Brown Sugar Mandingo Night

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Henri had been only the second man that I had sex with, after the first one seven years before. He was black, well endowed, and a true gentleman. He had no problem entertaining my bedroom fantasy to be feminine, and could either plain out fuck me, or tone it down and make love to me. He really knew how to ring my bell, and had nailed me to the mattress as his. Through him I had met his woman, Althea, and some of his friends. All of them black, and all of them also well endowed. Marcus had been at a party at Henri’s, and had given me his very thick twelve inch cock, and made no false illusions about it being lovemaking. He fucked me, and let me know that from then on, that I would be his to fuck anytime he wanted it, and that I was to fuck any of his friends that wanted me too.

Marcus called me on Thursday to say that I was to be at his place, cleaned out, and ready to be fucked on Friday at seven PM. He said that he was going to fill me up with love juice. I was closer to finding out what a Mandingo four and four would be. Knowing Marcus as I did, I expected it would be extreme, but not dangerous. He had a real interest in seeing me totally fucked, as he had proven in the past. He had also promised, when he claimed me as his that I would get plenty of fucking.

The next day, I spent a long time in the bathroom, getting my self totally cleaned out, and shaving all the places that I keep shaved. I even put some mouthwash in a douche bottle and squirted it in my ass, late in the day, then sat on the toilet and let it out after awhile. I took a good two hour nap, and when I got up, I dressed in some nice panties, put on some short shorts, and a loose shirt, and headed out. On the way to Marcus’ place, I stopped at the drug store and bought a couple of tubes of Astrolube and a package of panty liners, in case I needed to keep my panties from staining.

I got to Marcus’ place right at seven PM, and found a place to park on his side lawn, beside an Escalade with “rims”. There were two other cars there besides Marcus’ SUV. Going to the door, I rang the bell and Marcus opened it, inviting me in.

Getting inside, I could smell that they had started smoking weed, and then Kenny came up to me and offered me a hit. Marcus took me into the living room where the guys were playing a football game on Playstation. One was even taller than Kenny, at about 6 ft 10 or so, and the other looked like a football receiver, built well, but big, and strong looking. I felt like I was going to become a pin cushion. I was introduced to them and told that the tallest one was Deshawn, and the football player was Jaxon.

Jaxon spoke first, saying: “Damn Marcus, my man, you said that your white boy had a slim body. I like this. His booty isn’t so big that It will keep me from getting to the bottom of his hole.”

Pulling me to him, Marcus answered: “This bitch knows how to move that skinny ass too. And when you get deep in that ass pussy, you will have him cumming like a virgin pussy with her first cock.”

Deshawn lit a fat joint, pulled on it and passed it around. As we smoked, we went into the den. I hadn’t been in there the last time I was here, but what I saw now let me know that some fucking would be going on. There was a sofa bed, made into a full bed, and a Gynecologist’s exam table.

Marcus, still holding my wrist said: “These are some of my Mandingo brothers. Tonight is for fucking, and you will get all you want. We will put the Mandingo four and four on you, and when we finish, you will be certified Mandingo pussy. Your ass will be so well fucked that it will have lips that look like the most used pussy in town, and you will want to know when the next party will be.”

I asked: “Baby, what is the Mandingo four and four?”

Laughing, Kenny said: “Eddie, the four of us Mandingos own you for the night, and we are going to fuck you non-stop for four hours. The only time that you won’t have a cock in you is when one of us finishes and the next one gets his in. We will keep you lubed, and when you have to, you can hit the bathroom, but tonight is for fucking, and pleasing us. Deshawn is the senior, and what he says goes, for the rest of the night, and he said that he wants me to get you started. Welcome to the Mandingo world white boy.”

He pulled me close and took off my shirt. I felt Deshawn behind me, reaching around to undo my shorts. As he loosened them, I let them slip to the floor, and lifted Kenny’s shirt out of his slacks, and started pulling it up. He stepped back and took it off, and unfastened his slacks and pushed them down and off. Getting out of his boxers, I saw his beautiful cock again, remembering the pleasure that it had brought me the last time he and I were here at Marcus’ place.

Deshawn got things going by saying: “Get in the stirrups and let us see what we will be fucking tonight. We will be taking pictures and getting video, but we won’t put your face in any of it. It is almost 8 o’clock and we have some fucking to do.”

I got on the table, and my legs were lifted into the stirrups. casino siteleri I saw Marcus pick up a speculum, (used by gynecologists to spread the vagina open), lube it and inserted it into my ass pussy. Once inside, he began opening my ass with it, then squirted astrolube inside my ass. With my ass pried open, someone took a flash picture of my hole.

Kenny had put lube on his cock, and guys were taking pictures of my asshole with their phones. When Kenny put his twelve inches to my hole, he was videoed as he pushed in. I had to catch my breath, because even lubed up, his steady push to the bottom on the first stroke gave me a lot of pressure. And then he was standing at the foot of the table with his cock buried in my pussy. I was about to have the Mandingo four and four.

Kenny fucked me hard and used long strokes, pushing deep into me, and pulling back to crash back into me again and again. To my side, I could see Jaxon getting undressed, and when his cock came into sight, I caught my breath. Marcus and Kenny each had 12 inches, and Jaxon was bigger than them, both longer and thicker. This was going to be some night.

Stepping to the side of the table, next to my head, Jaxon put his cock on my mouth. He held his hand on my head, keeping me from turning it toward him, and just pushed back and forth, letting his cock slide along my lips. I used my tongue to wet my lips, and then to wet his cock as he slid it to me. After a bit of that, he pulled back and turned my head so my mouth was facing his cock and he pushed inside my mouth.

Just the head of his cock had my mouth filled and I knew that this was bigger than I could take into my throat. I had swallowed all of Marcus’ and all of Kenny’s cocks but this was much thicker than theirs. I wondered how I would feel with it inside my pussy.

In the meantime, Kenny’s hammering at me made me ready to cum. Using the stirrups for leverage, I tossed my ass from side to side, and let my orgasm take over.

Seeing me moving, cumming, made Deshawn get out of his clothes too. His cock, like Jaxon’s was longer than Marcus’ but no thicker. He came to the other side of the table, and I took his cock in my hand and jacked it slowly, more feeling it than trying to get him excited. Jaxon had moved his cock out of my mouth, and I now had one in each hand, and was taking all that Kenny was giving me.

After fucking me for about 15 minutes, Kenny slammed deep inside me and said: “Take it, get this seed and feel what I have for you. This is just the first of many that you will get tonight. Your pussy will remember this for a long time. You are now a Mandingo slave, here to take black cock all night long. Grease your pole, Deshawn and get in here.”

Staying in me until Deshawn was ready, Kenny pulled out quickly, took a picture of my asshole, and let Deshawn have his turn. Getting in place, he pushed his cock into me, and I felt when he began to get deeper than Kenny had been. I was taking a longer cock than ever before, and it seemed like I would be able to take it all. There was a new kind of pressure when he hit bottom, letting me know that I was taking more than I had before. I hoped that it wouldn’t get more painful as the night wore on.

With Deshawn getting his stroke going, I could see that they were right when I was told that this was not going to be a night for lovemaking. I was going to have to be content to take a lot of fucking, and get my satisfaction from knowing that I was able to help them to get off.

As he fucked me, Deshawn began moving side to side, forcing his cock to find a different angle in my pussy. He was showing me that his long cock could find places that no white man would ever feel. As he did it, he sucked the breath out of me, making me feel that I was getting the cock that could find a new way to make me cum.

I moaned: “Oh my god, that is big. Fuck me, but please, fuck me easy. I have never had this before. It’s so big. Ohhhh.”

Deshawn said: “Yes, it is big, but you are going to be able to take it, and long after tonight, you will still be wanting to get under a Mandingo. Bitch, you belong to us now. We will use your white ass to please us, and you will crave what we give you tonight. Your pussy is getting the Mandingo workout.”

He fucked hard, and brought me to several orgasms before he tensed up, pushed deep into me and began shooting into my sore ass. I knew that I would be getting a lot tonight, and he was showing me that he had plenty.

As Deshawn finished, he pulled out and took a picture. I saw Marcus putting some lube on his cock. As soon as my pussy was empty, he pushed his fat cock all the way to the bottom and began driving hard. Slamming some fast, long, strokes into me, then just holding himself deep in me and quivering, hitting my walls like a vibrator. I felt so fucked and we had just begun. This was going to be a long night.

I think that Marcus held out longer than the others, fucking me for well over a half hour. Deshawn and Kenny went to my upraised legs, and used two neckties to canlı casino tie my legs to the stirrups. I didn’t know why they needed to do this, because I was taking the fucking well.

Marcus finally began to tense, and started breathing heavily, and then roared: “Aaaaaagggghhhh, take it, bitch. Take my nut from this big cock. Your man is putting it in your belly.”

He spurted, jerked, sighed, and as he pulled out, he used his phone to take a picture of my ass pussy. Kenny put his hands on my shoulders, and Jaxon got in position. Looking at me, he said: “Bitch, this is the biggest cock you have ever had, and when I start you might think that you don’t want it. I will get it into you and then you will start to like it. Just take this Mandingo prize, and enjoy it if you can.”

As he pressed the head to my hole, I felt like he was splitting me open. As I tensed, Kenny tightened his grip on my shoulders, keeping me in place for the huge cock that was prying my ass open. He pushed in a couple of inches, and when he pulled back, Marcus was there to put some lube on the massive cock.

Marcus said: “I don’t want you to ruin his ass. I want more of this, just open him up to that big snake of yours, Jaxon. Show him what a Mandingo can do for him. Get all up in him, my man”

Jaxon pushed more and more into me, but each time he pulled back, he pulled all the way out, making a new entry each time. I wasn’t sure that I would still be conscious when he finally got as far in as he could. I could only lay there and take his cock, whether I wanted it or not. But he was right, I was beginning to feel like I wanted to see what it could do for me.

It took at least ten minutes to get his cock deep in me, and then I don’t think that I had it all. He was hitting the bottom of my anus and heading for my intestines.

Well lubed, he began stroking, still pulling all the way out with each stroke, but pushing all the way in with the down stroke. I began to feel his pubic hair on my balls, knowing that he had to have nearly all of that huge thing coming into me. I knew that I would have an orgasm soon, but wondered how much discomfort I would feel when he jammed his cock home to help me cum.

When my orgasm hit, I wanted to move my ass around to help it, but I was immobile on the exam table. I could only take his cock and enjoy the fucking that he was giving me. I could hear myself moaning, but it wasn’t from pain. I was starting to love what I was getting, and hoped that he wouldn’t cum too soon.

When my orgasm hit, I wailed: “Gawd, Jaxon! You are killing me with that cock. I am cumming hard, cumming too hard. Oh my god, I have never had anything like this. Just fuck me. Use my ass, take it, fuck me.”

I only thought that I had been fucked before this. I wondered how my ass would ever recover from Jaxon’s big cock, and wondered if I wanted it to recover. As I watched him pound his meat into me, making a new entry with every stroke, I considered how it must be to have him make love. I wondered if he would make love to a man, or did he only fuck them silly.

He looked down at my face and said: “Bitch, you are taking this good now. I am almost all up in you. When I cum, I will give you all of it, and make you into Mandingo meat. You have got almost thirty six centimeters of love muscle in your ass. When it spits in you, you will be taking the full thirty six centimeters, and you will know that you are owned by proud Mandingo men.

He was nearing an orgasm, and he put his hands on my hips, and as it hit, he pulled my ass onto the full length of his cock. That last inch felt like a foot of cock had rammed into my belly. As he finished cumming, still holding me tightly onto his cock, he said: “You took it all. You are going to be wanting this for a long time to cum. My mark in you might even take your mind off fucking women. You are Mandingo owned now.”

As he pulled back, Marcus got several pictures, and one of my asshole as Jaxon pulled away. He showed me the picture on his phone as the others untied my legs. My ass was gaping open, I had never seen it like this. I was fucked, totally fucked, and we had only been at it for two hours.

Untied, I still couldn’t move much. I was weak. Kenny helped me to sit up and then got me down from the table and pushed me to my back in the bed. He said: “Spread those legs bitch. I need to breed your hole.”

I spread my legs and raised my knees bringing my feet close to my ass. Kenny got between them, and pushed his cock into my hole, and began to pound my ass silly. On the bed, I was able to move myself around more, and I pulled his shoulders to me, as he fucked me.

I moaned: “Fuck me Kenny. Breed me again. I am wide open for you and want it deep. Just fuck me.”

He said: “You are going to get the fucking you need now. Up there on the table we were just getting you ready, and getting our first nut. On the bed, we can show you what it is like to be with us. Take this cock and let your pussy suck the seed out of it.”

He pounded hard, slapping his kaçak casino big nutsack against my ass cheeks so hard that I could hear it. His pelvis was crashing against my cock and balls, but I didn’t even care. I was taking the big cock that I had craved for years.

We fucked for quite awhile, and I had several hard orgasms. Having cum once, he stayed hard, and just kept dropping his cock into my hole, burying itself with every stroke. One of my orgasms seemed to trigger his ejaculation, and he shot it into me.

As soon as he stopped cumming, he pulled out and Deshawn told Jaxon to hit me again. Jaxon got between my legs, and just pushed straight in. The swelling that was building in me made him feel as tight as he did the first time he got in me, but there was no pain this time. As he buried himself in me, he pushed my knees back, beside my head, and began taking my pussy, using it, and seeming not to care what it did for me. I was being fucked just to satisfy him. As he fucked me, he held my eyes with his and smiled, knowing that he was owning me.

Well into the fucking, he let my legs come back, and I put them over his thighs, as he laid his chest on mine, still hammering that big thing into me.

He said: “This is what you have been needing. I can feel your ass moving under me, and your pussy trying to hold my cock. “

I smiled at him and said: “I would like to have a night with you, just you and I.”

He said that we could do that soon, and kept fucking me. I had never felt like I might be “owned”, especially by such big cocks, but I was loving that they were making me fuck them like this.

Jaxon was inside my pussy, steady moving on me for half an hour. I was so worn out from the nearly continuous orgasms that I was hardly able to move. I was just getting fucked, getting shown that I would never forget this night, and these big cocks. When he tensed to cum, I pulled his ass bringing him tight against me, while he shot his seed into me.

I could see Deshawn putting lube on his cock, as Jaxon pulled out of me. As soon as he was clear, Deshawn sank his big cock into my hole. Settling onto my belly and chest, he put his hands under my ass and began fucking. As he fucked, he said: “You got opened up, on the table, but now you are entertaining Mandingo meat flat on your back. Some day soon, you will feel like you would rather fuck one of us than eat. You will want to have us in you, taking care of you.

Being fucked for the second time by him, and after having so much other cock, I was only able to give him some weak moves. I was nearly fucked out, and we had an hour to go. Deshawn was putting cock into me, getting deep, and controlling my moves. I tried to get my legs over his waist, but had to settle with having them over his legs, and holding his biceps with my hands. I was being screwed so he could be satisfied. That I could enjoy it was not part of the night, but I made the best of what I was into, and even if I had not tried, I could not stop my orgasms.

When Deshawn finally got his nut, Marcus was right there to take his place. He had his hand on my leg as Deshawn pushed the last of his seed into me. As one cock left my well fucked pussy, another rolled into place. Marcus slammed his cock into me, slapped my ass, and dropped his chest onto mine. I was trapped beneath him, and he was taking what he wanted.

As he fucked me, he said: “Bitch, you been getting fucked by other guys tonight, but you are still mine. You been taking cock, getting your nut, and now I am going to show you that you are mine. You satisfied the brothers, but your ass belongs to this Mandingo. It is my ass, and you will give it to me anytime I want it. This is the fucking that you love, the fucking that you crave, and the fucking that let me know that you wanted to have this night.”

He hammered his cock to me, knocking the breath out of me with each stroke, and not seeming to be near cumming himself. We fucked for a long time, and then he pushed his cock into me, and pressed my knees back beside my head, and began to cum.

He roared and said: “This is your cock bitch, this is the cock that you will do anything for. Take this nut, and add it to the swamp that you have in you now.”

When he pulled out of me, Deshawn was there to lift me up, and stand me beside the bed. He walked me to the table and told me to get back on it. Once on the table, my legs were lifted into the stirrups, and Kenny came to my hole and just touched it with the head of his cock.

He asked: “Can you feel this? This is the Mandingo cock that you craved You took it good.”

He stepped aside and Jaxon took his place, and pushed a little bit of his cockhead into me, saying: “This is your Mandingo King Cock. You took it and you want more of it. This is what you will dream of when you go to sleep.”

Deshawn was right there next, and pushed a few inches of his cock into me. He told me: “You have been given the Mandingo treatment. You know now that there is no little cock that can do anything for you. When you want cock, you will want Mandingo cock. When you are fucking some pussy, you will wonder what she would do with Mandingo cock. When you eat a meal you will be thinking of Mandingo cock and how much you crave it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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