we want to be.”

“Are we not doing that now?”

“Good point. Eat your lunch. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Brit leaps up and shuffles away. She had things to set in motion.

Making her way outside she found her friend Tara Zellers sitting with her admirer “Trent”. They were chuckling about the Car Wash and almost being busted by the Cops.

“Hey Lovebirds.” Brit eases over to them.

Trent offered a brilliant gaze toward Tara. Before he could say a word she clamps her hand over his mouth.

“Slow down. We’re just friends right now.”

He rolls his eyes and behaves as her palm lowers.

Brit jabs Trent on his forehead, “Think with this, not that.” Her other index finger aimed at his crotch.

Tara nods, “Right. I’ll think of that.” Followed by sticking her tongue out at him.

Brit clears her throat, “Listen. About this morning. Don’t sweat it about Daytona. We’re still going but I needed to do damage control. I figured the other Events earned their chance just as we did. We made so much money we could go to the Bahamas.”

“Can we?” Tara giggles.

“Another time. Just tell the girls to keep their cool. Let me work on Nancy.”

Trent grunts, “You mean “Bodzilla”?”

Without expression Britney stares at him for a full thirty seconds. Trent grew uneasy at her glare.

“That’s enough name calling. Nancy might be full figured but she’s beautiful. We all need to prove that to her. That includes the guys. We could use your help here Trent. Spread the word in secrecy that no one is to ridicule Nancy from here on out.”

“Seriously?” He winces.

“What’s so wrong with her Trent? Sure she’s overweight but her curves shine through.”

He chuckles, “And her boobs are like boulders falling down a mountain.”

Tara slugs him in the arm, “Keep that up and we remain ONLY friends.”

He drops his jaw, “I’ll spread the good word.”

“You better. Or, I won’t spread my good legs.” Tara darkly expresses with an evil eye.

He decides to bail while he was ahead. Before he does he starts to apologize when Tara yanks him close to kiss him on the lips.

“Be nice.” She growls playfully.

Nodding erzurum escort with a grin Trent salutes Britney and races off.

“Maybe he should have joined Track with you. He’s pretty fast.” Brit sighs.

“Lunch is about over. I’ll pull Sophia and Dawn aside. You locate Cryssa and fill her in.” Tara grabs her book bag.

“Okay. I’m meeting Nancy by the parking lot. Let me charm her into submission. You keep everyone away.”

“Gotcha Boss.” The blond nudges Brit in a goofy stance.

“Right. Victory will be ours.”

The remaining classes led to word of mouth. Britney was hoping things would remain calm. Especially while Nancy had appeared open minded in Harding’s office. One wrong word might change the girl’s tune. At her locker Brit installed her bag and left empty handed. Today she wanted to feel relaxed. She was wore out over the past weeks efforts.

Slithering through the parade of outgoing students she heard a resounding amount of vocal “Good Luck.”

She needed to accomplish her mission fairly fast before missing her bus. The walk home was quite a few blocks away.

Locating Nancy wasn’t very hard. She stood alone by a shade tree.

“I’m here.” Brit waves at the girl.

Nancy tried to contain herself to look intimidating. Within she wanted to smile and joke around.

“About time.” She grunts.

Brit immediately bounces into her defensive Martial Arts pose and curls her fingers like Bruce Lee, “Bring it.”

The chuckles couldn’t be helped.

“Look, Britney. I’m sorry I griped earlier. I was elected by the Posse to stand up for us. I agreed with them because let’s face it, none of us are Cheerleaders. Our Carnival consisted of a Dunk Tank, and Darts for Prizes. Clown outfits over string bikini’s. You should feel lucky, we got the young kids away from seeing you freaks.”

Brit nods with a puckered lower lip, “That’s a good point. Something we really did get lucky with. Just know that none of us meant to hurt any of you. We were just having fun. Our way.”

“I can only imagine. If I had your body I would probably do the same thing. I chose the Carnival because that’s where Elephants belong.”

Britney offered a concerned look, “Why are you so down on yourself? Large girls can be just as sexy as we are.”

“Really? You’re going with that? Try being me. I get called “Bodzilla” for cripes sake. I have good hygiene. My hair is beautiful. I can’t help it if I got my parents genes. Trust me I workout or I might be a heck of a lot bigger than I am.”

“Stop already. I’m on your side here.” Brit pouts, “If I have to I’ll stand up in front of the entire school and give our Daytona win to your group.”

“No. Don’t. I would just be a beached whale laying on the beach. The others don’t truly care otherwise. They just want what’s right. In their minds you cheated.”

“Maybe we did. I see your point.” Brit then grimaces at Nancy, “We are so going to work on your insecurities.”

“Good luck with that. Unlike you I’ve had sex with one guy ever. He was bigger than I am. Of course I prefer bigger guys.” She fidgets.

“Where is he now? Are you dating?”

“Oh Hell no. He used me. Took the virginity and laughed about it. He lives in Castleton. We met at a Football game. Graduated last year shortly after we got together. Shit happens. I’m over it.”

Brit eyes Nancy’s clothing. The girl wore blue jeans and red T-shirt that hid most of her backside.

“What are you looking at?” Nancy noticed.

“Trying to decide what kind of clothing we’re going to buy you with some of our earnings.” She circles Nancy.

“Oh, yeah, I’m not dressing like you do. Good as it gets.”

“At least try to change your outlook. It starts with feeling good about yourself. Stick with pants if you must but consider avoiding T-shirts. Go with some cleavage. I bet guys notice you more.”

“Maybe. I’ll think about it. Definitely wearing a bra.” She chuckles looking down at her monster breasts.

Britney looks at her cell to tell the time. Her bus was getting ready to leave. As she watched people getting on the bus she noticed someone that inspired her. Two someone’s actually. The twin “Bolger” brothers, “Wayne and Wesley”. Nancy did say she liked bigger boys. Brit would keep it in mind. She felt obligated to fix this girls insecurities first.

“I have to catch the bus. Do you own any shirts with cleavage?”

“A couple. Nothing extreme.” Nancy frowns.

“We don’t need extreme. You don’t want to be as slutty as we are.” Brit teases.

Nancy offers an unexpected glint in her eye.

“You and I need to get together and discuss this further.”

“Any time you want. I’m open minded for the most part. I’ll wear cleavage next week. Let me get my nerve up. Deal?”

“When you feel ready. Tap cells. Let’s exchange numbers and talk more later.” Brit decides to add emotion, “I would absolutely love to be your friend Nancy.”

Cell’s meet and record numbers as Nancy grins, “Just don’t hurt me.”

Britney pouted lightly and moved in for a hug. Much needed by both.

Before peeling away Britney swears, “I won’t allow that. I promise.”

“Thanks. You know I could give you a ride home. My Dad bought me a car for an early Graduation gift.”

Brit pauses with a brightening smile and twists in her step to face Nancy, “Well, let’s ride Homie.”

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