Busted At the Mall

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It’s Saturday and I decided to go shopping at the Mall and maybe do some flashing while I was there. I put on my makeup picked out a nice white button blouse, short black leather skirt, white stockings and heels. On the way to the Mall I did my usual truck driver flashing to help get myself excited for the Mall.

Once I got there I went into the food court got a drink and looked around for some guys sitting so I could sit across from them to give them a show. I saw two men eating at one of the table facing towards the center of the court and an empty table directly in their view so I walked past them wiggling my ass and over to the empty table facing them. I sat down and looked to make sure that at least one was looking my way. Once I was sure I smiled at him and parted my legs giving a nice view of my shaven pussy. He immediately elbowed his friend to show him what I was doing. The two sat there watching me as I continued opening my legs for them showing off my pussy. Once I finished my drink I stood up turned my back to them bent at the waist to pick up my bag letting them get a nice view of my bare ass.

I walked around the mall a bit and stopped in a few stores taking the opportunity to flash my ass when I could. Made a few strips up the escalator where I knew there were a group of men sitting waiting for their wives to come out of stores. Then I had went into one of the larger stores and started looking around when I noticed a man was following me. He had a nice build on him and I could see him sneaking peeks at me as I was bending and looking at things. I decide to give him a really nice show. I walked down an isle that had the shelves close together and waited for him to follow. Once he came into the isle with me I smiled at him and he smiled back. I turned my back to him, bent over,looked over my shoulder and lifted my skirt giving him a full view of my ass and pussy. He began walking towards me and I turned to face him and smiled. When he got closer he pulled out a security badge and ID.

Male Guard “I’m with Mall Security Miss and your going to have to come with me.”

Me “I didn’t steal anything!”

Male Guard “It’s not for stealing it’s for flashing. Your not allowed to be doing that in the Mall.”

Me “But I only lifted my skirt to you because you were following me trying to look under my skirt.”

He didn’t say a word just took me by the arm and started walking me through the Mall with me protesting the whole time. We reached the Security Office and he pulled me inside. There were two other doors in the room along with two desks. There was a Female Guard sitting at a desk and sakarya escort she looked up when we walked in.

Female Guard “What do you have here? Another shoplifter?”

Male Guard “No this one likes flashing her ass at people.”

Female Guard “OH a flasher. What’s wrong didn’t she give you a show?”

Male Guard “You just wish you would have caught this call so you could get a show.”

Female Guard laughing “Well go fill out your report and have the Police come and pick her up.”

He opened one of the doors and escorted me inside. There was a desk with two chairs and a mirror on the one wall. He had me sit in one of the chairs then pulled out a piece of paper and began filling it out. He asked me for some type of identification so I handed him my drivers license. He began copying information onto the form. A call came on the radio from one of the other guards asking for assistance and he responded to the call. He opened the door and had the female guard come inside.

Male Guard “I have to go to this call would you finish up the paper work for me on this one?”

Female Guard “Sure I can take care of her for you.” She looked over at me smiled then came over and sat at the desk. The male officer left and closed the door behind him.

As the Female Guard was filling out the form she asked me some questions such as location of incident, other witnesses or people involved and what was stolen.

Me “I didn’t steal anything. I was just having some fun with the guy, he kept trying to look up my skirt.”

Female Guard “So he tried looking up your skirt and you helped by lifting your skirt for him?”

Me “NO! He was trying to look so I bent over to let him look.”

Female Guard “OK I understand now. I’m going to have to do a strip search to make sure your not hiding anything on you.”

Me “You have to do a what?”

Female Guard “A strip search in case your hiding anything.”

Me “This is ridiculous.”

Female Guard “Your willing to show your body to a man but not a woman? What’s the matter don’t you like woman?”

Me “Yes I do but I don’t understand the strip search.”

Female Guard “Well if you like woman also then you shouldn’t have a problem showing me your body either. Lady it’s standard procedure before we call the cops to come and get you. We have to do a strip search and make sure your not hiding any merchandise or weapons. So let’s just get this over with and take off your cloths. You can put them on the desk here.”

I stood up and unzipped my skirt and slipped it down my legs revealing izmir escort my shaved pussy then placed it on the desk. Then I unbuttoned my blouse revealing my breasts and hard nipples, slipped it off my shoulders and placed that on the desk also. She sat there watching me and smiling and eying me up and down the whole time.

Me “Do I need to take the stockings and shoes off also?”

Female Guard “No you can leave them on. Now turn face the mirror hold your arms out and spread your legs.”

I turned facing the mirror and did as she told me to do. I started wondering to myself about the mirror being a two way mirror and if there was someone watching us. She came up behind me and placed her hands on my hips then she knelt down.

Female Officer “I have to check and make sure your not hiding anything.”

Me “I’m naked where could I be hiding anything?”

She didn’t say a word and slipped two fingers into my pussy. I was taken by surprise at what she did but I felt her fingers swirling around inside me and couldn’t help but moan. Then she pulled her fingers out and slipped one of then into my ass and again I couldn’t help but moan.

Female Guard “Sounds like someone enjoyed that part.” I just looked at her. “You can put your cloths on now while I get the police on the phone to come and pick you up.”

Me “Do you have to call the Police? I wasn’t hurting anyone and I won’t do it again. Please don’t call them.”

Female Guard “It’s not my call the other Officer was the one that made the arrest. You would have to talk to him about it.”

I picked up my blouse and began putting it back on “That’s fine can you call him back here?”

Female Guard “Sure I can do that.”

She called the other Officer on the radio to come back to the office. A minute had not even passed and he came walking in the door. I was still standing there with my blouse open and no skirt still showing my pussy. He looked at me up and down and had a big smile on his face.

Security Office “What did you want?”

Female Guard “She doesn’t want you to turn her in.”

Me “Yes please do you really have to have me arrested? I wasn’t hurting anyone and I won’t do it again.”

Male Guard “Well we already filled out the paperwork and she did your strip search so there’s nothing left but to call the police.”

When he said that I knew that he was watching the whole time I was being searched. In a way it upset me but also excited me plus it gave me an idea on how to get out of being arrested. I looked back at the Female Guard who was sitting mersin escort there with a smile on her face. I guessed that this must be something that they do when they get a chance and they caught me red handed or I should say bare ass. I smiled at him unbuttoned my blouse letting it slide back off my shoulders showing him my breasts. His eyes opened and smiled wider as he took the view in.

Me “If you’ll let me go I’ll do whatever you want and she can watch.”

We both looked over at her and she nodded in agreement. He reached out grabbed my tits and started squeezing them and sucking on my nipples. His hands began exploring my body, squeezing my ass and rubbing my pussy. I looked back at the female guard and she was sitting there with her pants open and her hand inside her panties playing with herself. Then the male guard turned me towards the desk and bent me over onto it. I could hear him opening his pants and the female guard reached over and started feeling my tits.

Female Guard “She’s got some nice tits and her nipples are nice and hard too. She must be really enjoying this.”

Male Guard “Yeah she must be enjoying it and I’m going to enjoy fucking her too.”

He moved up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock along my slit. Then he pushed his cock inside me until I felt him pushing against my ass. He held onto my hips and ground his cock in my pussy. He began slipping his cock almost full out of me and then would thrust it back deep inside. He continued fucking me that way and slowly picked up his pace. All the time he was doing that the female guard was squeezing and playing with my tit while she fingered herself.

He was in full swing now slamming away at my pussy. The female guard had opened her shirt and pulled her pants down revealing a neatly shaved bush and nice firm tits. I reached down and pushed two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her. She started moaning louder and he started fucking me harder. It wasn’t long before I heard him grunting and I knew he was about to cum. He pulled his cock out and I could feel hot cum shooting over my ass and back.

I knelt down between her legs and started sucking on her clit. Her hips were moving up and down as I finger fucked her and she was holding my head to her pussy grinding her clit on my mouth. Her body started tensing up and then shake as she squirted her cum into my mouth. I stood up and turned back towards the male guard and she grabbed my hips and licked his cum off my back and ass.

She was finishing licking up the cum from me and he started fixing his cloths. Then once she was done she also fixed her cloths. I picked up my cloths and quickly got dressed and while they were not looking I grabbed the report and put it in my bag.

Me “Can I leave now?”

Male Guard “Yeah you can leave but don’t let us catch you again.”

I quickly left the office and the mall. I guess that’s one less Mall I can go to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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