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Him: For a long time I had a wonderful and fascinating girlfriend and lover. She was bright, witty, a little ditzy, attractive, with long shapely legs and a very impressive bosom. Also, she was a magnificent sex partner. For some reason she had issues with her looks. I would call her attractive, sexy, desirable, and gorgeous, but not pretty. I always saw pretty as being fine featured and model-looking. She was neither of those, but nevertheless she turned the heads of males who saw her. That said, she would be upset that I would not use the term “pretty” for her. There is no doubt in my mind that the fact that her first husband, who demeaned her constantly about everything, especially her looks, had affected her. In retrospect it almost certainly affected our relationship. I should have just called her pretty, but I had always promised to speak honestly with her. I still think she was better than pretty but that’s water under the bridge.

One of the reasons Donna was a magnificent sex partner was that she was enthusiastic, imaginative, open minded, and had strong submissive tendencies with the right kind of man, which to her was someone strong, smart, equally imaginative, able and eager to fill the role of a sexual dominant. The downside to what made her so desirable was that she was unable to resist the spell of the kind of man she was attracted to. Because I was away frequently and for long periods I worried a little that, despite the fact that she loved me, there was the risk that she would find someone to take my place. That eventually happened and it devastated me!

When we decided to become a couple we had promised each other that we would be exclusive. If one of us decided that was no longer what we wanted, we would tell the other before moving on. We would not lie, we would not cheat. After the fact and after considerable thought and time I understood why she decided to move on from me but I was disappointed her promises meant so little to her when they meant so much to me. She deceived and she cheated. It about broke my heart.

It took me a long time to come to terms with how it all happened. You’ll see her story here. It’s what we eventually decided might be what helped us get past it. In some ways, for me, it has. You will see she moved on as well. Her story she eventually told me me after more or less confessing her relationship with my friend Trevor, a fireman in Atlanta at that time. Unknown to me until then was that they had quite the sexual history prior to me learning of their secret relationship. If her story of submission, intense interracial sex, humiliation, and even a little romance, offends you, read it anyway because this stuff happens and it should not be hidden. If you are appreciative of confessions that reveal the foibles of even the best of us, you’ll probably like it. If you get off on thoroughly nasty torrid sex, you’ll love it!

HER: Jim has convinced me to write about what he calls my betrayal of him. I guess it was a betrayal, but all stories have two sides. He told me that it might help us both get past the pain we put on each other. He rarely does anything without having more than one motive so I leave it to him to explain his reasoning.

I have to start by saying that Jim was my first real love. We met through a fluke, really, and it turned out that he was the first man who truly listened to me and cared about my thoughts on any subject. He always treated me with kindness and respect and we laughed hysterically every day when we were together. We both shared the same kind of humorous outlook, I guess. I also always felt safe with him. He was an alpha male who had this old fashioned ethos about protecting those who needed protecting. Maybe it was a generational thing as he was more than 10 years older than me. We also connected big time in a sexual way. I had always been a very sexual being but when Jim and I connected it awakened a ravenousness that stayed with me almost constantly. Plus, he knew a lot of the right buttons to push to make me crave him continually. While he was often a gentle and caring lover he also sensed when I needed to feed the side of me that hungered for a man to treat me as a submissive dirty little slut who needed a taste of punishment and humiliation. The thing about Jim is he always seemed to know there was a time and place for that. The rest of the time I was his friend and lover. Oh, and he was ever considerate of my needs as a mom of two little kids. Did I mention he’s hot! Rugged good looks, hunky, a man’s man, and with a confidence that shows when he’s dealing with others. Believe me, he gets respect from everyone he meets! It’s something about the way he carries himself.

Was he perfect? Nah! He was never violent, but he did have a temper once in a while, and he had expectations of me that were sometimes hard to live up to. His expectations often made me a better person, but if I failed him he knew how to hurt me. When he said, “I’m disappointed in you, Donna”, it would sting me so much! Jim also had an attitude, which I learned about too late, that his actions balıkesir escort should speak louder than any words he could say, but sometimes I desperately needed words from him that he didn’t give me. So he had his faults, but none of them would have ever made me unfaithful! What did that was that I only had him part time and barely that! Jim was away a LOT, on business but mostly because he had family members in the far west who needed him. Meanwhile, I had my own responsibilities and had to stay put in North Carolina. I’m sure he missed me, and I missed him terribly!

Jim was preparing for another trip, one that would take a few months! I was trying to be understanding, but not trying too, too, hard.

“You know I miss you so much when you’re gone. I only have my parents and my kids to talk to. I need some adult time. I need you!” I didn’t have any close female friends, just a few casual acquaintances who were actually pretty boring. I was dreading him being gone even more than usual. Each time he left it got worse for me.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’d prefer to stay here with you but you know the situation with my granddaughter and now my sister. It’s more damn domestic violence crap! Both need me to straighten out their situations. It’s a pain in the ass but I need to deal with it, and I have to take care of some business to earn a living. Listen, I have an idea. I told you about Trevor, that guy I met in Atlanta who’s a fireman! He’s a cool guy and I told him about you…..well, not everything about you…lol. Why don’t you email him and get acquainted? He’s got some very interesting stories about the fireman life. Maybe he’ll introduce you to his girlfriend. Then, if you all get along maybe we can have him and his girlfriend up to visit, or I can take you to Atlanta when I get back.”

“That’s a poor substitute for you, honey. But if you give me his contact information I’ll think about it.”

The next day he kissed me goodbye, got in his truck and drove off to California.

For two days I was busy enough to drop into bed exhausted at night. On the third night I had everything done early and was not expecting a call from Jim. After thinking about it I decided to check out Trevor so I sent him an email explaining that Jim suggested we connect to chat. He replied almost immediately saying that Jim had told him so many nice things about me and he’d be glad to talk but he suggested we talk by phone as that was a much better fit for him. I sent my phone number and it was only a minute or two before he called. After he introduced himself and we made some small talk I had to ask him what Jim had told him about me.

Trevor laughed then said, “You do know how we met, right?”

“He said you met at a bar when he was on a trip to Atlanta.”

“Yeah, let me explain in detail.” He laughed, a deep rumbling masculine laugh. “I was with some guys from the station at a table at Hooter’s watching a game. Jim was at the bar nearby having some beer and wings and we were all jawing about the game so we asked him if he wanted to join us. He grabbed his beer and food and did. I thought that was pretty cool as he was the only white guy among us. Anyway, we were having a good ol’ time and one of the waitresses was flirting with Jim. Martin, one of my friends, asked Jim if he was going to pick up on that gal ’cause she had some fine hooters.

Jim says, “Hell no, my girl has tits that beat hers hand on.”

Martin says, “You mean hands down!”

Jim answers, “If you saw Donna’s tits you’d know why I said ‘hands on’.”

“All the guys busted up at that one. We hung together for the rest of the game and then him and I got together almost every day while Jim was down here. He’s a good man, Donna.”

“That was a good story, Trevor, Yes, he is a good man. I just wish he was here more.” So Trevor was African-American? It was just like Jim not to think that was an important detail. So much different than men around here!

Trevor and I talked for almost an hour before he said he had to respond to an alarm. I hadn’t realized he was at the station nor that we had talked that long! He said he could call me the next night if they weren’t too busy, as he was on duty for another 24 hours. I realized I’d really enjoyed our conversation so I told him that would be great. The next night I found myself hoping he could call and he did. That night we spoke for almost two and a half hours. He told me funny stories about how people did such dumbass things to start fires and I laughed my butt off. When we finally were ready to hang up I told him he could call the next night if he wanted. Over the next five days we talked on three nights. Trevor even called one day just to ask how I was. I spoke to Jim twice during those five days for a total of about fifteen minutes. Not his fault, but it was what it was.

Trevor was off shift and at home on a Tuesday night when we reached a turning point in our relationship. We were on the phone when I said that Jim had mentioned that when he got back we balıkesir escort bayan might either invite Trevor and his girlfriend up or go to Atlanta to hang out with them.

Trevor said, “Oh, Tanee and I broke up. She was a producer at one of our local tv affiliates and was offered a job at the network. Huge promotion, but she had to move to New York. Man, I hated to see her go!”

“Oh, I’m sorry Trevor.” Strangely, I experienced a tiny thrill when he told me that. “Were you really close?”

“I feel I can be honest with you. Frankly I miss her because the sex with her was better than with most.” That got my attention and nosy little me couldn’t help but ask, “How do you mean? Sorry, I’m just curious and you did open the door…lol.”

“That’s OK. Tanee was one of the best at giving oral sex. She didn’t just do it, she loved to suck cock. Most women are kinda lackadaisical. She hungers for a big cock in her mouth.”

“Oh. Well truth be told, so do I. It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

“What exactly are you saying, Donna?”

“That I hunger for a big cock in my mouth.” Hmmm, that came out easy.

“Can I ask a very personal question, honey?”


“Have you ever had a black one in your mouth.” That sent a jolt through my body.

“Trevor, I’ve never been that close to one. Actually, I’ve never even seen one!’

“Would you like to? See one that is?”

“What are you suggesting, HONEY?”

“Check your email in about five minutes.”

“OK.” I didn’t stop to think before I answered. I wasn’t sure what he was going to send me but I was too curious and excited to interrupt the flow.

It was exactly nine minutes before his email showed up in my inbox with an attachment. The message said ‘For your viewing pleasure’. The attachment was a photo of a lean dark muscular black man wearing only a pair of white sweatpants pulled down far enough to reveal a long thick dick. As I was looking at it my phone rang. It was Trevor.

“Did you get my email?”

“Trevor, what are you wearing?”

“White sweatpants and nothing else.”

“Oh, baby, you are one hunky chunk of man.”

“So, you aren’t offended?”

“Oh no, God no! You made my night.”

“So, are you hungry?”

“Uh, I could be.” I had never been particularly attracted or repelled by African-American men. It simply was nothing I’d ever thought about. Now, the longer I looked at his pic the more I realized I was hungry and for the first time ever I thought about what it would be like to have a black cock in my mouth.

“Donna, what can it hurt if you imagine it? Just imagine being with me and having me show my cock to you just like in the photo. Would you like that?”

“For a second I did imagine it, but….I feel guilty.”

“Yeah, that’s natural under the circumstances, but I can tell you like what you see. Tell me you don’t, Donna!”

“I can’t lie. You do make me wonder how, oh, how you would feel, and taste.”

“I’d taste wonderful to you, of course. And look at me again. You know you’d realize as soon as you started sucking that you had a powerful dick between your lips and you know you’d love it.” His words inflamed me. I felt compelled to confess to him.

“Trevor, did Jim ever talk about our sexual relationship?”

“Some, yeah. Why?”

“Did he tell you I’m subservient to a strong and strong willed man. That it turns me on to obey him and submit to his desires, even when they’re, well, especially when he dominates me?”

“No, he didn’t mention that but now I do know and that suits me just fine. Donna, I think it’s time we have some quality phone sex. Do you understand?”

“Trevor, I really need to think about this. I’m conflicted. I’ve never cheated on Jim and this kinda feels like cheating.”

“Sure, it wasn’t my intention to pressure you. It just seems like we could have some innocent, well maybe not entirely innocent, fun. Don’t be mad.”

I was experiencing anxiety with the way things had developed that night. “Trevor, it’s not you. I’m not mad, I’m just confused. I’m gonna go now. I’ll talk to you later. Good night.”

Later in bed I was trying to think of anything but that damn photo of Trevor. The harder I tried the more that image was burned into my brain. I tossed and turned for almost two hours before I finally jumped out of bed. I checked to make sure the kids were asleep. Then I dug a black dildo out of our adult toys drawer, grabbed my camera, and staged a quick photo shoot. Only ten minutes later I fired off an email to Trevor, then went back to bed where I lay and wondered what his reaction would be.

I had just put the kids on the school bus and sat down to breakfast when Trevor called.

“Loved that pic of you with that black dildo in your mouth. Baby, you look natural sucking a black cock.” I was sitting at my kitchen table with only my nighty on. My fingers slipped between my legs to find that his words had already started to make me wet.

“Trevor, I’m escort balıkesir touching myself right now. I’m wet thinking about your big dick.”

“Wait one sec. OK, now I’ve got my cock in hand and it’s getting fucking hard as hell!”

“Talk to me, baby. Make it dirty and hot.”

“How’d you like me to slap your face with this big black cock? Then you could lick my hairy balls until I give you the PRIVILEGE of sucking your first black dick. “

“The privilege? Oh, you nasty black motherfucker. Yes, it would be a privilege to lick your balls and suck your long black prick.”

“Oh yeah, once you taste my meat I’ll own your mouth. You’ll beg me to let you suck it three, four times a day.”

Oh, if you were here right now I’d be on my knees begging you, Please, Trevor, please let me have your wonderful cock in my mouth. I’ll make you happy with my lips and tongue. And I’ll swallow every drop if you let me!”

“It might be too big for you, white girl. I bet mine is the biggest you ever had.”

“It’s definitely the longest, but baby, I’ll work so hard to get it all the way in. I’ll be the best you ever had!”

“OK, whore, you can suck now. Then you’ll be my cocksucker won’t you?”

“I’ll be your whore, I’ll be your cocksucker, any time, any place, ahh, ahh , eeee!” And then I came! And so did he.

Whew, I was astonished at how strongly and easily I was affected by our first and brief phone sex experience.

“Oh, stud, that was so hot. You made me cum in less than two minutes!”

“Same here, white sugar. I have to get ready to go on shift now but I’ll call later. I’m gonna want more from you, understand?”

“White sugar? I like that. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, let’s do it again.”

“That’s a good little slut, but I’ll be at work. I’ll call if I can, probably late if we’re not out on a call. Keep your phone by the bed and be naked.”

“OK, have a good day and think about me.”

“I will. I’ll be walking around with an erection all day but what the hell.”

That night I lay completely naked under the covers waiting for Trevor to call. He didn’t, so I had to evoke our call from that morning. It stimulated me to remember how I told him I’d be his cocksucker and whore. It was so dirty! And to have him tell me it would be a privilege to suck his cock was so arrogant! It turned me on and I was able to use that and the image of my promise to kneel and beg for it to fuel another masturbation fantasy. I came again. My desire for sex and to be subservient was in hyperdrive! For a black man I had never met!

In the morning he still hadn’t called, but he did send me email telling me to send him at least three photos of my” big tits”. In one he wanted me looking right at the camera while sucking one of my nipples. They were sent within 30 minutes!

The next two nights we had incredibly hot phone sex during which I amazed myself by how filthy and submissive I could be. I had fallen under his spell! On the morning after our last session he called to tell me he was coming to see me the following Friday. He asked if the kids would be here. I told him that they would be at my parents until late Sunday afternoon.

“Good, I’ll see you on Friday. Pick me up at the airport. Dress sexy, and no underwear.” I was taken by surprise and a touch of annoyance but that didn’t stop me from asking what time and what airline. After we exchanged the particulars he gave me some phone sex that left me wet and temporarily satisfied.

Every night we had phone sex. It kept getting more explicit and more nasty. He’d call me filthy humiliating names while describing what he’d do to me and what I’d do for him. I agreed with everything and spoke my own filthy descriptions. I responded to him intensely, having at least two orgasms, sometimes as many as four! Afterward I’d sleep like a log, then wake up wanting more. I could not get enough of what Trevor was giving me.

During that time when I spoke to Jim I resisted his advances, claiming sick or tired or one of the kids being close by, even if I had to make sure one of them was. He seemed to understand, I mean he was under a lot of pressure out west, so he didn’t press me. I admit I was really confused about the situation I’d gotten myself into. I still hoped on some level that we’d both get through our present circumstances and be together.

On Friday it was a clear, bright, warm day. I put on a tight sundress that buttoned in front from the navel up and came down to mid-thigh. I had to wear a bra with that dress or my breasts would have been too much for the thin dress to contain, but I was panty less. I made sure my hair and makeup were perfect and had to admit that I looked pretty damned good.

I was waiting at the bottom of the escalator when I first saw him. He carried himself with the kind of confidence that always impressed me. When he saw me he grinned and as he approached I was struck by his physicality. Then he was right in front of me! Whatever it was I expected, he was more. He set his bag down, took me in his arms right there and kissed me deeply pressing my body tightly to his. He was solid as a rock. Jim was muscular with a broad chest and shoulders and tapered. Trevor was all of that but two inches taller. Tall had always turned me on. When our kiss broke off I was conscious of people staring. Trevor showed he was as bold in person as he’d been on the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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